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Dads Birthday

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Dads Birthday - Page Text Content

S: 60 Memories of 60 Years of Greatness

FC: 60 Memories of 60 Years of Greatness

1: Paulivich. Merman. The Jew. Uncle Paul. Dad. Dieckert. Poppie. Big Julie. Baytown Poopsey. | Julius Paul Dieckert

2: Early Memories from Pam -The smell of chemistry lab at TAMU - You starting my vw ( it really wouldn't start) - How handsome you looked when I opened the door the first time you came over to my appt - Trying to fly a kite while driving your convertible - Sr Ring Dance - Taking me for a hamburger - Trying to play tennis & chess with you - Watching your golf tournaments - Knowing you were watching me dance at the pizza place - Putting your fingers in your ears during a whole concert on the front row - Reading poetry to me from the Norton's Anthology in your car by the light of a street light - Dating, not dating, dating, not dating, dating, not ........

3: - Juggling and standing on your hands - Your golf friends, my roommates - Sailing or trying to sail or tipping over the sailboat - Me fixing you ham sandwich lunches - Going to the beach in the pickup - You building the BBQ pit - Meeting your family and dogs, "Fishbein" - You meeting my family, you and Mom being smart-aleck - The golf course at night - Lake Summerville

4: I remember when we lived at the old house you would always come to my little forts in the woods that I made. You would climb trees and sit in bushes and squish yourself in these tiny uncomfortable places to have a picnic with me just because I thought they were such special places. You always encouraged my imagination and my love of nature. -Dori | As per Graham, “Cole loves when Poppie gives him kisses on the head. And when he lets Cole sleep on him.”

5: I am forever grateful to Poppie for raising a son I am lucky enough to call my husband. I am slowly learning that raising a boy into a man is no easy feat, especially a boy cut of the same cloth as sweet Evan, but I can look at Grady and see the man I hope to raise my sons to be. A hard worker. A caring father. Someone you can rely on to follow through. A man that puts his family first. Someone who dreams big dreams, but then carefully plots and plans on how to achieve that dream, and succeeds. Every time. And I know that without the example that Poppie set for him, he wouldn’t be the amazing man that he is today. -Michele

6: He came to college station from med school to be my homecoming nominee escort out on the football field at half time because mom and dad were in the virgin islands. I was so proud, he was so handsome, and my friends were drooling!!! -Julie

7: Our debates. We didn’t have any knock down, drag out verbal fights during my adolescence, at least none that I remember. Instead we would have debates over the merits of my curfew, not being allowed to go on date until I mowed 8 acres with a riding mower, or whether or not roller blades were a momentary fad. I learned that we shared the same infuriating quality of being able to remain exasperatingly calm during intense debate. Very seldom did you have to pull the “because I’m your father” card, and when you did, it was because the debate had just gone too long, you were a little tired after spending the day performing eye surgery, and I was still not done bringing in expert witnesses. I don’t really remember the results of our debates, just that we had them, and how novel it was when everyone else couldn’t communicate with their father, we communicated plenty, we just didn’t see eye to eye on a lot of things. -Grady

9: We were in an elevator at some hotel, just you and I, and we were laughing. I thought to myself, who knew when we married 37 years ago that we would still love each other, that we would still enjoy each other's company and have fun together? We have been together making memories for about 40 years. We are very different with different strengths and weaknesses but we complement each other. We fit together. My hand feels right when it is in your hand. I get a kiss every morning and it starts my day off right. Who knows me best? That’s you. You love me whether I am at my best or worst. You have been just the perfect husband for me and I love you, -pam

10: Once , when Margie and Mac and their kids were visiting, we put Joanie on a little nursery chair (potty) and a little later found Paul and Joanie (both 1 year old) sitting on the floor by the chair and eating the contents out of the pot. We were horrified, but they both survived. Mutti

