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DC Trip 2012

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S: Olivia MIIller 8th Grade DC Trip 2012

BC: Those who don't know history are destined to repeat it.

FC: Washington DC Trip LEADERSHIP

1: By: Olivia Miller D Block

2: The Capital Building | The capitol is an example of leadership because it represents our democracy. Our democracy led a new era of government where the people have control. We showed other countries that we are a real country, we deserved our independence. The capital building contains the senate and the congress buildings. This legislative building is the prime example of the representation for the people by the people. From each state, 2 senators are selected to voice the state’s opinions. In the congress, there are 365 men and 70 women. They are selected by people to show the population’s opinion. This way they states have equal representation in senate. Also the people have equal representation in congress. As you can see, the Capitol shows how our country leads through democracy.

4: Independence hall is an example of leadership because, of the events that happened there. Our founding fathers spent long and tiresome day writing and debating these establishing documents. They lead this country to freedom. Only leaders were in these premises, people who wanted to make a difference. The men who made the ground-breaking declaration of independence and lead the colonies to freedom from the inside. They spoke for what they believed in. Preposterous thoughts like freedom, liberty, and democracy, emerged from within these walls and changed the course of politics everywhere. The men who spent day after day writing and discussing how to lead this fine country. The had so much weight on their shoulders to write the perfect declaration that would get this country enthusiastic for freedom. These men took the responsibilities with open arms. They were leaders at heart and they were proud to lead the colonies to independence and then an establishment of a country. The divine declaration of independence is in the national archives, where it is on display to show all the hard work and leadership that went into that one piece of parchment. The constitution is also being preserved at the national constitution center. Where they also show off this lead the US to a united country. | Independence Hall & National Archives

5: Washington Monument | George Washington was a leader. He led this country to independence through bravery, loyalty, and modesty. He was brave for leading the charge against his county and committing an act of treason. He was brave because he went into the heat of the battle against the superpower of Great Britain. He was loyal to his men and never gave up on them. He always believed in them and he had faith in his war tactics that he would succeed. He was modest because through the wins and losses he kept a mediate tone. He always confident, that never changed from battle to battle. He never became down on his men. In conclusion, General George Washington’s monument was an example of bravery because he stood tall, like the monument and against all odds, he gained success.

6: The air and space museum is an example of leadership because our country's race to space. In the 50’s and 60s we had a goal as a country; to be a leader in space. The Russians beat us to space, but we passed them when we had the first man on the moon. All the brave men and women who risked their lives to make history. They were all leaders because they were leading the country. A few main traits of a leader include valor, loyalty, and responsible. They were valiant because they gave their lives for their country. They were loyal, because they stayed united and never gave up. They were responsible because the flawlessly executed their work and they did exactly what they were told. The air and space museum is an example of the leaders who preceded our country to space. | Air and space museum

7: This memorial is an example of leadership because of the trait that made them leaders. The traits include: loyalty, perseverance, and confidence. Although most of the soldiers did not agree with the cause, they were still loyal with their country and fellow soldiers. They still believed in their country although they did not believe in the cause. Also, they persevered through diversity. Most Americans wanted nothing to do with Vietnam. They were fighting for practically nothing and still tried their hardest. Lastly they tried hard to be confident. Rumors about protests in the states caused an unsettling feeling to run through the camps, but only the true leaders were loyal to their country, persevered through the disconcert, and were overall confident with the cause. | Vietnam War Memorial

8: Arlington National Cemetery | Arlington national cemetery was a prime example of leaders. The vastness of this cemetery shows that we have lots of leaders fighting for our country. They were honorable, selfless, and especially brave. They were honorable because they understood who had had died before them. They knew that hundred thousands of people died for their freedom and independence. They knew that their lives would not be lost in vain. They knew that there was a reason, a motivation, and a hope. They are the major example of why war is bad. It is destructive. It should pull nations apart. But instead it brings our nation together. There are over 300,000 leaders buried there. They all gave the eternal sacrifice that only a true patriot can give. For each an every tomb there was a wife, a daughter, a brother, or even a mother mourning for them. The fact that we can as a country mourn for them serves a point that this country stands together against war and with those who died.

