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2008 - Page Text Content

S: 2008

BC: continued in the next book

FC: January 1 - December 5 2008

1: 2008 Clark is in his last year and a half of residency at UTMB in Galveston. Samuel is 5 and Beth and Katie are 2. This is a picture of us just after church on March 23 - Easter Sunday. Clark was about to start studying intensely for the Radiology written board exam. We had no idea that by that December we would have gone through hurricane Ike, and have a new baby! "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

2: Relaxing at home. Samuel tends to take spontaneous naps on the floor, on the couch, or in big ol chair. | January | K | K | K | E | E

3: K | K | K | E | E | E | E

4: Samuel dancing with his sisters, Beth and Katie take care of their babies. | K | K | K | K | E | K | E

5: Samuel has a big time with his drum set and wave cap from Uncle Daniel and Aunt Micah | K

6: Popsicles in February | E | K

7: Fun in the backyard and at the "castle playground". | K | K

8: All things grow better with love. | February

9: K | E

10: K | K

11: February 11 We walked to the beach to explore and take pictures | K | E | E | E | E

12: February 14. Moody Gardens playground (the "rainbow playground"). Dad came for a visit for a few days while Clark was away in Washington DC at AFIP.

13: Opening Valentines

14: K | K | E

15: February 16. We drove to Texas City to do a little sight seeing. | E

16: A warm February afternoon with two fun activities - a bubble machine and the back of Papa's truck! | Lindale Park ("Fish Village")

17: February 17. We rode the ferry that evening, and saw both cruise ships leaving! | K | E

18: March 18. First night in the new bunk bed. We bought it at Star Furniture in Galveston, and on March 18, it was delivered. The girls moved out of their crib and into the bottom bunk. Samuel moved to the top bunk. Now there is a lot more room to play in their little room. | Later that night, we found one of the girls sleeping like this. We soon added a bed rail to keep them from falling out of bed. | K | K | E | March

19: I love these shirts I got at Old Navy (on clearance!) | E | K | E | K

20: hangin out at home | E | K | E | K

21: March 22 Easter Egg Hunt First Baptist Church | E | K | E

22: March 23 Easter Sunday | Samuel sang during church | My Sunday School class Katie Annie, Beth, Oliver and Samuel (he actually went to SS upstairs)

23: After church, we drove down to the harbor .

24: Sunday, March 23. Fertita's yacht, Tallship Elissa, Carnival Conquest, Royal Caribbean Rhapsody of the Seas

25: The "Mosquito Fleet" shrimp boats off Pier 19

26: E | E | K | K | Easter egg hunt at home.

27: Tuesday, March 25, Clark had the day off (he was post-call) and we went to tour the DeLorean "plant" in Houston that afternoon | Texas entrepreneur Stephen Wynne started a separate company in 1995 using the "DeLorean Motor Company" name and shortly thereafter acquired the trademark on the stylized "DMC" logo as well as the remaining parts inventory of the original DeLorean Motor Company. The company, at its suburban Houston, Texas location completes newly assembled cars from new original stock parts, original equipment manufacturer and reproduction parts on a "made to order" basis using existing VIN number plates. Technically, there are no "new" DeLoreans; only remanufactured original cars.

28: March 27. I met Anna and her kids at Herman Park in Houston. It was a warm day, and the kids played in a little water park there. Afterwards we ate a picnic lunch. | March 29. We went to Dallas for Clark to go to TRS (Texas Radiological Society) and stayed at the Magnolia Hotel. While Clark was at TRS, I took the kids to Mesquite to see Amber march in a parade. Afterwards we went to a playground. | Elizabeth, Emily, Fritz, some random kid, and Alex

29: E | K | E

30: Sunday, March 30. We went to church with them. | E | K

31: April 2-6 Because of Clark's recent research, he was invited to a NSF meeting, conveniently held at at the El conquistador Resort in PUERTO RICO! Randal and Gloria stayed with the kids and I went along, and we stayed two extra days after the meeting to have a little vacation. We had a great time!! | PUERTO RICO!! | April

35: We rode this funicular down from the resort to their beach area. There were more rooms, a small water-park (awesome!) and a boat left from there to take you to a private island, where we spent that Saturday snorkeling and laying around getting baked.

36: Sunday, April 13. Back at Hilltop Baptist for Jonathon and Courtney's baptism! | April 23 Uncle Jr and Aunt Sandra Wurst were in Galveston for a little vacation and we ate dinner at Miller's Landing. | E | K

37: April 26 We threw Gloria a little 60th Birthday get-together in Dallas with us, Mary Sue, Don, & Katie Van Slyke, Daniel, Carol Hightower, and Karen Hobbs. We stayed one night at the Embassy Suites, and had lunch and cake at a restaurant. | K | E

38: Hot, sweaty, stinky, hungry, happy kids at the Moody Gardens playground ("rainbow playground") | May | E | K

39: An abandoned wheelchair next door. Yet another Galveston oddity. | Samuel being cute inside the jail/house which is packed with toys. | Katherine is learning how to blow bubbles!

