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BC: So much left behind, so much to take home, an era that will not leave me...


1: Last View "As each day passes I am filled it such mixed emotions. A bit of stress and a bit of excitement and a bit of fear. The last few weeks have been mostly stress thought. The urgency and anxiety of getting ready to make such a big change has been pretty overwhelming at times."

2: WELCOME | Well I will admit the last few days before setting off on this journey were not the easiest. It’s been a rougher transition than I thought saying goodbye to friends and family not quite knowing when I would return | TO HAITI

3: So the last meal was not a burrito but a chicken enchilada at 35,000 feet and a Hiene. | TO HAITI

4: Just Arriving I am a bit lost with this today. There is something on the tip of my mind, but I can’t grasp it. | There is a massive project underway outside my bedroom. I have heard it’s to redo the water tower here, but I have not been over to check it out. Like this, projects are starting to pick up. It’s a positive thing I think.

5: Life here can be a bit like camp but no fun sitting around fires. The only fires are burning piles of trash and they stink.

6: Helping Out I made very clear that I know nothing, but maybe my Boy Scout First Aid Badge will come in handy. They actually had a man die yesterday, I just hope to avoid that tomorrow. If the other architect Daniel working with his wife Aimee can manage I figure I can find a place. | This little tent replaced all this other "stuff".

7: Hospital St. Croix | The hospital closed 2 years ago and now just sits.

8: Growing Hope for Haiti | We finished most of the first course, before someone realize one of the Haitians was a mason. Thus we walked around it with him saying Bon, or Pa Bon (Good or bad) this is the limit of my communication thus far and it’s coming along and is helping.

9: Growing Hope Site & Latrines | Its’ not much but the understanding of all what is trying to be said seems to come pretty easy, especially when you are pointing at something that is clearly not right, ha-ha. So we removed one stretch of wall and he helped us fix it.

10: WORK GROUPS | Today was the first official Fuller Center build and it was awesome! The team is unbelievable and so moved to be here working together.

11: There are no forklifts or Lulls to unload the block, but simple old fashion team work. | The Haitian people we have spoken with are excited by our interests to work here and rebuild homes. They all have vision for a strong and independent society. Dreams of the day the country is not reliant on the aid of foreign countries and organizations. Hopes for a new start moving beyond the way conditions were and up to how they should be: safe clean drinking water, contained sewage, available education and health care, food resources, etc

12: NICOLE | Friends | Freeman | CARLY | CHOPS | Frank Purvis | THE NAKED BOYS | Wilkins, Freeman, Woodly

13: WILKINS Mr. Smiley | Petersen "Business man" | MIKE & SEAN | Christina HODR nurse | Amanda & Shandhini The Iowa Girls | Mano, Sean, Jeanine

14: Lott Carey #1 | LOTT CAREY HOUSE 1 - 2 | A few people showed up but not the force that is required. I think we have a plan and that amounts to a large tool purchase yesterday at my favorite stores in PAP. 10 pick axes, 8 shovels, and 6 wheel barrels will go along with 30 pairs of gloves on Monday to the church and they have their task at hand.

15: Azibe's House | Yve's House | The best recipients yet. Great friends and fun to work with. Trustworthy and eager to start each day and put their natural energies and creativity into their "homes". I wish all houses were like this.

16: Billy Goat | Roland met Tristan and I shaking his head, I look over and I can’t see the goats. It doesn’t take much understanding to make out that at least one goat is dead. He shows us to the limp body of Tristan’s new friend. 1 hour and those mutt of dogs with their sores had snuck out from below their lairs under the cars and had a pack hunt. | I am told Simby, Skeebo, and Bengy were all in on the action.

17: Alternative Housing | The options are very limited and poorly thought through

18: Kaliko Beach Resort | The meals are served in those metal warming pans along a nice buffet. The food was awesome.

19: Colorful details pop out all around in columns and along the eves and art and fountains pop up in little spaces throughout. The massive dining area has similar architecture and framing with a capacity probably for about 300. | Little steak fillets covered in a black pepper mushroom sauce smashed....

20: Around the ND Compound | I was told from the beginning this would be a hard endeavor and I am learning how so, more, each day. There are levels of corruption that exist from the Ports to the local country side. Not everyone in Haiti contributes to this issue but there are the few. It is something I struggle to grasp hold of.

21: July 4th Barbeque | the night was filled with jokes, fun, and perfect weather. | The first store we stopped at was like a TJ Max and grocery combine with membership prices. Can you believe it, felt like Sam’s club without the quantity.

22: Running Club | Every day around 430 a group of kids from 2 feet tall to 4 start climbing and hanging around the gate to the guest house. They are awaiting their daily run. No more is there a group of “blans” stomping through the streets but a chorus of children grappling for your hand, blasting ahead of the pack, or straggling to keep up.

23: Leogane | city building & court house, school room, rum factory, tent camp | Hilda, the evil nurse will learn to lock us out of our gate

24: Water Tower Climb | The new water tower is up and the old one down. Good things I got my rope and carabineers and a few friends along the way.

25: Spaghetti Dinner Night | Spaghetti noodles are common with a few carrots and tuna, but when the Bolognese is on the stove and wine in a glass I drift into my happy place. Rome stories come out and friends come to mind. The kitchen could have been at Mickey’s or here.

26: old town

27: SMI COMPOUND AND HOUSES | Thermometer The reality is that no thermometer is necessary in Haiti unless you are checking a child’s fever, and even then I was told it is off the scales. What they need are flags like you see at the beach for waves or pollen scales or government Threat Levels. There could be a night scale like Today’s Low’s are: White = use your sheet at night. ( this happened once) Blue = sleep on the sheets fan set to oscillate. Yellow = sleep on the sheets fan directly on you. Orange = sleep on a rubber raft because you will float away in your own sweat. (If no fan is available stay at Day listing Fuchsia below) Today’s High’s could be listed as: Green: skip the shower today .(haven’t seen record low’s like this yet, maybe this winter will bring the 10 year storm) Blue: shirts and shorts and evening shower. Yellow = shower before each meal. Orange = no need to shower, you won’t ever dry off. (This is the average seasonal reading) Red = you are miserable, cranky, and your fingers are wrinkled. Fuchsia = keep drinking a beer, it may be cold, who cares after that.

28: The island is like an even bigger step into the past | La Gonaive

29: Joe's Bar | grab a slice, rock to tunes, shake some salsa, or just sit under the palm tree

30: Fixing up the place! | septic pit covers | roof leaks | mow the yard

31: Driveway, mowing, torantulas, porches, patios, wash basins, roof top weight room, screened porches.....

32: Hospital Closing

33: a rough day for all for something i just can't understand. how are things of the highest value lost the easiest among all the chaos

34: Beach Days | any escape is a chance to find your own sanity. take all the opportunities and create your own as often as possible

35: Paradise | load up the ice, beer, gear and head out for a lobster lunch, snorkle trip, long swim and good sand

36: Taino is our weekend get-away

37: Jacmel was nice too! We always brought back dinner. It's natural to hunt and foriage.

38: Rubble Day | the kind of work that makes you feel like you earned your rite to be around one more day

39: Haiti wins, time to go! | The end has come, the dengue fever strong and painful. 104 temperatures, agonizing body pains, and headaches that with now end or relief in site send me home and end my time.

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