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Poetry Portfolio

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FC: Najee Kitchens 2/11/10 Period 4 | Poetry Portfolio

1: Table of Contents | Where I'm From pg2-3 Mrs. Kitchens' Kitchen pg4-5 Mother to Daughter pg6-7 GSMST pg8-9 Language Arts pg10-11 Winter's Embrace pg12-13 Analyze pg14-17 Sisters Heart to Heart pg18-19 Analyze pg20-23

2: I am from the busy crowds of people And the blinding blizzards From the great winds That blow me down I am from temperatures below freezing And a winter wonderland I am from the blazing heat It is like a thousands suns And a lot of fun I am from the castle of wonder And the mouse of joy | Where I'm From

3: I am from Stone Mountain Home of the Bulldogs Go Bulldogs! And from Varsity I am from the tall pine trees in my backyard

4: Mrs. Kitchens' Kitchen | My mother's kitchen It is very special to her She wouldn't know what she would do If anything happened to it But one day she had to go out of town So she put my sister Aliah in charge Big mistake Aliah cooked something That didn't smell too great It was green and slimy She smelled smoke But ignored it Then she finally checked on her food

5: The whole kitchen was on fire! She took the fire extinguisher And put out the fire What is she going to do?! Mother's favorite tulips were dead And everything else Was burned to a crisp When mom came home She was hot red She never Put Aliah on duty again

6: Mother to Daughter | Daughter, life isn't going to be a smooth road It's going to have it's pot holes And bumps That you just can't seem to get out You will have to work very hard To smooth that road out I have gone through this before but that never stopped me To going towards the light at the end of the road My advice to you to work very hard now So you can have many choices in a new road It's like switching from an old book To a fresh new book

7: Don't let anything get in your way From achieving your success There may be a wall in the middle of the road That says DON’T GO BEYOND THIS WALL But don't be fooled by the malefactor This is from me to you You may not have as great as a road As someone else But all I want you to do Is live life to the fullest As you plan to give this advice to Your children and so on

8: GSMST | Oh GSMST You inspire me to be Someone great which I have to wait to continue the fate Oh GSMST You help me see The path that is soon to be I praise to you For all of the things you do For me and others too

9: Oh GSMST What you do to me Is make me very happy

10: Language Arts | I walk into language arts To dissect sentence parts Which I don't like it a lot More than story plots. Even though it helps with me be smart. I also have to use common sense To determine the verb tense Of each word. Now you have heard Of this intense.

11: Now its time for reading Which may seem misleading And confusing. Sometimes its amusing And sometimes I'm receding. Then we do an essay And edit at least a phrase From a different paper Which doesn't make me caper. It's like a maze. Language arts is very hard to me But I would have to agree That it helps so much To reach and touch What I want to be.

12: Winter's Embrace When winter blows its cold breath everywhere, And throws a chill white blanket on the ground, The sun makes sparkling diamonds on the snow, And trees with icy diadems are crowned. It's time to snuggle in for winter fun In cozy places, maybe by a fire. A good book and some cocoa feel just right In flannels, sweaters, winter's warm attire.

13: Winter's gloom is comforting somehow, As life retreats from its rushed and frantic pace. We're ready now to stay indoors awhile, As we settle into winter's calm embrace. By Joanna Fuchs

14: Analyze | Title: The title makes me think that the poem is about the feeling of winter. Paraphrase: It talks about how in the winter there is freezing wind and snow every on the ground. The snow sparkles because of the light of the sun penetrating it. Also the trees have icicle on them. It is a time to get warm in comfortable places and wear warm clothes. Winter is a time when life calms down and we get ready to stay inside for winter.

15: Connotation: This poem uses a lot imagery to show how winter feels and looks like. It uses personification because the poem says that winter blows its cold breath and how the sun makes sparkling diamonds on the snow. It also uses metaphor to describe how the snow looks like a blanket and how the icicles on the tree look like a crown. There is also alliteration and rhyme. Attitude: The poem has a very nice, calm sounding tone. The feminine rhyme help create the attitude of the poem. Shifts: There is a shift between stanzas because it goes from describing outside during winter to becoming warm during winter. Then it says that winter is calm.

16: Title: The title says that the poem is about what happens during winter. It will also describe what winter will look like and what humans will do during these conditions. Theme: The poem says how humans have to dress appropriately for the winter weather. The subjects to this poem is the description of winter, how humans have to dress, and the calmness of winter. I learned that winter is to rest from everything and to embrace the calm season. I think that the poet wants me, the reader, to enjoy winter when it comes.

18: Sisters Heart to Heart From the time that we were little, I knew you'd always be Not just a loving sister But a caring friend to me. A shoulder I could cry on, A helping hand in times of need, A cheerleader to lift me up, My angel in both word and deed. We told each other secrets; We giggled and we cried. We shared our joys and sorrows-- We were always side by side.

19: We have a very special bond; I knew it from the start. You'll have my love forever-- We're sisters, heart to heart. By Joanna Fuchs

20: Analyze | Title: The title says that the poem is about two sisters who love each other very much. Paraphrase: The narrator talks about how she knew that her older sister would be a loving sister and a friend when she was little. The narrator's sister helps her with in a time of need. They also do everything together. The narrator says that she will always love her sister. Connotation: The poem uses metaphor to describe her sister as a cheerleader because cheerleaders lift peoples spirits up. The poem also describes how her sister is an angel.

21: Attitude: The poem has a loving tone about the narrator's sister. Also the feminine rhyme makes the tone very soft. Shifts: There is a shift between each stanza. For example the first stanza talks about how the narrator knew that she was was going to love her sister when she was little. The second stanza is about how her sister helps her with problems. The next stanza is about how the narrator and her sister do everything together. Then the last stanza talks about how she loves her sister. Title: The title says that the poem is about two sisters who are like sisters to each other.

22: Theme: The poem is motivating sisters to be kind to one another. The subject of the poem is two sisters that love each other a lot. I learned that I should love my sisters like one of my friends. I think that the poet wants to persuade me to feel the same way about my sister.

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