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1980's - Page Text Content


1: It’s the early 1980’s and you are just beginning your journalism career with a major newspaper company in the city. You wait anxiously outside of your boss’s office for your first assignment; thinking that its going to be some small fillet story. However he has something else in mind because of he sees promise and heart in your writing… As you stand there and think about how many possible things that you could be sent to write about you can’t help but feel absolutely exhausted and drained and your day of work hasn’t even started yet. Your legs haven’t felt this tired in years, but are feeling the raff today because of the damn transit strike! You had to walk 15 New York City blocks to work and feel like passing out. Despite the fact that you are falling asleep on the job, you get a sudden burst of energy when the editor tells you that the company is sending you to London, to report of the Royal Wedding of Lady Diana and Prince Charles. But now you are faced with a hard decision… the news paper also needs someone to interview assassin attempter Mahmet Ali Agca in Turkey. *Travel to London and witness Lady Diana, and Prince Charles elaborate wedding. Turn to page 2 *Or travel to Turkey and interview the man who attempted to kill Pope John Paul II. Turn to page 3

2: TRAVEL TO LONDON You arrive in London on July 27, a few days prior to the wedding; to scope out the area and find the best places to get good stories. You walk into St. Paul’s Cathedral and the security automatically tells you that you can not be on the church property and escort you back out to the street. You then decide to do some sight seeing, and meet numerous people along the way. Finally the day arrives- July 29, 1981. The wedding began 11:20 AM and you struggled to get a close up and get a glance at the ceremony because of the 3,500 people attending, and the 600,000 people that lined the street. As you stood on the outside you meet a photographer that stopped by for some quick photographs. He decided to take some time off from covering Michael Jacksons “Thriller Tour” for a few days. HE asked you if you wanted to come along and write articles for his photos. After you were done covering the Royal Wedding? However once again you are faced with a difficult decision because as you were sight seeing you meet a beautiful mate, that you think you might have fallen in love with. That person asks you to stay and start a life together living in London. What will you do? *Travel the world and cover the Michael Jackson Thriller Tour. Turn to page 4 *Or stay in London and start a life with the person you may have just fallen in love with. Turn to page 5

3: PERSONAL INTERVIEW As you are flying to Italy your stomach will not stop crunching. You have never been more nervous in your entire life. Your first job with the paper is interview the man who tried to assassin the Pope! When am I going to say, you keep asking yourself? Mahmet Ali Agca shot and wounded Pope John Paul II on May 13th 1981, he was currently being incarcerated in Italy, where I was headed to interview him after one of his first trials. I was proud of myself after the interview; I pulled myself together and asked some intelligent questions that set him off his game. I was enthralled by trial scene and thought that being apart of it was one of the most interesting things that I have ever done. I asked myself, should I stick around for a little while longer and report on the scene? However you heard that NASA was sending their second Space Shuttle orbiter into space, called The Challenger. What will you do? Stay in Italy and cover Mahmet Ali Agca’s trials or turn to page 6, come back to the US and report on NASA’s second ever space shuttle launch turn to page 7.

4: You decide to take the job and travel the world with your new co-worker. The tour is going everwhere, and you are having the time of your life! However, there is temptation all around. Drugs, alcohol, and sex seam to run everyones lives while out on tour. Luckily you realize what the harmful substances are doing and tr to stay as far away as possible. But you always wonder what its like? Michael Jackson himself asks you to mae an appearance at the music gala in New York City, and then take an interview about the tour on the new music television station. (MTV) continue covering the tour, becuase it is such a great experience. turn to page 8 Attend the gala, and interview on MTV turn to page 9

5: You chose to take time off from work because you met a handsome guy/girl that you have fallen for. Unfortunately the relationship didn't cook up the way you wanted it to. Does it ever? Although you've developed a great relationship, there is a problem, a major problem! You two have chosen to have unprotected sex and the consaquences of that is HIV, AIDS. Yikes! You have decided to have a fling and develope AIDS. You have a decision to make. You can either continue to be with this person, or take the trip back to America, never to see this person again... If you want to continue seeing this person, turn to page 12. If you want to go back to America turn to page 13.