40: May 20 Samuel became an architect. Beth is impressed. Katie is distraught. May 26 Elizabeth is propped up against the couch. Is she asleep with her eyes open? We poked her to find out. She was most likely asleep. Worn out. May 17 When I checked on the kids that night, this is how I found them sleeping.

41: May 20 I bought the kids a shark blow up pool. They loved it! June 15 More SHARK POOL! We moved it to the front yard because of the mud in the backyard. | E | K | K | K

42: May 30 - June 1 Jessica, Austin, and Ellie and Maria and Lilly came to visit us in Galveston. | E | K | E | Ellie | June

43: June 1 - June 4 Maria, Jess, the kids, and I drove up to north Houston to stay a few days at Mike's parent's house. We spent a lot of time in the pool! | Eating spaghetti for dinner - outside! | Waiting for the children's museum to open. | Austin (age 3), Samuel (age 5), Ellie (just turned 2), Jessie, Maria, Lilly, Elizabeth and Katherine (age 2), Steph (3 mo pregnant with Asher)

44: June 3 - We all went to downtown Houston to the Aquarium.

45: May 18 - Samuel fell in the kitchen and hit his head on my china cabinet, right in the corner and cut his scalp open. I held him in my lap in big ol chair and we watched cartoons while Daddy stood behind him and sewed it up! | June 14 - (our 10th wedding anniversary!) Daddy and Samuel play with an airplane in the yard.

46: 6-17 - Katie feeds her doll 6-25 Elizabeth watches Samuel play Leapster Stephie's new ear rings from Clark! | Every night, Elizabeth and Katherine drink some milk before bedtime. One cup, two straws. This is how we save on washing so many cups. Looks like we are dressed to go somewhere fancy. | E | E | E | K | K | K

47: May 23 - Since we were expecting baby #4, we needed a vehicle with a third row of seats. The Durango had a third row, but it took up the whole cargo area. We needed more room. So we said goodbye to the Durango and hello to the Suburban! Daddy loves that he can see out a lot better. It is a beast! June - New furniture! We bought a new set of couches, TV stand, 2 end tables, a coffee table - all from The Roomstore in Clear Lake. And a painting from Hobby Lobby. No more bird couch!! | NEW STUFF!

48: More shark pool! | K | K | E | E | E | K | K | K

49: VBS! First Baptist Church, June 29 - July 3 | The theme this year was Son World Adventure Park. They learned the songs, "Choose Jesus", "I Will Hasten (to obey)", and "Ten Men" (about the 10 lepers). I taught the girls' class with Mari Mathis, and Cassidy Blackburn. | Libby and Katie. | The story of the blind man. John 9 | Beth and Annie. | K | E | E

50: Hudson, Elizabeth, Addie | The ten lepers lesson. | Cupcakes! | Snocones!

51: Happy 4th of July! Let's go to the Home Depot, then fireworks on the beach. | July | July 5 - We went to Abilene for a visit. | K | E

52: E | E | E

53: On the way home, we stopped by the farm. | E

54: At the Yacht Club pool. | Samuel at work. (Notice the necktie...) | Sleepy boy. | E | E | K

55: At Walmart, shopping for school supplies with Samuel. He starts Kindergarten soon! | Moody Gardens Palm Beach with Jackson and Kate Martin. | Elizabeth discovers mascara. | August | K

56: August 10 At the playground in Fish Village | K | E

57: July 25 we learned it's a BOY! | 8-10, after we got back from the playground, the sillies continued. 8-16. Katie takes late afternoon nap. 9-9 We're ready for baby boy Wiginton | K | E | E | K

58: August 19. Samuel's first day of Kindergarten. Trinity Episcopal School, Galveston TX. His teacher is Miss Brauer. Carolina is in Mrs. Dobbs class next door. | Ready to go! | August 18. The first annual first day of school cake.

