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memories and surprises

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memories and surprises - Page Text Content

S: Jessica Whitcomb ...We wouldn't trade our memories spent with you for anything

FC: MEMORIES AND SUPRISES | You were a beautiful infant...we looked again....and you had become a beautiful young woman. Jess you grew up far too fast.

1: Jess, we wanted to give you something for your graduation that you could keep close to your heart. This album is called Memories and Surprises....many of the things in here you will remember, and some you will not because you may have been too young....you'll have to see the surprises for yourself. So we put together some of the cherished memories we share. We've had a lot of good times; some silly times, and tears at times too, and as you go off to college, you'll be making new friends along with new memories. We truly hope that we will be among some of those new memories. We love you with all of our hearts. Grandma and Grandpa

2: Tammie was born prematurely and her life ended far too soon; even so, we look forward to seeing her again by resurrection sometime in the near future. When you were with us on a Thursday or Friday, you'd come with me to take care of her. Do you remember how she loved it when I sang the name game to her....? I would sing my name, your name, your mom and dad's names and she laughed at those, but....she would laugh even more when I sang her name. Still, I think she was laughing AT me and probably thought I was pretty silly too. I guess that I do get a little silly at times ---- ya think? ---- Nnaaaa | Sorry the 2 pictures are so blurry, but grandpa had a camera that nobody knew how to use...so every picture we took with that camera came out blurry. That is the only picture we have of grandpa holding Tammie. | Tammie Rene` Whitcomb November, 1989 - April, 1998 | Your grandma Whitcomb is holding you in one picture, and Aunt Kathy is holding Tammie in another.

3: Then you came along. You didn't get a chance to spend too much time with her, mostly when you came with me on a Thursday or a Friday when I took care of her. You did like playing with her. Oh, I remember how you and I would talk excitedly about her life in the new world...how she would run and jump and play just like all the other kids.and how she will talk incessantly about all the things she wanted to say but wasn't able to because of her limitations....now we talk about her resurrection in the new world...do you realize at that time she won't be your big sister anymore, she'll be your little sister then. Tammie will still be eight years old when she is resurrected. | Tammie was in Lutheran hospital a couple of times, and I would go in sometimes 3 times a day while she was there. I'd pick her up; lay her stomach on my chest so she could hear my heartbeat. I sat in the rocker and just talk softly to her. One day I came in and the therapist was with her. I called Tammie's name and she struggled with all her might to turn her head to see me. The therapist was shocked to see her react to someone like that. So after that, whether she was awake or asleep, I'd always picked Tammie up and rock her. She looked comfortable and contented when I held her against me and talked softly. She was so tiny.

4: This is Jason and JR. Both of them are grandpa's boys. They were about this age when you were born. They sure liked it when you came and stayed with us. It didn't matter to them that you were an infant, and you didn't know how to play very much. They liked to entertain you anyway and that was a big help to me at dinner time. You were with us quite a bit after you were born. When you got to be a toddler then you could play some and they loved it. They were a big part of your life for 6 or 7 years. Let's not leave out grandpa either. He loved playing with you and he was very good at that. All of us did a lot of baby talking to you, even grandpa. You've always been so happy, and people just love you | Jason Allen Merrill 1976 - 2010 | Jason didn't like his picture taken, so this is one of the few that we have. These are his children, your cousins. The younger children are his daughters in 2006. The single ones are in 2010. We went to Phoenix when Jason died.

5: Here's JR today with his wife Terri. They had a baby girl a couple of years ago and named her Hailey. I sure like that name. You'd like Terri, she's really sweet. JR is as good hearted as he ever was. Hailey was born in 2007. Here she is today in 2010. This was the same trip we made on the previous page. | When JR and Terri got married, JR made arrangements for his dad and me to attend the wedding. He paid for everything. He isn't rich by any means, but he and Terri are doing OK. It must have been a nightmare planning all the details since both Terri and JR have 2 sets of parents each. They planned very well so that they included everyone. I thought that he and Terri did well in not leaving any one out. | Left, is JR when we went camping. Right is JR and Terri in 2006 it was in 2002 when we went to see them and Jason. Alisha, the oldest of Jason's girls was only 2.