13: It was a beautiful spring day in Squaw Valley, California and I'm riding the lift with my friend Paulie. We were both enjoying the surroundings, sun was shining, birds were singing, the breeze was every so gentle. People were enjoying themselves on the slope, except for one person. That one person would be the good Doctor Dieckert, who chose to take up snowboarding that year. The reason he wasn't enjoying himself that beautiful spring day at that particular moment on the slope, is because he was too busy catching his backside edge and slamming back and head first into the snow. -Robert

14: When we lived in New Orleans, and I was maybe 4 or 5 and Paul was 7 or 8,Paul and I used to set up lounge chairs on the back patio and pretend that we were very rich, we were orphans and that we were traveling around the world on an airplane. No one else but he and I. We pretended that no one could tell us what to do or where to go. -Kristin | one weekend afternoon, i went with him to work on some new apartments they were building where he hammered nails on the framework... I handed him the nails ... and it was just the two of us there at the site. On the ride there, he gave me his big brother talk about drugs; it was cool. Julie

15: Driving to the Kolache Kitchen SUPER early in the morning... Dori: “Where’s the Kolache Kitchen?” Dad: “it's in the Kolache town?” Dori: “Where’s the kolaches town?” Dad: “It's in the Kolache county” Dori: “Where’s the Kolache County?” Dad: “It’s in the Kolache state” Dori: “Where’s the Kolache state?” Dad: “It’s in the Kolache country.” Dori: “Where’s the Kolache country?” Dad: “It’s in the Kolache continent?” Dori: “where is the Kolache continent... system?” Dad: “It’s in the Kolache kitchen. Dori: Oh dad...

16: You have always been supportive of my artistic activities. You were always approving of my classes and efforts. You even like China Food. You would take a week off to take care of the kids when I went to MoRanch and Convention. After several days of you caring for them, they would start calling you Mom and you knew you were doing things right! You have put up with a house full of china and china ladies. One of the best things that you did was when you told me that I had to sell my work and make enough money to support my "habit". I was very put-out but I did it and it forced me to another level of painting, gave me an independence I had not had before, and made it possible for me to give you gifts with money I earned - you are so smart. -Pam

18: Paul has always been such a supportive brother. He has always been there to give good advice and to help out when he could. He has been there for me on so many occasions that I cannot begin to name them all. I remember that he and Pam came to my graduation from Nursing School, they gave me a sewing kit for graduation which I used for about 30 years. Paul told me that he wanted me to have a new car since I would now be starting my career. He picked out a sliver Pinto that he thought I would like and co-signed the note for me. I was so proud of that car and mainly because he had picked it out and had helped me purchase it. I love him dearly!!! -Kristin

20: We were heading to Taos one winter vacation and as all suburan trips go, we were packed in like sardines and getting to know each other really well. In the early morning, about half way in the middle of no where, Poppie decided he needed to get the oil changed on the truck. As we head into town, Poppie discovered the main road was blocked off. Not to worry. He starts off whistling a tune of some sort and cuts off onto a side road and heads a few blocks down. As he attempts to merge back onto the main road...another road block. Tune switches to Pomp and Circumstance. After at least two more reentries were block, Poppie eventually off roaded over a grassy area and climbed over a railroad crossing. Ta-da! Back onto the main road! Now we are cruising down the road at a slow pace, Poppie's tune has gone back to a calmer melody, and I look over to my right to see my two year old waving out the window. I glanced out the window and see rows of people sitting on the curb waving back at Audrey. Yep, we had forced our way into the town's parade. -Sharon

22: Many life lessons that have served me well came straight from Dad experiences. Once I ate about 16 sticks out of an 18 stick pack of big red gum that you had in your study. You asked me what I knew about it and I told you I ate a half stick and I didn’t know where the rest went. A couple of hours later I couldn’t handle it anymore and went out and told you that I lied. You let me set my own punishment. 17 sticks of gum and my punishment was a small price to pay to learn the importance of honesty. The next lesson was the defining issue of third grade. On the last day of school I let several other kids talk me into kissing a girl, the prettiest girl in my class, on the lips! This was major. I was sure that you would find out and that I would be removed from my elementary school which I liked due to this terrible incident. I kept this dark secret for the entire summer until the 4th grade started to make sure that I already had a foot in the door at Miller Heights Elementary. Then, when I could stand it no more, I got up out of bed, and walked down to your bedroom where you were reading a book. 4th grade Grady came in and said “Dad, I have something I have to tell you”.

