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Ivan Lifebook

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S: Our Journey to Find Ivan

FC: Our Journey to find Ivan

1: Our journey began in October of 2006 when John & I decided to adopt from Russia. That month we began meeting with a Social Worker to get our report in order. We finished this report in May of 2007. From this point we submitted paperwork required for our government. We then waited for Russia to open it's adoption doors to Canadians. This finally occurred in Nov of 2007. Our papers were sent to Russia in February of 2008 and on April 4th , 2008 we were invited to travel to Russia. We had to be there for an appointment on Monday, May 12, 2008 at the Ministry of Education in Moscow,We arrived in Moscow on May 10th and anxiously waited for Monday morning to come. The following are photos and emails from our wonderful Journey to find our first chosen son Ivan Galen Lockwood.

2: Above is the paper we were given at the Ministry of Education. It is the only photo we have of you as a very small baby. We stared at this paper the entire drive to the orphanage in anticipation of meeting you in person. I will never forget the moment we met you, the ladies from the orphanage brought you into the room and you immediately looked at me then John, then me, then John. You were so curious about us. I knew the instant I saw you that you were to become our son. It was one of the most wonderful moment's of my life and I think of it often! What a precious gift you are to us, we are blessed to have you in our lives.

3: May 12, 2008 Hi Everyone Well let me start off by saying that today was not what I thought it would be! It started out with a bit of a rough night sleep wise- I got about 4-5 hours straight but John couldn’t sleep & tossed & turned throughout the entire night. A combination of nerves & Jetlag I guess. I got up this morning & couldn’t eat as I was starting to think about what today might be and was getting nervous. Our driver & translator got stuck in traffic so they were late- arrived here around 10:30 am. Then we went to the Ministry of Education for our appointment to get our referral (a piece of paper that documents our baby’s birth date, weight, medical issues ect & photo). We had been told we could be sitting there for hours waiting & to bring books & snacks. We walked in & sat down for the wait & started speaking to another couple there from Florida and not even 5 minutes later we were called in (apparently our driver/coordinator spoke to someone there & had us bumped to the top of the list). We sat at a table & a woman came in, sat down & started speaking Russian about a million miles a minute. Our interpreter was often speaking at the same time as she was translating for us so it was a bit overwhelming. We quickly got the run down on our baby, the mother, where the baby was located and asked any questions we had. This entire process took about 5 minutes- apparently this isn’t normal, the lady who gives the referrals was off sick to day so they were understaffed and needed to process the referrals quickly. | So after our review we were asked if we wanted to meet the child and John & I both said yes as by first indications he (yes it’s a BOY) sounded like a very healthy baby. The mother was young (20) and this is her first child. She comes from a very strict/religious background & did not tell her family she was pregnant (they figured she came to Moscow for work or school as she is from Uzbekistan-former part of the USSR). She did not smoke/drink/do drugs during her pregnancy which was a great relief. They did not have any information on the father but that is pretty normal. The baby’s current name is Ivan(given to him by a social worker) and he was born on August 19, 2007. He was born 3 weeks premature but was still 6 pounds which is pretty good. Our driver & translator drove us out to the orphanage which is about 45 minutes outside of Moscow. Our doctor met us out there. They brought the baby in and he was shy at first (which is a good sign) but he let both me & John hold him and we even got some smiles/laughs out of him. He is at a very small orphanage- only 15 children and there are 15 workers there (not all caretakers). Because of this he is not as developmentally delayed as orphan children can be. Our doctor told us that he is as perfect as an orphan child can be and that he is the healthiest baby she has examined in many years. Basically- we are very lucky. She said this has a lot to do with the Birth mother having no diseases or drinking ect as well as the orphanage is a very good one. Our doctor said the only difference between him & a regular child is that he isn’t conversationally developed (speaking, making gag a, goo goo noises). This is very common in orphanages and he will probably get right up to speed quickly once we bring him home. His motor skills are good; he picks up toys and follows noises very well and is crawling too. We spent about 2 hours at the orphanage today& you could tell that the women who work there really care for the children. When they found out who we were there to see they were very excited as they said he is a special baby to them- very happy & calm. We passed him around & the doctor poked & prodded him (he even peed on her when she was examining him which we thought was pretty funny). Throughout the entire time he didn’t cry at all which amazed me. The orphanage itself is in good shape & very clean- not quite the mental picture I had created in my mind but a very pleasant surprise. So all in all it was not the day I thought would be but in a VERY GOOD way. We are going back tomorrow and will have to sign papers of intent to adopt later this week- before today I thought we would need a few days to decide but today was such a great experience John & I are already sure he is meant for us - somehow I think we will sleep a little better tonight. I’ve attached some pictures- call me crazy but do we see a bit of John Jr. here or what? OK this is a long enough I think so I’m going to sign off Ps- Mel & All we’re doing breakfast with Stephen on Monday- the Canadian embassy is literally 2 blocks from our apartment. We’re also doing dinner with the couple from Florida that we briefly met today at the Ministry- who knew we would have a social life in Russia! See you all soon. Love John & Rebecca