59: September 5. An afternoon at the beach. | September

60: K | E | E | E | E | K

61: K | E

62: September 11, 2008 A day we will never forget. Clark took the radiology written board exam the morning of September 9 in Houston. That night he flew to Abilene. The next day he interviewed for his job at Radiology Associates. He was going to fly back later, but we had been tracking hurricane Ike, and as it wobbled closer and closer to Galveston, he decided to fly back early. Clark and his daddy flew to Houston early on September 11. They got in our little Buick Century and drove as fast as he could to Galveston. We spent the day boarding up the house. As we worked on the house, they were evacuating the hospital down the street. Ambulances lined 8th street, and helicopters took turns getting patients out. That afternoon, the city issued a mandatory evacuation of the city. Randal drove the Galaxy to Abilene, Clark drove the 300ZX, I drove the Suburban, and we left the Buick in the garage. We packed away Midget, our photo albums, old clocks, diplomas, and a few clothes and left. That afternoon we headed to San Antonio. We had planned on a vacation there that weekend anyway. | I got a hotel reservation that afternoon because I knew hotels would fill up fast. We were lucky to get a nice room at Homewood Suites. The next day - September 12, we went to Sea World and had a great time! While we were there we kept thinking about Galveston. As the storm got closer and closer, the waves began to pound the seawall and the storm surge started flooding the city. At 4pm, waves overtopped the 17' seawall. That night, we put the kids to bed and stayed up and watched the news channels as Ike headed ashore. It made landfall on September 13, at 2:10am.

63: safe and sound | ready to go | locking up. with a drill.

64: K | K | K

66: Sunday, September 14 We realized we weren't going back to Galveston anytime soon, so we headed to Abilene. | K

67: September 15 and 18 Clark went to the farm to see the new windmill, and blow off some stress.

68: September 17. Samuel's Second First Day of Kindergarten. We put him in St John's Episcopal School in Abilene since we figured we'd be there a while. | We split up for a few days, some of us stayed with my parents, some with Clark's parents. | We didn't have any toys with us, so I went to a few garage sales and picked up some new stuff for the kids to play with. | K

69: 9-20 I took the kids to the Abilene Zoo. It was around this time that we moved into a hotel by the mall paid for by FEMA. We needed our own space, and it was looking more and more like we weren't going home for some time. Clark left on 9-20 for Victoria, TX to moonlight for 3 days, then he drove to Galveston on 9-24.

70: Friday, September 26 We went to the hot air balloon festival at Red Bud Park. | K | K | E

71: Saturday, September 27. We celebrated Elizabeth and Katherine's 3rd Birthday.

72: K | K | E | E | E | Samuel got some tinker toys

73: K | K | E | K | K | E | October 1 On their actual birthday we had some leftover cake in our hotel room. | They got a little people car, a house, and a horse set. Hats, crowns, wings, magic wands, and nerf swords

74: September 24, Clark went to our house for the first time since the storm. It had been boarded up for 13 days. All of the trees were dead, except for the palm trees, the hedge, and our little pine tree. Ike didn't bring much rain with it, so when the salty storm surge came, it saturated the ground, and the salt killed every single tree that sat in it. Around 11,000 dead trees were cut down the next year in the city. | The water line

75: * It was the 3rd costliest hurricane in the US. | * The winds were 110 mph, at the high end of Category 2, but with an unusually large wind field, making the storm surge that of a category 4 hurricane. | IKE FACTS | * 16 people died in Galveston county as a result of Ike. | * The storm surge in Galveston was 9-11 feet. We had 4-5 feet of water in our basement. On Bolivar peninsula, the surge was about 13 feet. Around 85% of the homes there were lost. | * We were away from our house for 48 days. From 9-11 to 10-30. | * We moved 7 times. in those 48 days. | * Samuel changed schools 3 times. He started at Trinity, then St Johns in Abilene, Las Colinas in Irving, and back to Trinity. | * During that time, as a family, we spent 22 days apart with Clark out of town at Dallas, Galveston, Nacogdoches, and Victoria. | Clark had to wear a mask because of all the mold. | The Buick was completely underwater. | The washer and dryer were underwater too. The wagon floated up and got stuck.

76: Clark's Desk. We bought it at a garage sale down the street. It was solid wood. It was pretty much ruined in the flood. The water line was well above the desk. We think this desk may have floated, but the top of it is ruined and moldy. But this Bible is perfectly fine... | A Fire. One of the last things Clark did before we left was turn off some of the circuit breakers. He contemplated this, because he knew that turning them off meant that the fridge and his aquarium would be without electricity for a long time. What a blessing that turned out to be! The city started turning the electricity back on days before we got there. When Clark first opened up the basement, he flipped on the circuit breakers. Minutes later, he smelled smoke and immediately shut it off. A power strip, soaked in salt water, caught fire. If Clark had not thought to shut off that circuit breaker, our house might have burned. | Two miracles | The water line

77: The Flagship Hotel. The main ramp collapsed. The bottom floor was blown out, and chunks of walls missing. It was torn down in 2011. | Another hotel on the seawall. | A store on 61st street. | Murdoch's Bathhouse, a souvenir shop on Seawall. Completely destroyed. Next to it, was the historic Balinese (built in 1929) and a restaurant. Both were washed away. All of the lumber from these buildings washed onto the seawall in a great pile. | A restaurant/bar on the Seawall (it was actually on the beach). | The 1900 Storm statue on Seawall. | Apartments on the opposite side of Offatts Bayou.