23: I’m pretty sure that your heart skipped a few beats because you saw the look of fear and dread on my face and then I said “I kissed a girl!” At this point I was looking at the floor but I’m pretty sure that you were having a hard time keeping a straight face at this point. Then, understanding the weight and shame that I had put on this event, you asked me “Well Grady, what have you learned from this?’ and I said, “to never let a girl, my friends, or anyone else ever tell me what to do”. You said “Grady, that’s a very important lesson”. I can honestly say that today much to the chagrin of my friends and enemies, I have about a 21 year streak of not letting anyone tell me what to do. -Grady

24: Once our Gabby-cat had a bunch of kittens and, of course, little Paul would not leave them alone. At one point Paul decided that they needed a bath. I heard them crying and investigated, only to find that he had poured a whole bottle of shampoo all over them. They were all gooey and slimy. Poor Gabby didn’t know what to do. -Mutti

25: We remember the times Poppie took us to feed the cows. Every time we would go to the cows with food the cows would come very close. They would be in a pasture or by the creek. We liked it when he would drive the cart very fast. Audrey and Lizzy | My earliest memories of Poppie was in the Yellow Temple house. I remember setting rat traps under the house, knocking down the fence, playing in the sandbox, working on the mustang, and camping in the tent in the backyard. Heath

26: One rainy cold night, Paul had just gotten back from going to a highschool football game. He was wearing a large parka with a hood and big clod hopper boots, I was in the bathroom screaming about a mouse that had run in there. He came stomping in to the bathroom, probably not knowing what was going on and his big boots squashed that little mouse. -Kristin

27: I always loved driving to College Station with you. We would sing all the songs that you used to sing when you were a little boy. You would tell me funny stories of how you were such a rascal as a child. You would pass cars when the stripes on the road allowed and I would hold on to the door because I felt like we were going so fast. We would sing along to fidgety frolic and thimble corner and then somehow you always seemed to fit in an awkward moment for the birds and the bee’s, or a lesson about how I behaved badly a few days ago, or a friends kid had done something you didn’t approve of and I shouldn’t do the same. I would sit up straight and stare out the window until it was over. You seemed so comfortable and I was SO EMBARASSED! Finally it would end and we would go back to singing along with the Beatles one, two, three, FOWAH! -Dori

30: I like when Poppie takes you to golf. I get water in a cup. Sometimes I get lemonade. Audrey gets coke. Poppie shows me how to swing my arms and swing my clubs that Marmie and Poppie gave me for Christmas. -Graham

31: I "shagged balls" - I think that's what they call chasing around golf balls - one night out in a really weedy field while he practiced his golf swing and my legs got totally gooey from the weed juice. It was so gross but I loved every minute of it. Then he took me for ice cream; gooey legs and all! -Julie

32: I used to beat Paul in chess sometimes and he would get so mad, because he didn't think that I knew what I was doing and he said that my moves did not make any sense. Kristin

33: I remember the tremendous excitement I would get when receiving the “packing list” for our camping trips. I would help you pick freeze dried meals out of camping catalogues and preparing all of our camping equipment before we headed out to the Gila in the brown oldsmobile. I remember singing songs and car-dancing to 80’s songs such as “Axel F” and “The Heat is On” on the long drive to New Mexico. The city of Rocks, The cave dwellings, picking our campsite and planning our day hikes with topographic maps, building campfires and cooking our meals. Me spilling every meal on myself and you melting your boots after leaving them to dry by the campfire. You would read us campfire tales with lantern light before we went to sleep. I don’t remember specifics but there was something about a mule that ate the main character’s false teeth. I remember sitting on the side of a mountain and watching a huge rainstorm fall in sheets and you explaining to Heath and I that this was not scary, this was beautiful and amazing. I remember being cornered by a cow in a box canyon and telling everyone I could about my adventure afterwards. Even though we were in the middle of nowhere and several day’s hike from civilization, you felt no fear, so neither did I. -Grady