6: Ever since you could walk, whenever I headed toward the kitchen, I would hear the pitter patter of your little feet right behind me. Sometimes I tried to keep you away, but when you came running to me insisting that you should sit on the shelf to "help" me, I could not say no to that sweet little face and those pleading eyes. So, when you were with us, I never cooked alone. Your favorites were meat loaf, popcorn, pancakes, and your very favorite as you would say was "Egg Foo Yum." Do you remember what your exclusive job was? It was to pick up the cover on the pancake plate when more were ready, and cover them back up when I put the new ones on the plate and you did that for the Egg Foo Yum too. You were so happy "helping" me, and while we were cooking, we would just talk and talk. Then as you got a little older, you were able to help me cook more. Even though I could have done dishes faster, when you wanted to help with them too, I let you. What a mess you made. The thing you liked to do was rinse them. You'd rinse them a long time and sometimes stick them back into the dishwater just to rinse them again. You thought that was great fun. I treasure those times. | Something else that became a habit was you waking up early, and climbing into bed with us. You'd climb up on top, and snuggle down between us and go back to sleep. Every morning we just listened with anticipation as we waited to hear your little footsteps pitter patter quickly down the hallway that leads to our room. ...Honestly girl, one thing I don't understand, where did you ever learn to fall out of bed? | Look at you....You're having a bad hair day. Literally you are....just look at that doo | Oh yea, one time we thought we'd make something different, so we looked at the cook book and decided to make curried celery because we had a lot of it. When we served it, no one would eat it because frankly, it was disgusting. You though, you loved it. The rest of us kept looking at each other and laughing because we couldn't believe that you actually liked it and you kept eating until it was gone. I thought that I would try to add the recipe in here, but apparently I tore the page out of the cook book shortly after we made it.

7: Here's baby Jessica after a bath. This was another thing that you just loved a bath.(This was a picture taken at mom's); but after a bath at our house I'd dress you for bed. You'd be so relaxed while I rocked you. Believe me; you were so ready for bed after a bath that many times you would fall asleep either in my arms, or grandpa's we both wanted to rock you. When you got a little older, I'd get the water ready for you're bath, you'd get into tub where you would remain for an hour or longer. That water was stone cold and you were wrinkled way beyond prune when you finally were ready to get out.

8: 1991...the dirt pile in our back yard. Now, this you really loved. We just kept going up and down and up and down. Then you'd sit on top and play for a while. Just look at you, hamming it up for the camera. Hey, we told you that if you didn't behave yourself, we'd drop you off at the babysitters. We never had to take you there, because you were always such a good child. You also had two dolls here, Bobby and Sally. Before you went back home, we would always make your bed, and sit Bobby and Sally on the pillow. They just waited and waited until you came back to play with them again. You know we still have them today.

9: Jr was the one who played with you the most. Jason did too, but not as often. He was in High School and was busy studying a lot. He did love studying for school, and about Jehovah... he spent a lot of time doing that and he was very good at it too. JR really liked playing with you. Look at the 2 of you, just building snowmen, sliding, playing, and whispering....what, I don't know. You were comfortable with both the boys.

10: Dear Jessica we miss you...

11: Do you remember getting these things that I mailed you? I made them on the computer and sent them. I used to make you cards, silly pictures, and calendars. We missed you when you weren't here, and now you are working toward your independence, but I have the feeling we will see you once in a while. Keep the phone calls coming; we do enjoy them so much.

12: You're so cute with grandpa and Carrots the cow that you took everywhere you went. You always loved to sit in the chairs with us and cuddle. Right here though it looks to me like you are getting too big to fit in the chair with us anymore. Do you remember how we laughed when grandpa or I tried to stuff you into a chair with us? I guess we did get silly at times... you are hamming it up again. You were sitting on the floor in our bedroom in Lochbuie... once you saw the camera.... there you were too.

13: Here you are, hamming it up for the camera...we think that is just one of your charming traits... | Here you are at different ages in your life. I thank your mom for sending us your school picture each year....each year was going by faster than the one before, and you were approaching the teen years. I'm so thankful that your mom did send me one every year, because there were a few years we couldn't see you. I know you remember that because you were happy to see me when I went into the back hall at Ann's while you were putting on your shoes, and you said you were hoping that I would come out there. You told me how much you missed us. Oooohh....tell grandpa to put his tongue back in his mouth. | We are happy that we had you to spoil, and give you back to mom and dad. That's what's so much fun about being a grandparent; spoil and give back...another memory I'll bet comes to your mind now and then.... When grandpa worked the night shift and slept during the day, we would have to play the "Whispering Game" Remember whispering while playing Yahtze or Sorry...you sure did gloat when you were winning...even when we were whispering...and you were so vicious when you were winning. You said you were sorry, but I knew you really weren't. Both grandpa and I would not trade one second of our time with you for anything in this world | I just remembered another story for you. You used to come to the Kingdom Hall in Hudson with grandpa and me while you were with us. You loved going to the Kingdom Hall. You would go to everyone, shake hands and say hello to familiar faces. I remember one Sunday; a brother gave a talk on Ephesians 6:1 which is about being obedient to your parents. When the meeting was over you said to me; "He's right I need to work on that with my mom and dad". I was so shocked to hear you say those words that I just had to bring you to that brother so you could tell him what you just learned. He was so impressed that a 5 or 6 year old child was paying attention; meditated on what you heard, and knew that you needed to apply it to yourself. I'll tell you a little secret. First of all you made his day, and second, I believe that he is probably still telling that story today.