4: May 12, 2008 Emails Back from Family & Friends "OMG I am soooooooooooooooooo happy for you guys. I know you've waited so long for this that it must just seem so surreal. Everything happens for a reason and I think you're right, he must be the one for you, it sounds just perfect. He's beautiful, and thanks for taking and sending so many photos. Wow, I can't wait to meet him in person. And I can't wait for Marc to call home so that I can tell him too. Love you both! Carrie" | "Hi guys I hope as I’m replying to you, you guys are sleeping better than you have in a long time. I am so glad you sent me pictures, because I was thinking I couldn’t wait til Wednesday to see them. You remember when I told you the first time I met John I loved his “dreamy” eyes well you’ve got some competition now my friend!!!!! What a sweetheart he is. It sounds like God was taking care of you guys everything went so unusually smooth. I’m glad it was such a good experience for you, and you are right, he is very similar to John, even one of the pictures with the expression he had on his face-how funny is that! Anyways just wanted to let you know we are so happy for you. Keep in touch, and enjoy your time there. I’m sure it will be hard to leave the little guy when he has already left such an impact on you. I can’t wait to meet him. Talk to ya soon Pam"

5: "Rebecca and John, Grandma is excited. Happy visit and things are going well. Kim downloaded the pictures and made copies. Grandma says give the baby a hug for her. Love Al and Mel" "Congratulations he's beautiful! I have to agree that he does look a little like John. The big brown eyes! Kim" | "WOW HE'S ADORABLE!!!!! I'm sooo happy for you guys. I can't wait to meet him!!! I am a VERY pround Auntie!!! Ivan is a lucky baby. Congrats guys. See you soon and enjoy the rest of your trip!! -xoxoxxo- Chrissy ( and Jamie too)"

6: "Wow!!! We are so excited for you!!! I can imagine just how knotted up you were last night. Wasn't today worth it!!!! He looks like a hockey player to me. I will show these pictures to Jenna and Kase so they can see their new cousin. It is so amazing to see such a healthy, happy baby. I hope the rest of your visit in Russia is just as snappy. We will wait for more messages. Good Luck and give "John Jr". a squeeze from all of us. Talk soon!!!! Nicole and Paul" | "So I got your email - started to freak out cause I was so excited. Your letter gave me goosebumps and then I cried cause I am so happy for you. I printed out the pictures and put them in my wallet :) Everything is all falling into place...I am so happy for you and John and he totally looks like JOHN!! Chris thinks so too.I can't wait to talk to you - and of course meet your SON :) When he comes home I am going to HAVE to buy him the cutest outfit in the whole world!!! hugs and hugs and kisses kisses for the baby... Ok I am so on cloud nine right can only imagine how fast I am talking right now....hee hee Jennifer Bullock"

7: May 13, 2008 Hi again! Today John & I went back to the orphanage to visit the baby. We got to spend about 2 hours with him and near the end he was so tired he fell asleep in my arms- sigh... He was actually vocal today- some da da da and other baby talk which was great. He was full of smiles too and we are falling for him fast! His teeth are coming in so he constantly sucks on his bottom lip- so cute! I've attached some photos from today- I promise I won't keep sending pictures every day but we're a little excited right now. Tomorrow we go back for a visit, then again on Thursday & Thursday afternoon will sign the papers required stating our intent to adopt this precious child. Thanks everyone for your warm wishes from yesterday! Be in touch soon John & Rebecca

