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Mrs. Dyer's Class Poetry Book 2011

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FC: Mrs. Dyer's Class PoetryBook 2011

1: The sixth grade poetry rotation consisted of nine days, with students writing a different style of poem each day. Here the students have published their favorite original poem.

2: Gabi Bidwell :) | Diamonte Music Funny, Loud Singing, Dancing, Laughing IPod, Day, Night, Bed Boring, Whispering, Sleeping Deadly, Peaceful Silence

3: Syndey Bortz | Believe | I believe you learn by your mistakes, only if you realized what you have done, but forget the past and start a new beginning, but remember every mistake happens one by one. I believe today is just another yesterday, so live your life to the fullest, and always pay it forward, nothing will ever be the same. I believe life will always be worth it even if it isn't easy, you may have your ups and downs, but nothing will always be perfect, unless you try to make it.


5: Michael Chiccini (: | From Lemons to Strawberries . . . Lemon yellow, sour slicing, squeezing, cooking lemonade, seeds, stem, jelly cutting, eating, growing red, sweet Strawberry

6: Cameron Dell | Basketball exhausting, exciting sweating, bouncing, shooting ball, hoop, bases, bats running, coaching, hitting fun, tiring Baseball

7: Kane Furlow | Credo I believe in after a sports game take a shower,unless there is no time,but not when my sister needs one,or I'm too lazy. Rules I follow are deep fried always needs cheese sticks, unless there is none, or Fred forgot to order them,but not when were not having deep fried food. I don't believe in being the best, unless everybody else sucks, coach says so, or hits a home run every time, but can't make an error.

8: Sarah Gardella | Friendship! | I believe that... Friendship is like peeing yourself. Everyone else can see it. But, your the only one that gets the warm feeling.

9: Kirsten Hess | Ode to my Go-Kart My Go-Kart is the best item I have ever owned. I'm happy every time I see it. I'm thrilled when I pass And excited when I win. I love the track The way dirt flies. The smell of ethanol and gasoline smells up the place. The flags to show you what is happening And the light to signal when to go. I won two times when i learned to pass But before I learned to do it right I spun out many times. This is very fun and exciting. Without it I would be sad. I love my Go-Kart dearly So keep your hands off.

10: Alayna Lauver | Credo | I don't believe in can't or impossible Unless it is proven But only if it is reliable And still, maybe not then I don't believe in fairy tales Unless of course it starts once upon a time Or if it ends happily ever after But only if the princess kisses the frog

11: Nicholas Lavenberg | Diamonte Baseball long, thrilling fielding, batting, hustling bases, bats, nets, balls running, shooting, sprinting non- stop, exciting Basketball

12: Logan Mann | I would always keep sports in my life I would always have something to do I love it It is a fun activity I have a lot of memories, Winning states Going to regionals And hitting my first homerun Baseball makes me Excited Sad And nervous

13: Logan Miller | ODE TO TURKEYS Turkeys they are feathery colorful and sometimes wild. I think they are overlooked.Turkeys mean a lot to me. I hunt turkeys.I raise turkeys.I sometimes sell turkeys.turkeys are really fun to raise.They wonder around and I ponder about what they are thinking.They make me mad and mild and happy to.They are bad and that makes me mad.Over all I really like turkeys.

14: Drew Prowell | I believe nobody's perfect Unless I'm at a sporting event Except when I'm trying to show someone a new thing Or my idol is there I will always eat Ramen Noodles Unless they landed somewhere that I don't like Except if it is good and I never tried it Or my mom made them I will never smell a dogs butt Unless I'm getting paid Except I have to do it, encountering my softball courier Or I have to smell it to save someone's life

15: Kira Puchalsky | Ode to Cooking | Cooking is my favorite its fun to do and makes me feel... joyous, cheerful, and sometimes dissapointed Cooking is important to me, without it i would have no point in life..........

16: Elizabeth Reisinger | Party Balloon I am colorful, fragile, and a friend I wonder what happens if someone lets me go I hear the sound of a child's laugh I see the smile on their face I want to be taken everywhere I am colorful,fragile, and a friend. I pretend I'm your best friend I feel old and worn I touch a child's heart I worry that they are becoming too old I cry with fright if I see them hold sharp things I am colorful, fragile, and a friend. I understand my colors will fade I say thanks to the compliments I get I dream each night hugging the ceiling I try to bring much happiness to children I hope I have done my job well I am colorful, fragile, and a friend.