14: A resident there where GG lived would play the piano near lunchtime. When you heard the music, you would run to the living room and start to dance. As the residents headed toward the dining room, they'd sit down in the living room and watch you dance instead. As long as the music was playing, you were dancing. Everyone applauded when the music stopped. You were never shy about being the center of attention. The residents got a big kick out of the entertainment you provided. Believe me when I say, their days were brightened when you danced for them. I know you remember GG when she was living in Maple Tree Assisted Living...that was such a nice place, and she was well taken care of...the most important thing was she loved it there | Sorry the best granddaughter award never got into your hands....you can tell when I made this just from the picture....here it is after our vacation in CO in 2007...mistakes and all... This is GGPA and GG when they were younger. I think you were about 1 - 2 years old when he passed away.

15: 4 generations seated at the same table. GG truly enjoyed this. We always had lunch with her when you were here. This is when you and mom lived with us for a while in 2005. | This is a very heartwarming story. Sometimes I cry a little when I think of this one, I will never forget it... GGPA had been sick for quite a few years...When you were an infant, I remember I put you in GGPA’s arms...at that moment...his whole demeanor changed; his face lit up as the pain in his eyes vanished and was replaced by a bright sparkle...he was no longer sick and hurting...and for just a few moments I could see the happy memories of his life being played in his mind and he was young again...I miss him very much. You would have loved him...although he is not your natural GGPA... I consider him to be my father and always will the same with the way you feel about grandpa. He's not your natural grandpa, but he will always be your grandpa.

16: Grandpa loves his garden. That was an exceptional year for the garden. We had an abundance of yellow squash, zucchini, red, green and yellow peppers. There was cantaloupe, butternut squash, some onions, carrots, potatoes, green beans and beets. Of course, this garden is in Missouri. Things actually grow here because it rains. Colorado only produces thorns and thistles. Grandpa didn't have much time when he was working, but now that he's retired, he'll have more time to take care of the garden. Then there are those funky veggies that grandpa grew that year. I think they are hysterical. There were more, but I only got pictures of these | The hummingbird feeder was always something interesting to watch. I can hardly believe that they flap their wings so many times per second. I looked it up, and do you believe they flap them about 50 times per second. I took these photos when the feeder was in front of the house. | Remember this marker? You always knew that we were almost there to grandmas and the long drive was almost over.

17: I included a picture of our house so you can find it when you come to visit on your own, let us know, and the light will always be on for you. | These sticks were planted a year or two after we bought the house. It took a long time to plant them. Some days after grandpa got home from work; we'd go outside and plant a few, maybe 15 to 20 bushes. Our backs were hurting after we did that. I think we planted about 60 or 70 bushes. Those became the shrubs in front of the house. | I loved to watch you ride on the tractor with grandpa...you would giggle as the tractor bounced up and down as it ran over the mole holes in the yard... and when he used the big tractor out of the acreage, you went with him also. We had so much fun watching you have fun. Grandpa and I loved to see you happy. Then you would work with him in the garden.when you got bored, you'd come back into the house. Which was soon after you started working in the garden. | Do you remember the squash casserole we used to make with zucchini or yellow squash? It was made with stuffing mix, sour cream, shredded carrots, and something else? Oh, that was so good. We loved it, grandpa wasn't crazy about it but he said it was OK. That's what he always says.

18: Our house in Lochbuie. You spent a lot of time with us there.

19: These pictures show the equipment of the day when we were growing up. The rollers and clips were very uncomfortable. Getting your hair done was a painful process. What women wouldn't do for their man huh? Dig that sink. There's where we got our hair washed. The tray that we laid back on was metal, and the hose was huge it sprayed all over the place. Doesn't this hair dryer look like a space helmet? That's what it looked like to us. And I remember it being sooo loud. Dig the Martian permanent wave machine. Doesn't it remind you of something out of the 50's sci-fi movies? Oh, you probably don't watch those old movies. Anyway, it reminds me of a type of machine that steals your brain. The metal curlers got hot after a while because the heated tentacles were attached to them. Anyway When GG was about 18 - 19 years old, she became a hairdresser. GG kept on doing hair up until she was 76. GG was good at what she did. Her favorite part of hair dressing was listening to people's problems. She said that they would talk and talk about everything happening in their lives. She love's people even down to this day. She really slowed down in the 90's, and stopped completely in 1997 when she got into an accident near our house in Lochbuie and didn't remember that she did. It took her 4 hours to find her way home; it was only 35-40 minute drive. Lynn and I moved her into a seniors apartment in Arvada and she was OK for a short time, but then she was calling me often telling me she didn't feel safe there and by 2000 she was calling every day and telling me that she couldn't go out of her apartment because she got lost and she couldn't find her way back. Grandpa and I were already here in MO, so I found a nice place for her to live in town here. That was the residential care place that you have visited quite a few times. | Lucia's Beauty Shop

20: Joshua Allen Fueston 1999 - 2009 | Joshua loved to camp, hike, swim, bike and run triathlons. He was very athletic and had a zest for life that we all should have.