8: May 13, 2008, More well wishes from family & Friends. "Hey there Thanks so much for your message and the photos. The baby is totally GORGEOUS! What a beautiful little boy and he does look really healthy and happy (as any baby should be). He's totally perfect. I cried when I read your message and saw the photos - I can't describe my emotions. I'm so very, very happy for you both. It must have been a very overwhelming day for you guys yesterday but like you say, in all good ways. I hope the rest of the week goes well and that you get to spend more time with the baby getting to know him. Believe me, he will bring you both so much happiness. I still feel so emotional thinking about it all...... goodness knows how your emotions are!!!! We're thinking of you so much and can't wait to see you later this week! Love you all..... Beanie xoxoxo" | "Rebecca! You cannot imagine how excited I am right now! I even started crying when I was reading your email! Yes, I am a freak!! Ivan is sooooooo gorgeous! He reminds me a lot of Timur. T's birth mom was from Uzbekistan (we know nothing of his father). He has very similar eyes and those cheeks!! When you get home, I will have to email you a couple of pics of our first meeting. We have one of T with his lips tucked in just like Ivan. It's so cute! Really, I can't get over how adorable he is! I showed the pictures to my husband and the first thing he said was that Ivan looks just like your husband. Isn't it amazing? You are so right, he was meant for you guys! Are you guys going to keep his name? Isn't Ivan the Russian version of John? I thought someone told me that once. I could be totally wrong. Anyway, before I ramble on and on...congratulations mom! What a great Mother's Day gift!! Keep us posted! I love hearing about everything. And keep sending pictures. YEAHHHHHHHH! Nicole Kiriazis"

9: "Dear Rebecca and John; Congratulations; I know you will make wonderful parents. He is so cute and Barry is as excited as can be. He thinks children that are adopted are very special - I think he's a little prejudiced! When Mel called me, I couldn't stop crying and could hardly wait to get down to my computer to look at the pictures. Thank you so much for including us in your family - I feel like a grandmother again! Can't wait for you to get home - I'm sure you'll have lots more to tell us. God bless you both. Love Auntie Alleyne Barry and Alleyne Hardaker" "John & Rebecca, No words can express how happy Christian and I are for you both! What a beautiful addition to your family ... and what a lucky child to have you as parents! Olivia is already in love and Everett is eager to share his choice of names (if you change from Ivan that is). My sister, Karalee, announced this week that she is expecting, Everett in all his wisdom thinks she should call her baby Bacon, if it is a boy! So don't be surprised if he nicknames your bundle Scrambled eggs, or maybe bagel! Enjoy the rest of your trip...I can't wait to here what Russia is like... Give your son a big kiss from his Aunty Krista and Uncle Chris! Lots of love, save travels, Krista" Here is a photo of the outside of the orphanage | "Please, please do keep sending pictures. Both yesterday and today, my entire day was made just by reading your message and seeing your pictures. We just couldn't be happier for you. I forwarded your message yesterday to Dan on his Blackberry - he's on the road and he said he had to pull over because he couldn't wait to read it and see the pictures. He too confessed to being emotional!!! So I guess it's not just the ladies. Dan's Mom and Dad send their best and they are both doing well. Eric has been home for a week since his surgery and everything seems to be on track. Take care and big hugs to you both. Love, Tina and Dan" "Hi Rebecca and John, I sent the first photos to the local photo store and had 4 x 6 copies made for Grannie and Grandpa and dropped them off after work last night. Mom thinks the baby looks like John too. The photo of him sucking his lip reminds Grannie of a photo she has of Jamie. I will keep reading your daily reports to Mom and show her the pictures. We are really excited for you both and can't imagine how you are feeling. And "yes' you must promise to send all the photos and updates you want. We are loving every minute of it. Our prayers are with you both and the baby. Luv Aunt Bev"

