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1959 "we didnt the fire"

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FC: We didn't star the Fire 1959

1: Space Monkey Astronauts have been studding the space for a long time but to gather information they need to send robots or people to space. On January 31 in 1957 the Soviet Union decided to send a dog to space. A few years later in 1959 the United States decided it would a good to send a monkey up to space. The monkey was called Ham, he was sent to mercury at 241km per hour in a space capsule. He arrived at mercury 18 minuets after he had just been launched in the space capsule. After Ham had accomplished his mission of getting to mercury and back. The Nasa decided to give him a reward for the good he had done. Ham was rewarded an apple which he was very excited of receiving. Ham is known as one of the Nasa astronauts. Ham after doing his mission was sent to Cape Carnival in Florida.

2: Mafia Mafia started in Sicily during the middle ages. The mafia began as a secret organization to overthrow rules, such as the governments rules and the country's rules too. The Mafia became like a group of people. These groups of people were mostly from military groups and other armies. The Mafia groups had land and they did everything to protect their land. If you where in a Mafia you would be called a Mafiosi. Most of the land of Sicily was owned by the Mafiosi’s that lived there. They were lots of Mafia groups all over Italy too. In the 1800s the southern Italians tried to create Mafia groups in the United States. Most of these groups didn't have power till the 1920s. The main job of the Mafiosi’s was to transport illegal things such as alcohol to other foreigner countries. In 1959 the mafia was powered by 24 groups or families.

4: Hula Hoops The hula-hoop is a very ancient invention. The Egyptians used hula-hoops mainly women would do a typical dance with it. Scientist don't know who invented this object or why but they believe that the Egyptians where the inventors. In the early 1800s British sailors first witnessed hula dancing in Hawaii. In 1959 an Australian businessman Alex Tolmer decided to manufacture the first hula-hoop made from plastic. He sold hundreds of thousands of hula-hoops. Now I days lots of kids use hula-hoops as toys and also to entertain them self. Not only kids use hula hoops also lots of women use them like in dances also in lots of circus they are people dancing with 6 or more hula hoops. Hula-hoops are plastic shaped as a hoop. And with that hoop you put it around your chest. And the challenge is to make it turn around your body without letting it fall.

5: Fidel Castro Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz was born on august 13, 1926. Fidel Castro was born from a very wealthy family in Cuba. He has ruled Cuba since 1959 he overthrew the Cuban military. He established a dictatorship and Cuba became the first communist country. Fidel Castro was the one who led a fail in the 1953 attack on the Monaca Barracks. He was sent to jail before being president of Cuba for a small amount of time and was released and then he went to Mexico. Fidel has been very sick during this last 5 years he has had many illnesses and has been in the hospital for a long period of time trying to fight the illnesses he has to keep on being president of Cuba. Fidel Castro has already given all of his responsibilities to the first vice president his younger brothers he who loves a lot Raul Castro.

6: Buddy Holly Buddy Holly was born on 1936 he was one of the best American singers of his time. He sang very well but he also played the electric guitar like no other. Most of the song of Buddy Holly are composed by himself he is also known as a very good composer. He was one of the major rock performers of his time he was known all over the world for the rock music he performed. Buddy Holly didn't do this alone he played with a band his band was called “The Crickets”. His band was known for lots of good songs but the song that made him and his band famous was called “that'll be the day”. He and his band also created a new genre of music called the energetic style. This style originated in the early 50s. The Beatles take their name as a tribute to the “The Crickets”.

7: Ben Hur Movies have been one of are main entertainment since 1895. There are many good movies but one of the most known is Ben Hur. Ben Hur was a very good movie released in 1959 this has been one of the best movies in theater history. William Wyler made this movie. The movie was called Ben Hur: A tale of the Christ. The premier of this movie was in the Lowes state theater in New York on November 18th, 1959. This movie won a record of eleven academy awards and one of these awards was the best picture. This movie is tied with the Titanic and The lords of rings. The movie Ben Hur is about a tale of a Jewish boy who is called prince Judan Ben Hur who lives Judea with his entire family during the time that Jesus Christ was known by the things he teached people.

8: Edsel is a no-go Cars have been used as transportation for a very long period of time. The first car was invented in 1672 since that day most people us cars as transportation. Ford has been one of the main cars producing factories around the world. Ford has manufactured lots of different types of cars like the Edsel. The Edsel was a car manufactured by the Ford Motor Company. This car came out to the market during 1959. The name Edsel came from the son of the president of ford and decided to call this car after his son. The Ford Company believed that this car was going to be one of the most soled cars of the year. Ford announced the discontinuation of this car on November 19, 1959. There where 2,846 1960 cars produced and only 84,000 where sold. This was a really bad investment for the Ford Company they lost over 350$ million.

9: Quiz 1.When did Fidel Castro become president of Cuba? 2.What did the chimpanzee Ham get as his reward of landing on Mercury? 3. How many academy awards did Ben Hur get? 4.In what country did the Mafia start? 5.What was the song that made the band of Buddy Holly famous? 6.In the early 1800s where did the British see people dancing with Hula-hoops? . 7.Where did the name of the car Edsel come from?

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