21: Matthew 24:3-12 and Luke 21:7-11 have some very interesting things to say about what the wars mean.. | Josh Fueston was my nephew, he was my sister Laurie's son and his death was devastating to all who knew and loved him....from here on, we will just await the resurrection of those sleeping in death... John 5:26-29...it is promised.. | Now back to happier things.... | Josh visited a few times from WA when we lived in CO. The two of you played well, but what can you expect when you get two young ones together who are out going and lovable. See, you were kind of young here. Josh was one year older than you are. Then there is Josh grown up. He was 14 years old in 2 of these pictures. He joined the army after one of the recruiters got hold of him and told him all kinds of stories about not much fighting going on in Iraq, and all the bonus money he could get, and the army would pay for his education. Unfortunately, after he was deployed to Iraq and he was sent home a couple of months later with an extreme case of post traumatic stress disorder. When people come back from war, they are never the same again. Even more tragic was that he ended those painful consequences of war. He jumped in front of a train in Washington, DC on September 13, 2009. He was only 19 years old. What a waste of life

22: Remember when uncle Bob did this? I do...it was when we were there with your mom and dad, and we were getting ready to go on our vacation to Colorado Springs in 2007, and you're in the den getting your suitcase ready to go. Bob was acting silly, so I snapped a picture of him being silly. 2009 is when this picture was taken. It is the family members that are still alive and still talking to each other. I especially like the one of grandpa, me, and my two daughters...We are a lot of people when we are able to get together. Ann is so gracious to have all of us there. I'm sure it is a great inconvenience for them. Caleb is so lovable isn't he of course the family picture was in August 2009. I'm so glad that Jay and Tammie and Caleb were there and I got to meet them. Caleb is so precious. Especially when you think about how early he was born. We all worried for a while. Everyone was prepared in case he developed some of the same setbacks that Tammie did. Even though he had some of the same things happen to him, he overcame them and became healthy. The medical field has advanced so much since Tammie was born that there is so much more they can do to help preemies today.

24: ...and of course, we could not finish memories of you growing up without adding your high school sweetheart...Jess, you and Montana make a real cute couple...now I will close this section of the album with some beautiful creations of Jehovah...

25: So many beautiful things to see...icebergs of color, beautiful landscapes, and animals...such things are delightful to look at... I try to remember to thank our creator every day for those wonderful creations that we enjoy and maybe have even taken for granted at one time or another.

26: This entire album is filled with things that Jehovah created just for mankind's pleasure. I think life is awesome. Jehovah lets each living being form their individual personality along with free will. With only a glimpse of these animals, one can tell that their personalities are as different from each others as ours are. Doesn't it warm your heart to watch animals just being themselves?

28: Here are some pictures from the Hubble Spacecraft. Astronomers can see that the heavens are expanding, but they don't know why or how. The reason is because they choose not to believe that Jehovah is real and is the one doing the creating. It is so plain to see.... Now on to another section that I hope you'll like.... | (Psalm 147:4)..He is counting the number of the stars; All of them he calls by [their] names. .

29: Jess...this is the end of this section...I wish we had taken more pictures of you when you were little. Since we didn't, it is what it is. So on we go with more memories that we share. The pictures below are part of the surprises, but you'll have to figure it out yourself..... | HI | NT

30: HI | NT

31: Two Great Years Of Vacations | 2007 Just Ahead | So don't be shy...come on follow me.....

32: In 2007, we went from Ann and Bob's to Colorado Springs, We spent 2 nights there in a not so nice hotel...I think it was Howard Johnson's wasn't it...but the things we did made up for it...let's remember the things we did... Everyone needs to have their picture taken holding up the balancing rock at least once....I think that's a law isn't it? | Does Montana know how undeveloped you are....

33: That grade was steep wasn't it? I know that I felt like we were going straight up. Look at the surprised look on your face (Not) but it's a good picture and appears real. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Just about every picture of you is a hammy one. As I said earlier, hammy to us is just one of your charming traits. I guess we all ham it up for the camera sometimes. I just love to live in the moment...don't you....? The top of Pikes Peak was a little chilly. The out-of-towners had no coats or sweaters so they got pretty cold. You didn't seem to have a problem looking over the edge, me...I get dizzy when I get too close to the edge. The cog train was slow, but it got us up there. The cog train was still better than driving the road. There's another cog train going up the hill. Talk about your head being in the clouds, ours were for a while. It was pretty hazy up near the top, and while we were on top.

