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The Broken Birthday

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FC: The Broken Birthday BY:Allie Grossman Class: 2B

1: The Broken Birthday Dedicated to: My english class

2: Once there was a little girl named Lola who was five years old. She was small with brown hair and bright blue eyes. She had a mom named Mrs.Stacy who was tall, and a dad, Mr.John, who was short and fit. Lola was so excited because it was, as her mom and dad like to call it, "her special day". (or in other words her birthday.) She had been waiting to turn six since she turned five.

4: Lola and her mom had been planning out her entire birthday for months. Even right down to the flavor of the birthday cake that she would want, or the placement of the streamers in her house. But suddenly Lola noticed that she had forgotten the most important thing; a birthday list! "Oh no!" Lola said "I forgot to make a list of presents that I wanted this year. How is my mom going to know what I want this year without a birthday list?"

7: Lola ran upstairs to her room, grabbed a piece of lined notebook paper, and began to think about what she might like. "I know exactly what I want this year. A Barbie dream house!" Just as she finished her list she heard the loud ring of the doorbell. "That must be my friends" Lola said. Her mom opened their big wooden door. "Come on in to Lola's circus!" she roared. All the kids stared in amazement as they looked at the colorful decorations that she had put up around the house.

8: Lola was excited because so far everything was going as planned; except for the birthday list issue of course. Lola was having so much fun with her group of friends until one of them said "Aren't there clowns at a circus? Why isn't there a clown at your circus party?" Before Lola could ask her mom where the clown was, the door bell rang for a second time. Ding dong! "I've got it" Lola's mom said. She opened the door but to her surprise there was no clown.

10: Instead there was only a boring old magician standing on the doorstep. He was holding the classic magic wand in one hand and a black hat in the other. "How is this supposed to be a circus birthday if i have a magician instead of a clown?" Lola said. "Don't worry Lola I have an idea" her mom said. "Follow me this way" Mrs.Stacy said to the magician. Lola waited with her friends in curiosity. "Everything is fixed" said Mrs.Stacy. She brought out the magician who was now dressed in a red coat with striped pants, and an orange wig just like a circus clown.

11: Before | After

13: Lola was so glad that her mom came up with a way to save her party. When it was time for cake all of Lola's friends sang happy birthday to her. She blew out the six big candles, and they ate the delicious vanilla cake with strawberry icing. "Don't fill up too much" Mrs.Stacy said, "because next is the piñata and you will get to eat some of the candy that you collect." After Mrs.Stacy mentioned the candy all of the kids became wide eyed, and got big grins on their faces.

14: "Piñata time!" Mrs.Stacy shouted. Everyone gobbled up their last bites of cake and ran to the next room. They stood in a circle around the colorful circus animal piñata trying to decide who was going to get a turn to hit the piñata first. "I will, no I will!" everyone shouted.Lola and her friends finally came to an agreement. They decided they would let Jackson, Lola's best friend since preschool, go first. Only because he was the strongest one at the party, and they knew he could whack the piñata hard enough to get the candy to come out.

17: Lola wrapped the bandanna tightly around Jackson's small head, and then waved her hands in front of his eyes to make sure that he couldn't see a thing. Mrs.Stacy spun him around three times. Meanwhile all the kids chanted "Go Jackson go, go Jackson go!" He whacked the piñata hard enough to make a hole in the circus animal. The only problem was that when someone hits a piñata hard enough you expect candy to go flying everywhere, but not in this case. The only things that came out of this circus animal piñata were dust and some brightly colored confetti. "Where's the candy?!" everyone yelled. Poor Lola stood silently and shrugged her shoulders. Mrs.Stacy had an idea just like she always did.

18: She leaned over, grabbed two large handfuls of candy from the candy bucket, and threw it in the direction of the broken piñata. She was hoping the kids would be just as happy even though it was actually candy for decoration and didn't really come out of the piñata. Before she knew it, all the candy had been collected by the kids in colorful gift bags that looked like presents. "Lola," her mom said "It's time to open the present from your father and me." Lola smiled with anticipation and went into the living room to open her gift. All her friends followed her. She ripped open the package and couldn't believe her eyes.

19: Lola

21: Lola thanked her mom for her gift and a wonderful party, and gave her a big hug. As all of Lola's friends left she said "thank you for coming to my birthday". Once everyone was gone Lola went and played with her Barbie's, and new Barbie Dream Home. She was so glad that her mom solved any problems that they had during the party. At the end of the day Lola realized that you can work through hard times, but still have fun while doing it.

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