34: We went to Nantucket together for one of your medical conferences and made it a special father-son trip. You rented us some mountain bikes. They were green diamondbacks with an aluminum frame. During your meetings you allowed me to explore the island on my own. It gave a great sense of independence. After your meetings we would ride together. We covered the whole island from top to bottom. We played miniature golf, went to the whaling museum, attempted to swim off of a rocky beach. It was a great father-son time. The next Christmas, I asked for a mountain bike due to my experience on that trip. “Santa” brought me a green Diamandback with an aluminum frame! -Grady

35: I love Poppie pushing me on the swing set. Poppie pushes me high. I like to swing. Poppie pushes me higher higher higher higher. I’ve got a hammer. -Evan

36: As long as I can remember I would sit on the floor by your computer and you would ask me how I spent my allowance the last month. It was very serious and I took it very seriously. I tried so hard to keep a notebook and keep everything organized. It was all broken into what seemed like a million categories but I always just said everything was in the unallocated category. I don’t know that I even knew what unallocated meant! After we went through everything you would hand me my allowance for the next month. You really taught me the value of money and I feel lucky that I never felt entitled to anything. I was so proud when I saved up enough money to buy the Camry from youSo proud when I saved up enough money to buy everyone presents for Christmas my freshman year in collegeSo proud that I was able to get through college without credit card payments like all of my friends.

37: Now when I make Robert sit down at the end of each month and we go over all of the categories of our spending I think of you and how patient you were to teach me about money from such a young age. My unallocated category still seems to get a little too much action, but hey I can’t be perfect! -Dori

38: Poppie always cheers us on. I like my adventures with Poppie. -Lizzy | My favorite thing of all is when he takes us horseback riding. Especially when we get to feed the horses. Audrey

39: Graham and Evan A conversation about what the boys like about Poppie: G- “I like going to Poppie’s house to see the cows. Poppie takes us to feed them.” E- “No me like feeding the cows.” G-“ I don’t like feeding the cows either. But I like driving in the cart.” E- “No me like feeding the cows. They be big, and they lick me. I drive Poppie’s cart by mineself.” G- “Mom, Evan just said he drives the cart at Poppie’s house by himself.” E-“I drive Poppie’s cart fast, fast, fast. I drive it Every. Day.” G-“Mom” And the conversation deteriorated from there.

40: I have lots of memories of you with our babies. You'd hold them in one hand. You hosed down their bottoms. When they were fussy in the night, you would hold them on your tummy in the bed and rhythmically pat them till they calmed down and went to sleep. You gave them baths and then when they were a little older, into the shower with you they went. You would hand them out to me to dry and pajama. I remember you patiently feeding Heath babyfood - bananas, meat, bananas, meat, patting Grady's back and him patting yours, and bike rides with Dori and the bad dogs. When they were a little bigger you would toss them in the air making me crazy but they would laugh and think it was wonderful. "Rassling", Tickle attacks and Daddy Tax were part of the deal. In the many ways that I could be too protecting, you knew just how far to let them loose. For a Dad that was very busy, you were very hands on. You were at soccer games, band events, music recitals, gym meets and all the other big events of your children. You are a good Daddy. -Pam

42: Over Christmas one year, Poppie and I crossed paths on the staircase. He stopped and looked at me, and he said, “You know, I love you like a daughter.” I am sure I replied with something about how I loved him, too, but I don’t think it really conveyed what it truly meant to hear those words. In his actions and in his words, he has always shown me that he loved me like one of his own, but hearing the words all but took my breath away. I am so blessed to not only have gotten a great husband out of the deal, but another father, too. -Michele

