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FC: GABBY | Memories!!! | High School

1: This is me on my last birthday :P | My older brother put frosting on my nose.

2: This was right after school I was tired. My friends was taking pictures of everyone and I was feeling extra sleeping that day! | WHO AM I!!?? I AM....

3: Who am I? I am a seventeen year old girl trying to get thru a scary place called High School and walk into a place worst than High school, Real Life. Worst that describe me would be honest, lazy, irresponsible, but very determined. A bit hard headed at times. I don’t like who I am right now, because I’m one of the biggest procrastinators I’ve known. And I want to change that so thing wont be hard for me in the future. One thing that I like about myself is that I learn from my mistakes and try to do better for next time instead of keep regretting what I’ve done, I just move one and hope for the best. I am a person that loves sleeping, I don’t know why but I’m always tired. I must of got from my dad since he also like sleeping. I’m up when I shouldn’t and I sleep when I’m shouldn’t. Well I believe we all have a weakness and this would be one of mines.

4: This is my lovely family we fight but i love them! :) | The date when the picture was taken as a very important date and a fun day! | THREE


6: 3 WISHES..... | If I had three wishes, I wouldn’t know what to ask for at first. But my first wish would be for my family (my parents and brothers) to be in good health and in life. I love my family and they are the only one I have so I wish them the best. My second wish would for me to be able to become a doctor, which is what I’ve been wanting to be since I was small. There has always been people trying to discourage me from becoming a doctor but I know I do n I will. I want to be able to help people and save them in everything I can. There are so many people in this world in need of help, but instead of just feeling bad for them I want to be able to do something for them I want to help as many as I can and make a difference in this world for once. My thirds wish would be for happiness for both my family and I to be happy, and live life to the fullest with not regrets of what we’ve done.

7: My interests would be biology or anything that explain how things are made. Since my career choice is in the medical field, anything that has to do with the human body interest me. I like reading book about new diseases or new research being done. Lastly my other interest would be books, but I especially like fiction ones. I read to distract me and to calm down, book with the have a sequel are the best because the story continues and I like that. | INTERESTS

8: Well since I cant got out everyday I stay home and take care of my little brother, and do some housework while I home also. I also love spending time with my parents, I know a lot of teenager nowadays don’t but I do. I also watch tv, I like to watch Family Guy and House. | FAVORITE THINGS TO-DO | My favorite things to do are spending time with the people I care about, which are my family and friends. I go out with friends from time to time, I can’t everyday because I myself don’t work and I need money to go out.

9: I don’t have many hobbies, but my favorite one is going online and playing online games. I like to play strategic online games, this takes my mind of things. I’m obsessed with this one online game online I play, I used to spend hours on the computer but I’ve gotten control of, I still play it. | HOBBIES

10: This three are the only people I trust besides my family, I know I can always talk to them. They’ve always been there for me, and they have seen me at my worst and at my best. And they have stuck with me thru it! I have fun with them and they cheer me up when I’m down, and they help distract me. We fight we argue but in the end we end up forgiving each other. The top right picture was The Day of Silence in school, my junior year. The middle one was a at the mall. The last one to the left was when we went to go see a movie at the mall. The time I’ve spend with them were fun and I’ll never forget them. | MY FRIENDS!

11: People that I won’t forget are my English and Math teachers; they’ve had such big influence on me. Without them my years in High School would have been hard to get thru, they’ve helped me when I asked for help and when I didn’t understand something. I thank them for having the patience to teach me. They’ve helped me get thru High School and taught me well; therefore I’m grateful towards them for all that they have done. And they have also made this four years fun, especially Mr. Duncan, even though he’s very sarcastic he’s made me laugh. Mrs. Brey was also a funny English teacher, in my freshman year. Mr. G, my math teacher for two years. Mrs. Antoniou my Algebra teacher. Mrs. Khul my favorite Math teacher. Mrs. Brey, freshman year English. Mr. Duncan my sophomore teacher. Mr. Perez my current English 4 teacher. | PEOPLE I WON'T FORGET ABOUT

12: GREATEST ACCOMPLISHEMENTS | My best accomplishments are getting good grades throughout my years in high school. It took a lot of responsibility and time in my part but I did it, nothing is impossible when you have your mind set in something. This grade made me family proud of me, and my parents bought me stuff so that I could keep up the good work. My brother didn’t get the best grades so I had to pull up for him. I believe the hardest part was keeping them up, because one slip and my GPA would of come crashing down. It easy to lose something you’ve put in so much time and dedication, that’s why I kept trying to keep them up. | 3.0 GPA | RESPONSIBILITY!!

