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1: We Didn't Start the Fire Project | The seven topics that I used for this scrapbook was from the song called "We Didn't Start the Fire". This song was by Billy Joel. The song had several events and topics that were each of the verses. In each verse all the topics represented important events in one specific year. The year that my topics focus on is the year 1963.

2: November 22, 1963 tragic day. We lost a very important and greatly appreciated leader. His name was John Fitzgerald Kennedy, also known as JFK. JFK was assassinated when he was riding in a motor cade in Dallas. Kennedy was a very unique president in many ways. At age 43, he was the | John F. Kennedy | youngest ever man to be elected in office, but the youngest man ever to die in office too. JFK believed in the Roman Catholic religion and was the first president that ever was Catholic. John's presidency had a big impact on America. One of the problems that he helped end was Racial Discrimination by setting up the Civil Rights Act of 1963. The laws that the Civil Rights Act had was that every American could go to the same school, ride the same buses, had the right to get a job, and have the right to vote. He didn't get to see when the Civil Rights actually became a law, but it eventually happened a year later.

3: Have you ever thought of someone that could beat Roger Federer in tennis? I bet Arthur Ashe might of had a chance to bet Federer after all the games and titles that he won. First of all, he got a Tennis Scholarship from the college University of California, Los Angeles in 1963. That is one of the hardest colleges to get into now a days. It also has some of the best | athletics in college. One of his biggest titles was he was selected and elected to be in the International Tennis Hall of Fame in the year 1985. Later, he was named Athlete of the Year by the magazine Sports Illustrated. Ashe also helped as a civil rights leader which was when there was unfairness against the blacks. He was the first ever African-American man to with the | Grand Slam event. There was a delegation of African- American who visited South Africa. Arthur Ashe was arrested multiple times for protesting. Having many achievements in his life, he had a very sad death. He when he was having heart surgery, during the blood transfusions he got HIV. He died in the year 1993. | A R T H U R | A S H E

4: Have you ever had a big dream that you really wanted to happen? Andy Warhol was one of those artists that had an unique style and a different personality. Before he met his ultimate dream of having his art in museums, Warhol started out advertising items that used his art. One of his artworks was the 32 pictures of different flavors of Campbell's soup. Each can was painted in one style. Once he put some of his artwork in a museum, artists were saying its a new kind of artwork. Andy Warhol was the inventor of what is called Pop Art. Pop art was when he made items or objects into a more artistic form. Most of his pictures done was silk screen prints. In the year 1963, he made some pop art that featured the stars Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley. Andy took pictues that were photographed and turned them into pop art. He did so many different variations of the portraits. | Andy Warhol

5: The Feminine Mystique was a novel written in the year 1963 by the author Betty Friedan. When she was in college in 1942, she asked questions of her female classmates who attended her college called the Smith College. The results in the questions were saying that the women's lives weren't in very good shape. The women said that they had a very hard life. Betty Friedan told all of the women about an untrue belief system that said they should find the meaning of their lives through their other family members. That type of system wasn't a very good one because it caused women to ruin their entire identity in that of their family. Then, she directed the system to the women who had their husbands in the World War II. Because the husbands turned to their wives for mothering, not a wife. They would just work at home without any job. When that happened women's work wasn't even useful at anything. She changed a lot of women in a good way. She explained the importance of an education. to women. | The Feminine Mystique

6: People always get judged by what they do from their first impression. He seemed like a bad person when he first became noticed. But after a while, when people started to know who Pope Paul was, he was seen as a bright, religious, and kind man. Pope Paul's real name was Giovanni Battiasat Enrico Antonio Maria Montini and was in power in 1963-1978. He also wrote a novel about the constitution of the church in the year 1963. He was also unique from the rest of the other Popes | What made him different was that he was in first Pope that traveled and visited five countries. year 1963. Another thing that made him different from everybody | else was that he made the phrase: "The Devil's smoke has entered the church." The event that made him most successful and famous was the Vatican II. The Vatian II made the churches about to change around for example where everything was placed. One of the designs that the church changed into was with the altar in the center. Also, the Vatican made the church change in any way that they wanted the church to change. Pope Paul II was a part of that. | Pope Paul VI

7: Unity Rally in Harlem, in 1963. The Unity Rally was the biggest Civil Rights event. Some people said that Malcolm X's speech was one of the best. | Malcolm Little, but more famously know as Malcolm X, was born in Nebraska on May 19, 1925. Before he believed in all the rights and fairness in people he was a very positive impact in the world. He dropped out of hight school and move to Boston, and later he moved to New York. Being involved with gambling, robberies, and drug dealing, he was sent to prison for seven years. When he was released in 1952, he became a better person. Malcolm X was always very honest about saying his opinion. He had very strong beliefs about the rights of people. All of his opinions revolved around the rights of people. He wanted people to have freedom of speech, the right to do what they wanted, and to be treated equally. There was a lot going on about the lack of fairness against the blacks. Malcom X was one of the leaders that was fighting in the Civil Rights. Since Elijah Muhammad, one of the leaders for this event, was sick he asked Malcol to be his spokesman. One of Malcolm's biggest accomplishments was the | Malcolm X

8: court multiple times. Keeler didn't have a very good life. There were many women that were just like Christen and were in a bad condition like her. Luckily, there were some men that were trying to help people like Christen out. Some of these people helped women become more lady like and act like upper-class people. They taught people how to behave, how to speak cultured upper-class English, and how to converse. After he had helped this one girl, he decided to help a bunch of girls that were in bad shape as well. This became a huge event. But after he turned all the girls into ladies he decided to use them. He started to make these ladies into prostitutes. Some of his other politician friends brought them too and were caught later. Finally, when Dr. Ward was caught with one of the girls he was sent to court. He had lied to the congress and all the other people that were involved had to lie also to keep this a secret. Some politicians had to resign. Dr. Ward killed himself during the trial. | British Politician Sex | There was this women called Christen Keeler. She wasn’t in very good shape. At the age of 15, she had dropped out of school and turned into a shop girl, hairdresser, and a waitress before she was found. Christen was a very troubled girl. She had been shot at and beaten up and she went to

9: Quiz Over 7 Subjects | Andy Warhol: Q: Name the two most famous artworks that Warhol made? | The Feminine Mystique: Q: How did Betty Friedan help the troubled women? | John F. Kennedy: Q: Name one interesting fact about President John F. Kennedy? | Malcolm X: Q: Was Malcolm X always a person that was respectful, a leader, or a positive person? | British Politician Sex:\ Q: What was the name of the man that was in charge of this organization? | Arthur Ashe: Q: What was the biggest title that he was selected to be in? | Pope Paul VI: Q: What was the Vatican II?

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