43: We love serving him food and drinks, delivering milk bottles, and playing doctor. We love playing trains with him and learning how to play other games. -Audrey and LIzzy

44: I was teaching a piano lesson one afternoon and, all at once, Paul, three years old, peeked around the corner, grinning broadly. I could see that he had put lipstick on his lips. Even funnier was a moment later when George and Phoebe, the beagles, entered the room; and, they both also had lipstick all around their mouths. What a sight! My student and I laughed so hard that the piano lesson was effectively over. Mutti

45: Paul is the most diligent and hard working person I know. I modeled the successful part of myself using him as a guide(less a few things). I attribute many of my successes to what I learned watching, trying to be like and competing with him. Joe

48: I’m grateful that you loved me through all my awkward anti-dad phases, first I didn’t want to “stay with HEEEM,” then I wouldn’t let you hug me, then I would wipe off your kisses, then I would bite you when you tried to kiss me, then I would stand as still as a log when you hugged me, then I turned into an angry screaming teenager. Your love stayed constant through all the trials I put you through. I’m so lucky to have such a good dad. -Dori

49: – I remember going camping with Dad in the Gila Wilderness area. It was such an awe inspiring journey for a young boy. Going out in the wilderness and surviving for a week without seeing anyone else. Climbing mountains, sleeping in tents, seeing God’s majesty, wading through creeks. It was heaven on earth and I relive it each time I have an outdoor adventure in my adult life. The gift of these early camping experiences struck a chord that continues to resonate in my life. -Heath

50: Uniquely Paul -Needs little sleep - snores loudly - Routine stretching and exercise - Loves breakfast with all the coffee making/blender noise possible - Needs kids to update wardrobe/hair - Has to have a study and spends lots of time there - Loves games - Has to have snack stuff - Loves to read, listen to books on tape, kindle - Golf, golf, golf - Likes to work around on the ranch - Enjoys all kinds of food - An Agenda, Calendar, To Do List, Pros and Cons lists - Loves his cows and our pets (especially Abe) - Is a fixer - don't share a problem unless you want to know what to do about it! - Likes to plan and organize trips, taking everyone’s wishes into consideration - Likes music with a beat - Loves gadgets - Likes being organized, in charge - and can really delegate - Likes to travel, especially with all kids. Love Pam

52: What I miss the most though is the occasional face full of armpit hair and the loud "pop" on the chest from front and back, sort of an intense Heimlich maneuver coupled with the intensity of a high voltage heart defibrillator. Yes I learned to cope with stress and adversity very early in life. Joe

53: We remember when we would spend the night at Poppie’s house. We would go to the creek, have picnics, and go swimming in the swimming pool. We always liked it when he would swim laps with us. Audrey and Lizzy

54: We were amazed at Paul’s memory on one occasion when he was in the third grade at Harrison Elementary School in New Orleans. He was the designated announcer for a school program and stood out on the apron of the stage, as he announced the names, in order, of each of the thirty children in his class, as they marched out on to the stage. His back was to them, and he could not see them. He had memorized the order of their appearance ! -Mutti

55: Paul was the best brother ever! Totally committed to doing what was right(at least in the public's eye, no one new about firing the 22 in town up at a 30 degree angle or stacking the deck during poker with his friends(oops I showed him that one.) What the heck we were kids and had to learn from our mistakes. Joe

56: Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. I have to thank Poppie for my love of a cup of coffee. He says that we have travelled the coffee journey together, but I know that I was just a lucky follower with him leading the way. I probably wouldn’t have been won over by the warm mug of caffeine by itself, but my fondest memories of beach vacations are always the hour or two of sitting on the deck with Poppie each morning, drinking coffee and eating breakfast. Sometimes we talk about the trip. Sometimes Poppie asks me questions about the real world, forgetting that they don’t show news stories on the Disney channel. Sometime we reminisce. And sometimes we just sit. And I truly believe that the smell of coffee and salty air will always remind me of those times. Unfortunately (or perhaps, not so unfortunate at all) that love of coffee has made me a coffee-snob. Double shot latte, light foam, raw sugar. Bliss. -Michele

