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S: 3 Men Who Changed History

1: Mix book By: Rhiannon Geywits 7th grade Social Studies Mrs. Rathbun

2: James K. Polk James Knocks Polk was born on November second, 1795. He was born in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. He died on June fifteenth, 1849. He died in Nashville, Tennessee. His parents were Samuel, and Jane Polk. He was nicknamed "Young Hickory". He was nicknamed this because when he was president he befriended president Andrew Jackson. Jackson had a nickname of "Old Hickory", so he later gave Polk the nickname of "Young Hickory".

3: Polk was the eleventh president of the United States, he was president from March fourth, 1845 to March third, 1849. On January first, 1824 President James Polk was wed to Sarah Childress. They had no children together. Polk was educated, and graduated, at the University of North Carolina in 1818.

4: Polk became a lawyer. His political views were in the democratic party. Before he became president, he did many things in government. From the year 1823 to the year 1825 he was a member of the house of representatives in Texas. Later, in 1825 to 1839 he was a member of the United States house of representatives. In 1835 to 1839 he was a speaker of the house.

5: He was the governor for Texas in 1839 to 1841. Presidential election results for James Polk were 1,338,464 from the people in the states, and 170 from the people in government, like senators. The man that ran against Polk was Henry Clay. Clay received 1,300,097 votes from the people in the states, and 105 from the people in government. Polk was president during the Mexican American war, which lasted from 1846, to 1848. While he was president he gained lots of land for the United states around the

6: southwest, and Pacific coast areas. He made sure that we had a navy in Annapolis, and Maryland. While he was president, he also took care of the issue of the very first United States postage stamp.

8: Andrew Jackson Andrew Jackson was the seventh president of the United States. He was born on March fifteenth, 1767, on the North Carolina, South Carolina border. He was birthed somewhere near Waxhaw. He died on June eighth, 1845, in Nashville, Tennessee. Jackson's parents were Andrew, and Elizabeth Hutchinson Jackson. In 1791 Jackson was wed to Rachel Donelson Robards. He had a second ceremony with Rachel on January seventeenth, 1794. They had one child together, which they

9: adopted. They adopted a boy, and named him named him Andrew Jackson, Jr. Jackson had no formal education behind him. He became a soldier, and a lawyer when he was older. His views were in the democratic party. He also did many things in the government, before he was elected president. From 1796 to 1797, Jackson was a member of the United States house of representatives. He was a United

10: states senator from 1797 to 1798. He was a justice on Tennessee supreme court in 1798 to 1804, a governor for Florida territory in 1821, and a United states senator from 1823 to 1825. The first time Jackson ran for president, in 1824, he lost to president John Adams. He ran again, in 1828, and defeated Adams, finally becoming president. Jackson served two terms as president. He was a

11: very popular president, many people loved him. He did a lot, for and with, the democratic party. During Jackson's first term of presidency he hired a lot of his followers, and gave them jobs in government. He created a "Kitchen Cabinet" so that he could hire some more people, and give more people jobs. In 1830, Jackson authorized the Indian Removal Act. This act stated that the Indians would be kicked off their homelands, and sent to reservations, where they were forced to live for the rest of their lives. Jackson signed the Treaty of

12: New Echota, which said that he could then send them to the reservations. When they left, they went on a trail, known as the Trail of Tears. It is known as this because of all the people that died on the trip. About 25% of them died. Jackson put this act to affect in 1830, because of the belief of Manifest Destiny. Manifest Destiny was the thought that it was the destiny of the United states to travel and take all the land up to the Pacific Ocean. The Whig party was created in 1832, while Jackson was in

13: office. On march sixth, 1836, the Mexican troops defeated the 190 Americans at the Alamo. Those are just a few of the many things Jackson did while he was in office. Before Jackson became president he was nicknamed "Old Hickory", by the troops he worked with. He was nicknamed this, because his troops said that he was as tough as hickory bark.

15: John Adams John Adams was the second president of the United States. He was president from March fourth, 1797, to March third, 1801. He was born on October thirtieth, 1735. He died on July fourth, 1836. He was born in, and died in, what is now known as Quincy, Massachusetts. Adams was born to John, and Susanna Boylston Adams. On October twenty fifth, 1764, Adams

16: was wed to Abagail Smith. They were married from 1744, to 1818. They had five kids together. Their children were Abigail Amelia Adams, John Quincy Adams; who later became president, Susanna Adams, Charles Adams, and Thomas Boylston Adams. Adams graduated from Harvard college in 1755. He went to school to be a lawyer. His political views were in the federalist party.

17: Before Adams became president, he was very active with other jobs in government. From 1774, to 1778 he was a member of the Continental Congress. In 1778, he was a commissioner to France. In 1780, he was the minister of the Netherlands. In 1785, he became the minister of England, and finally, in 1789, to 1797, he was the vice president for Washington. He was the first vice president of the United States, and the second president of the United States. His son, John Quincy Adams, later became the sixth president of

18: the United states. Adams was nicknamed, "The Atlas of Independence", he was nicknamed this because of how much he helped with the Declaration of Independence, and because of how independent he was, himself. He always did things on his own. He was a very self-motivated man, and he always did things on his own. He was a very responsible person, and when he knew what he wanted, he went for it!

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