78: October 2. Clark drove by our church and Samuel's school - Trinity Episcopal. The church had about 2 feet of water in the chapel and the education building. The sanctuary had less than 1 foot of water. All of the pews had to be thrown out. They had to get new AC and mechanical equipment, and re-furnish the nursery area and church offices. Trinity had water in their building too, and had to redo floors and refurnish the classrooms. | All of our "Iked" stuff.

79: September 30 - October 4 Clark was in Galveston for the 2nd time since the storm. Along with some help from friends (the Mosis family) he got the entire basement emptied. October 8-9. By now we had a contractor (Larry Jackson) working down there. They got out the rotten drywall and sprayed for mold in preparation to finish it out. | November 5 - a new roof! | December 3. We said good-bye to the Buick 2 days before Asher was born. | Clark talks with the guys finishing the basement. | Ike juice.

80: October 2 - Grandparents Day at St John's. And Samuel's last day there. He was in a program, and sang the song, "Oh Grandma, Grandpa, we love you!" October 8. Samuel started school at Las Colinas Elementary. His teacher was Ms. Hill. October 23 We drove to Galveston to meet with the residents and faculty to decide when they would all start back. UTMB had some flood damage and wasn't fully operational yet. Nobody would make any decisions, and everything was up in the air as to when they would start back. But with our baby on the way, we needed answers. We didn't want to move around my due date or move with a newborn. | October

81: October 24. Halloween carnival at Las Colinas Elementary. Hanging out at our apartment. We were in a two bedroom apartment from October 4-29. (the Vistas apartments). We used air mattresses to sleep on. We moved some stuff from our house in Galveston like a desk, the big ol chair, our tv, and our dining table and chairs. Gloria and Randal loaned us an old couch and recliner and plastic boxes to keep toys in. October 30 We packed up a Uhaul and moved back to our house in Galveston.

82: October 31 Samuel's first day back at Trinity. They got to wear their costumes that day and parade around the other classrooms. Miss Brauer was the Cat in the Hat.

83: That night, we went to a carnival at the methodist church, and one at the hospital. UTMB hosted a big halloween carnival since the town was still a mess, trick or treating was out. | E | K

84: November 2. Steph's 34th birthday! Clark gave me a snuggi for baby Asher. It was also our first day back to our church. We met in the chapel, and sat in folding chairs on a concrete floor. But it was wonderful seeing familiar faces! | November 4. Our house still wasn't really livable, even though we were living in it. We had no hot water, no sewer in the basement (I couldn't do laundry) and some of our circuit breakers weren't safe to use yet. We stayed one night at the Galvez, I did laundry and baths one day at the Carnes' house. Rene even gave me her daughter Molly's infant carseat (ours was Iked, but I had the cover from it so it worked out). | View from Hotel Galvez. | November

85: November 5. Samuel's 6th birthday! | He got Bumblebee transformer from Daddo and Grandmommy | Samuel got some light up guns, a train rug, a bunch of transformers, the Operation game, and some Spongebob DVDs from us. | He got some Lightning McQueen things from Uncle Daniel and Aunt Micah


88: November 20-23 Daddy came to visit. He brought Clark some used office furniture - a table, a chair, and a bookcase. He also brought a carport, a rocking chair from Randal and Gloria to donate to church nursery, and all the stuff we evacuated to Abilene that was mine - pictures, photo albums, the pack n play and the newborn clothes.

89: November 25. Thanksgiving at Trinity with the Kindergarten and Pre-K classes. | November 27. Thanksgiving at home with turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, and black eyed peas.

90: November 27. We put up the Christmas Tree. We got a new pre-lit tree from Walmart. Both of our old Christmas trees were Iked.

91: December 4. The day before Asher was born. Samuel spent the night with Carolina, and her mom took them to school the next day. Grandmommy and Daddo came down to take care of Elizabeth and Katherine. We all stayed at a hotel that night. When Daddy and Daddo were putting up our new carport, they accidentally broke the main water supply pipe on the back of the house. Since we had no water, we all went to a hotel in Clearlake near the hospital. A plumber came and fixed our busted pipe the next day. | December

92: Asher Benjamin Wiginton born December 5, 2008 at 6:05pm Christus St John's Hospital in Nassau Bay, TX 7 pounds, 7 ounces 20.5 inches

94: "For to us a child is born, to us a son is given. "Isaiah 9:6 "Every good and perfect gift is from above." James 1:17

95: The next day, Asher met Samuel, Elizabeth, Katherine, Grandmommy and Daddo.

96: December 7. Going home. | Grandmommy and Daddo meet Asher

97: Welcome home, Asher!

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