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Quinn's Baby Book

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Quinn's Baby Book - Page Text Content

S: The Story of Quinn Baron Year One

BC: Made With Love By Your Mama

FC: Quinn | Happiness is.... | Being Blessed | to see this smiling, | beautiful face | Everyday!!!

1: When I was a little boy And the Devil would call my name I'd say "now who do ... Who do you think you're fooling?" I'm a consecrated boy Singer in a Sunday choir My mama loves, she loves me She gets down on her knees and hugs me She loves me like a rock She rocks me like the rock of ages And she loves me | When I was grown to be a man And the Devil would call my name I'd say "now who do . .. Who do you think you're fooling?" I'm a consummated man I can snatch a little purity My mama loves me, she loves me She gets down on her knees and hugs me She loves me like a rock She rocks me like the rock of ages And she loves me | If I was President And the Congress call my name I'd say "who do ... Who do you think you're fooling?" I've got the Presidential Seal I'm up on the Presidential Podium My mama loves me She loves me She gets down on her knees and hugs me And she loves me like a rock She rocks me like the rock of ages And she loves me She loves me, loves me, loves me, loves me | Song I would often to sing to you as a baby by Paul Simon | Mama will always love you!!

9: While you were in there | Our House | June 5, 2010 Tornado goes thru Streator, leveling houses and tearing up everything in its path. I was about 8 months pregnant with you at the time. Downstairs with your dad, you could hear things crashing around upstairs. I was afraid that our house was going to be gone when we went up. Either that or that I was going to go into labor. Neither one happened, thank God. | Ravinia Concerts You went to two conerts. First one was to see Steve Martin on his banjo, the second was to see Buddy Guy. You were dancing to the music in Mommy's belly.

10: it's time | You were almost two weeks over-due, when we decided to go into the hospital to see if we could coax you out. Arrived at 5:30 at night, and what a LONG night it was. Mom spent most of it in the Jacuzzi tub, in labor, and dad and Grandma Karen had a rough night on the couch.After all that, you still didn't want out, so about 9:00 AM, they went in after you.

11: August 11, 2010 9:53 AM 8 lbs 4 oz. 20.5 inches You arrived, and you were not happy about it! You came out screaming. Your Grandma said that she could hear you all the way in the waiting room. Happiest moment in your mom and dad's lives. You were such a precious lil' thing. Daddy cut your cord, they weighed you, cleaned you up, and then I finally got to see you. My little angel. Your mom and dad will love you forever. | Life's not about the breaths you take, but the moments that take your breath away.

12: Introducing Quinn Joseph | Where we got your name: Quinn- Dragon Slayer from "Reign of Fire Joseph:Named after your Grandpa Joe Buchanan"""

13: The poor nurses at the hospital. I don't think that you gave them any kind of break. They would bring you to me, and you would be just a screaming. They would give me this look and be like "I think he wants you". Once I had you, you were fine. You had all kinds of visitors come to see and meet you. Mom and dad got our "steak meal" on the last night, and mommy got some rest before we went home.

14: Bringing Home Baby We finally got to take you home after being in the hospital 3 days. Putting you in your car seat the first time, we made super sure that you were in there tight. You were so very small that you barely took up any of the room in it. First night at home I think that I may have cried that night. If I didn't, I wanted to. You had us up all night long. Thought to myself, "How are we going to handle this baby?!" Refused the bassinet we had all set up for you next to the bed. Did find a solution though, your lil' blue "spaceship". You slept in this thing for the first month, on top of my nightstand. That along with the big bed, on a little blue decor pillow.

15: My Lil' Peanut | You were so very teeny tiny. Even at 8lbs 4 oz, you seemed so small and fragile. Little kissable feet and hands. We started off giving you a sponge bath to wash your little bits and pieces, while waiting for your umbilical cord to fall off and you HATED it. Would scream and yell the whole time at us. But after you were all clean, smelling so nice, and so soft, we would wrap you up in a hooded towel and hold you tight to warm you up.

16: "What A Life Eating Sleeping Playing... And Being Cute" | Month One | 1st bath | Alex's Soccer Game

17: Loves the Big Bed | Angry Face | Snores like an old man | Hands Up | Lil' Pumpkinhead | Nurses In Sleep

18: Wine tasting | Growing Boy | Lvl 1 Human shirt from daddy | Cousin Eddie | Kisses | Peek a boo | My Bed! | Baby GQ Picture | Tummy Time Sucks Dad!

19: Swimming at Grandma Karen's | First time we took you swimming you were only 2 months old. You loved the water though. You would kick your legs already, just like you were trying to swim. The smallest swim diaper that we could find was huge on you. I think in all you did more floating around with mama then swimming, but that's alright. One day you will be swimming up a storm.