10: "OMG!! He's sooooo beautiful!! Congratulations - you are so right - this little guy does look like he was meant for your family :) He looks like both of you, AND he's a giant :) Glad to hear that conditions are better than expected - he certainly looks very healthy, and that beautiful smile must mean he's been loved, and cared for. Anyway, just a quick note to say congrats, and thank you for sending the update and the pics. And to let you know that every girl in the office cried for you this afternoon :) Enjoy your trip, and your time with the little guy, can't wait to see you when you get back!!!! Lori Day" | "YOU HAVE TO SEND MORE PICTURES - are you nuts!!! I am like freaking out down here with excitement - I printed out those pictures and I am showing like everyone around here - I even have them pinned up in my office and I printed them out to put in my wallet He is so sweet - He is totally meant to be your baby - I can't get over how much he looks like John. Even my friends down here thinks they look alike. I am so so happy for you!!! (opps I can feel the baby kicking...see my baby can't wait to come out and play with your baby!!) Jennifer Bullock"

11: May 14, 2008 Ok, so since none of you seem to object to getting emails & pictures on a daily basis we're happy to keep sending them. Today we went to the baby home a little earlier but somehow we ended up being there during 1/2 of his nap time- oops. He was pretty sleepy because of it but that just made him more snuggly. There was also a Russian social worker there today to watch us interact with him but we just pretended she wasn't there & she only stayed for about 5 minutes so I don't think she's too concerned about our parenting abilities! She was able to tell us that the social worker that named Ivan did so after the Director of the Social Workers who is a wonderful man so it was nice to hear there was some logic behind the name & it was after someone who was well respected & liked. Tomorrow we are going to go for a visit a little earlier to see if we can avoid hitting his nap time. It takes us about 2 hours to get to the baby home as traffic is sooo busy- all the time! He's well worth the 4 hour round trip every day. After our visit tomorrow we will go to the Notary and sign the papers required to indicate our intent to adopt this child. We have to give his name & have decided to keep Ivan as it means Gift of God- which we think he is! Ivan is also the Russian version of John. Technically John Can call him John Jr. or 'JJ' as he's always wanted to! So his full name will be Ivan Galen (after Johns Grandfather Coote) Lockwood. Goes together nicely we think. Today we asked the orphanage what they needed and they said they really need shoes. John & I found this quite funny because before we left on our trip we had talked about what to get for the orphanage & John had said Shoes. I told him we should wait until we got here to ask & low & behold he was right. So when we get back we'll be looking for shoes for ages 1-4 years old (the children leave this home after the age of 4). If anyone would like to contribute to this just let me know (they should be new or almost new condition if possible) Other than that John has been itching to explore all the streets of Moscow, unfortunately I have not been feeling well the last 2 days with a stomach bug. I'm feeling better today than yesterday so hopefully tomorrow will be a good day for us to go down to the Red Square and see some more sights. Thats it for today, take care everyone. John & Rebecca

12: "little Ivan is super cute, I really happy for you guys, can't wait till he gets to come home, he already looks like a little rugby player. hope you guys enjoy the rest of your trip, keep sending photo's... Jamie " | "Hi Rebecca! I just love the daily updates. I have been forwarding them to my mom...I hope you don't mind. I sent her the first one because I wanted her to see how much Ivan looks like Timur did. She was crying when she saw the picture of "Ivan with his new mommy and daddy". So I have forwarded her the other ones as she is hooked on your story! He gets cuter with every picture! I can totally see from the pictures how comfortable he is with you guys...and cuddly! It is amazing how quickly a bond is formed, isn't it? It was the same with Timur. And I swear, he didn't forget us between trips. It sounds crazy but he took strange to everyone after we took him out of the orphanage except for us. John was the only man that didn't make him cry (he was afraid of men for about 4 months...he would cover his eyes if any man, approached him). Anyway, I know you will have tons of emails to reply to so I am not going to continue rambling. Can't wait to hear more..... Nicole Kiriazis"

13: May 15, 2008. Hi Everyone Just a quick note to say we had another good day. Started off by visiting Ivan who was charming as always and then went to sign the papers of Intent to adopt. Tomorrow we go for our last visit which will be tough but we've known its been coming. Luckily we know he's being well looked after in his baby home so that helps. We hope our next trip will be sooner than later. After our visit with Ivan tomorrow we plan on playing Tourist as we really haven't had much time to do so- or when we did I wasn't feeling well. (I'm doing much better today & successfully ate a full meal today!) Saturday we fly out to London to stay for the week & we're looking forward to that too. I'll try to send another email tommorrow & that will be the end of my photos/updates until the next trip. Off to bed I go now... Rebecca

14: Today they allowed us to look at your room where you slept. There were eight cribs in the room you slept in and just outside of that room was your "play room". Lots of toys and very clean. You were well taken care of which was wonderful to see.