35: Even though the cog train was slow, it's better than driving the road; the road is dirt, winding, close to the edge in many spots, one lane in other spots, and the brakes get so hot from overuse coming down that you have to keep stopping to cool the brakes off just about every mile. The scenery was really pretty too, remember that lake? That was so far from anything, it is probably a pristine lake. The top was truly windy and cool.

36: Now, look at those delicious "Pikes Peak high altitude donuts" with attitude, and they were FREE with my coupons from the Internet. I like FREE. Remember she said that they can only be made on Pikes Peak? Others have tried to make them at lower altitudes but they don't rise, so the altitude does really have everything to do with it. Do you think people will notice that we are at the top of Pikes Peak? Nnaaaa...I think we hid it quite well, don't you think.....no one will notice.

37: Just one last look around and its back down the hill, just in time for the rain. We all could breathe easier when we got back to Manitou Springs......speaking of which....the Melodrama Dinner Theater was across the street from the train station. We had dinner there, and it was served family style that was nice and very cozy. The dishes didn't look like they were very big, but they held a lot of food....the icing on the cake that day was the performance that night at the theater, and what a hoot it was.... If we had known that we could take cameras in...Well...we'd just have pictures in this album now wouldn't we? | Are you yawning....or posing???

38: It was an unexpected moment when the flashes started, and the heroine said "OOOOH pictures" then they locked arms and went from one side of the stage to the other smiling just as big as can be, and stopping to pose in each direction. That was funny, funny. It was a riot. Then we hissed and booed at the villain, yeaaa’d for the hero, clapped for the lady between good and bad, and went oooohh....aaaaahhhh for the heroine. What a fine way to end the day ... Let's go on to the Molly Kathleen Mine. Remember the elevator ride...standing squished as they loaded us in the back to front position ...it was kind of personal....I’m glad he put the three of us together, I'm not crazy about being cozy and intimate with people I don't know....know what I mean?... that sign on the gate to elevator was unusual, but I can see why that was necessary....The conditions down in the mine were damp and cool....recall the widow maker jack hammer like drills...and dynamite settings there.... I would not like to work there....

41: Yes...the Mollie Kathleen was educational. Then there was that lame train ride in Cripple Creek. Remember we looked at our clothes and kept wondering where that black stuff was coming from......it took us a few minutes to figure out that the black stuff was soot coming from the coal fueled engine.....who knew?...we sure had a good laugh over that..Didn't we? | The widow maker was pointed out to us, it has to be a truly tough machine that shakes the body and rattles the bones...I guess that is why it is called the widow maker... And, remember the figures of men working on the ceiling of the mine....they had to take everything with them for the day because they were not able to come down on their shift...relieve themselves you ask....they yelled ..."look out below...." and hopefully everyone below them could hear it above the noise. I can't believe that they still work that mine in the winter months....

42: Yes...Grandpa does love me... | I was having a bad hair day as far as shooting the rapids at Sheep's Head Canyon. Oh, you know that grandpa loves me. He kept pulling me back into the boat every time I started to fall backwards. The first time, I fell with my back on the rocks, I kept thinking, "Uh Oh...when this rock ends I'm going to be in the water".....Then my hero would pull me back into a sitting position. All the time the guide would yell at me "Stay in the boat...stay in the boat." What the heck was that all about.....I certainly wanted to stay in the boat....I had absolutely no desire to get thrown into that river of rocks....OUCH... | I do remember another thing that happened in Breckenridge...I put my purse down on the chair next to you while we ate in KFC....when we left there...guess what...we left my purse there too...we both had forgotten that we put it there...it's a good thing that someone was honest and turned it in to management..When I called there 2 hours later, they said that they had it...whew...that was a close one...

43: ...and this is the end of our 2007 vacation... let's climb into the time machine and jump to the year 2008...

44: MY FAVORITE PICTURE | The Hard Luck Café in Branson where all workers take turns singing the whole time you are there. I know this is the not your favorite picture, but it is ours. Jason Yeager is a former contestant on American Idol. What a voice he has, and when he surprised you by plopping down next to you, your eyes got huge, and your mouth dropped open....when he started singing to you, you turned beet red. That might have been enough embarrassment for you....but nnnoooo...I made you go get the camera from the car, and asked Jason to do it again. I remember he said to you; "The things we do to please our grandparents...huh?" Jess, you're such a good sport... | Dear Montana This was not my idea...my grandma made me do it | Yes its true; it is grandma & grandpa's job to embarrass you and we did it quite well don't you think? We really tried hard

45: Branson Vacation 2008

46: Yes sireeeee.....We did too! We climbed up every step of that tower and back down again. It was near Eureka Springs so we got to that stop first. Each level we climbed I thought I could see the top and there was only one more flight to go but, I thought wrong...What a way to start off our trip....our legs were like wet noodles when we got back down to the ground....I remember when we went to see the Acrobats of China...Instead of driving there and getting caught up in traffic, we walked up the hill....Oooohh that was so hard because our legs were still hurting and they hurt even more the day after the show....

