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S: College: Freshman Year 2010-2011

FC: Freshman Year 2010-2011 at Utah State University in Logan, UT | Linsey Terissa Haas

1: Freshman Year | AGE: 18-19 years old HEIGHT: 5 ft. 4 in. WEIGHT: varied from 118-130 lbs. (freshman 15 baby!) ACTIVITIES: Intramural outdoor/ indoor soccer, flag football, indoor volleyball, Ward Choir, Institute Choir SPECIAL EVENTS: learned so many things living on my own, First Kiss!, True Aggie, four-wheeling accident, first relationship, adoption court date: trip to Ethiopia in 06/11 | SUMMARY My freshman year of college at Utah State University was a blast. I learned so many things living with out the constant reliance on my mom and dad, yet I called them a lot! I missed my family, but really enjoyed the college life! The first couple weeks of school, I got my first kiss from Tanner Bodily who I had known before (met him at OYA). Yay! Finally! At the beginning of school, I really liked hangin out with my roommates especially Courtney and Keasha. I did a lot of fun things through out the school year: football and baskeball games, dates, dances, the HOWL, Intramurals, Choir, skiing at Beaver Mtn, and a lot more. By 2nd semester, I got tired of my roommates, so we didn't hang out. I spent my time with Jordan a lot. My first relationship! haha My good friends were Jocelyn, Jordan, Kelli, and Will. The work load for school was pretty good 1st semester, but it got harder 2nd semester. Freshman year was super fun, with also many lessons learned.

2: Roommates Wasatch 202 | Lani, Jade, Paige, Keasha, me, and Courtney

3: Roomies!! Me and Courtney

4: Wasatch 202 | family area | kitchen | First day of COLLEGE!! I'm a little excited! haha Keasha, me, and Jade

5: Connections Class before school started: Cara, Eden, Jocelyn Rachel, Kenzie, me, and ? | I met Tanner Bodily (senior in HS) my Junior year of HS at OYA in Idaho. We kept in contact since then. When he found out I was going to USU, he came down to visit me for a couple weekends at the very beginning of school. Tanner was my first kiss:) | walk around Logan Temple Tanner, me, Matt, Jocelyn (OYA reunion)

6: Bear Lake on Labor Day! | Dallin, Keasha, Justin, Will, Kyle, Alan, Jami, Kenzie, me, Courtney, Jocelyn, Braden | Keash | Court

7: Famous Raspberry shakes | photo shoot

8: First Football Game!! | Game Face | me, Keasha, Courtney, Jocelyn

9: Go Aggies | USU | Roomies Lani, Jade, Keasha, me, Courtney | me, Courtney, ?, Braden, Alan, Dallin | Courtney, me, Keasha, Jocelyn, Braden, Dallin, Will, Alan

10: Walk through campus Keasha, Jade, Jocelyn, me Courtney,Will, Braden, Dallin | On the A!!! Dallin, Braden, Will | We're in College! | Wasatchers tiedying shirts Will, me, Danny, Jocelyn, Dallin, Keasha, Justin, Jade, Bre, Paige

11: Eating at the Garlicks (family friends of Kelli) me, Kelli, Jocelyn | Ice Skating Institute Activity me, Alan, Jocelyn, Will

12: 80's Dance on the Quad | Dallin, Jocelyn, Courtney, Braden, Jade, Will, Keasha, me | Jade, me, Keasha, Courtney, Jocelyn | We love William!

13: hangin out with cousin Tyler | Cousins! me, Alison, Jocelyn, Tyler | Tyler, Tyler, Jocelyn, Keenan, me, Bryant | I love Tyler!!! | Tyler's roommates

14: Walk to the park with my roomies | Courtney and Keasha

15: 4 wheelin with Dad by Bear Lake!! | Dad came to visit us | Jocelyn rolled the four wheeler with me on the back! When I went to jump off, it landed on my right foot. I ended up having a fractured middle toe and bruised cartilage. I was on crutches and a boot for 3 months!

16: BYU vs. USU football game!! | Steele (LDS Business), John-Michael (BYU Provo), and Brad (BYU Idaho) came up for the game. Go USU!!! haha It was so good to see friends from Texas. | USU won!!! | me and Kenzie from Connections | Storming the field after we won! I didn't cause of my injured foot.