15: May 16, 2008 Well our last visit is already over and we are back at the apartment. It was hard to leave Ivan today not knowing when we`ll see him again- I of course was upset, John is a Lockwood & you`d never know it bothered him but I know he`s going to miss him too. In 1 short week he has already become part of our lives. The caregivers have promised to take good care of him and we know they will, I hope he remembers us when we return. If we`re lucky we`ll be back in under 3 months to get him for good- its impossible to know at this point when. We`re off to do some site seeing this afternoon and then we`re off to London tomorrow. Talk to you all in Canada when we return. John & Rebecca

16: Last moments together before we have to leave. A bittersweet day- we know we'll be back soon to come and get you for good and can't wait for that day.

17: We left Moscow on May 17th, 2008 and flew to England to spent a week with friends before heading back to Canada. Our thoughts were with you every day and we anxiously waited and prepared to bring you home. On June 24th we received medical approval from the government to proceed with the adoption. On July 2, 2008 we were told we needed to be back in Moscow for court on July 28th, 2008. We were so excited to know that it was soon time to go back. Finally we would become parents and would be able to bring you home to meet your new family and friends.

18: July 26th, 2008 Hi Everyone Well we & our luggage made it to Moscow Thursday- 5 hours late but at least we did make it here. We got to our apartment around midnight on Thursday & managed to sleep the night until 9:00- not bad for the first night. We were picked up by our driver at 11:00 to go to the medical clinic. We were inspected by 8 different Russian specialists and after many months of wondering exactly what that mean it ended up being not too bad. We were officially deemed healthy by these specialists. Today we got up & went to visit Ivan. Of course we took pictures & I have attached a couple. Ivan hasn't changed too much since we were here last, hes not walking yet which we're pretty happy about (we'll get to see his first steps!) and he has 2 teeth on his lower gums. It's been pretty nice weather here so we were able to take him outside in strollers for a couple of hours which was nice. We'll be going to visit him again tomorrow morning for a couple of hours. And then every second day until the 10 day wait period expires- hopefully this will allow us to get to know one another again (I don't think he remembers us from 2 months ago which is what we expected) before we take him away from the baby home. To everyone who donated shoes, the lady at the orphanage couldn't believe the amount of shoes we brought. They were very thankful for this gift so I extend this thank-you to all of you! Monday is court day & we'll be happy to have that part done. John has to do a speech in court that we are preparing for over the next 2 days. Looks like our 'pick up' day is going to be August 8th (I was hoping it was going to be August 7 (my birthday) but apparently we get to pick Ivan up After 10 days goes by. At least it is calendar days not business days. We have met another Canadian couple from Waterloo who coincidentally have court on the same day as us and the little girl they are adopting is in the same baby home as Ivan (in the same room actually). We were at the doctors office together yesterday & traveled to the orphanage together as well (and will continue to do so). Its nice to be with people going through the same process as us & can relate to what we are experiencing. They have booked their flight back to Canada on August 27th as well. We're both feeling pretty good- I'm trying to prevent John from napping in the late afternoon as it screws him up when trying to sleep at night but we've adjusted better this trip than last. So far so good with the food but we've mostly eaten the food we brought- haven't eaten out yet. Anyways thats what's been happening so far, we'll send another update after court on Monday. Hope all is well in Canada. John & Rebecca