47: Before we go on to the next page I have to admit just how bad my memory is. I can't remember which attraction we went to next, but I assure you, they will all be here in your album... However, before the page is turned, we have to have a little scenery and then a little humor... have you ever owned a pair of flip flops? I think I remember seeing you in them once or twice...on the next page you'll see not only why this footwear is silly, BUT some over paid master of design, imagined that people would actually want to wear these...would you?? ? Are you ready? | Top: Butchart Gardens, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Bottom left: African sunset Right: At just the right angle, this man appears to be holding the sun in his hands

48: Now, these “People Feet” shoes are for dogs who truly believe they are people...OK, they are also appropriate for the owners who agree with them | I’ve been told I chew gum like a cow a few times in my life... but if you keep it up, I’m going to put on my hooves if you don't mind | First of all we have a new name for flip flops...the new name is...you got it...Fish Flops

49: OUCH! OUCH!! OUCH!!! OUCH!!!! | The new "Platform Shoes" My feet will get dirty...but I don't care, because I'm pretty, pretty, pretty | Has anyone seen my beautiful peacock lately? | Now...onward to Dogwood Canyon....

50: : Peace and quiet is our thing, that's why this is one of our favorite destinations. Remember the soft sounds of the waterfalls as they feed all the pools of water. The guide explained that the bridge was built by the Amish who do not use electricity, and then pointed out this showcase is displaying the hand tools they used to do this project. That bridge is solid. The Amish really take pride in the things they build. That's why their structures are so sturdy, and that is extremely rare in today's society. Today people take shortcuts and don't care if their work is inferior. | Dogwood Canyon Lampe, MO

51: How many pools of water had trout in them...and each pool, the trout kept getting bigger and bigger...I love the woodsy part of the tram ride too. I think there is a waterfall in there somewhere.

52: All the pools are stocked with trout and the handicapped children are invited to fish once a year. This was funny when the fish were swimming calmly and then when the guide feeds the fish, wow.....they went nuts. I always like the quiet....except when we get near the lawn care people....their machines sure do make a lot of noise...most of them were courteous and shut them off until we got past them

53: The tram ride through the park was so peaceful and goes beyond the park boundaries and through the free range wildlife refuge. It was nice until the buffalo and large steers came near enough to touch. Then we begged the driver to go, go! The chuck wagon is for special occasions. People rent the picnic areas and have their event catered. They'll cook anything the group wants from lobster to chili. There were several wood carvings along the way. Didn't you just love the tram going through the water on several occasions....That one there I think was the one at eye level when we got fully in the water....I liked that.

55: : I love this waterfall the best....that's why I wanted to have our picture taken there. The waterfall behind you is pretty also...let's face it...they are all beautiful. The pictures are pretty well self explanatory...now you can tell your story...

56: The stalactites, stalagmites, bacon, crystals, and others are just awesome....The bacon can be seen clearly in the one picture.

57: Then there was the razorback and it is significant because the state of Arkansas is known as the razorback state. I see a dragon in one picture...it was dark...damp...and cool in the caves...wasn't that nice.....for me it was anyway...

59: Again, the bacon can be seen clearly in the one picture. there's the tools they used in the mine...and you hugging the elf, well...sometimes I wonder about you...We'll just mosey on over to Quigley's castle....come on...

60: Quigley's Castle is the dream home of Elise Quigley (1910-1984). The paths wind around secluded benches, a lily pond and bird baths to her home covered with stones she'd collected since childhood. She found a way to sleep in tree tops full of bloom. Tropical plants grow in the natural soil of the first floor and brush the ceiling of the second floor. She has a butterfly, fossil, crystal, arrowhead and glassware collection beyond imagination. She came to the Ozarks when she was nine. She loved the outdoors and began to collect rocks as she walked along a creek bed to school. | The Entrance... The history following this picture is for those who browse the pages of this book and don't know anything about this castle...but would like to.....

61: When she was 18 during the depression, she married my grandfather, Albert. They lived in a lumber shack and had five children. My grandfather promised her a house with the lumber cut off their own property. She designed a house in 1943 that would allow her to bring nature indoors. The design called for 32 large windows, and glass was rationed because of the war. They argued about it for several months. One day when my grandfather left for the mill; she and the five children, tore the lumber shack down. She moved them into the chicken house. That is where my grandfather found he was living when he came home that evening. That's where they lived while he, the sons, and a great uncle built "the castle." They were able to move into the wooden structure by that winter, but it was three more years before they were able to get the 32 window spaces. She used the three years to cover the outside walls with her rock collection. We had been there before, and each time we go, we see more. Her collections are truly amazing. Grandpa took her everywhere she went; because she couldn't drive. He worked the farm and lumber mill until he died at the age of 66. Elise Quigley died in 1984. Her granddaughter along with her two children still lives in the house and takes care of it

62: 1st floor garden | 2nd floor garden | growth above this stove...yes...it is inside the home..

