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Our Story

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BC: the adventure continues...


1: About Us | How We Met | Our First Date | Our First Kiss | Candid Moments | First "I Love You" | First Birthday with You | Our First Vacation | Our First New Year's | Our Engagement

2: about us | Jon Sergent | July 21 | Green and Blue | Golf | Adventurous | Loyal | Athletic | Notes to Myself | Tiny Dancer | Caddyshack

3: Molly Calico | June 10 | Yellow and Green | Dance | Compassionate | Empathetic | Artistic | The Help | Across the Universe | The Sound of Music

4: H O W W E M E T | I first met you on Sunday, February 27, 2011. I was in the New Members Class at church, but had missed all of the classes up to this point. I remember that when I first saw you, I thought you were attractive. You were wearing a mustard yellow North Face jacket and you looked mature, and perhaps slightly rugged. You were attractive to me. I glanced in your direction a few times, just to steal looks at you. Russell asked us who a mentor was in our lives (I believe). You mentioned your dad, I recall. I wasn’t sure what I should answer, because I wanted to say something interesting – something that may captivate you. So I struggled in my head, and ultimately answered honestly. I figured I should be true to myself and not just give an answer to try to attract someone’s attention. After the class, you escape upstairs. When we walked into the Sanctuary I scanned the pews, looking for you. It wasn’t until we had sat down that I spotted you all the way in the back on the left side of the church. All through the service I glanced over at you. At some point that morning, I leaned over to my mom and said – “That guy in our class is attractive.” She said she would introduce me to you. And she did – right in front of my dad, brother and (at the time) future-sister-in-law. We were introduced, and – lucky me! – you sat with my whole family. We made small talk and I was enjoying it quite a bit. Leslie kept smiling at me and winking, furthering my embarrassment. I can’t believe you sat with us for so long! You made my day. After our first encounter, I couldn’t stop thinking about you. You were always a lingering thought in my mind, and I didn’t let that thought go. I liked thinking about you. I didn’t think I had any wisp of a chance, but I held on to hope. | O U R F I R S T D A T E

5: O U R F I R S T DATE | Our first date was on Sunday, March 27, 2011. My grandfather had passed on March 22 – the day you called me and asked me on a date. I had been to his visitation and then his funeral on Friday, March 25 and Saturday, March 26. I had mixed emotions that whole weekend – I was intensely sad that my grandfather had passed, and drained from the emotions of Friday and Saturday, both of which were largely spent at the Funeral Home. But at the same time, I had butterflies in my stomach; I was excited at the thought of our first date. That Sunday, you picked me up around 4 in the afternoon. You arrived at my parents’ in the same mustard yellow North Face jacket, and I think you had on gray corduroy pants. I remember that you had on nice shoes – and it made me feel special, because I could tell that you had put thought into this date. Prior to you coming that day, you had asked if I had any phobias. I said “no.” I couldn’t imagine what we might be doing. As we drove, we talked a little, although I was really nervous. I was really surprised when we pulled into the Lunken Airport parking lot. When I realized we were going on a helicopter ride, I could hardly believe it! I was excited, surprised, and nervous! I remember there was an annoying lady there that seemed bored and just wanted to talk. I was so excited to finally be on a date with you, and hoped she would stop talking and leave so we could enjoy the mere presence of each other. The sky was blue and clear that Sunday. And a bit warmer than usual. A wonderful day. When the helicopter arrived, you had me sit in the front seat, next to the pilot. Secretly, I wanted to sit next to you. When the pilot asked what special occasion we were celebrating, you answered, “She said yes to go out on a date with me.” I looked back at you and we smiled huge smiles at each other, and we squeezed hands. My stomach did a back-flip. The ride was beautiful. We saw downtown, the river and the stadiums. It was breathtaking. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me.

6: After we landed, the date wasn’t even halfway over! You took me to Mariemont, where we had dinner at the National Exemplar. I ordered a salad and you ordered a steak (I think). I remember you left asparagus on your plate and I kind of wanted to eat it, but I didn’t dare. Afterwards, we walked around and you suggested coffee at Starbucks. We enjoyed coffees at the counter. You asked what music I liked, and we talked a little. You seemed quiet, and I thought you might be bored with me or not having a good time, so I hurriedly finished my coffee and told you we could leave whenever. But we didn’t. Afterward, you mused at how fast time had passed and you drove me home. You walked me to the front door, where we hugged – except I felt silly because I was on the step and you weren’t. I felt dumb being taller than usual, hugging you. I wished I had been normal and stayed on the ground. When I went inside and got ready for bed, I relayed my wonderful night with you to my parents. My worries and fears about how you felt after our first date were quelled when I received a text message from you that said you had a great time, and “P.S. You looked very pretty tonight.” My heart melted. | O U R F I R S T D A T E