57: I remember Dad giving me my allowance when I was in elementary school. I would have to report back to him what I had spent it on before I got my next allowance. This developed in to budgets and greater financial responsibility. Over the course of my childhood, Dad taught me many basic financial lessons. At the time I did not appreciate them, but I realize now that we was preparing me for life and with his guidance, created a secure financial foundation. -Heath

58: Paul, thank you so much for all the trips you have taken me on. It is so fun to travel with you, exploring new places, tasting new foods, smelling, feeling, laughing. It never occurred to me that I would get to visit all those places. Thank you, thank you. Love pam -Beach trips filled with kids eating sand, you flying your kite, suntan lotion and shrimp. - Ski trips trying to carry all the little kids things, and sking with the kids between your legs. I forgive you for making me go down some black diamonds - Camping trips, with strange foods, Becky and the donkeys sighing. - Medical meeting trips - Trips all over the US including Hawaii and Alaska, to Mexico with the Crosslands, Cabo, the Virgin Isl, the Caymens, Cancun and Cozumel, Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, The British Isles and New Zealand. Where else did I forget? What fun!

59: One evening after dinner at the ranch, Poppie said he needed to head back to the office for a surgery. I think I asked what kind of surgery was he performing and he very casually said, " You want to come watch?" It was really awesome getting to see how the patient interacted with him. He let me get as close as I was comfortable with and it was really amazing to see it up close. Very cool experience Poppie! -Sharon

62: I remember the first time I visited the ranch. Grady and I had only been dating for a few weeks, and he was so excited to show me the land at his parents’ house. We had taken a walk down to the creek earlier in the afternoon, and we were back eating dinner, talking about our evening plans. Grady explained (to me and his parents) that we were going to go to the rocky part of the land where he used to camp with his buddies around sunset and then cook s’mores and sit by a fire. Poppie looked up from his dinner and said, with a straight face and a twinkle in his eye, “Really.” And then he laughed like the guy from “The Shakiest Gun in the West.” I was mortified. And it makes me laugh everytime I think of it. -Michele

63: I remember growing up finding it really interesting that every time I was struggling with something in life, a book with a title about that would show up on Dad’s nightstand. -Heath

64: We went out for dinner at Cheeve’s for a celebration of my graduation from highschool. We were sitting in the very middle of what I thought of as a very fancy restaurant and Mom was finishing off a bottle of wine and was shaking the bottle to get the last drop out. You made some remark that she had a powerful thirst and then grabbed the bottle put it up to your lips, leaned your chair way back and started making these really loud gulping noises. I was so embarrassed but it was so darn funny. I still crack up when I think of the look on my boyfriends face when he saw that happen. I’m cracking up now just remembering it! -Dori

65: I keep thinking about all of the funny memories of Poppie, but when it comes down to it, I can’t quite get past the picture in my head of Evan snuggled in bed with him early one morning during their last visit. You see, according to the laws Graham set forth a few years ago, “Marmie is for me, and Poppie is for Evan.” Apparently Evan has taken that to heart. For Poppie is the first one he looks for during a visit. The one he asks to read him the same book over, and over, and over, and over. The one to push him on the swings. He isn’t afraid to pounce on Poppie during his stretches. And Poppie is the one Evan wants to snuggle with before anyone else is awake in the morning. Poppie is truly one of Evan’s heroes. -Michele

66: Paul came to visit us in Alaska one summer. Almost every day he wore this sweater from New Zealand which I really liked. I complimented him on the sweater at least 2 or 3 times. He very subtly asked me what size I wore and sure enough not two weeks after he returned home, that very sweater, in my size and my favorite color arrived at my house without me even asking. He is always very thoughtful and giving. -Robert

69: Harrison Garrison Bomblety Bee, Cornelius Aurelius Rover Magee, Daniel Nathaniel Hooligan Flea, Horrowitz Hungtington Climbing a Tree, Snooperofleraty Jumpikerplop, Harrington Errington, Thadius Hop, Hoppity Hopperty Archibald Bane, The Dog with the Longest Name... IN THE WORLD.... the dog with the longest name.

