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black plague

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S: Ring Around the Rosie By: Frances Schoen and Jyothi Mony

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FC: Ring Around the Rosie The Story of the Black Death | Jyothi Mony | Frances Schoen

1: August 12, 1344 | Hi, my name is Nicki Minaj. Mom wanted me to write a diary of everything that happens through the years of the black plague. I am eleven years old today! I have an older brother named Frederick who is sixteen and a baby sister named Lois who's six months old. My mom is name is Salamanca and my dad is Greg. There's this new pestilence that spread around this little town inside a country I live in which is called Italy. So far no one in our family has caught the plague but Lois seems a little sick. I'm getting worried about her but mom says she'll be okay. I will write more tomorrow. Bye, Nicki | Dear Diary,

2: August 13, 1344 | Dear Diary, Mom talked to the doctor today. Some of the symptoms that Lois has is high fever, coughing, chills, foul smelling, and she has been vomiting blood. The doctor confirmed that she has the pestilence. Mom has been crying all day and so has dad and Frederick. But, the doctor said it could be a lot worse. Other symptoms are black and blue patches, bore, dizziness, buboes, buboes that ooze blood and pus, headaches, and weakness. The doctor also said that most patients only live for three days...if they are lucky. That means that Lois has until tonight or tomorrow. Dad says its better that way because she doesn't have to suffer but I'm not so sure. I will write more about what happens to her tomorrow or later tonight. But, I want to spend as much time with her as possible before she goes. Bye, Nicki

3: August 14, 1344 | Dear Diary, We went back to the doctor today to see how Lois was doing. Gregor was the doctor's name. He was saying to mom some of the treatments for Lois. I think I heard some when they were talking. He said she has to sleep between two fires, sit in a sewer, kill cats and dogs in the town, shave a live chicken butt and strap it on to the infected person's door (which i thought was very strange), and/or march from town to town while hitting yourself with a whip (which I bet would hurt the most). Gregor said she world most like medicine to drink and draining a persons blood blood though she might be to young and to late to help her. So just in case we kept Lois with the doctor in the facility so no one else catches it an so we could do some treatments if we can save her and I want to say good-bye to Lois before she stays with the doctor. In addition, this might be my families last good-bye to her.... Bye, Nicki

4: Dear Diary, Lois died tonight. Everyone is crying. Mom and dad are getting ready to dump her body on the street with all the others. I want to go with them but mom said its better if I don't. So I guess I will go and hang out with Frederick. We still have the toys she played with, it will be so hard without Lois around the house. We will all never forget her. Bye, Nicki | August 14, 1344

5: Dear Diary, I am sorry i haven't wrote in a long time it's just since the black plague started we have been moving so much and it is hard to stop and write. Since we moved to some where safe in France well at least it will be safe for now. Then soon we will have to move again. Mom says we can stay here for some time. Even when I was here I made a new friend named Austin. He is a Jew and Austin is my age we are both 14 years old. He was talking about some of the consequences of Jews during the Black Plague. He said that Europe hated them because they were blamed for the killing of Jesus. All around the world they were seized into a buildings that was then set on fire, they were publicly hanged, or whipped to death. In one city 2,000 Jews were hung! He said that many Jewish communities ceased to exist because citizens were killed from the beginning of the pestilence. Many Jews were blamed for the disease. Bye, Nicki | August 15, 1347

6: Dear Diary, I overheard some of the townspeople talking about how the disease came to their city. There were huge ships filled with hundreds of men. The men were sick, and most were dead. They were said to be from another country and they were leaving to survive but the pestilence came with them. I think I saw something like that in our old city. Austin said, that is probably how our city got the pestilence and how my sister caught it. It's really bad here me and my whole family hates it and wishes we can just move. Today me and Austin went to town and some of the people we saw were talking about maybe how the sickness broke out. They think it broke out by the rats. They think the rats were infested the community of Gobi. Maybe thats how Lois got the pestilence. I also saw in the new that the pestilence spread throughout the inland trading routes Sicily in 1347 this same year. Bye, Nicki | November 30, 1347

7: January 5, 1348 Dear Diary, Sorry i haven't written in a while. Our doctor died and mom tried to find some where else for us to go. When we tried to leave we couldn't find anywhere that wasn't infected. There are so many places that got hit by the disease/pestilence and now there are so many places that are getting hard for people to live in. In addition, we can't walk that fast to another country and the pestilence is spreading so quick many people are getting infected with the Black Plague. Also this is destroying the family Fredrick think we are going to die just like Lois (which Fredrick, mom, and dad are still sad about). Mom says we have to leave soon since mom is saying that the pestilence is most likely to hit here in France soon. So I have to go, Fredrick and me are going to find another place to live in before the pestilence hits here and we have to move at the last minute like we did last time. And that was not good because dad almost caught the disease so we have to move soon. Dad said that the pestilence already hit Italy, North Africa, Spain, England, and then in a couple of weeks is going to hit here in France. Bye, Nicki