20: July 27, 2008 Visit

22: July 28, 2008 Hi Everyone Us again. Had to update you after today. This morning we went to court and are happy that it's over. We were told to take it very seriously but not to worry as it was pretty much just a formality at this point- well I'd have to say it's a nerve-wracking formality. The judge was late and by appearances not in a great mood as she was yelling at the recorder for the session before we even started. In any case we went through the formalities, John made his prepared speech, the judge was amazed by the amount of land we own at the house & asked if I had someone help me clean all of the rooms of our house- I wish! Apparently a 4 bed, 3 bathroom house here is unheard of unless you are very very rich- again I wish :-). Anyways the judge left the room to make her decision and after waiting for 10 minutes she came back & told us that we would become Ivan's parents after the 10 day waiting period. I cannot tell you what a relief it is to hit this milestone, walking out of the courtroom was a huge weight off our shoulders & now when we visit Ivan tomorrow he will truly feel like our child as no one can take him away from us (unless we go crazy in Moscow in the next 10 days). I will sleep well tonight I think! The couple from Waterloo had their court right after ours and received approval as well so tonight we all went out to celebrate at a really nice English pub. John was brave and tried the sausage platter but I'm not sure how that's working out for him not as he is currently in the Loo and I'm sure will be happy to know I added that to this email :-) Tomorrow we will go visit Ivan for a couple of hours and then again on July 31, August 2, Aug 4, Aug 6, Aug 7th and we pick him up on August 8th. We had a visit with him yesterday as well & I've attached a few photos of him (he's become a thumb sucker since we were here last so it's hard for me to get photos without his thumb in his mouth but we still think he's as cute as ever!) and one of John & I outside of court (even though I know no one is interested in pics of me & John :-). Take care everyone. John & Rebecca

23: Daddy's speech for court We would like approval to adopt Ivan Parpiev who was born on August 19, 2007 in Krashogorsk. He is currently in a baby home in Ramenskoe because his mother gave up her rights to parent him. His father is unknown. We are wishing to adopt this child because we desire to start a family. We have been married for 6 years and have no children of our own. We deeply desire to have children and our extended family is excited as well. Ivan would have 6 cousins to play with ranging from 9 months -7 years old. We can provide a safe & stable home for Ivan. We have good financial status. In addition to this we hold multiple life &medical insurance policies. We also have the ability to invest in Ivan’s future college education through education investments. We have a large home for a child consisting of 8 rooms, 3 bathrooms & 1 kitchen. It is on 2 acres of land. There are many kids in the area for Ivan to play with. My brother & his wife have also agreed to be guardians of this child. In total we have met with Ivan 8 times for several hours each time. We have enjoyed these visits very much. He is a very happy, calm baby. He seemed to enjoy his time with us as well. We are aware of the medical issues Ivan has : perinatel insyfalopusy as well as developmental delays in both motor & speech. We will treat these conditions as long as it is required. We ask that his name be changed to Ivan Galen Lockwood without Patremic We ask that his date of birth & place of birth not be changed. We ask that I be registered as father and my wife as mother of this child.

24: Congratulations no becoming parents. We are very happy that the most intense part is over now so enjoy getting to know your son..We hared the news with a whole bunch of the family and they send love and congratulations as well. We had supper in Red Deer last night with dad's family because there was a couple over from Holland. What are you going to do on the days you don't see Ivan? We'll be praying that he can transition from his home to his new home . Take care. You're in our thoughts and prayers.Love mom (De Boon) We are very happy that part of this journey is over. we want to congratulate you now that it is official. in my mind and in my prayers Ivan has been part of the family from the first day you sent a picture of him. i hope that for the rest of this trip you can relax and enjoy yourselves. take lots of good pictures that you can show Ivan later so that he can be proud of his heritage.many people here in the creek have been praying for you and share in the excitement. Dad (DeBoon) Hey there! This is really wonderful news for you both!!!!!!! What a great relief to have everything all done in terms of the "red tape" and that you know for sure that Ivan will be yours. Many, many, many congratulations and we're thrilled for you. He's so totally gorgeous and very lucky that you will be able to give him a wonderful childhood and life that will be full of love and fun. You'll be great parents and all the waiting and wondering will be worth it. Now you're a family! Will you be able to go back home on the 8th or the day after? It will be yet another big event for you to take him home, get him settled and then for everyone to meet him! Look forward to hearing more news soon and seeing some more photos too. Enjoy your visits with your son, Ivan. Love to you both.... Sabine & co xoxox | Hi Rebecca! Congratulations!! I am so glad that everything went well in court. I remember how nervous we were that day! However, in the region we went to, we didn't have to make a speech...thank goodness. We just answered what seemed like a million questions! I remember the judge giving me a hard time because I was not an american citizen like my husband and I eventually said I was planning on becoming an american. It hasn't happened yet and hopefully when we go back we won't have the same judge :) Ivan is as cute as ever! We still marvel at how much he looks like John. T was a huge thumbsucker! Still is, as a matter of fact!! I don't think he took it out of his mouth the first 3 days we took him from the orphanage! I am sorry that you are having trouble with the food. We had no trouble and loved almost everything we had. We weren't sick at all. Of course, we were living in Louisiana at the time and who knows what kind of stuff we were putting in our bodies down there when we ate out. Nothing healthy, I assure you!! Well, I know you probably have a million emails to read so I won't ramble on! I hope you enjoy the rest of your time there and can't wait until you have Ivan with you! Looking forward to the next update... Nicole Kiriazis Wow that is the best news. We are thrilled that your date is over and you can start moving forward. It must be so surreal to have met Ivan, left and returned to become parents for the first time. The system may be flawed but it is great at this end. Send another note soon!!! Nicole DeBoon Rebecca and John, Glad to here all went well at court. Grandma can't wait until you get home. Love Mom and Dad Lockwood