17: Happy Birthday Keasha! We kidnapped her and took her to IHOP. Will, Kyle, Jade, Justin, Jocelyn, me, Courtney, Keasha, Paige, Danny, Kenzie, Jami, Alan | me, Courtney, Jade, Keasha, Paige | Star gazing in Danny's truck bed Keasha, Will, Jocelyn, Danny, me | sleeping in Danny's truck bed!! Keasha and me | Pumpkin Patch Justin, Danny, me, Jake, Courtney, Jade, Jocelyn, Will, Keasha, Paige | October

18: First College Date!!!! | ate at Golden Corral and watched a movie at Danny's cousin's house | Danny, me, Will, Jocelyn | Cave and campfire in Green Canyon Zach, Ryan, Jordan, Courtney, me, Keasha, Jessica

19: Arie's Halloween Party | Cousins! Nana made us PJ's | We love visiting Aunt Carrie, Uncle Dave, Arie, Nana, and Papa. They live about an hour away from us | Same phone cases! haha We love Nana! She did so much for us this year! | me and Jocelyn helping Aunt Carrie with Arie's party

20: Homecoming Dance and True Aggie Night!! | Justin, Braden, Dallin, Will, Jake, Zach, Ryan, Alan, Jordan, Curtis, Jordan, Paige, Jocelyn, Ashley, Keasha, Courtney, me, Elise, Jade, Lani | Roomies | A bunch of us from Wasatch went as a big group to the Homecoming Dance. It was fun. The best part of the whole night though was that Jordan Wilson asked me to be True Aggies with him. AND I said yes!

21: Wasatch Date night!!! Girls ask Guys! | Lamar, Lani, Zach, Keasha, Jordan, me, Will, Jocelyn, John, Sydney, Jordan, Jami, Kyle, Kenzie, Ryan, Elise, Curtis, Dani, Jordan, Celsie, Jake, Paige, Dallin, Courtney, Heather, Alan, Danny, Jade | Keasha and I planned the Wasatch-girls-ask-guys-date! It was so much fun! I asked Jordan! We all made homemade pizza, ate it out in the hallway of our apartements on blankets, went to a Corn Maze, and watched a movie. It was a really fun night! | Jordan and me

22: The HOWL!! | Wasatchers and friends going to the HOWL! | Convict-Jail Freak-Zombies!! | We teased our hair! It took forever to untangle it! | me, Courtney, Jocelyn | Happy Halloween!!

23: Walk to Lundstrom Park Justin, Jocelyn, Will, Jordan, me, Zach, Keasha | Dinner with our neighbors! Jade, Courtney, Danny, Alan, me, Paige, Keasha, and Kenny and Kendale ate with us too | Hangin out! Jordan, Will, Zach, Jocelyn, Keasha, and I did a lot of stuff together | Friends

24: A little bit of this... | Apart of the Institute Choir. We practiced once a week and traveled down to Provo to sing at the CES Fireside with Elder Ballard as the speaker Danny, Jami, Kenzie, me, Jocelyn, Will, Zach | Will and his SHORT shorts | Twin Date!! We went to Subway between classes Kendale, me, Kenny, Jocelyn | Wasatch Girls' Night! No boys! Sarah, Ashley, Shelbi, Jocelyn, Jami, Sydney, Paige, me, Jade, Tabetha, Courtney, Dani, Keasha

25: and a little bit of that | Sports | football game in the rain! tied each others strings real tight! me and Jordan | Jordan, me, Zach, Keasha, Will, and Jocelyn drove down to Provo together to see the USU vs. BYU basketball game at BYU. (BYU won) It was a really close game. | Intramural Sports! Through out freshman year, I played flag football, indoor and outdoor soccer, and volleyball. Although, because I fractured my foot four wheeling, I did not play on this indoor soccer team and it's the only intramural pic we took. I cheered loud though from the side! Alan, Macey, Kelli, Keasha, Zach, Danny, Will, Jocelyn, Anna

26: Home for Thanksgiving at last! | I was so excited to get home and see my family! I missed them so much. The women cooking thanksgiving dinner! | who will get to Jocelyn and Linsey first... (tessa did!) | I LOVE MY MOM

27: Lovejoy High School football playoff game | Friends from high school! Andrew, me, Duncan, Christina, Jocelyn, John-Michael | Soccer reunion at the game! yay! Kelsie, Kim, me, Connor, Morgan, Holly, Jocelyn, Ashtyn, Shaylyn, Caroline, Toni | College girls coming back! Taylor, me, Tori, Jocelyn | I'm grateful for my family

28: Christmas time | Dates | Pie Night at the Garlicks Jordan, me, Kelli, Tanner, Jocelyn, Will | Ice skating, games, pizza, and a movie Jocelyn, Will, Zach, Keasha, Jami, Danny, me, Jordan

29: at school | first snow of the season! Keasha, Courtney, me | roommate gift exchange I gave to Lani, Keasha gave to me. | Frosty th Snowman Zach, me, Will, Jocelyn

30: Christmas time | Renae, Tessa, Dad, me, Jocelyn, Koda, Weston, Garrett, mom, Kayleigh | Going home with Mr. Bo-Jangles (roommate bear) and Mumble (from Jordan) | I love my family!