8: Dear Diary, My brother Fredrick found this in a cave in Ludlow in the west midlands. I read it and I think it is a poem (and it is a beautiful poem who ever wrote this (well the parts I understood in the poem. Then when I looked on the back I saw the translation on the back (which made more sense). This World's Joy 1340 Wynter Wakeneth al my care Nou this leves waxeth bare ofte y sike and mourne sare when hit cometh in my thoht of this worldes joie hou hit geth al noth Nou hit is and nou hit nys All goth bote godes wille Alle we shule deye thah vs like ylle Al that gren me graveth grene Nou hit falweth al bydene Ant shild vs from helle for y not whider y shalne hou longe her duelle. [Winter wakens all my care Now these leaves wax bare Often I'm sick and mourn sorely When it enters my thoughts How the joy of this world comes all to naught: Now it is and now it's not. As though it never was, know That though many moan that it is so All happens but as God wills We shall all die though we loathe it. The grain around me grows green - Now it fades altogether. Jesus help that this be seen And shield us from hell For I know not whether, or how long, I shall here dwell.] | July 22, 1348

9: Dear Diary, While I was in town for the last day me and Austin wanted to check around for the last time. We saw people dancing and some people were calling it the Dance of Death or Ring Around the Rosie. Me and Austin saw a poster about the dance in said it started at the time of the plague when hysterical dance crazes grew up. In addition, the most common was the dance of the death or danse macabre. The poster had a lot of information of the dance and was very interesting so me and Austine joined in once we were done reading the article. The poster also said that, death was also represented by the figure. Which the skeleton who led other "living" people in the dance. It also said the movements of the dance probably came from the fits that were suffered by real plague victims. What mostly interested me was that the danse macabre also became a subject in picture and also plays. Austin thought that the most interesting thing on the poster was what it symbolized the all conquering power of death. Also that everyone from kings and nobles to clerks and hermits was equal in death. There was also this interesting picture that we saw on it. I will write later we want to check out as much as possible before we move and it is our last day together and we want to make the most of it. Bye, Nicki | October 12, 1348

10: March 29, 1349 Dear Diary, Another year has passed by and me and my family have been to so many countries that I could not even imagine. The country we are living in now is Scandinavia (this time we didn't have to walk, someone gave us a ride for free!!). But I have more important thing to talk about like before the doctors died from the Black Plague he told my mom about the consequences of the Black Death and he said they were far reaching. He said the most immediate effect was the decline in trade, although it revived in the 15th century. In addition, the loss of a large part of the rural labor force had more long-term effects. Also it meant that much farmland reverted to nature and also gave the peasants who survived more power. And they could also demand a greater freedom from their overlords as well as payment in wages. The factors also that led to a change in the social structure in the countryside. The consequences that the doctor told mom just made her so sad. She thought this would happen to us she was worried about us since Lois had just died a couple of years back. I looked at the news again and it said that the pestilence hit Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, Germany, and the Netherlands this year. So then mom was so concerned on keeping all of us safe so nothing bad happens to us like it did for Lois especially since she was the youngest in the family. Mom only says that because she says this day might be our last. So I have to go now mom wants us to stay with her at all times now instead of going outside. Bye, Nicki

11: April 29, 1349 Dear Diary, I'm afraid this might be my last entry I am afraid to say this because the Black Plague finally reached to us. Mom, dad, and Fredrick are trying to stay calm but I would have to say that mom is the one that is most likely the most scared about us. We are trying to keep her calm and say it might just pass us by but most of the people in Scandinavia but this time everyone was scared to giving people free rides to help us because they might have thought we had the Black Plague and they would give it to them. In addition, practically everyone in Scandinavia has the Black Plague and has it. Mom said we could get the paper but we are only allowed to go one or two feet out of the building. The only thing is dad is supposed to get it because she does not want a repeat on Lois. Then once we got the paper it said some really bad things like the Black Plague is going to spread out to here in Switzerland and the Baltic lands it says it is going to spread to those lands probably next year. Fredrick is also saying that we have to leave soon and we can't stay in here forever. So later today we are going to try, to get out of the house and try to find safer land, but mom says we have to stay here so dad is trying to convince her to come for all of our safety. Bye (maybe for good), Nicki

13: Afterword Nicki Minaj was found dead Tuesday afternoon April 29, 1349 at the age of 15. She had caught the pestilence and died three days after.

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