17: Wyatt Richard | I Am A Leaf I am small and wavy. I wonder if when the frost comes if i will be the first to fall. I hear the voices of the others around me sining the song of the tiny magical droplets that fall from the sky. I see death of the mothers from which we hang. I want the monsters to stop killing our mothers, for which if she dies, we all die with her. I am small and wavy. I pretend to be a bird flying above the white big puff clouds in the sky. I feel pity for the mothers and their children whom get cut down. I touch the souls of the others around me, trying to comfort them.

18: Camryn Shope | Surfing tricky, fun paddling, balancing, smiling rough waves, steep and snowy hill crashing, laughing, shivering amazing, frosty Sledding

19: Nathan Salinetro | Credo Poem I don't believe in luck Unless it actually happens But if it is proven true Or if you find a pot of gold I will never die Unless I am killed by gunshot But if I am hit by a car Or if I am killed on purpose I would never wear jeans Unless they are very comfy But if they look cool Or if they look good on me

20: Macenzie Rohrer | I am poem on my sister Becca Rohrer I am faithful and confident, I wonder about my future, I hear yelling the distance, I see a confide person, I am faithful and confident, I pretend to be the best in the games, I feel like expressing myself, I touch my future, I worry about my sports, I cry because of my friends that dissapiont me, I am faithful and confident, I understand that the road ahead of me will be rough, I say believe in your dreams, I dream about highschool in the long run, I try to be the best in my sports, I hope to become a family friend, I am faithful and confident.

21: Bryson Smith

22: Gillian Sommerville | This is to Summer To free time and fun To sleeping in and swimming And days in the sun Like a melting popsicle It starts to drip down To the very last minute And then at last At the very end Your days of spending time with friends Are done Another school year A year of work has begun But after all the writing and the math Days that are no fun You get to finally re-live Your exciting days in the sun | Ode to Summer

23: Gracie Stauffer | CREDO I don't believe in wasting time Unless Survivor is on, And my homework is done, And my dog is asleep. I don't believe in too much fun Unless your in the grocery store, or your at Hershey Park, But not at a funeral. I don't believe in wearing socks with sandals unless it's after a softball game, or my feet grew over night and my sneakers don't fit, or I'm rushing out the door and they're the first thing I see.

24: Jordan Trostle | I seriously believe in being happy doesn't mean everything's perfect, Unless you want it too, Or it has to be, In that situation keep it perfect anyway. One rule I always fallow is always have a positive attitude, Unless someone has died, Or tragety strikes, But then a smile doesn't come into play. I don't believe in too much fun, Unless I'm in a grocery store, Or at a funeral, But in that case I'd probably be upset.

25: Alexis Wolfgang | I am an athletic and an artistic person I wonder where my future will lead I hear the cheering crowd when I score I see The Mona Lisa when I look at my work I want to be a helpful player to my team I am an athletic and artistic person I pretend I've just made the winning shot every time I score I feel like a pro when when I block a goal I touch the frilled ends of the basketball net I worry that I won't see someone ever again I cry remembering the ones I've lost I am an athletic and artistic person I understand I can't always be helpful to the best of my ability to my team I say cheaters never win I dream of being on an undefeated team I try to play the absolute best I can be I hope it will lead me some where in the future I am an athletic and artistic person

26: Britney Zerance | I Believe I believe honesty is the best policy unless of course if you have a good reason to lie then again if you have a good reason to lie then, and only then, do you have a permission to lie and i can make an acceptation on if you get fit out of lying and i can make an acceptation if you get benefit out of lying otherwise you really have no reason to lie!!! I believe in living like there's no tomorrow, and dreaming like there is only today Unless your not sleeping because then you truly cannot dream like there's only today But if it's the last cay of 2011 and you think the world will end the next day then there really is no tomorrow and i give you permission to panic!!! RUN!!! And if you are a vampire because then you are not able to dream you do not have to listen to this saying so those are the only, and i mean only, exceptions!!! I also believe that being happy doesn't mean everything is perfect Unless everybody is happy because then maybe everything is perfect or if you live in lala land because in lala land everything is perfect

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