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2011 Book 1

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2011 Book 1 - Page Text Content

S: 2011 Memories January - May

BC: Relaxing with Grandpa!

FC: “Dare to live the life you have dreamed for yourself. Go forward and make your dreams come true.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson | 2011 | January - May

1: Carl Johnson Park 2010 | Pictures that were missed in previous photo books!

2: Visiting Santa at the Cokato Early Childhood Center with/Kambria... 2010

3: I chuckled when I saw the pictures of visiting Santa... It was clear that I wasn't home to do quality control on the outfits before they went out of the house.!

4: T'was the Night Before Christmas... | Dec. 6th, 2010 | The kids always love jumping in our bed to snuggle up (although they can't stay there). Here they were having a great story time with dad!

5: MaryAnn has made a blanket for each of the kids when they were born. When George was born, her and I made his together at Elbow Lake. During this vacation at their house, I decided I wanted to make Onnika's by myself so I could learn how to do them. When Savannah and Lily were done taking over the sewing machine for about 3 days straight, I jumped on and whipped the blanket out in I think 2 days. It was fun to do and now I know I CAN sew... at least rectangles:) | January 2011

7: Grandma, Grandpa, all the kiddos and their blankets!

8: Poor Lily:( We went to Prairie park one winter day, the kids wanted to get outside so bad and run some energy off. They were having so much fun, until Lily slipped on the metal steps and cut her chin open... | We rushed home, put Helichrysum oil on it and to my delight, realized that it numbs the wound! We ran to the store, got some band aids, put Myrrh oil on it also and kept changing it for the next few days. It healed awesome!

9: One of our little veggie lovers!! Ina had no time to wait for a salad. She decided to just dig in herself to the lettuce base & rudabega sitting on the counter while we continued to prepare lunch! | Eying the rutabaga... | One raw rutabaga COMIN' UP:) | George is no stranger in the kitchen either. He was happy to help prepare the meal too!

10: The kids wanted to go skating at the rink, but obviously were overtired being they all fell asleep while waiting to go!

11: Grandma's 80th Birthday | Mom decided to have the Birthday brunch at their house one of the days of Grandma's Birthday weekend so it would be easier for dad. It was easier during this time if he didn't have to leave the house much and when he got tired (which he was most of the time) he could go straight to sleep.

12: When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses. ~Joyce Brothers | January 22, 2010

13: 80 Red Roses | All the grandkids/great grandkids were supposed to go bring Grandma a red rose on Saturday evening between 6 & 7p.m. We went down there with all of the kids and they each gave her one and told her Happy Birthday!

14: Dill pickles? | Jan. 27th, 2010: Savannah let Onnika try a dill pickle and boy she didn't want to let go of that thing... She LOVED it!! She started eating baby food now too because she seemed so hungry all the time. She ate like a champ!!

15: I noticed Ina was secretly stuffing her pockets with something as we were busy cooking lunch. I asked her what she was hiding in her pockets. With her big "cheese" grin, she looked up and answered "onions!" She was eating and stuffing her pockets with raw onions. Haha!! | George busy cooking some more food... Probably making noodles in this picture! | Savannah didn't waste any time snagging a Nuk again when I bought some for Onnika. She's still loving them:)

16: February 12, 2011 | February 13, 2011 I had just put Oregano Essential Oil on Savannah's neck. | Feb. 12th and 13th I noticed Savannah's lymph nodes were really big on her neck. She didn't have any other symptoms of anything going on that we could tell. She didn't feel sick or anything, just said her neck kind of hurt (where the lymph nodes are) or that they were tender. Of course me having the camera/video near, put it to use. I wanted to take pic's to document in case anything changed as time went on and etc... (will continue on next pages)

17: Grandma stopped by to bring all the kids Valentines Day gifts!