63: Just a glimpse of the butterfly, rock, shell, and bottle collections. Yes...that is the outdoors brought inside...so relax, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Most of these explanations are for others reading the pages...

64: The sea shells are from around the world...she'd send away for them...

65: On the grounds, there were gardens within gardens...this place is truly unique...the bottle tree is in one garden, the bird bath in another, bench in another, etc...

67: Shells are mixed in with rocks in some of the displays inside and out...the chair is shown in one picture and Jess is sitting in the chair in another....

69: The mailbox, bird bath, house, and inside fireplace with shells for decoration....have you seen any so large and in one piece? | The End of Quigley's Castle.... on to the attractions in Branson...at least the ones we have pictures of... | The camera won't be put away yet, but remember the attractions that wouldn't let us take pictures....

71: These pages filled with butterflies speak for themselves. The only thing that would have made this visit to the butterfly palace better would be if we could have stayed and browsed as long as we wanted. The process that takes us from one room to another is so well designed. I had not seen one like this in any butterfly palace. These butterflies don't stand too much of chance to escape and fly free. Do you remember when we took you to the butterfly museum in Boulder? I doubt it, you were pretty young. Grandma almost melted in that one. Thats the one where I lost a lot of weight...Hee Hee. (Get it...I melted).

72: This was an amazing sight. People don't get much of a chance to have one land on their nose and someone be there with a camera. This is an amazing shot, if I do say so myself...... you had to keep calling me to take a picture....Did it tickle?..... Did you want to swat it off your nose because it made you itchy? It's one of my favorite pictures. This is the best butterfly palace I've ever seen. | POP QUIZ How many of these little red dishes were there in that room? | We can't forget that we also went to the Titanic exhibition...I'll say...it was an educational experience. Remember the decks at the end of the exhibit? They had the different degrees of tilt that the people felt on the ship as it went down. Very chilling. We all had characters that survived...once we figured out how to read the names. The rooms were extravagant for the first class, and the other sections were very different. I can’t believe the steepness of the deck, I guess that I never thought of that. How frightful that must have been to those who weren’t able get off the ship.

73: Well...OK then...for extra credit.... how many butterflies were there in that room? | We really did have a good reason that we couldn't stay...you can tell your story now Jessica, or just let them read on.... | Another place I forgot to mention is the toy museum. That was interesting to us because those were the exact toys that we played with as kids. This probably wasn't too interesting to you, because you had much different toys to play with. We played with metal toys, and dolls with pieces that came off. We sat in high chairs with no safety features and cribs with gaps between the bars we rode in cars with no seat belts, and when small pieces of a toy came off, we swallowed it, and look....we survived. Yes, we sometimes got cuts from metal sometimes we slipped down to the floor in the high chairs, flew forward, hitting the dashboard when they hit the brakes hard....we cried, and mom dried our tears, kissed our boo boos, and life went on....there were no law suits...that was just part of life. Just look at today....need I say more...so if you have a little accident I sayJUST PUT ON YOUR BIG GIRL PANTIES AND DEAL WITH IT...

74: This is the last of the butterfly museum...I thought I had more pictures than this...I do, but there are so many duplicates...I don't know how they keep multiplying...at least I know it's OK to thin them out..... If you don't tell them why we had to leave, I guess that I will...just turn the page....

76: It's 50's at the Hop | The hop was your favorite I'll bet...first of all, you got picked to go on stage and do the "hand jive"....for someone who did not know what it is, you caught on real quickly...NO bad hair day here..then your name got called to have a free BBQ for 2...it's not often that 2 good things happen at one time, but it did...AND...That's why we had to leave the butterfly palace...they only honor one coupon per day from at the hop...it was our last day in Branson, so we had to get there early for lunch to be sure we were able to use the coupon that day... | I did take a lot of pictures, but these were the only ones that came out OK...even the ones of you up on stage didn't come out well enough to show, so I had to delete it. At least you have the video to remind you of that...of course we've taken other vacations, but didn't take a camera....I wish I had been thinking about the future...if I had, I would have taken so many more pictures...oh hind vision is 20 20...I know that you used to remember the vacation in CO Springs when you were little...

77: Dig Marvin''s doo...it must be at least a foot high...He's since left the show and has gone on to open his own show...

78: Some of these characters look like the actors, and some...not so much...Dan Blocker, Lorne Greene, and Michael Landon all starred in Bonanza. I loved that program, and still watch it on TV Land. The next one is Charlton Hesston in the Ten Commandments. That movie still plays on TCM once in a while... on the right is Robin Williams, he starred in Pan. I'm sure you've seen that movie haven't you? I thought it was pretty good...another movie he played in that is more recent is Mrs. Doubtfire...and how about RV....now that was so funny... You recognize the bottom one don't you...all kids have watched that at one time or another...this is one of them that don't look like the characters so much...I'd say...unless this is a new look they have given them....