9: The tomb of the Unknown Soldier is an example of leadership because of two things; the guards and the people who died. The guards are an example of leadership because they an exemplary American who has lived perfectly. They are the top notch soldiers that are the living example of honor. They know exactly what they spend hour after hour guarding and protecting perfectly. The people who died for their countries are examples of leaders because a leader is selfless and gives everything for their team. Although their bodies couldn't be recovered, they did not die in vain. They are remembered and thanked for all they have done by appreciative Americans like us. | Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

10: Thomas Jefferson is an example of sacrifice because he led the country to freedom from the inside. He was innovative and brave. He was innovative because he thought outside the lines. He took those thoughts and turned them into actions and those actions affected those around him. He inspired and empowered his fellow Americans to stand against the oppressive British rule. He was brave because he risked his life, his home, his wealth, and his liberty to be apart of this cause. He also traveled to Paris to make sure that the peace treaty was represented correctly. In conclusion Thomas Jefferson was a profound leader because he lead the revolution from the inside and gave everything to the cause. This being said, in the memorial, he is portrayed through a quote. This is his writings that fueled the movement and revolution. These writings were his declaration of independence. | Jefferson Memorial

11: MLK Jr. was a great example of leadership because of the traits that made him a leader. He was brave, confident, and composed. He was brave because he defied the rules and expected better for his people. He was not afraid of the KKK who tried to terrorize him out of inspiring more followers. They were terrorists, trying to break his confidence, and put down his assurance of success. He was also confident in his cause. He was confident in his followers; that they would do their part to gain equality. Lastly, he was composed, if he were erratic and unpredictable, he would not have gained respect from his followers and also the opposing side. The memorial was very poignant for me because he went against the odds. The memorial said, out of the mountain of despair, a stone of hope. That really touched me because it honestly articulates how he defied the odds. He did this through bravery, confidence, and composition. | Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial

12: Robert Lee was a very affective leader. He chose to stay with is home state of Virginia and go against the union. He was largely idolized at the Virginia memorial at Gettysburg. He is mounted on a horse while the lower class soldiers are below his pedestal. He led through admiration. He was looked up to by all of the confederate soldiers. They were proud to have him as a leader and he lead them proudly. This memorial is significant because Virginia sacrificed the largest amount of troops to this war. They gave about 19,000 troops and about 4,500 of these men were taken. Robert Lee was a very strong leader and he was loyal to his states. | Robert E Lee

13: Lincoln Memorial | Abraham Lincoln is arguably one of the most profound leaders of all time. He was brave, modest, compassionate and poised. He stood for what he believed in, and ignored all those apposing him. He was modest and never accepted the fact that he was great. He was very compassionate because he truly cared about the people of this country. He was poised because he never faltered and always did what was right. Abraham Lincoln led this country through a civil war against itself and managed to fix the wounds in the end, which left a gaping hole in our country. He believed in forgiveness, although that trait of his never really shined through due to his assassination. At Ford's Theater Lincoln went out on that fateful night and he showed those against him that he was not afraid. His death at the Ford's theater back fired on Booth. Instead of helping the south, he hurt it because Lincoln was the only person in who actually believed in forgiveness. He did his best and he never gave up on this fine country; and he is the reason that this country endured.

14: The Gettysburg address is an example of leadership because of the words that Lincoln said on that fearful day. He gave a speech addressing the violent massacre that went on a few months before at Gettysburg. The bloodiest battle in American history fought within our own nation. He gave a speech on the day when a national cemetery was opened in Gettysburg. The circumstance of this speech is that it lived on forever. It was put down in history as one of the great achievements of Abraham Lincoln. He kept his speech plain and simple, although the lives that he was regarding did not die simply. He dedicated the deaths to a new birth of freedom, which they were fighting for. He was brave to go up there in front of the teary and depleted faces and give a speech trying to convince them that their sons, brothers, fathers, husbands did not die in vain. He tried to lead them toward a brighter future. | Gettysburg

16: The embassy row is an example of leadership because of the United States’ relationship with other countries. There are 53 embassies on this street and they represent the leaders of other countries that trust us. They represent how much we affect the world and how we are a powerful nation. There were so many embassies stretching down that street and it really shows how popular we are. Most countries want us on their side. We have many embassies ourselves in places all over the world. Being an ambassador is a very important honor because you are representing your country through leadership. | Embassy Row

17: The White House | The leader of the United States lives here. He is under so much pressure to do what is right for the country. He is also trying to make the citizens like him so that he can get a second term in office. Now, these responsibilities are not just easily maintained. A president must be responsible, concerned, and altruistic. He must be responsible, of course! A lighthearted leader who doesn’t understand the consequences of his or her actions would not o well in office. A concerned president is important because he has to care about his country as a people. Not a statistic or a price; but each and every single person as a human being who has opinions and cares. They must also be altruistic. This is because they cannot just worry about their own campaign and about what seems right for that president, but what seems right for the nation. Who cares if you are a democrat or a republican, the president should do what is right. As you can see the white house is very important because the president leads this nation to even greater feats through being responsible, concerned, and altruistic.

18: Just for Fun!

19: Mustache Glasses!?

20: Amazing Fun on the Fourth | Trying too Hard to be Hipster...

21: 2012 | Bus One For Life! | A special thanks to Bernie who helped to make this trip so enjoyable!

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