13: Other ones would be me learning how to ice skate. I’m a bit clumsy sp it was hard to learn but my friends where very patient and helped me learn. I fell quite a couple of times and had some bruises at the end of the day but I manage. I only went four time to an ice skating ring with my friends and all those four time where more than enough for me to learn how to skate. Now I’m trying to play hockey, it’s a very aggressive sport but its fun and its also a good work out. My goal for this upcoming winter is to learn how to play hockey, so I’ll be able to beat my friends at it! I’m very competitive when it comes to sports, me at least.I don’t know about my friends. | Another accomplishment for me is joining the soccer team and scoring goals!

14: After I’m done with my two years in college I’m planning a trip around the most famous place in history. I want to visit France, Italy, London, Spain, and other great historic places. I want to see the Eiffel Tower or Rome coliseum. Learn about the fall of Rome, and why are this place so famous for and learn some of their traditions, taste their food. See different places explore what I can and enjoy myself while I’m there. I also want to learn their language to be able to communication with anyone when I need to. I either go as a trip or I go to study there, because the career I want to major in is quite expensive in the US so other countries are in my mind. Which ever is a better option for I might be going to, all I know is that I’m going to go visit those places. | WHERE I'LL BE LEAVING TO.... & FIELD TRIP!

15: I haven’t gone to many field trip this year but one that I did go to was the Six Flags trip. It was really fun, I got over my fear of rollercoaster to ride them with my friends. I enjoyed every seconds, the best part was the rollercoaster drops from a very big height. I was terrified at fist but then it was fun and I wanted to go again. I will never forget this trip, it was so much fun and now I love rollercoaster. Someone has to ride them with me though because I'm still a bit afraid if I go by myself.

16: THE MEANING OF LIFE... | The meaning to life is what you stand for, your morals, your believes, and your way of interpreting things. What you do and their consequences, your dreams. That’s what I believe the meaning of life is because its what makes you get through everyday, its what keeps me going. If I didn’t have a goal or a dream I wouldn’t know what to live for, or know why I keep going. Everyone has morals and they should stick to them especially if they are good, and you shouldn't let others change your mind. Others depend on others to live, which they shouldn't because we know ourselves better than we know others. I don’t really believe we are because of the Almighty God but I do believe we are here for a purpose and we need to live day by day to figure it out. I believe my purpose here is to help people as much as I can and I’m not sure about it but I like helping people and I want to help them. Well there’s are a lot theories and opinion as to the meaning of life and these are mines. We make the mean of what life is, we know who we live for or continues going for.

17: My dream of becoming a doctor and helping people as much as I can is what I really look forward to and what makes me want to learn to learn more, and go out help those who need help. There are many way we can help people, and the more knowledge one has the less likely one will get fool, and of course honesty. Honesty is key here to be able to help people out, if you gain people’s trust it will help out to what you need to accomplish, and those people that trust you will be right behind you supporting you along the way.

18: FOND MEMORIES | Something that I’ll never forget is when I got my first dog, last year. My mom’s friends dog was having puppies and we decided to take one since she was giving t5hem away for free. Although we only has him for eight month I’ll never forget him, he was with us for a short period of time but our whole family loved him at first. May 5, 2010 was the saddest day of my life because that’s the day my puppies was no longer with us, my mom gave him away. I cried like there was no tomorrow, I still miss him, even though it has been awhile since she gave him away. | Some fond memories I have are all the time I’ve spent with my friends. All the adventures we had going to college visitation and all the times we’ve gotten lost getting back home. We’ve made so many nice memories and I love them to death. I’ll never forget applying to college I believe it was easy but to me it was a bit complicated, I had to find a college that would suit my family’s income and that had what I wanted to major in. I went with my mom to look at many different ones, it was exhausting. I did get to learn about financial aid and scholarships that can help you pay for the college you want to go. At the end I learned something that I could share with others, I didn’t into the college I wanted to but that makes me want to try even harder to get into the college that I want.


20: THIS IS WHO I'LL BE.... | I will be an eye specialist, someone who has majored in Biology and psychology and that has gotten her Ph.D. I will be what my parents want me to be, which is to be successful. I will accomplish every goal I have in mind, I will help those who are sick and need help I will be a doctor that help others but of course that will be right after I have my own clinics, maybe go worldwide. I will be an adventuress person, I’ll travel around the globe looking for new ways of medicine and experience new ways and share what I’ve learned also. I will be someone people look up to, I want to make a change. Bring some of the heritage we had before like politeness and respect people should have towards other. I’m not sure what kind of change but I want to change this world, and I know I wont be able to do that on my own. I will be a mother when time comes, but not a wife because I don’t see the point in marriage when two people can still live peacefully without marriage. I will be the one that makes my parent’s dream house come true. But for all of this to happen I need to burry myself with books and all sorts of knowledge.

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