20: Halloween | Ventriloquist Dummy for party... Dino for Trick or Treat

21: Growing Like A Weed | Your growing so big and tall so fast, that each day we look at you, we wonder what happened to our little baby. Getting so smart and alert. Your Loves: Your lovey dog, taking a bath, watching cartoons, being home with mom and dad on the weekends.

22: Trip to Wisc. Dells We took a trip in Nov. to the Wilderness Resort & Waterpark. You weren't into the waterpark yet, but I bet next year you will be all about it!

23: Your First Thanksgiving You were top of Mommy and Daddy's most thankful for list this year. | We celebrated the day at your Great Grandpa Mel's house. You were so adorable in your little hat, and you had everyone fawning over you. Day also consisted of a stop to see your Great Grandma Nellie

24: Mommy's Little Laundry Monster

25: Daddy's Pumpkin Pie | Poop Swinging | Letting Mama Sleep

26: My First Christmas

27: Hats By Grandma Karen

34: 5-6 months | Eskimo Hat doesn't fit anymore!! :( | Learning to Roll | Trying out Solid Food | I'm busy MOM!

35: 6-7 Months | 1,2,3 Up | Now Uses a Sippy Cup | Riding in the cart | Big Boy Car Seat | Twizzler Eater | Cool Dude | Big Boy Stuff

37: Spring Time!! My first bike ride. I have a little seat that goes in front of dad. I don't much care for my helmet, but once we get a going, I LOVE IT! I look all over the place, and take in the sights. I think that I'm going to like this warm weather stuff.

38: No longer a Baby, I'm now a Little Man These are a few of my Favorite Things | Bubble Guppies | 7-8 Months | State Swim | Yummy Pretzels | Beater Cleaner

39: All of a sudden, you went from HATING solid foods, to not being able to get enough. Your favorites are; French Fries, Pizza, Chicken, Cinnamon Burst Cherrios, but there is nothing that you will not try, and you even already took a trip to Joe's Crab Shack. It's only a matter of time before you are crawling. You went from just rolling from your back to stomach to rolling across the living room in what seemed overnight.You like to hang out in the living room with your toys, especially your blocks, and watch cartoons. You never sit still, are constantly moving back and forth, up and down. Your a very serious little boy, but there are a few things that guarantee a laugh or at least a big smile. Bubble guppies make you smile, along with the kitties, mom and dad being silly with you, and peek-a-boo. Favorite word "Da Da" (which daddy is very happy with). When you get out a "Ma Ma" it's usually when you are MAD.You are such a Joy, and mom and dad are so happy to have you around. Both of us cannot wait till the end of the day, when we get off work and get to see you, and weekends are always extra special, because we get to spend them with you. | Started Sleeping in your own room | Playing with your blocks | Love My Bubble Guppies | Messy Face

40: You are almost mobile. You roll across the living room floor, already getting into trouble (breaking daddy's Xbox 360). You dump out all your toys, and throw them all over the floor. Eating everything that we put in front of you, and demanding more. You will get up on your knees and it seems like you are going to take off, but just haven't gotten it down yet. Getting smarter and more fun each and everyday, you are just a blast. | Hello!!

41: 8-9 Months | Steak N Shake | Give me more Pancakes!! | "You" will clean it up when I am done playing... | Leftover Pizza... Yummy!

42: My Little Easter Bunny | How do I get into these suckers?! | Matching Daddy | Cheese!! | Got my bucket for the beach

43: Happy Mother's Day | Hiking and Picnic at Deer Park | And an Ice Cream treat | Hang On!

44: Snips-n-snails and puppy dogs tails That's what little boys are made of. | 1st Popsicle | Practicing Standing | Playing Outside | Still no teeth, but that doesn't stop you from eating everything. Army crawling all over, and can get back to a sitting position on your own. You come looking for mama, no matter where she is. Determined to get into trouble (go after bad things, ie electrical cords). Little separation anxiety going on when mama leaves you at Carol's house. Guess you just want to hang out with me all day. Tickly on your sides, and you love to play peek-a-boo. 6:00 is still bathtime (no matter what), and you are usually done for the night by 7:00. Love that its getting warmer out (cause you don't have to wear socks). Your our little Bubba, and we love you more and more each day. | 9 Months | Helping Daddy Mow Fascinated by the mower

45: 9.5 Months | Seems like it all happened at once. You FINALLY got two bottom front teeth (Both at same time). Went from army crawling, to crawling all over the place, and even trying to stand up. You can clap your hands, and are talking all kinds of babble. 9 month check-up had you at 20.5 lbs, and 30.25 inches! Growing up WAY too fast. :( | I Hate Grass and Plants!! | I'll figure this out!! | Whatcha' watching? | Wine Tasting | Sittin' on the porch

46: Quinn Caravan | Memorial Day 2011 Hiking at Spring Lake | Hiking is Hard Work! | Look out! | Cooling off at Grandma Karens