31: at home | Happy Birthday to me and Jocelyn! We played games, celebrated New Year's 2011, and had a sleepover with the girls! Spencer, Josh, Christina, Brian, Tessa, Jocelyn, Maddy, Duncan, me, John-Michael, Brad | Footie Sleepover! Maddy, me, Morgan, Christina, Jocelyn | Date with Jed and Jordan Jones Bowling and Blue Bell ice cream | Yogurtville with Andrew

32: Skiing and Boarding | Kelli, Jocelyn, me | me, Jocelyn, Kelli We made a hillarious video on the ski lift!

33: at Beaver Mtn. | Jocelyn, Kelli, me, Braden | me and Jocelyn just went together | Braden, Bri, Kelli, Zach, Jocelyn, me | Jocie Garlick died on Beaver Mtn on March 2008 at the age of 15. Jocie is the daughter of the Garlick's who are family fricnds with Kelli. We eat dinner at their house every once in awhile.

34: Kelli and Me | In the pants...together! | Lookin' Rough! We both forgot we had a temple recommend interview with the bishop. We hurried and put on something and left. I just got out of the shower and Kelli probably hadn't taken one in three days! UGLY GIRLS! haha | BEST FRIEND!

35: 1st semester Jocelyn and Kelli had bad roommates, so 2nd semester they decided to move to 2nd floor of Wasatch together, across the hall from me. It turned out I had great roommates 1st semester and was tired of them 2nd semester. I wished I lived with Kelli and Jocelyn, but I was able to see them all the time. | Yeah......were that cool! haha | USU Hockey Game Kelli, Guzy, me, Jocelyn, Gentry, Townsen Gentry later became Kelli's boyfriend!:) | We've known Kelli since we were about 12 years old. We played soccer together in Colorado. Kelli persuaded us to come to Utah State with her. She credits herself all the time:)

36: Happy Valentine's Day! | Jocelyn and William enjoyed the evening with us | I love Jordan

37: Dancing at 1st Dam | Frosties at Wendys | Dinner at Le Nonne | Present from Jordan! flower, CTR necklace, and candy | Jordan Wilson and Linsey Haas

38: Tyler and Ashley's Wedding | Uncle Pete, Shannon, Brinley, Jackie, Dani, Larae, Tyler, Ashley, Hannah, Aunt Becky | Cousins Shannon, Dani, Jocelyn, Hannah, me, Jackie, Emi | Mom and Dad came up for the wedding. It was good to see them.

39: Dad and Mom got us a CAR! It's a Hyundai Santa Fe 2009. It will be the "college car" for all the kids. | Danny's Farewell to Fort Lauderdale, Florida Will, Jocelyn, Dallin, Jordan, me, Braden, Danny, Zach, Jake, Courtney, Keasha, Kelli, Jade, Paige (I also met Jordan's family! Love them!) | Spring Break visited Will and Jordan and watched the HS Riverton soccer game

40: Sledding down Old Main Hill | Will, Dallin, Mabel, Jocelyn, Esther, me, Kelli | Skiing with Grandpa Hamilton at Sundance

41: Jordan and William | Will giving Jordan a pep talk before his test! | Jordan came to my class! He wanted to be with me:) haha | Best Buds...with twins! | Jordan and I walking to the car after an intramural game | Jocelyn and I gave William and Jordan these sweatshirts for Christmas

42: True | One Friday night, we thought it was True Aggie Night so we went to the A... but there was no one there! We were all so excited to reenact True Aggie Night from Homecoming that we went home, got the camera and took pics on the A anyway!! Just Jocelyn, Will, Jordan, and I! | "It is hereby cerified that at the stroke of midnight on the night of 10/22/10 Linsey Haas stood atop the "A" and while a full moon shone brightly down was promptly kissed by Jordan Wilson and shall be known forever more as a TRUE AGGIE and shall be entitled to all the rights and priveleges that accompany this most esteemed title." | Jordan and Linsey

43: Aggies | Happy Birthday Jordan! I took Jordan to Aggie Icecream, gave him a book of all the pictures we had taken together, went bowling, and to the Allred Concert the next day with Jocelyn and William. | Jocelyn and William

44: Friends | Cleaning the sink at Angies and Bowling Jake, Keasha, Zach, Jocelyn, Will, me, Jordan | Footie PJ Party!! Will, Courtney, me, Kendale, Lani, Jade, Jocelyn | Mud fight after our Intramural Indoor Soccer Game! Kelli, me, Jordan, Jocelyn, Will | Courtney, me, Jade, and Paige went down to Layton for a Platos Closet sale. We wolk up early and waited in line...but didn't get any clothes. There was way too many people!