25: Many visits over the ten day waiting period. July 29, 2010

26: Getting closer with every visit....... | July 31 & Aug 2, 2008

27: August 4, 2008 Hi Everyone, Hope you all had a good long weekend & that the weather was good there- it hasn't been good here- nothing but Rain which is a bit depressing. We just got back from a visit with Ivan, tomorrow is our last "day off" where we don't see him. After that we visit Wednesday, Thursday and bring him "home" (the apartment) on Friday. Then the fun begins! I've attached a few photos from the last couple of visits with him. Talk to you soon John & Rebecca

28: ITS OFFICIAL!!!! August 8, 2008 After all this time, its hard to believe that today actually happened. It doesn't even seem real right now. We got to the orphanage around 4pm and were told to change the kids into the clothes we brought, took a couple of pictures &then loaded them into the van. We (the other couple that was adopting from the same orphanage) were wondering how the kids would react to being in the car since they have never been in one. They were happy as could be & I think that they thought it was just another visit and it just happened to be in the car. You will notice there are no car seats- not something they use here in Russia very often which is rather unnerving. We got to the apartment, showed Ivan around, fed him supper, gave him a bath & put him to bed. We kept waiting for him to freak out and wonder was going on but so far so good. Maybe tomorrow he's going to realize that he's not going back and panic a bit but maybe not- I guess we'll have to wait and see. Tomorrow is supposed to be somewhat nice so I think we'll go catch some rays in the park or something. We don't do any paperwork until Tuesday where we apply for Ivans passport (the passport office is only open on Tuesday and Thursdays) which is one of the reasons we have to be here so long because a lot of offices are like that- only open on certain days. Anyways just wanted to send a note- we are officially parents! Love John & Rebecca & Ivan Lockwood! | And now the real journey begins...

30: A D O P T I O N | C E R T I F I C A T E

31: T r a n s l a t i o n

32: B I RTH | Cer t i f i cate

33: T r a n s l a t i o n

34: August 12, 2008 Hi Everyone Today we went to the passport office & Ivan's passport should be ready on Thursday which means we should finish all the necessary paperwork by next Tuesday. I have changed our flights to be a week earlier- Wednesday August 20th. Hopefully everything will go as planned & if so we'll be arriving in Montreal that Wednesday afternoon.Things are going well, Ivan has adjusted to life as a Lockwood really well so far. He might have a new tooth by the time we arrive home, or at least we're hoping so cause its causing him grief at the moment (us too sleep wise :-)) I've attached a couple of pictures as well, pretty soon they'll stop coming John, Rebecca & Ivan.

35: Getting used to life as a new family!

36: Fun around Moscow waiting to come home....

39: On August 20, 2008 we flew home. You were amazing on the plane ride. We landed in Montreal where family was waiting to greet us. When we put you in the car you freaked out about being in the car seat. After 1/2 hour of hysterically crying I took you old and held you in my arms until you fell asleep and held you for the ride home. | First airplane ride- you were a pro!

40: And now our real life as a family begins..

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