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Negative Human Interactions

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FC: Negative Human Effects to our Environment By: Shelanimalgirl4, Rawrinator4, and Mickey4

1: Humans have affected this planet it various ways. We have added overall knowledge and advancements, but we have also added other, horrible things like pollution and unnatural extinction. | The majority of the human race is now trying to restore our precious Earth by recycling and finding ways to cut back on using gases that flood the air with pollution.

3: Pollution is dramatically affecting the way we live on our planet. The gas coming from our cars contribute quite a lot of the pollution in our air. Also, some types of gases are physically harmful to breathe in. | In fact, the risk of cancer from breathing in diesel exhaust is about ten times more than breathing in all other toxic air pollutants combined. This means the cancer risk from air pollution in the US is mostly from diesel. | Solution We can cut down on usage of vehicles. Riding a bike or walking to your destination is 100% eco-friendly.

4: There are other types of pollution. Another is pollution in our oceans and on our beaches. We fill the ocean with our trash, and the litter is killing many animals. How? Well, in one circumstance, turtles are eating the plastic bags because they look like their main source of food; jellyfish. They choke on the plastic bag, and die. In other cases, animals get their heads or limbs stuck in our garbage and have trouble swimming or walking. Also, many animals that we don't even eat get stuck in nets and suffer from lack of air or food. This is a long, painful death. | Solution A way to fix this problem is to recycle. Also, we could, obviously, just stop throwing our filthy trash into the ocean

5: Solution

6: A big part of the pollution in oceans are oil spills. Oil spills happen everywhere across the US. We are putting hundreds of millions gallons of oil into our ocean. Animals like penguins and seals die from these spills because the oil effects their life. With oil on them, their coat is no longer waterproof. | Also, the toxic pollutants in the gas potentially kill of any fish that live in it. And animals attempting to groom themselves swallow the oil, leading to possible death. But not all oil comes from oil spills. Most comes from the land drainage systems and the waste we throw into the ocean. All of the oil contaminates the shoreline as well. | Solution We can fix the oil drainage by blocking the areas where the oil is coming out and draining the oil in particular dumps. Oil spills can be fixed by not transporting oil across the ocean, however, thats asking a lot.

8: Solution We need to stop trashing habitats and hunting animals to extinction.

9: Unnatural extinction is happening all over the Earth because of lack of food, loss of habitat, and the surroundings are changing, dramatically ending lives of specie by specie. We are causing thousands of animals to suffer death. One of the most endangered animals are the river dolphins. A horrible shock went through my mind when I found out the Yangtze River Dolphin had become extinct within the past year. There were no more sightings of the harmless creature. The rare river dolphins are extraordinary, some being pink. If we don't try to stop the habitat destruction and pollution, more and more species will become extinct everyday, like the Yangtze River Dolphin, who will only be seen in pictures.

11: Whale hunting is a big part of the endangerment of most whales. Whales like the blue whale, the biggest living creature ever to live on this planet, is slowly dying off because of the amount of whales being killed. Whale hunting is, currently, illegal, but some people are still hunting whales. Animal Planet's show "Whale Wars" is about a group of people go out on a boat and risk their lives to stop Japanese boats from hunting whales. However, whales are being hunted to extinction, and the gentle giant of the seas will soon be gone forever if we don't stop this. | Solution Obviously, stop hunting whales. It will not hurt us in any way.

12: In Vancouver, Canada, every year, slayers are sent to kill thousands of Harp Seals for the Olympics. The seals are hooked with a metal hook and dragged along the ice while they bleed to death. Innocent seals die from pain and suffering. Most of their bodies are wasted. The blood dies the ice red, leaving a shout of help. Why should such innocent animals go through this? | Solution Make the Olympic seal hunt illegal.

14: Animal abuse happens everyday to almost every type of animal. Commonly dogs and cats to elephants. Many pet stores abuse small animals like lizards, hamsters, and exotic birds. The ways people treat animals are horrible. They neglect and abandon animals. In the pictures to the right, these animals have been starved, hit in the face with a hammer to be "taught a lesson", set on fire, and left in the streets. | Solution Make animal abuse illegal.

17: Deforestation is destroying the habitats. Forests are being cut down and it is estimated that at this rate, the world's rain forests will be completely gone in a hundred years. Millions of species would be gone forever, leaving parts of the world deserted. Rain forests contain almost half of the world's plants and animals, and our trees are our source of oxygen. If all the trees were gone, what would happen to us? | Solution Stop cutting down trees and use clay for houses.

18: As you can see, humans have made much pain and death to our earth. We have many problems to fix. Some of us believe that we are bigger than all of life on this planet, but we are not control. This isn't OUR planet. There are many more important aspects of this Earth than us. We are slowly destroying our Earth. Soon, there will be nothing left if we continue. What are we doing to our home...And the home of others? Are we really THIS selfish to destroy the lives of so many other animals and plants who were essentially here first?

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  • Title: Negative Human Interactions
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