45: After much effort in trying to get into the last basketball game, Rachel, me, Kelli, and Jocelyn finally got in! The things we do to get into a USU basketball game! | Kelli, me, and Jocelyn shopping with our new roommate, Maddie for next year! We're so excited! | Happy Birthday Jade! Roommates (and Esther) scavenger hunt with Jade! Jade, Courtney, Lani, Esther, Keasha, Paige, me | This was a Sunday when there was no one there because it was a holiday so the wards were combined. After sacrament meeting, Esther, me, Kelli, and Jocelyn decided we were just going to go home. On the ride back we felt so bad we were leaving church that we pulled over and had our own sunday school because we would've gotten in there late! We then went to Relief Society! Good girls feeling guilty! haha | Happy Birthday Kelli! Rachel, Mabel, Esther, me, Kelli, Jocelyn

46: Willow Park Zoo | zoo | zoo, lunch, pics on the railroad, volleyball, pizza, Aggie Ice cream, and movie | I would walk anywhere with Jordan.

47: Happy Easter! | We went down to Arie's house for Easter dinner with Nana, Papa, Aunt Carrie, and Uncle Dave. | Decorating Easter Eggs! Mabel, Will, Jocelyn, me, Esther | We went to Arie's rollerskating school activity

48: Last Week of School | Walk around the Logan temple with Jordan | Park and Picnic | Threw the frisbee and climbed a tree!

49: Bowling! | It was so fun for Jocelyn, Kelli, and I to go on a group date together... with our men! haha | me, Jordan, Jocelyn, Will, Kelli, Gentry | Notice who won! This is my highest score!

50: Hike with Jordan to the Windcaves

51: Last night to hang out before finals week. We played Nertz, went to the Hot Springs, and watched a movie. So fun! | me, Jordan, Jocelyn, Will | Jordan Wilson and Linsey Haas | Sunday best!

52: Finals Week! Ahhh! | Goin' CRAZY in the library! | Jocelyn sleeping in biology... this happened almost everyday for the both of us! | We spent HOURS in the library studying... it was ridiculous

53: Garrett's Baptism | S U M M E R | Dad, Papa, Nana, Jocelyn, me, Tessa, Grandma, Grandpa, mom, Weston, Garrett, Kayleigh, Renae | After finals week, we went to Texas to be at Garrett's Baptism.

54: William's Farewell to Resistencia, Argentina | Alan, Kelli, Jocelyn, Will, me, Jordan | Jocelyn and William

55: Visit Jordan | We walked around the Salt Lake Temple, saw the Joseph Smith movie, walked around the mall, and ate lunch | I loved spending a day with Jordan. | Jordan helping a lady cross the street. I was proud of him. What a good man! | After Salt Lake, we went to his house in South Jordan. We walked around the lake, watched a movie, and I got to talk with his family. I love his family.

56: 2nd visit to see Jordan! | We went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple and did baptisms. Jordan was a witness, confirmed me, and baptised me. It was his first time! It was such a great experience. | We then spent the day at the Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake!

57: Bye Jordan | Elder Jordan Craig Wilson Baton Rouge, Louisiana spanish speaking mission June 29, 2011 to 2013 | I couldn't make it to Jordan's farewell because I was going to Africa with my family for the court date for the adoption unexpectedly. I thought I would not see Jordan again before he left on his mission. But he ended up surprising me by being there at the airport! I was so happy I could see him one last time. | "I love you."

58: Summer with Joce! | Hike in Logan Canyon! | Me diving into the river...but not really! | Temple baptisms in the Logan Temple | Our favorite thing to do was bike to the park in the evenings, lay on our blankets, and read or write in our journals! yeah were cool!! | Jocelyn and I didn't make too many friends this summer, but we did a lot of stuff together! haha | Roomies! Davis 402