6: Now that you have decided to stick around, you meet up with the key prosecutor of Agca and his attorney and sit down and have two personal interviews. Your key interviews make top headlines in the US. They become televised o the Today Show and you become a superstar journalist. After the interviews take place your work calls and your work visa has expired. They give you a chance to take the earliest flight back to New york or you can travel to the US embassy and extend your work visa. 1. Travel back to New York Page 16. 2. Take a taxi to the US Embassy in Beirut Page 17.

7: You decide to travel to Florida to watch the space shuttle Challenger take off. You realize that this is still big news with the world so you bring your camera and notepad to try and get a good story out of it. Then you start thinking about your picture angles. You think to yourself that if you can get a little closer then you will have the best pictures and best story over all other news stations. Then you notice that there is a road that’s not blocked off and realize that you can get an extra 3 miles to the launch site. 1.You take the road to get a closer look 2.You stay were you are to report from a distance

8: You were having the time of our life, and didnt think that you were ready to leave the tour, so you stayed! The music keeps getting better and better, as the people get crazier and crazier. One nightyou decide to try this new drug. Crack cocaine. No one tells you how addictive the drug is and you become dependent off of it after just one swing. Months pass, and you have gradually turned into a hardcore cocaine addict. While traveling and covering the tour you accidentally take to much and overdose, on crack cocaine.

9: You choose to accept your invitation to a party in New York City. While you were there you are asked to make an appearance on MTV, a new show based out of New York that covers music. They want you to talk about the Michael Jackson Thriller tour that you were just at. You appear on prime time to talk about your story about the story. After you tell your story you go back home to your house. Within days of your MTV interview you are getting loads of offers for many different news stations. Apparently they saw your interview and thought you were amazing. You decide to take a job as an anchorman for a major Chicago news station. You many very good money and become popular with the public. You earn enough money to buy a huge house and many cars. You life a very nice life being very wealthy.

12: You continue to see the person that you had recently fallen in love with. Little did you know that your mate had recently been diagnosed with HIV-AIDS. Meaning that you now have the disease in your system as well. However, the two of you truely love eachother and are not letting the virus split up your relationship. The medication is way to expensive so you decide to live with the virus without taking madeication for it. You live happily, but sick for about a year and eventually die due to the intensity of the disease.

13: Even though you have fallen in love you decide that becomming successful, and your career means more to you. You then travel back to the United States and continue to work for the newspaper company covering numerous major news headlines. You become highly successful, and eventually find love in the states and start a family. You live unitl you reach old age, and lead a happy and healthy life.

14: You decide to take the road to get a closer look. You hop into your car and drive down the road. Surprisingly nobody stops you. Your already happy about your decision and start taking pictures. You can’t believe how close you are. Then the count down starts and the shuttle takes off. You’re so close that your hair on you head blows back. Your firing away as many pictures of you can but then 1 minute and 13 seconds into the flight the shuttle explodes. You still take pictures because you know this story is going to be even bigger now. Then you notice that flaming debris is falling all around you, you panic and jump in your car. Just as you start the engine a hunk of metal falls and top of you, killing you instantly.

15: You decide to stay were you are because you know that if you went down their you could be arrested. You’re surrounded by other reporters and as the count down starts you hear hundreds of pictures being taking while your taking as many as you can. Then liftoff, even though your about 5 miles away you can still feel the wind and even the heat of the shuttle. The after only 1 minute and 13 seconds of flight the shuttle explodes. Even though you can’t believe what is happening you still take pictures and write your experience down. After the disaster you tell your experience on the news and write a book about it. You become an expert of the crash and publish a lot of work about it. You make a good bit of money from all you work and live a nice full life.

16: You take the earliest redeye flight home to New york and as you enter the office your boss and co-workers pop champagne for you, as they celebrate your huge Promotion. As you are celebrating your long time ex-girlfriend calls you and wants to give your relationship another chance. This night turns out perfect and within a year you marry and live a long fulfilled life with a family and kids.

17: Your work trumps your call from home, and you decide to take an hour long taxi drive to the US Embassy. You encounter alot of traffic and arrive safely at the Embassy. You walk into the embassy nd encounter terrible lines but you decide to wait out the lines. Once at the teller screams are heard and a loud crash pierces out. Seconds later an explosion is heard and the Embassy is blown to dust and you become one of the 60 casualites from the Lebanese bombers.

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