47: Miller Park Zoo 6/13/11 | My First Zoo Trip

48: Hiking at Starved Rock | Happy Father's Day | Squeeeeeze | Please! Let me try? | Sleeping half way thru | Loves his daddy

49: Cheesy Puffs | Picnic Monster | Picnic and Hiking at Deer Park | 6/25/11

50: The days are long and HOT, and month 10-11 you were busy. Still not walking, but along things while holding on. You are a super quick crawling (one of your favorite games is to chase mom around on her knees thru the living room- which wears mama out). You have learned the "wave" and we find you practicing it all the time. You have mastered feeding yourself (and still enjoy eating anything we give you). French Toast Stick are your main breakfast food (and the only way that mom gets ready in the am). You love to chase the kitties around, and play with your cars. You push them around the house making car noises. First Boo Boo this month by your eye- hit it on the bed frame standing up. You amaze us with how bright you are, and how you seem to constantly be learning and growing. | Boo! | Mischief Maker | MAAAA!! | Toast Sticks | Grandmas Sink | Watching Mower

51: Watching Mower | Tired out! | Aunt Katie | Uncle Al | Chillin' | Low Rider | Lil' Lifeguard

52: Cookout @ Grandpa Mels | First Parade | Likes the Taste of Beer.. Just a tiny taste

53: Picnicking & Hiking .... yah, again | Aunt Katie Came to Visit | Always ready to get strapped in and go for a hike :)

54: "Helping" Mama | We started watering out by the garden, and as I was spraying, you would put your finger in the stream, getting us both all wet. When we moved to the front flowers, you took it upon yourself to water. Lets just say that you went straight to the tub, as you were soaking wet by the end of your so called help. It was a precious moment though, and mama enjoyed your assistance. | Water Flowers

55: Laundry Monster is Back!! | Oh Nooooo!!!! | July 2011

56: Vroom Vroom | Your new favorite thing to do, is drive your cars thru out the house making car noises. You will go from one room to the next crawling with one hand on the ground, one on your car. Amazes us that you have picked up to do this already.

57: Daddy got you a little push car to help you learn to walk. More often than not, you do not use this is the manner it is intended for. This particular day though, you did. You pushed it back and forth across the living room floor just a smiling and proud of yourself. Every other day, it is your little ramming machine. Instead of walking behind it, you crawl while pushing it into whatever is is your way. Bash! When you get stuck in a corner or hooked up on something, you cry, we adjust it, and on you go to the next thing to Bam! This goes on for awhile. :) Our silly little boy. | BAM!! | Bash!!

58: Harmon Family Renunion | July 24, 2011 | 1st Wagon Ride | Comin' to get ya!! | Tunnel Fun | Cute lil' butt | With Mom, and Great Aunt Brenda

59: HOT HOT JULY | Cookie Monster | Give me that Binkie!! | Wassup Harmony? | Boy, was it ever!

60: A year has come and gone, and boy how you have grown. Still not walking, but really wanting to. Top teeth are still making their way in, but not yet here. You follow mama all over the house, and as shown in the pic to the right, you get into mischeif all the time now. You laugh out loud all the time now, and are just full of smiles. Not scared of anything, and always on the move, you are a handful. | You made the Newspaper two times this month, and for the Birthday Club, you were the cutest one on the page. You have these big banana curls now on the back of your head that are just the cutest. Things you love to do; anything with water, waiting for daddy to come home on the porch, and of course playing with your cars, or whatever you can get to slide across the floor like a car. We are trully blessed to have you! | Going down the Slide at Grandma's House | Helping Mama Paint | Picking up Baby Kitty from Vet | Month 11-12

61: Oh How Fast A Year Went!! | Forward Facing Now | Picking the Garden | My lil' Times Press Star | Duckey | Smiley Boy | 1st Happy Meal

62: Red Robin for Lunch. You had the balloon for a total of 1 min, before you pinched it, causing it to pop! | Watching The Duckies | Smiles | Naperville Riverwalk for your Birthday Day! | Quinn

63: Happy Birthday To You!! | We picked you up a cupcake from "Sugar Monkey Cupcakes" while in Naperville so that you would have a lil' cake on your birthday. At first you didn't know what to think or how to go about eating this thing, but once you started, you couldn't stop. You had it everywhere! Squoshing it in your hands, shoving it in your mouth, smearing it on the tray. Messy Boy! Happy Birthday My Angel! | 1

64: Cakes made by G-ma Karen Baby one just for you! | The Party | You put out the candle with your finger. Ouch!! | Messy Face

65: The Baby Band | Grandpa showing me how to play the flute | Uncle Craig, what's that on your face?! | We had a big family birthday party for you. Cooked out on the grill, had cake, and bunches of presents were opened. You got cars, a sleeping bag, band set, outfits, and a few other odds and ends. This party marking the end of a very fun-filled and blessed year. Heres to MANY more. :)

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