59: Weekend with Tessa!! | Tessa came to Utah for her two camps; BYU Young Ambassador camp and OYA. Before her camps, she came and spent a weekend with Jocelyn and I in Logan! | We fed the duckies at 1st Dam, went on a bike ride, and relaxed! We also spent the day at Bear Lake and ate the famous raspberry shakes, layed on the beach, and watched "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" at the Pickleville Playhouse. | We went to Angies and cleaned the sink! Jocelyn, Kelli, and I took the first timers: Kristin, Peter, and Tessa | Tessa's fans! Saw her BYU performance at the end of her camp. Grandpa, Grandma, Alison, me, Tessa, Jocelyn, Nana, Aunt Carrie, Arie

60: Lake Powell | Taylor, Michael, Ginger, Hunter, Chandler, Cherie, Clem, Parker, Julie, Rob, Jennie, Anna, Angie, me, Jocelyn | Anna invited us to Lake Powell with her family! Cherie, my mom's best friend from high school told us that her niece was at USU. We called her up (Anna) and she played intramural soccer with us. So that's how we know Anna! It was funny because we went to Lake Powell with all mom's friends: Cherie and her sisters, Julie and Jenny! | It was so good to finally hang out with the Zimmerman boys! We had seen them a couple times with our family when we would be in Utah, but it was great to actually get to know them. Connor is on his mission and Bridger and Kensey stayed home with their dad. | me, Parker, Taylor, Cherie, Chandler, Hunter, Jocelyn

61: The houseboat! We also had two boats and two jet skis! | We tried to get all of us to stand up in this canoe! It took forever, but we finally did it! We also did canoe races. (Jocelyn and I beat Anna and Angie hehe) | I'm glad I have a twin! | me and Jocelyn | The evening was the best time on the lake. It was so pretty.

62: While the men left boating....the women.... | washed their hair!! me, Jocelyn, Ginger, Angie, Anna | AND shaved!! Ginger, Angie, me, Jocelyn, Anna | our diaper vests! Perfect to float while washing your hair!! Ginger, Jocelyn, me, Angie, Anna | A little excited to be clean!! Ginger, Jocelyn, me, Angie, Anna

63: Late night skinny-dipping! Shhhh Before pic! haha Anna, Angie, Jocelyn, me | on the boat! Anna, Angie, Parker, me, Jocelyn | me, parker, jocelyn, taylor, michael | Addicted to the card game: SCUM! Jocelyn, Chandler, Angie, Clem, Parker, me, Ginger, Anna, Michael, Hunter

64: Going down the houseboat slide...stacked! | Yeah we're dumb! This hurt so bad! | Angie, Anna, me, Jocelyn | learning how to slalom on the training pole | wakeboarding... my favorite! | me and Jocelyn tubing with Parker

65: Cliff Jumping!! I'm not a big fan of cliff jumping, but I did this one for the picture. haha Taylor, Hunter, Michael, me, Jocelyn, Parker, Anna, Angie, Chandler | Posin' Jenny, Michael, Parker, Jocelyn, Hunter, me, Anna, Angie, Chandler, Taylor | ride home with the Zimmermans Parker, me, Jocelyn | We stayed with the Zimmermans when we got back to go to the midnight showing of Harry Potter 7 part 2 (last movie of the series)

66: Mountain Biking in Green Canyon | Just me, Jocelyn, and the mountains | River crossing. Sooo fun | I made it | Me crossing. Kinda scary stuff | Jocelyn

67: Splunking in Providence Cave | Ward Activity | The cave entrance Are we really going in that? | Great Summer Ward The cave was so fun. We crawled through the tiniest places.! | Bishop Red, Lauren, Caitlyn, Cameron, Jocelyn, Jonathon, Zach, me, Ashley | Jonathon, Justin, Cameron, Zach, Christian, me, Jocelyn

68: Wisdom Teeth OUT! | Kelli, Maddie, and Peter were mommy and daddy after the surgery. | Look at that FACE!! UGLY!! | Awkward!!

69: Farewells!! Dallin and Mabel | Dallin Parkinson Mexico City, Mexico Mission Jake, Kelli, Jocelyn, Dallin, Celsie, Dani, me, Braden | Last hang out with Mabel! Kelli, Jocelyn, Esther, Mabel, me | Mabel Draper Fresno, California Mission me, Kelli, Mabel, Esther, Rachel, Jocelyn | I love Mabel!!! Jocelyn, Mabel, me

70: Temple baptisms at Logan Temple | We went to Hyrum Lake and read all day! So relaxing! | Jocelyn and I had to move out of Davis, so we were homeless for a week! Kelli took us in! We lived in her cousin's apartment for a week before moving into Pineview. We had a great week together. | hahahaha

71: Hike one evening! We took a lot of pictures, including in the tunnel at the beginning of the hike! The view was beautiful of Logan. I love Utah sunsets. | me, Jocelyn, and Kelli

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