7: OUR FIRST KISS | Our first kiss was on April 2. We went to a Reds game that night. It was a chilly evening, so I had packed a fleece blanket for us to cover up with for the night game. Before the game, we went to your apartment for dinner. You cooked a chicken recipe (I think with chicken thighs) from your cookbook. The meal was very good, although I didn’t finish it all – mostly out of nerves. Before we left that evening, we sat on the couch and you held my hand for the first time. I liked it, and I remember you saying something like “This is nice.” As we walked to Great American Ball Park, we held hands and laughed with each other. I felt like someone really, genuinely liked me, for the first time. I was filled with so much joy and happiness. We had a great time at the game. Our seats were prime. During the game the “Kiss Cam” came on. Since we hadn’t yet kissed, I prayed that they wouldn’t film us. I didn’t want our first kiss to be captured and shown on a jumbotron for all to see. Not yet. I engaged you in a random story, hoping to distract from the cam and shots of people slobbering all over each other. Luckily we survived and they didn’t film us. However, a little part of me buzzed with excitement, considering our first kiss. After the game there was a fireworks show. We stayed for this. It was magical. We held hands underneath the blanket as the colors filled and burst into the night sky. It was one of my favorite moments with you. After the fireworks, we went back to your apartment and sat on your leather couch. I think baseball recaps were on TV. We looked at each other occasionally and smiled. Then it happened. All of a sudden, you turned to me and put your mouth on mine. Oh, what bliss! I was so nervous I couldn’t produce any saliva. I think you were nervous, too, because there was little moisture from either one of us. But I didn’t care. It was so wonderful kissing you. It was so wonderful to be wrapped up in your arms and to be embraced. What a kiss! What a rush! I don’t think I stopped smiling the whole way home.

9: “When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.” Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

10: It was Mother’s Day weekend. You had gone to visit your parents in Prospect to celebrate with your mom. We had spent Friday night together – watching Across the Universe, which I believe I had fallen asleep watching. On Saturday, I spent 4 hours at IKEA with my parents. I had just bought my house, and needed furniture to fill it. While we were at IKEA, I called you to say hello. You were out grocery shopping with your mom, and you were unusually quiet on the phone. I thought it might have been because you felt awkward talking to me on the phone while you were with your mom. Later that night we spoke again and you admitted that you were quiet because you thought I hadn’t had a good time with you that Friday night. I was so surprised because at that point I was already so in love with you and couldn’t believe that you thought I had had a bad time. I spent the next few minutes explaining to you how much I liked you and loved spending time with you and that my parents had told me that they had never seen me look at anyone the way I looked at you. At this point, I had been wanting to tell you my feelings, but I wasn’t sure how. After we got off the phone (things were smoothed out and you were considerably happier than when we’d begun), I decided that it was time to tell you how I felt. I decided that I would leave you a note for you to find when you returned to Cincinnati. I wrote “I love you” a few different times, on pieces of paper, until I was happy with the final product. I folded the note, sealed it in an envelope, and prepared some tape. The next morning – a Sunday – after church, I went to your apartment complex and taped the envelope, with your name on it, to the wall, next to the key access, in hopes you’d see it. | .............................................. | FIRST "I LOVE YOU"

11: When I had last spoken with you, you had said that you planned to return on Monday morning. However, that Sunday evening, we spoke on the phone and you were already driving back to Cincinnati My heart immediately started beating quickly. I thought I might be sick. I had butterflies fluttering in my stomach. I didn’t know what your reaction would be, but I knew in my heart the timing was right and I had to tell you. I paced around my parents’ house for the next 45 minutes or so, until I received a text message from you. It was a picture of my letter with “2” on the bottom. My heart swelled with joy.

12: My birthday happened on a Friday – my 25th birthday! I believe you had stayed over the night before. When my alarm when off in the morning you said, “Happy birthday, baby.” I had forgotten it was my birthday until you had given me your wishes! What you had in store for my birthday was a surprise to me – all I knew was that we had plans for dinner. That evening, after work, you picked me up and drove me to Parker’s in Blue Ash. The bread there was terrible – and we laughed about it, I think I ordered a plank-seared salmon for dinner – you had said that I should order whatever I wanted. After dinner, we got stuck in traffic on the way to our next destination. You were really upset about this but I was concentration on the moment, and enjoy the time with you. I didn’t mind the traffic. When we finally got to our destination – the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company, I realized what we were doing; you had gotten tickets for a play where they combined all the Shakespeare plays into one. It was hilarious. I think we both really enjoyed it and had a great time together. After the play, we went to your apartment, where you surprised me with a book and chocolate cake. It was a very special birthday – no one had ever spent so much time and effort to make my day so special and wonderful. | FIRST BIRTHDAY WITH YOU

