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1960's "We didnt Start the Fire

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FC: 1960's We didn't Start the Fire | Isadora Cangucu

1: Introduction 1960's was a year with many important memories. Not all of them were positive but it will always be a year to remember. The topics of this year were varied allot. Universal conflicts happened in the world of music, government, movies and more. The main points of this year were said in the song "We Didn't Start the Fire" by Billy Joel. The song not only inspired me to create this mix book but it made me acknowledge how important the past is to the future and what they both have in common. I hope you readers feel the way I felt about this year, and be as moved as I was.

3: During the Cold War in May 1 of 1960 the pilot Garry Powers was found spying on Pakistan and Norway with a US plane. Garry worked in the air force as Capitan. He joined the U-2 program which included missions to take pictures of military buildings in countries (including Soviet Union). At first the United States govern denied the incident but confessed the purpose of the plain. The plane was found and shot down by the Soviet Union. Inside the plane there was a video camera which recorded the journey of the pilot. Although the plane was shot down and completely destroyed Mr. Powers survived the accident without any injuries. Garry pilot was found guilty in August 19 and sentenced in prison for 10 year. This incident interrupted the Paris peace talk. This was an embarrassing moment for the US and now it has a bad relationship with Soviet Union.

5: Syngman Rhee was Korean man born in 1875. He received a PhD in International Law from the Princeton University. He remained in power after the Korean War between South Korea and North Korea in 1953. Syngman was re-elected in 1956 and 1960 by majority. He was overthrown government by students in 1960. After he was overthrown he escaped to Hawaii where he remained and died. He was very important to history because he ruled over Korea during the Cold War which made a big impact in the US. He also helped rebuilt the country after the Korean civil war making the two sides more united. It makes us acknowledge that the majority won, but the small part still had the power to take him off control which doesn’t seem very unfair. And this fits what is and has gone on in the world because many people have been thrown out control by the minority.

7: Payola is a secret payment that in return a object is gained. In the 1960 the first case involving this concept went to court. Payola was not illegal before this case but did become after it. Allan Fred received $2,500 which was supposedly taken because of “compassion” and not for any other reason, it also had not affect the radio program. They had told him that if he had put an offensive message in air they would of given him the money, so he did. I think Billy Joel included this in his song because many people now a day are involved with payola, and this is what made it illegal. Even Kenedy was involved in Payola, so what he means is that one thing led to another, and payola led us to many things. Today payola is even dangerous, and it makes us realize that such a small situation led to many confusion.

9: Kennedy was the youngest president ever elected (43) and youngest to die (46) in the US history, he was also the first catholic president. And in 26 of September he participated in the first presidential debate witnessed in TV. In this debate he and Richard Nixon were debating. In November 1960 he got 49.7% of the votes and his competition got 49.5%, resulting .2% in difference. This was the closest election in history. This was a very important election to people because Kennedy was a very important symbol to the world and obviously especially United States. Although Kennedy was very sneaky and did many wrong things some people say he brought a “new spirit” to the country. But the main reason is his age, never before such a young man had governed the country of United States, and it surprised people that he met many goals that were wanted to be accomplished.d.

11: Chubby Checker was one of the best singers of America. But in 1960 he created his best hit “The Twist”. This song was the first one to introduce the concept of dancing alone or in other words “dancing apart to the beat”. The hit inspired many compositors to write sons with the same name (twist) such as “Twist and Shout”, “Twisting the night” and many others. The song also made people interested to the concept of dancing alone. Moves such as “The Hully Gully” and “The Jerk” were created because of his success. But at the top of all the dances was “The Fly” created by Chubby Checker. Chubby Checker not only helped influence music but he inspired and changed the way we danced and dance today. When Chubby was recording the song, Bernie Lowe (the president of the Parkway Records) thought the song wasn’t going to bring Mr. Checker anywhere, but Chubby thought the total opposite, that the song had something special to it.

13: The big hit “Psycho” was released the 25th of August 1960 in Brazil. The genre of the hit is horror. The movie was nominated to 4 academy awards, 3 other nominations and won 5 awards. The director of the movie was Alferd Hitchock, the master of scary movies. The movie was written by Joseph Stefano and Robert Bloch. The movie is about a woman that steals $400,000 from her client. And then decides to leave the city. In her way she stops in a motel where she takes a bath and she becomes a victim of an attack by a old women in the motel. This is a important scary movie because it makes other writers to not write only about monster but about real things that could happen. It also gives scary movie a better ending because it is unpredictable for the audience. This is probably one of the scariest movies made so far and that is why it marked 1960.

15: Congo was part of the International African association. But Belgium took over the place and ruled over the country. But on June 30th of 1960 the Congo gained its independence, it was the last independence of the year, and probably the most violent one. More than 100,000 people died in the fought for independence, but the Congo successfully regained its independence. This is in the song because it was the last and most brutal independence in this year, and probably the last important event of 1960. It also marked the history because the Congo was already independent but then, was not and that seems really unethical because people have their own country but then they don’t. This is also important because the UN (United Nations) was involved in this conflict, and it ended up successfully which was a great news for everyone not only in Congo but all over the world.

16: Questions What was the name of the U2 pilot? When was Sygman Rhee born? What was the first case of payola? Who was Kennedy's opponent? How did Chubby Checker's song change history? Who was the director of the film Psycho? Who did the land belong to before the war?

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