79: John Wayne is a legend...his movies go back to the 1940's...oh...women dreamed of him...I wasn't one of them...but he is known first for westerns, and some war pictures too. | Now...these are some old timers...Yul Brenner in the classic movie The King and I...if you get a chance to see that...do | I can't believe that neither one of us saw that big exhibit as we came in the door...King Kong with Faye Ray in his hand...we used to watch that and be scared..

80: Tom Hanks in Forest Gump...I take it you probably saw that didn't you...Spider Man, I think that you had to tell me who that was...then oh yea, that is him... Red Skelton...he was the funniest man I know and he never cussed, not even once...Kate Winslow and Leonardo Di Caprio in Titanic...this was the best Titanic movie I've ever seen...Laurel and Hardy are a little before your time..It was back when slapstick was the type of entertainment of the day...

81: Gone with The Wind is a movie that is still on TCM, and other channels that have the old movies on...Rhet Butler and Scarlet O’Hara... one of the greatest love stories...Bill Cosby and Johnny Carson, now there is another funny man...actually they both were....and who can ever forget The Wizard of OZ...Yes, who can forget it...it is on the TV all the time now...3 shots to get in all the set of the display.......

82: If I remember right, there were several libraries in that home upstairs, and down. Education was important to him, so was music. He had many friends who would arrive unannounced most of the time and stay not just overnight, but for weeks at a time. This was his bedroom it was upstairs in another wing, but this was an interesting night stand. It was a rotating book rack, that he built himself so he could have a choice of reading material to enjoy before he went to sleep at night. The kitchen was up to date, and served the purpose. There was more than one living room also. This one is on the first level. This is just one of the libraries.

83: This page has just 4 of the many bedrooms in that house. He had one or 2 sisters living with him or maybe a niece or cousin. Each bedroom had their own source of heat because even though he had a furnace in the basement, there was no circulation system to get the heat from the basement to the upper floors. He tried several ways to get the heat up there, including leaving a door open from the basement space to the first floor, unfortunately, none of his ideas worked. The bedrooms were simple, and the closets were amazing. I say that because they were built in the most unusual places and unusual shapes. Some were like a tunnel and you could stand at the end.

85: This room is the man's office...the typewriter that his secretary used every day he worked for the wealthy man. Dig the other one that hides inside the case. I would imagine that he spent some time in there too, especially when he had a lot of company. Here's your fire extinguisher. I sure didn't know they had extinguishers back then. The fish hanging on the wall is one that he caught himself and had it stuffed, he was so very proud of that fish, and he showed it off. The other 2 items above, are interesting too. One is that furnace that had no way to circulate the air. So, I'd say that it was a useless furnace. The other one is a knob and tube electrical system. He was the only person in the entire area to have electricity. He was the one who first had the highway paved much for himself because the road was extremely rough due to it being dirt and the amount of rain MO gets.

87: He had a unique way of letting guests know if they were welcome or not. Some of his regular guests lived quite a distance away, and often no invitation was sent, and no notice was given him that they were going to be arriving. So, if he didn't want any company he would put this flag out in the yard....this flag told his would be visitors in no uncertain terms, that they were not welcome at this time. There were no exceptions to that rule. You may remember this differently, so please let me know if I'm wrong. Grandmas' memory is not nearly as good as it used to be. This bed was very interesting. There were no beds this size or shaped like it either so he had to have it specially made for him, because he liked sleeping outside in the summer. This bed was unique and far ahead of its time. This is the view he had from the porch

88: HI | NT | This is the last hint there to the left. The surprises are yet to come, and I think that you will be excited when you finally get it. After all, I do have to keep something for your graduation when you do actually graduate. | There was another place that we went to and that was that little town that had the telephone museum in it. Remember that guy who opened it up so we could look around it. I enjoyed it because that was the phones, and switchboards we used. (Of course, that was in the "olden days") | Then we had lunch at that bed and breakfast hotel. That was kind of expensive, but it was well worth it....kind of fancy wasn't it?

89: Here is your typical fainting couch....the women used to wear very tight corset's back then, and I think that probably cut off their air supply and they'd faint. I don't know if that's true, but it sounds good to me. The piano was something in it's day. I imagine that it was being played often by guests. There's nothing like piano music. Some don't appreciate that type of music but I do, it is so soothing. I wanted to take piano lessons so much, but I wasn't able to. The other room is a game room. I find this intriguing because there was more than one game room, and there were a lot of nooks and crannies in that home. I could imagine myself wandering from room to room deciding which game I wanted to participate in or which conversation I wanted to join. That must have been a peaceful place to visit. The guests that did visit were wealthy also, or else, how could they visit for 2 or 3 weeks at a time.

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