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Virginia History

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BC: I hope you enjoyed my book!!!

FC: Virginia History Created By Julia

1: Three ships came to Jamestown. There were called Godspeed,Discovery, and Susan Constant. | 1607

2: Another reason they came to Jamestown was that they thought it had a good supply of drinking water. | One of the reasons they came to Jamestown was to increase their wealth and power.

3: They also thought it had a good supply of food. Also they thought it had a good defense against enemies. They also came because it had deep harbor facilities.

4: One of the hardship in Jamestown was diseases.It was the #1 hardship in Jamestown. | Another hardship in Jamestown was starvation.

5: Also lack of water.They had to boil there water before drinking it to kill the germs. | Another hardship in Jamestown was the Indians and the enemies.The Indians try to kill them.

6: One of the most important people in Jamestown was Pocahontas.She was Chief Powhatan's daughter.She saved John Smith's life.

7: Another important person in Jamestown was John Smith.He started trading with the Powhatan Indians. John Rolfe married Pocahontas.He planted tobacco.Tobacco became the #1 cash crop.

8: 1619 government began.The governor of the Virginia colony called a meeting of the General Assembly.Only white English men had the right to join. | Only charters could be made by the King of England.

9: In 1620 women came to Jamestown because to marry men,start a family,cook and clean.Also in 1620 Africans came.They came because they were slaves and they had to work all day.

10: The American Revolution

11: The French and Indian began 1754-1763.When the war was over The King of England owed a lot of money.So he made the colonist pay for the war.

12: The King of England taxed on sugar,coffee,indigo,and certain kinds of wine.This was known as the Sugar Act.

13: Then he taxed on glass, lead,paints,paper, and tea.This was known as the Townshend Act. | Next he taxed on newspapers,pamphle-ts,and stamps.tis was known as the Stamp Act.

14: In 1770 the Boston Massacre occurred.Five American colonists were killed. In 1773 the Boston Tea Party happened.The colonist were so angry about the taxes that they dumped 342 crates of tea!

15: Patriots are people who love there country.A good example is George Washington. In the 1700s the patriots form a group called The Sons of Liberty.

16: In 1775 the American Revolution began. It was British vs Patriots.Lord Cornwallis was in charge of the Red coats.

17: George Washington was in charge of the patriots.He was ask to lead the colonists.He loved his country.

18: One of the most important patriot was George Washington.He was the first president of the United States of America. Another important patriot was Ben Franklin.He convinced France to join the patriots.

19: Patrick Henry is important because he made the famous speech "Give me Liberty or give me death". Paul Revere rode on his horse and said " the British are coming the British are coming.

20: Africans slaves and American Indians had to pick sides.One African named James A. Lafayette was a great spy and great soldier to the patriots.

21: During the American Revolution women had to take care of the farms,they had to make clothes for the men, and they also have to take care of the sick.

22: The first battle of the Revolutionary War was called the Lexington & Concord.It took place Massachusetts.

23: Another Battle of the American Revolution was called the Battle of Great Bridge.It happened in 1775. Also The Battle of Saratoga happened in 1777.It was the turning point of the war.It also was when the French entered the war.

24: The Battle of Yorktown happened at 1781.The British surrender and that was the last Battle of the American Revolution.

25: When the war was over the Treaty of Paris was signed.The Treaty of Paris was signed in 1783.

26: George Washington was one of most important person making the contributions of Constitution.He was Commander and Chief of the Continental Army.He was also the 1st president of the U.S.A.He was also the president of the Constitution Convention. James Madison was another important person making the contributions of Constitution.He was a compromiser and he was a very good note taker.

27: Thomas Jefferson was important making the contribution of Constitution.He wrote the Declaration of Independence, and he wrote the Virginia Statue of Religious Freedom. George Mason was important making the contribution of Constitution.He wrote the Virginia Declaration of Rights.He also influenced the Bill of Rights.

28: Executive Branch Legislative Branch Judicial Branch

29: Legislative Executive Judicial Legislative Branch makes state laws. Executive Branch carry out laws. Judicial Branch decide if laws have been broken.

30: When tobacco drained minerals in the soil, farmers had to move west & south.Virginians migrated into western territories looking for large areas of land and new opportunities.

31: Abolitionist are people who what to end slavery. Harriet Tubman was an abolitionist.She freed over 300 slaves in 19 trips.

32: Nat Turner was an abolitionist.Who led a revolt against plantation owners in Virginia. | John Brown led a raid on an arsenal in Harpers Ferry when he tried to start slave rebellion.He was captured and hanged.

33: The nations divided because they argued about a lot of things. For a n example the north wanted all states to be to be free states, and the south wanted all new states to be slave states. Also they were industrialized, which means factories, and the south was agricultural which means farming.

34: Have you wondered why they made West Virginia, it's because of the Civil War. The west wanted to be free states. So hey separated from Virginia.

35: Abraham Lincoln was elected president in1860. He was firmly opposed to slavery.He wanted to have right. After he was elected seven other states seceded.

36: Abraham Lincoln was the president for the North during the time of the Civil War. He is one of our best president. He was a great leader and follower. General Grant was a powerful general. He was also kind. He was also strong. | Union

37: President Davis was the President for the South. He was smart and clever.But he wasn't clever enough to win the to win the Civil War. Robert E. Lee was a great general. He won a lot of battles. Stonewall Jackson earned his nickname at the Battle of Bull Run. He was very famous. J.E.B. Stuart was a Confederate general. He was very brave. | Confederate

38: The first battle of the Civil War was called the battle of Fort Sumter.It was the beginning of the Civil War. The battle of Bull Run was won by Stonewall Jackson.He was a proud general. The Battle of Monitor and Merrimack was a 4 hour battle. It was fought to a draw.

39: Do you know how Jefferson Davis was captured? Well he was actually captured as a girl. He was hiding from the North so he dressed himself as a girl. Can you imagine that. The Civil War ended at Appomattox Court House. The South finally surrendered. We was a proud victory.

40: After the Civil War ended the reconstruction time began. Millions of people needed, homes, clothes, and food. Homes, banks, cities, families, and more were destroyed. Everyone needed to rebuild.

41: Sharecropping helped slaves to have jobs. Farmers would give to the slaves some land and the slaves would give some of there crops to the farmers, and they keep some. | Freedmen's Bureau help provide food, schools, and medical care.

42: After the Reconstruction time some problems began. One of them was that the freedom and rights that have been promised to the African Americans were slowly taken away. Also laws were established that made it almost impossible for them to vote. They had pay money and take tests. It was completely unfair. Another problem was that Jim Crow Laws affected African American lives.

43: Segregation means the separation of people. | Prejudices are negative opinions formed about people without proof. | Jim Crow Laws helped African Americans not have rights. | Discrimination is an unfair difference in the treatment of people.

44: Virginia's economy because more things were invented. The need for better roads began.People discovered coal. Cars were made.tobacco came back.

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