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FC: 1956 | By Alicia | Memories

1: This project we are doing is for our 8 grade Social Studies class of 2010. we were asked to research on 7 topics. These topics came from the song "We Didn't Start The Fire" by Billy Joel. In my part of the song the lyrics are "Bardot, Budapest, Alabama, Khrushchev, Princess Grace, Peyton Place, Trouble in the Suez" all this topics have happened 1956. I would like to dedicate this to my SS friends Sheyla and Araceli. :) | Introduction

2: Bardot | Brigitte Bardot was a French actress born in Paris, September 28, 1934. By the age of 15 she was already trying a modeling carrier. When she was 18 she married to Roger Vadim, she began to do some movies already but none were an explosion of sexuality. In 1956 she made movie And God Created Women, this movie broke all records for foreign made movie in US, it won $8,500,000 in the world. This movie was the end of her marriage with Roger Vandim, a 5 year lasting marriage, and the beginning of her erotic hoyden career. She exploited the physical splendors of women’s body. She was a sex symbol of her time, doing all her motion picture movies. She had her most glamour in USA. She is still alive and hasn’t died yet. Now she dedicates her live to her new foundation called “Foundation Brigitte Bardot” were she is a spokesperson for the animals.

4: In 1956, from October 23 to November 4 Hungary had a revolt against the Soviet Union. Hungary was dissatisfied with Soviet Union government, the collection of agriculture, the reduction of Catholic Church and also the stealing Soviet Union did to Hungarians economy to enrich Russia. Students in Budapest planned a sympathy protest in the Polish Embassy in Budapest. Soldiers were ordered to use deadly weapons against the Protestants but instead they joined the protest. | Budapest

5: Russia the 30 of October began to surround the borders of Hungary. On October they declared that they were going to withdraw from the Warsaw pact. On Nov 4 Budapest was invaded for the country to restore their communist beliefs. All the revolution collapsed and since the other countries couldn’t help because of the trouble in the Suez. The politicians were arrested and deported and Nagy, the president, was executed. Many refugees left Hungary during the revolution.

6: In December 5, 1955 black people created an protest called Montgomery Bus Boycott ,black people made this because of the problems black had with the buses. In the busses the black people had to go in the back of the lines of the busses and the white people would take the front lines. In the case of all seats were taken blacks had to move back or stay standing and give the seats to the white people. On December 1, 1956 when all the seats on the bus were taken a white women came in and asked Rosa Parks, an African American passenger, while the other African Americans moved to the back of the bus she stayed there and didn’t move. She was arrested and sent to jail, the people started to talk about the situation of the busses. In June 1956 the federal court and everyone had the same rights for the bus. | Alabama

8: He was born on April 17, 1894 Ukraine, Kalinovka. In 1935 he joined the communist party he was elected to its Central Committee and became first secretary. At the Twentieth Congress in 1956 he launched an attack on the rule of Josef Stalin rule for his abuse of power, intolerance and brutality. Thousand of political enemies were released thanks to Khrushchev. | Khrushchev

9: In 1957 he also secured the dismissal of his enemies. He then asserted a doctrine with capitalist nations. In 1962 he also planned to drop Soviet missiles on Cuban territory creating the Cuban missile crisis, he later retreated. In 1964 he was forced to retire and later died in September 11, 1971.

10: Princess Grace Kelly was born on November 12, 1929 in US, Philadelphia. She was from a wealthy Irish Catholic family learned all her live in private schools. When she was older she then attended in 1947 to a Dramatic Arts school. | In 1949 she had her first debut in Broadway. Later on she began her American actress career, appeared in television dramas, and in movies but in 1951 her career began to blossom. In 1956 she retired from her successful career and married Prince Rainer III and became Princess of Monaco. The couple had three children Caroline, Albert and Stéphanie. In 1982 she had a deadly car accident. The official report says she was driving and had a stroke that made her loose control of the car with her daughter inside. The other story is that the daughter was driving and she lost control and they crashed. | Princess Grace

12: In 1956 Grace Metalious released in United Kingdom a novel called Payton place. This book sold 60,000 copies in the first 10 days it was the New York Times best seller for 59 weeks. This book was about three lonely women who were repressed and lived in a small England’s town, describes how they make it through with their problem as women. The themes presented in this book were incest, abortion, adultery, lust, murder hypocrisy and social inequalities. The book, later on, had its adaption into a movie and then into a series, which was the first late night novel. The same year Grace Metalious also wrote a sequel novel called Return to Payton Place. | Peyton Place

14: The Trouble in the Suez Canal unfolded in 1956 Egyptian nationalized the Suez canal for its revenues. The Suez Canal is a waterway about 103 miles between Sahara Desert and Sinai Peninsula. The Suez Canal was designed by a French engineer and the British assistance and it came under British control in 1875. French, British and Israeli had a confrontation with Egypt and when the case was taken to court the court declared the nationalization legal. | Trouble in the Suez

15: French and British were unsatisfied with the decision and persuaded Israel to invade Sinai Peninsula to give an excuse for the British and French to move their troops to the Suez Canal Zone. Since this happened during the cold war when Russia and US couldn't agree in anything but could enough for the retreat of French and British armies and the retreat of Israeli. The UN worked out a plan and the Suez Canal re-opened under Egyptian control again in1957.

16: Was Brigitte Bardot ever married? And if yes to whom did she marry? From when ‘till when did this event occurred? Who made this a special story? What did Khrushchev do to make a difference? Why is Grace Kelly called Princess Grace Kelly? Where is Peyton Place from? Who became the owner of Suez Canal in the end? And when? | Quiz

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