13: “I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you simply, without problems or pride: I love you in this way because I do not know any other way of loving but this, in which there is no I or you, so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand, so intimate that when I fall asleep your eyes close.” Pablo Neruda, 100 Love Sonnets

14: OUR FIRST VACATION | We had been discussing vacation all summer, and decided that you and I would fly to Holden Beach a few days before my family arrived. Your fall classes were starting that Monday, so it was decided that you would stay until Sunday. We flew early on a Thursday morning to Holden Beach. Early on that Thursday morning, airport security searched my carry-on and deemed my unopened spray lotion to be a threat to the nation, and confiscated it. I was really unhappy about this –but you assured me everything would be okay. By noon we had arrived at the airport in Wilmington, North Carolina, where we received a really nice upgraded car (from the seemingly stone-age one we were told we would receive). We found a subway on our way to our location, and enjoyed lunch before stocking up on food items at Food Lion. It was an overcast day, but we were able to enjoy the ocean for a couple of hours that afternoon. Our digs were small and nice. We had a little veranda, where we spent our mornings and a few afternoons. Although we visited the ocean a few times, we took advantage of the pool at the condo complex, as well as the nice tennis courts (where we thought we’d have to break into until we found the key overtly hanging on a hook in the kitchen). These few days with you were bliss. I had all you all to myself and we were finally able to relax and not worry about anything else. We enjoyed many special moments together there.

16: Vacation

19: One of the best parts of the year was our trip to Hocking Hills, Ohio. You surprised me one night with news that we were going to take a special rip together there for New Year’s. We got to The Tree House on New Year’s Eve – by the time we arrived it was too late to hike, so we enjoyed trivial pursuit, while making dinner. You cooked a delicious steak on the grill and sweet potatoes in the world’s smallest oven, while I cooked carrots to an awful rawness! We barely stayed awake that night to watch Dick Clark kick off the New Year. The next morning we enjoyed each other and coffee before embarking on our first hiking journey. Old Man’s Cave was amazing, and we decided to see Ash Cave after that. This decision led us on a 4-hour journey, and while we saw many interesting landmarks (including a creepy abandoned lodge), we never reached Ash Cave. That January 1st night we enjoyed each other in the warm hot tub, and then warmed up with some lucky Hoppin’ John Soup and beer bread. The next morning it was extremely cold. It began to snow as we got ready for the day. We felt like the only people as we explored Cedar Falls amid the falling snow. As our journey ended, you told me to remember this trip and how I felt during our hikes. You told me to always remember The Tree House. And I have thought back fondly on that moment – and our trip – many times. | OUR FIRST NEW YEAR'S

20: OUR ENGAGEMENT | ................................ | 2.14.2012 | It was February 14 and we had plans to go out to dinner that night. You were pretty sick, and I wasn’t sure if we should still go to dinner. I told you that even though it was Valentine’s Day, we didn’t have to go out. I wanted you to feel better and not to compromise your health. But you insisted that we go. You came to my house after work that night, dressed up in your blue button-down shirt and an argyle sweater on top. You looked really nice. You lay on the couch as I got ready. I wore black pants and a dressy red and black top, with a black shrug on top. I did have butterflies in my stomach. I felt it was going to be a special evening. As we drove along, I began to suspect where our dinner reservations were for. When you turned off of Red Bank Road, I was sure we were headed to the National Exemplar for dinner. When we arrived, the lady checked my coat, and we waited a few minutes before we were sat. The girl sat us as the very same table where we’d had our first date! We couldn’t believe it! Our waiter was an odd-ball; similar to our very first date, although not the same waiter. As we waited for our meal, you gave me a gift – a book! I was excited, as it completed the series of books I had begun to read. I gave you a GPS golf watch – I was so excited to see your reaction when you opened the card (I was still waiting for the watch to be delivered). But that paled in comparison for what was to come.

21: After we ate dinner, you insisted that we order dessert, since it was a special date. We both ordered Crme Brule, and as we waited for it, you presented me with a card. The Valentines Day card had a special message from you written inside of it – “Will you be mineforever?” When I looked up at you, I noticed that there was a small box on the table. You looked into my eyes and said “Will you..” and I think “marry me” came after that..but I was so taken up in the moment I didn’t know what to do. I knew what was in the box, but was afraid to open it. You encouraged me, and I gasped when I opened the box to find the most beautiful diamond ring I have ever seen. I was filled with complete joy! I took your hands and the world stopped as we gazed at each other. In this moment I knew you were mine, and I was yours. And I knew I was the luckiest girl in the whole world, and would be for the rest of my life.

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