70: When Paul was around a year old, he began climbing out of his bed at night, climbing into the rocking chair and rocking himself to sleep. I always rocked him for awhile before laying him down. However, he obviously wanted more rocking. I didn’t want to rock him to sleep, because of Dr. Spock’s advice not to do so. But, I became worried that he would suffer a fall during his night climbing, so I began just sitting him in the rocking chair, after I had rocked and sung to him, with a pillow behind him, and giving him his “Kitty” and his “Bo” (his little pillow) to cuddle. Then we would leave the room and listen to the rocking sound as he would literally rock himself to sleep. How dear and how cute was that? -Mutti

71: Used to cruise to his mansion on my Enduro motorcycle in my rags and my long hair. I was not sure if he approved but so what, I enjoyed it. He never turned me away! -Joe

72: Trips with Poppie are always a lot of fun. I remember when Audrey was young, us all going to California with him. He was driving us around in a mini van through the hills of San Francisco, catching some air. I was in the back giddy, laughing, and singing the Rice A Roni song. Poppie played tour guide and took us to Napa Valley. It was so nice grabbing some crackers and cheese at a little side store and making our way through the wineries and enjoying the company and scenery. I have lots of fun memories of that trip. -Sharon

74: My first sight of you was when you came up the stairs into the lecture hall. You were grinning like you knew me and that, besides the fact, that you were very handsome, threw me off balance. Then you slide into the chair beside me and start talking about how I could only afford shoes with holes in them (part of the shoes decoration- very lame pick up line). You appeared to be very full of yourself and you were trying to be so "suave". I must again admit that you were very handsome. I wasn't looking for a husband, not even for a date. I was actually looking for a study partner. If I had sat with him, would I have made a good grade in Chordate Anatomy? Would I have ended up married to you? Silly question, we were meant to be. -Pam

76: I used to love when you would be doing your stretches and I would come up and you would flip me over your head with you feet. I thought it was the coolest thing and we would surely be in the circus one day. You must have flipped me 25 times in a row. You would just keep going. So patient and so happy to spend time with me. -Dori | We love going to the children’s museum -Audrey and Lizzy

77: I remember you being very proud of and confident in me, and how that made me feel invincible. Whether it was my pizza hut soccer team or pinning on my wings, you praised my achievements with equal enthusiasm. After great successes, you would remind me of life's valleys, and after great failures, you would encourage me to remember life's peaks. When I would get full of myself you wouldn't try to knock me down a peg, but you would tell me stories of great men who suffered due to egotism. When I would get down in the dumps, you would tell me about qualities that I shared with great men. You honestly believed that I could be an astronaut, a General, a Sheriff, The President of the United States, and though I am none of those things, you are proud anyway. Grady

80: We had the perfect father daughter weekend. You came down to Corpus to help me find a good apartment. We looked at millions of apartments and condos, swam laps, and ate good seafood. The best part was when we woke up early on Saturday, got on our bikes and went for a ride along ocean drive till we got to My Favorite Muffin. We sat there and talked and laughed and you told me I was your favorite muffin. -Dori

81: I remember Dad coaching my soccer team and I think for like 3 seasons strait we never won a game. Then one game the other team didn’t show up and forfeited so we won by default. We all celebrated with Pizza. -Heath

