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Born To Be Wild

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S: Ethan'sBaby Book

FC: Ethan's Baby Book

2: Ethan Timothy Raymond Born: Oct. 23rd, 2008 Location: Las Vegas, NV Weight: 6 lbs, 2 ounces Length: 42 cm/ 16 in. Parents: Anthony Raymond & Delight Klinkner

4: Month One This is your first baby entry! You're a little boring! You love being in a tight bundle, never unlatching your fists. You've started to recognize your parents faces, and can turn your head slightly to look at them You cry for their attention, but you love being talked to. You don't move very much, unless it's reflexive, or you're in discomfort. Favorite Activity: Sleeping! Height: 18 in. Weight: 8 lbs.

6: Month Two Everybody loves you! You smile and laugh and have many new emotions. You move a little more now, and can keep your head up for a few minutes. You can hold little toys for a few seconds You're interested in anything that moves or makes noise. You also make many new noises other than crying! Height: 20.4 in. Weight: 10.2 lbs

7: You hate bath time!

8: You've gotten so smart! You can move your hands and feet well and actually notice them You pay attention to things for a longer time like watching your parents or looking out of the car window at things You move a lot, and can barely hold still when you're picked up. You can finally sit up, but with lots of support! Your noises show amusement and you can make syllable sounds Mom & dad have schedules that you memorize! Height: 23.6 in. Weight: 12.3 lbs | MONTH THREE

9: First christmas!

10: Month four | Last month was your first Christmas, and your first snow! You can sit it in the snow with dad holding you for a short amount of time. You look like superman when you lay on your stomach. You swing at the dog when he walks by, and at the toys in your little seat You recognize other family members, but daddy and your great grandma are your favorite You mumble weird noises constantly! You've grown very attached to your bottle You hate being left alone. Height: 23.5 in. Weight: 14 lbs

11: First tooth is peaking through!

12: Month Five Your hair has gotten ridiculous! You try to crawl but you haven't quite made it yet. Sitting with a little support has become a specialty for you You can switch toys from one hand to another The world is being shown to you more, and it scares you, but you've adjusted Your still a little awkward with movements, but it's cute! You have new emotions of fear, and loneliness, but if people know your name, you warm up some. Height: 25.2 in Weight: 15.4 lbs.

15: You can sit up, sit in a high chair, and you're even starting to crawl very well! You are always making messes when you eat, because you're learning to use your fingers. You are interested in everything, anything you see is something new to learn about. You sound like you're forming words, but you have no idea what you're saying! Other kids are a little scary, but Nana's dogs is your best friend Dad is definitely still your favorite person, but your used to seeing your great aunt, uncle, and cousins. Height: 26 in. Weight: 16 lbs | Month six

16: Talk about baby fat! You're getting so big so fast! Dad's been helping you walk, because crawling is no big deal. You hate being in a walker, but your legs are always pushing you around in one You can hold more food in your hands, along with pulling peoples hair. Looking at pictures on Nanas computer is this months hobby You've learned to say Da, when you want your dad. You get really scared when dad or Nana leave You've learned that hitting is funny, but bad! Height: 26.9 in. Weight: 18 lbs. | Month Seven

18: Month Eight | Well, I haven't met you yet, but you look more like your dad everyday. You've already started walking with the help of furniture. You grab everything insight, gross or not. You like playing in the bath with toys you can fill with water You know that the dog goes woof!And the car goes vroom, along with cute little words You hide behind dad when people come over. Sticking to one activity for you is impossible! Height: 27.4 in. Weight: 21.7 lbs

21: You can sit by yourself, pull yourself up, and now you can almost walk perfectly without the sofa. You've tried to crawl on Nanas stairs, but it's a little scary so you don't do it often You love going outside in the grass. You can stack stuff, and wave goodbye and blow kisses! Heights don't scare you, just like your dad! Loud sounds are frightening! You love when family comes over now, but still feel weird around strangers. Weight: 22 lbs Height: 28 in | Month Nine

23: You finally met your other family members, along with me! Now you can walk really well with the help of dad and take a few independent steps. You babble like you're having a conversation, but no one understands you! Being separated from your dad is still scary, as it should be. Cause and effect is making more sense to you. You like eating by yourself, but your grasp isn't perfect, so you're really messy. You've become really smart, and know a little about right and wrong. Weight: 23 lbs Height: 28 in. | Month Ten

25: You're almost a year! That's exciting! You haven't really changed much since last month. You still love crawling and trying to climb up things. Going outside is way better than inside Nana can't get you from not grabbing the fork when she feeds you! We think you'll never like new people! Talking is becoming a new thing in your life, and everyday it gets a little better. Weight: 19 lbs Height: 29 in. | Month Eleven

27: It's your Birthday! One whole year! Walking is still progressing, and you're trying not to use the sofa! You're talking pretty good, making small words You helped dad open presents with you new little hand skills. You're smart, and pay attention to everything so you can learn new things. You look at your self in the mirror, and point things out like the t.v. You're right on key with every other one year old, and we are so proud of you!(: Weight: 20.5 lbs Height: 29.8 in | Month Twelve

28: "Baby Development: Your 10-Month-Old." WebMD - Better Information. Better Health. Web. 30 Nov. 2011. . Ryder, Verdene, and Celia Anita. Decker. Parents and Their Children. Tinley Park, IL: Goodheart-Willcox, 2010. Print. | Work Cited

30: Every baby needs a lap. Henry Robin | To the right is a picture of your baby nursery, or at least what your wonderful aunt ( me ) would like it to look like. (:

31: Ethan's Baby Nursery

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