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BC: The End.

FC: 21 Years : Events in History | Anna Price 7th period

1: Years 1990-2011

2: April 24th, 1990: The Hubble space telescope is launched by NASA. It gives us views of our universe we couldn't attain otherwise.

3: February 11th, 1990: Nelson Mandela, political prisoner for 21 years, is released in South Africa. He goes on to become the president there.

4: 1990: "The Simpsons" is aired for the first time. The show is still around today and is still a Fox channel favorite.

5: 1991: The Soviet Union collapses. This is after the Cold War was over.

6: 1991: Magic Johnson announces he is HIV positive. After this he retired from the Los Angeles Lakers.

7: May 14, 1991: The world's largest burrito is created. It weighs 1,126 pounds.

8: August 22, 1992: Hurricane Andrew hits South Florida. It kills sixty five people and injures many more.

9: 1992: Disney releases the animated film "Aladdin." It goes on to be a Disney classic and makes $217, 350, 219 at the box office.

10: 1992: McDonald's opens restaurant in Beijing. This is the first McD's in China.

11: 1993: There is the Waco siege in Texas. It ends violently 50 days after it begins.

12: March 29th, 1993: Movie "Unforgiven" wins Oscar for Best Picture at the Academy awards. It was produced by Clint Eastwood.

13: September 29th, 1993: An earthquake strikes India. It kills nearly 10,000 people.

14: 1994: Kurt Cobain commits suicide at 27. He leaves behind wife Courtney Love and child.

15: 1994: Michael Jackson marries Elvis's daughter, Lisa Marie. They file for divorce two years later.

16: 1994: Brazil wins the World Cup. The tournament was held in Pasadena, California.

17: 1995: AOL becomes the #1 access provider. Behind it are CompuServe and Prodigy.

18: 1995: MSN is launched online. This is Microsoft's website and it is still functional today.

19: 1995: O.J. Simpson is found not guilty in the murder trial of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. In all, 150 witnesses gave testimony during the trial years.

20: 1996: Rapper Tupac Shakur is killed. He was shot as he left a boxing match in Las Vegas.

21: 1996: JonBenet Ramsey is found beaten and strangled in the basement of her home in Colorado. She was six years old and a beauty pageant contestant.

22: 1996: Microsoft releases Internet Explorer 3.0. This was the third of many web browsers Microsoft would go on to release.

23: 1997: Scientists successfully cloned Dolly the sheep. She was cloned at the Roslin Institute in Scotland.

24: 1997: Andrew Cunanan murders Gianni Versace, a popular fashion designer. Cunanan was a serial killer who was on the run at the time.

25: 1997: The movie Titanic becomes the biggest box office hit of its time. It raked in over one billion dollars in theaters.

26: 1998:

27: 1998:

28: 1998:

29: 1999: Famous basketball player Michael Jordan announces he is retiring. He later returns to the game in 2001.

30: 1999: The movie "Blair Witch Project" hits box offices. The film grosses over 125 million even though it took only 30,000 to make.

31: 1999: Son of president Kennedy, John F. Kennedy, Jr., dies in a plane crash. His wife and sister in law died in the crash with him.

32: 2000: George W. Bush is elected United States president. This is the closest election the US has seen.

33: 2000: The very final "Peanuts" comic strip is published. This followed the death of its creator, Charles M. Schulz.

34: 2000: Bill Clinton becomes the first sitting president to visit Vietnam. Clinton was the 42nd president of the USA and was out of office at the time.

35: 2001: The world's first self-contained artificial heart is implanted in Robert Tools. He survived 151 days with it before his passing.

36: 2001: Almost 3000 are killed in the 9/11 attacks. A plane was hijacked by terrorists and crashed into the World Trade Center's Twin Towers.

37: 2001: USA president Bush signs the Patriot Act into law. The Act is a ten letter acronym that stands for "Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001."

38: 2002: Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl is kidnapped in Pakistan. He is falsely accused of being a CIA agent and was taken.

39: 2002: Former USA president Jimmy Carter goes to Cuba to visit Fidel Castro. He is the first US prez to visit the island since Castro's 1959 revolution.

40: 2002: An object collides with Earth over the Mediterranean Sea and detonates in mid air. This is dubbed the "Eastern Mediterranean Event."

41: 2003: The fifth book in the Harry Potter series, the Order of the Phoenix, is released. Five million copies were sold during the first day.

42: 2003: Hurricane Isabel swept across the eastern coast of the USA. It wet from Virginia to New Jersey with winds over 100 miles per hour.

43: 2003: Wildfires hit southern California, killing 22 and burning almost 3000 homes. It spread across an area of 1130 square miles.

44: 2004: Keisha Castle-Hughes became the youngest girl chosen as a finalist for an Academy Award for best actress. She was 13 at the time.

45: 2004: The 9/11 hearings begin--a panel was formed to investigate whether the attacks could have been avoided. The panel contained 90 people: 5 democrats, 5 republicans, and 80 full-time staff members.

46: 2004: Mount Saint Helens threatened to erupt in Washington state. The last big eruption it had was back in 1980.

47: 2005: Leaders of the Roman Catholic Church chose a new pope. Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger of Germany was their pick.

48: 2005: Iraq's former leader Saddam Hussein went on trial for killing innocent people. He shouted at the judge and claimed to have been mistreated.

49: 2005: Lance Armstrong won his seventh Tour de France. He retired soon after, holding the title of most Tours won.

50: 2006: Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf was sworn in as Liberia's president. She was the first woman to be elected president of an African country.

51: 2006: Astronomers set new rules for what constitutes a planet. Pluto was then demoted to "dwarf planet."

52: 2006: America's population hit a historic high on October 7th. The Census Bureau reported that that was when the country's population hit 300 million.

53: 2007: Apple Inc.'s Steve Jobs announces the arrival of the iPhone. Newer versions of it will be released soon after.

54: 2007: The Doomsday Clock is set to five minutes to midnight in response to North Korean nuclear testing. This happened on January 17th.

55: 2007: The Dalai Lama receives the United States Congressional Gold Medal. It was a great honor that pleased the whole of TIbet very much.

56: 2008: The price of petroleum hits $100 dollars a barrel for the first time. This spike in gas prices continues on into 2011.

57: 2008: Barrack Obama runs for presidency. He becomes the first black president of the United States of America.

58: 2008: The first commercial rocket is made. The Falcon 1 was launched from Omelek Island.

59: 2009: A plane lands on the Hudson River with 155 people on board. Chesley B. Sullenberger, the pilot, landed with everyone alive and intact. The people were rescued as the plane sank.

60: 2009: Pirates take captives and raid ships off the coast of Somalia. Navy snipers kill 3 pirates and save a hostage captain during one event.

61: 2009: Pop icon Michael Jackson dies at 50 after cardiac arrest. A team of physicians tried to resusetate him for more than a hour before they pronounced his death.

62: 2010: Wikileaks makes several government documents public. The website has since been criticized for jeopardizing global security.

63: 2010: A 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Haiti causes 13.2 billion dollars in damage. Thousands are left homeless, injured, and dead.

64: 2010: The BP oil spill happens in the Gulf of Mexico. An estimated 11 million gallons of crude oil were released into the ocean, killing millions of marine animals and polluting the waters around the southern US coastline.

65: 2011: The Egyptian Revolution happened in February. Protesters wanted to drive their corrupt leader out of office, an won the fight.

66: 2011: An earthquake and tsunami happen in Japan. This causes several nuclear reactors to shut down and leak poisonous radiation into the air and water.

67: 2011: Osama Bin Laden is killed. Bin Laden is the Al Qaeda leader responsible for the 9/11 attacks.

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