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American Studies Scrapbook

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S: -Colin LaPenta

BC: The End | http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=hoover+and+fdr&view=detail&id=3022610C43E2F3DF00889B9EF4F2258817821AE2&first=1&FORM=IDFRIR\ HOOVER AND FDR http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=great+depression&view=detail&id=CFCAEEC926529279F3020765148479C96E3264BA&first=1&FORM=IDFRIR SOUP KITCHEN http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=hoovervill&view=detail&id=1D8B999F917AF03E8BBB9B5962C7C6DC2FC213FE&first=1&FORM=IDFRIR HOOVERVILLE http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=1920s+bedroom&view=detail&id=5E6595D1E126AA819D465E6595D1E126AA819D46&first=1&FORM=IDFRIR BEDROOM

FC: 1927-1937 | John Russel II

1: June 1, 1926 | I'm not quite sure I knew what I was getting into when I left my parents to live and work by myself but it was far too late to second guess. Just last week I moved out of our overcrowded small apartment and bought the first two floors of a small building on W 36th St. right off of 7th Ave. It is not much but it has everything I need. It has a small apartment on the second floor, that connects into my future grocery store. I always figured that a grocery store is always a thriving buisness because people will always spend money on food. My first food shipment arrives in two days and i already have my buddy Paul and an assistant so as soon as the food arrives, I will be in business! I did realizer how lonely is it to be away from my family for the first time, all I have is my guitar. Even though they do live a couple blocks away, l will be working all the time and so they will to so I expect to see very little of them. My father is a business man who spends all day long in the Stock Exchange, although to his credit he has earned a small fortune from his stocks. Even though he objected to my leaving and starting up my own business, he finally came around and even bought the shop for me. Usually the worst part about moving is having to pack and then unpack all of your belongings. However all I brought was my guitar and my clothes. I want to put all my time in effort into my store and make as much money as I can. I figured the less things I had to distract me the more focused I would get. Buisness has been very good the last decade and I want to make the most of that. The more hard work I put in now, and the more money I make now, the more I can relax and enjoy life when I get older. Paul completely understands what my goals are and even agreed to smaller wages. Even so he will most likely being doing half the work so I only think it would be fair that we split our earnings. I wonder how many customers we will bring in on our first day...I wonder how much money we will make..I am done for now iI'm going to fiddle on my guitar before I call it a night (I hope the neighbors do not mind).

2: It is on this street where my new home and store are located. It is the only two story building on the right.

3: This is the small bedroom in my new apartment. Simple but exactly what I need,

4: It has been about one year since the Stock Market crashed, and things in the city are dreadful. Pa lost literally all of his money in the market and its a miracle Ma had enough saved for them to last a few more years in the city. However they had to move out of the city because it simply became to expensive for them. I would have loaned them some cash but to bu quite honest the crash took all of my customers away and I have very little as it is. I'm lucky if I make $8 a day now. I poured my heart and soul into this buisness but it appears that was not enough. Pretty soon I'm gonna have to sell the store and pray that I can keep my apartment. Paul left about a month ago, he said he was gonna try his luck out west but I have not heard from him since. We have heard about the dust problems in the Midwest but have no idea how severe they are. I hope he is ok. The reason I opened a grocery store was because I figured people would buy food no matter what. I never thought that they would not have any money at all. I have had to buy less and less food each week for the store and now I only have one shelf filled. I think it is time...I have to sell the shop or else I'm gonna have to go life with my parents. All I do now is sit in my shop playing an odd tune on my guitar. I reckon I would make more more playing that on the street then in here. All the other tennants in this building and the one next to it had to move out. There is no end in site to this depression and the worst part is, nobody is doing anything to stop it. At least whatever their trying is not working (I don't even know who they are but they need to rethink their strategy). I have had enough........ | November 5, 1930

5: This business was right down the street from mine...now I fear I may need one of those signs.

6: Two years since he depression hit, and not much is being done to stop it. The last president we had was Mr. Hoover and he apparently has been doing a lot to try and get the economy back on track. I'm not one to criticize but nothing has changed so clearly he is not doing a very good job. To be honest I d not even understand what he is doing. He put a bunch of different Acts into effect that are suppose put money back into the economy, but they are not working. The only thing he has done was have all the Hoovervilles named after him. It truly is sad to see human beings live in such a way but it is the only option they have and its better than nothing. Needless to say nothing helped me individually so I had to sell my shop. A man came in and offered $50 bucks for it...nothing close to what i payed for it but I needed the money. Luckily I kept my apartment above and I think i will be able to keep that. I do not even know what i would do if I had to sell my apartment! I would almost certainly not have enough money to buy another place so I would most likely move to the Hooverville in Manhattan.. At least Mr. Hoover is bringing the community together aha. One would think that all of these homeless people living in Central Park would give Hoover a clue that what he is doing is not working. Hoover is not the only one to blame. Wear is the rest of the government? I don't see or here of them doing anything! It doesn't matter anymore the government has lost my trust. Hopefully in the next election someone who knows what they are doing will get elected and not Hoover. I hope they like challenges because they are about to face the biggest one | December 26, 1931

7: Hooverville in Central Park

8: All things grow better with love. | Mr. Hoover and Mr. Roosevelt (Mr. Hoover is current president, Mr. Roosevelt is running during the next election.)

9: April 6th, 1932 Ever since the depression hit my life, and the life of everyone around me has changed. People used to be so friendly, but now there is nothing to be happy about. The street are full of silent people looking for food or trying to get some money out of the bank. I rarely leave my apartment now, and the only times I do are to get food. Even that is hard to find now with no money to spend and nobody given out food. I have sold all my possessions and the only things I have left besides my room are my bed, some sheets, and my guitar. I have not heard from my parents in a couple months. I hope they are doing ok but i really have no idea. The depression is affecting everyone...and not in a good way. The only thing I wonder about is how much longer the depression can last. I mean eventually things have to get better....right? If you ask me the worst part about the depression is that there is nothing to do. Without jobs and without money people have absolutely nothing to do but sit around all day. I cannot stand it! I feel like I have no meaning in life now and it is disturbing.

10: July 18, 1933 The new president Mr. Roosevelt has actually started to turn things around. I knew the president would have his work cut out for him when he came to office and he sure did. Although his "New Deal" seems to be working a lot better than anything Hoover did. He just spent a couple days inspecting all the banks and a few of them have started to reopen. This is great news! Businesses are starting to reopen and money is going back into the economy. The best thing Roosevelt did was open soup kitchens all around the city. They give free food to all those who are hungry and it is a big help to know you have a meal. Who knows maybe I will even be able to open up my shop again. That is still a long way away and right now I need to focus on getting money especially before I open up a shop. I heard from my parents yesterday! They are doing good and there are in a small town outside the city. One day soon I am going to visit them. This is the best people have felt in years. You can actually hear people talking on the street and having a good time. Mr. Roosevelt is definitely the best president we have had for awhile. I mean he had to deal with a national crisis but he has responded and and his methods are working. I am more than confident that the depression is going to end soon and that our nation's economy is soon going to be at full strength.

11: The line outside the soup kitchen

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