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FC: Hayden Turner | We Didn't Start the Fire- 1961

1: Introduction | This scrapbook is about Billy Joel's hit song "We Didn't Start the Fire," specifically the year 1961. This was a fun project done in my 8th grade Social Studies class. I dedicate this to my class and teacher for Social Studies.

2: Bay of Pigs Invasion On April 17th of 1961, outbreak occurred in Cuba’s Bay of Pigs. Fidel Castro, the newly named leader of the Republic of Cuba, had just overthrown dictator Fulgencio Batista. Now, Cuba had gained friendship with many socialist and communist countries, and the Cuban government had taken over all private-owned property. The American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had been planning an invasion on Cuba even before all of these things occurred, and after President John F. Kennedy acclaimed this mission the attack began. An approximate 1,500 Cuban exiles who were living in the USA attacked Cuba’s Bay of Pigs, leading to disaster for both Cuba and USA. The exiles were no match for the Cuban troops, as they were captured and then immediately imprisoned. President Kennedy, who had put much effort into this, was being criticized for faulty information. The USA was being forced to pay $28,000,000 in repair by Cuba, but unfortunately could not raise the amount. Along with this, Castro demanded $53,000,000 in necessities (food, water, medicine) to be shipped. This was a failed attempt by America and led to the Cuban Missile Crisis.

3: Bay of Pigs Invasion

4: Bob Dylan Robert Allan Zimmerman, also known as Bob Dylan, is a musician who has accomplished many feats. He is known as a pioneer of folk music, but also his some of his songs are known as civil rights and anti-war melodies. He was born in Duluth, Minnesota on May 24th of 1941. He grew up playing in bands but didn’t get a record deal until the 1961 when he moved to New York. He released two albums very quickly and his rise to fame grew even quicker. He wrote variations of classic songs, for example “Blowin’ in the Wind” which was actually a version of the classic slave song “No More Auction Block”. His early songs were mainly known as protest songs, and his original, acoustic flow became trademark. He also wrote many religious songs for both Jewish and Christian people. Although he was Jewish, he released a Christmas album. He is still recording new songs today and he is known as a legend. Rolling Stone magazine ranks him the #2 greatest musician of all time, and many argue that his lyrics should be studied in school today.

5: Bob Dylan

6: Earnest Hemingway

7: Earnest Hemingway Earnest Hemingway was an American author, born on July 21st, 1899 in Oak Park, Illinois. He was known for being a “pioneer” of modern writing. During his life, he wrote seven novels, six collections of short stories, and a few other books. Many of the stories he wrote were from real-life adventures. After high school Hemingway joined the Red Cross as an ambulance driver, and then got a job as an international reporter in Paris. Not only did he write news articles, but this is also where Hemingway became more involved with his love of writing narratives and novels. He wrote about anything in his life, from the birth of his son (A Farewell to Arms) to going on African safaris (Green Hills for Africa). He served in the Spanish Civil War and World War II as a screenwriter and as a part of the North American Newspaper Alliance (NANA). He was one who traveled throughout the world, and after spending time with that he headed to Cuba as he thought that his writing career was starting to go down. Here, became very unhealthy physically and mentally and he eventually killed himself with a gun in the summer of 1961.

8: Berlin Wall

9: Berlin Wall The Berlin Wall was a man-made barrier that separated East and West Germany. Communist East Germany wanted to prevent their citizens escaping towards the non-communist West Germany. It is known as a major symbol of the Cold War because it strongly represented the differences between two areas that had before been very close politically. Hence the name, the wall was located in Berlin, Germany. The actual wall was 26 miles long of solid concrete, usually 12-15 feet high. There were other parts of the “wall” that were just fences with barbed wire. Through the 30 or so years of the Berlin Wall, there were approximately 170 East Germans that died trying to escape. By 1990, the Berlin Wall had started to tear down due to protests by citizens of both countries. In the same year, East and West Germany reunited and became one non-communist country. By 1992, almost all of the wall had been demolished. Today, the remaining parts of the Berlin Wall are used as a memorial and museum.

10: Stranger in a Strange Land

11: Stranger in a Strange Land Stranger in a Strange Land was a fictional novel written by Robert A. Heinlein. It won the Hugo Award in 1961 and raised the Hippie Movement, along with morals of self-responsibility, and freedom. Today, it is regarded as a manifesto or allegation. The plot is about a boy named Valentine Michael Smith who was born on Mars during an expedition. All of the astronauts die on the mission, but the baby stays alive. He is raised by martians for about 20 years until a second mission brings him back to Earth. He is kept in a hospital where he is not able to meet any females. He slowly accustoms himself to Earth, from its culture to the atmospheric pull. Mike also becomes very curious with his surroundings and he wants to explore them. Not only does he learn customs of Earth, but the people that surround him, for example a woman.

12: Adolf Eichmann

13: Adolf Eichmann Otto Adolf Eichmann was a Nazi who was known as the “architect of the Holocaust”. He was born to a middle-class family close to Cologne, Germany on March 19th, 1906. Eichmann wanted to be an engineer but when it didn’t work out, he decided to join the Nazi Party in 1932. He specialized in studying the Jews, as he would attend many Jewish gatherings and also learned Hebrew. He went up in the ranks very fast, and by World War II he was in charge of transporting Jews to the death camps. When other countries came in to invade, Eichmann fled to the United States for hiding. He was soon caught, but escaped to Argentina. There, he worked many jobs, such as a Mercedes Benz dealer and a rabbit farmer. About ten years later, he was captured by Israeli forces. Adolf Eichmann was then shipped to Israel and had his trial. He was found guilty of all charges of being a big part of the Nazi Party and Holocaust and was executed.

15: Quiz- 1961 We Didn’t Start the Fire 1-Who was Fidel Castro and what was his part in the Bay of Pigs Invasion? 2-He wrote many _____ melodies, such as “Blowin’ in the Wind.” 3-What type of writing was Earnest Hemingway a pioneer of? 4-Which country was communist- East or West Germany? 5-What did Stranger in a Strange Land raise popularity of? 6-Where was Adolf Eichmann executed?

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