83: “When I was young, I had many dreams. My dear brother had the unenviable task of giving me bad news about one of those dreams. I remember it like it was yesterday. I wanted to be a pilot. Paul called and got on the phone with me and with great trepidation gave me the news: “your eye sight will never allow you to be a pilot in the Air Force.” Oomf! Just reaching my 10 years of age and already I could not be what I always wanted to be! As most young and ignorant people do, I felt like my life was over; my dreams would never materialize! I hated the messenger! After years of going to school, being compared to the unattainable standards Paul set I saw no other way to feel. I made a decision after that: “No one will EVER dictate what I can and can’t be!” This theme ran hard through my mind and still does to this day! As I grew older and became a professional, I began to realize the wonderful gift my dear brother Paul had given me: The gift of honest feedback delivered with love. Now, I seek this feedback out! It turns out that taking critical feedback is a something we all must learn so that we grow into the fullness of what it is we are to become. It is not up to me to decide to be a pilot. I must make my way as best I can and grab all I can while I can, be good to those people I come in contact with and work for the sake of all mankind. Thank you, Paul for having the courage to deliver a child too young to understand, his most important lesson of all. I love you!” -Erik

85: Not only is Paul Dieckert a very wise man, he is also very organized and efficient and possibly a psychic. I didn't even know when I was going to ask Dori to marry me but I knew that I had to gain permission from her father first. So, one long weekend I went up to Belton and told Paul I need to talk to him about something. It seemed as though even before I got around to asking him permission, a mysterious envelope materialized. The contents of which were instructions on how to be a good husband and man. I'm sure they didn't teach him in medical school how to know when boys were going to propose to his daughter, but he somehow knew. That was the moment I knew that he will always be way better than me at everything! -Robert

86: On a fishing trip near Freeport, I suppose he was about 11. I made a great cast with a fishing lure through his shoulder. OOPS! That was the end of the trip as he had to go to the emergency room. Joe | I like playing chess with Poppie. I would always be the brown chess pieces. Even though Poppie won a lot, I still liked it. My favorite part was that he taught me how to play and would spend the time with me. -Audrey

87: When I was 16 I took money out of my savings account to buy a new CD player for my car. When I got home Dad asked me about it, how much it cost, etc and embarrassed by how much money I had spent and not wanting to displease him I fibbed and said it cost $100 instead of the $299 it really cost. Little did I know Dad had monitoring on my savings account and knew exactly how much I had taken out. He caught me in a bald faced lie and reprimanded me with the worst thing he could have said. “Son I’m disappointed in you” To this day, if I ever start to tell a fib, I think of that day. Heath

90: One cold, winter night in Bryan, Texas, I wandered through the house on Lenert Circle, looking for Paul, since he was not in his bed. It was about 3:00 a.m. I found an extra little body in the dog bed where our two beagles slept together. Little three-year old Paul was buck-naked, except for wearing a pair of my panty-hose, and curled up with his Beagle pals, George and Phoebe. He later said that he took off his pajamas to be like the dogs, because they didn’t have any pajamas on. However, when his legs got cold, he took my panty hose that were drying in the bathroom and put them on. That was quite a sight – seeing our little precious boy asleep and comfy, all curled up with his doggies. If only I had taken a photo ! -Mutti

91: I love my brother Paul!!!!!! He is the best big brothers ever. I wish we could throw some more rocks off of the Domiguez Peak at the big bend or water some more golf course fairways at night. I miss that. Joe

95: Paul is a very wise man and he likes to impart his wisdom to his children and his children's spouses. I, being one of his children's spouses had the opportunity to receive some of this wisdom when I found myself annoying Dori beyond belief in front of his wiseness. He said to me, "Robert (you know the way he says things... really enunciating the T in my name), I've got some advice for you. When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging." I thought that was good advice, even though I choose not to follow it most of the time. So imagine my joy when I found the king of knowledge annoying his wife beyond belief. I was able to share with him a little tidbit that a very wise man shared with me. And I said to him, "Paul, what are supposed to do when you find yourself in a hole?" -Robert

99: Happy 60th Birthday to the man who made us into the happy, healthy, successful adults that we are today, even though we pushed the boundaries almost every step of the way! We love you so much! Love, Dori, Grady and Heath

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