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Baby Girl-Jada

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S: Jada Ashley Louise Bergen

FC: Jada Ashley Louise Bergen Born June 6th, 2006 | Baby Girl

1: 7 months Pregnant | Mommy and Daddy were so excited to meet you. | Mother's Name:_______________ Date of Birth:________________ Place of Birth:_______________ Father's Name:_______________ Date of Birth:________________ Place of Birth:_______________ | Sarah Ashley Kaardal July 22, 1986 Campbell River, B.C | Shawn Kelly Wade Bergen February 16th, 1977 Winnipeg, Manitoba

2: June 6th, 2006 5 pm 53.5 cm 7lbs, 3oz | Mommy was in lots of pain and Aunty Joce was an amazing helper!! | You were born in the Campbell River and District General Hospital | First diaper change | Colour of Eyes: Dark Blue Colour of Hair: Dark Brown | Birth | Date:____________ Time:____________ Length:__________ Weight:__________

3: Visitors

4: Grandma Nancy Kaardal | Mommy | Uncle Jacob | Aunty Joce | Home with Family | Grandma Trudy really wanted to be here to see you. You were born in British Columbia and Grandma lived in Manitoba. | Ciana

5: Our little Sweety | The first few nights were really hard. You only slept for an hour at a time on Mommy and Daddy's Bed. The second morning home Grandma Kaardal came down stairs and saw me changing your diaper on the coffee table as you peed all over me and down onto the floor, I didn't even notice. Grandma let me go back to sleep as she gave you a bath upstairs.

6: How I felt the day you were born: You were born 3 days early and had a lot of Vernix(white stuff) on you and you were a little Jaundice(yellow skin). Dr. Chan figured you were probably a little earlier than 3 days but you were really healthy anyhow. After Labor I wanted to get up and show you off to everyone but soon realized I couldn't even move. You had completely drained me. When I held you for the first time I cried and couldn't believe I had the most beautiful girl in the world. You look so much like your daddy, a little like me but it was hard to tell. I had chosen your name because I knew a little girl in the daycare I was working in and her name was Jada, it was such a pretty name and it suited you perfectly. The moment you were born had been the best day of my life. I had never felt such pain and joy all at the same time.

7: A Special Shower: Grandma Trudy put a shower on for you in Manitoba in February before you were born. It was in G.G's apartment rec. room. We received around $400 and purchased you a stroller. Grandma Nancy put a second Shower on in British Columbia on June 24th, just a few short weeks after you were born. All church friends and family came. It was in Grandma's backyard and the sun was shining bright. You are loved by so many... and mommy and Daddy are so blessed.

8: 1st Month | Morning Mood: You often greet us with tears in your eyes, but as soon as you are in our arms you calm down right away Feeding patterns: You eat every 2 to 3 hours for around 20 minutes. Your neck is getting much stronger and you love to be held so you can look around. | At 2 weeks of age you weighed 8lbs, 15oz

9: 2nd Month | Grandma Trudy got to meet you for the first time. We were so happy to see her. She stayed for around 3 weeks.

10: Moved to Port Alice: Around 2 months of age we moved to Port Alice because Daddy got a new job working for a mill called Nuecel. We bought our first house and it over looked large mountains and a beautiful inlet. We would take you exploring in the mountains and one time we got a flat tire and Daddy had to get down in the mud and change it. He wasn't too impressed. Mommy would take you on lots of walks to the park and you hated the swings, no matter how hard I tried to get you to go on them.

11: 6 months

12: 8 Months | You are such a happy little girl. You started crawling around 7 months but became very fast at around 9 months. You chased our poor cat Millie all over the house in Port Alice.

13: 9 Months

14: You loved your chair on wheels. You would walk all over the house in it. You were such a Daddy's girl. Mommy would want to hold you and all you would want was your Daddy. | 10 Months

15: 11 Months | You walk along furniture but have yet to take any steps. You are afraid when I try and let go of your hand. You still love your thumb.

16: First Birthday

17: Your First Birthday Celebration: You were so cute. Mommy made a strawberry shortcake and you only ate the whipping cream from the top. I was wanting you to make a huge mess so I helped you but you weren't too happy about that. We had your party at Grandma Nancy's house with all of the family and Mom's friends. You are the first grandchild so you were spoiled with gifts and hugs. Mommy didn't know any other kids to invite but you didn't mind, you didn't have to share any of your toys. | You are one year now and full of energy. You are such a little sweetheart. You are loved by everyone.You are an amazing sleeper, you fall asleep as soon as Mommy and Daddy put you to bed. When we have company over you are so social, you love to join in on the conversations. You don't like going to sleep when company is over we have to try a few times before you settle down. Your favorite books are Peekaboo friends, and any musical books. You love to dance and shake your booty. You have a mouse toy that sings and you love to dance to it. When you suck your thumb you like to stick your middle finger up it is really cute. Your favorite snack is popsicles, Mommy and Daddy laugh whenever you try and suck them. It also makes a huge mess but Mommy doesn't mind cleaning it up. You are quite content to eat any food. Mommy tried to blend peas and you aren't too fond of them but you love the store bought jars.

19: The Birth of your little sister Aaliya. You were so proud. You couldn't say many words but we could see on your face | 21 Months

20: 2 Years | Happy 2nd Birthday Jada Bean!!! You are a very good big sister and you love to share with Aaliya even if she doesn't want it.

21: You love watching movies when mommy is busy with Aaliya. Your favorite movies are Monsters inc., Finding Nemo, Cats Don't Dance and Shrek the third. Your favorite activity is going for walks outside. You love the park although you still refuse to go on the swing. You like the slide on the playground but mostly you like to dig in the ground. You wear anything Mommy puts on you, you are not fussy. You prefer the pretty pink clothes but you really let me put anything on you. You love to pretend and talk on the phone. You are still doing a lot of baby talk and we love to listen to you. You tell Aaliya all kinds of stories and no one else can understand them but you and Aaliya.

24: 3 Years | Happy Birthday! We celebrated at Grandma Bergen's and Mommy made your cake.

27: You are such a beautiful 3 year old. You are talking a lot more but you still love your baby talk. Your Daddy and I love to listen to you blabber in your pretend phone or singing to your musical toys. Your favorite activity is playing outside. You love the outdoors, especially when we are camping in Neepawa. We spent the summer in a Trailer. There were times you and your sister would go nuts inside until I took you out to the park. You play with your sister but often would rather play with Mommy/Daddy or yourself. You love to ride the 4 wheeler at Daddy's work. You are getting so brave. I am so proud of the little girl you are becoming.

28: 4 Years | Happy 4th Birthday Jada!! You are such a little lady. Aaliya loves to copy everything you do, she is right to want to be like you. You are so special. We celebrated your birthday at the trailer and you got to pick a gift out at the store.

31: This has been a very busy year. We moved to Manitoba and lived in Neepawa for the summer. Mommy was pregnant and sick so you didn't get to go out as much. Daddy hurt his back and we had to move to Winkler sooner than we thought. We bought a house and you loved it. You ran all over the house filled with joy. Daddy got back surgery and had to stay home until January. You started Dance lessons and you are doing so well. You love it so much and look forward to every lesson. Daddy got a new job working for a flying outfit in Ontario during the winter. You said a memory verse at the front of the Sommerfelt Mennonite Church. Grandma and G.G watched you, we were so proud of you. Your little brother Corban was born in February and you love to help Mommy with everything. You are such a big helper. You love to hold him.

33: Dance Class

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