18: Savannah came home and told me her eye hurt. She had had very swollen lymph nodes on her neck for a few days prior. By that evening her left eye was starting to get swollen and during the night she got a fever and threw up (we thought it was the flu, Mark had thrown up during the night also). We called the ER, they said the on-call Doctor would call us back. We fell asleep and woke in the morning (he never called back). Her eye was swollen shut in the morning, she still had a fever. | Tuesday, February 15th | Mark brought her into the Clinic that afternoon. They gave her a prescription of Amoxicillin for 10 days. This was the first time since we started using essential oils that we've needed a prescription for any of the kids. When I read through all the warnings and possible side effects that were stapled to the medicine, I told Mark that scares me way more than her swollen eye. I asked her to take her couple pills, I crushed them and hid them in apple sauce and etc., but she refused to take them. So, I told Mark I think it's meant that she doesn't take the medicine and I wasn't going to give it to her anymore but if he wanted to he could. He got her to take one capsule, but she refused anymore. During this time I was putting “Raindrop” oils on her feet and along her spine but her eye still seemed like it was getting more swollen. I had a strong feeling we were supposed to keep trying the oils and maybe we would learn something we didn't know. | Wednesday, Feb. 16th, 2011 10:20a.m. | I kept telling Mark I think she needs Melissa Essential Oil, but we didn’t have any. I had heard Cherie say at one of her classes that Melissa Oil will stop a virus on contact. When she had said that, I looked at Mark and was like "Mmm, I don't know about that. We'll have to try it sometime." So.. I guess our chance came... I called Dr. Shelton and Winston brought me 10 drops of Melissa essential Oil and a jar of Melissa Hydrisol (the water from when Young Living distilled the Melissa oil) that afternoon. I put a drop on my finger and applied it to Savannahs swollen eye lid and above her eye brow. I left the room. A couple min’s later, she hollered to me to come in there. She was partially sitting up and wanted to tell me a funny story, she was laughing. Up to that point, she had been laying in bed, not moving much at all! I asked her if she felt better and she said “yes!” She was already beginning to feel a lot better! WOW, maybe Cherie's comment was accurate!!! | 5:29p.m. First drop of Melissa oil applied around eye

19: We continued to apply Melissa Essential oil. A couple hours later her fever broke and went to normal. throughout the evening, I continued to apply Melissa oil. I was still worried about her eye, so that evening I called the hospital again. They had the on-call Doctor call me. He said from what I was telling him, he didn’t know what it could be, things “didn’t add up” and suggested I call Buffalo or Hutch hospital and see if we can get in to see an eye doctor. So, I called Hutch hospital. They said they don’t have an eye doctor available right now but we could go to the emergency room if we wanted to be seen. I called an eye doctor in Buffalo and talked to him for quite a while. He said to ice the eye and come in right in the morning to have him look at it. Mark decided to go to the Cokato Eye Clinic instead of Buffalo at 8:00a.m. the next morning and waited until they opened at 9a.m. They called the doctor to see if he could come in to look at Savannah. He recommended getting her into a Medical Doctor, he thought it was most likely cellulitus. WHAT in the world?!?! I had talked to how many Dr's/ER nurses and none of them had suggested that might be the issue so far! Wow, I dont know how parents can go through all the cattail chasing all the time w/kids sicknesses. Oils are SO much easier!! We made an appointment that day for at 3:00 just to make sure that's what it was.. We could not get in to Savannah’s primary doctor (Dr. Deb), so she said to come in anyways and she would tell whatever doctor saw Savannah, what was going on and what needed to be done and etc. She said most likely at this point, Savannah would need a shot of an antibiotic. Mark left to school at 10:00a.m. I called Cherie and asked her what I need to put on Savannahs eye for cellulitus. She told me Purification, Laurus Nobilis, Copaiba & Lavender. She also said to put Oregano under Savannah’s big toe. I didn’t have Laurus Nobilis, so I mixed up the other 3 and started putting it on her eye every hour. When Mark came home from school at 2:45, he looked at Savannah and said “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?! She doesn’t look like she needs a shot anymore!!” He didn’t think we should go to the doctor’s office anymore, because it was obvious it was healing very quickly. | These pic's were taken right when Mark got home from school, when we were supposed to be on our way to the Dr's. I decided I would swing into the Natural Nook in Cokato and if they had Lauris Nobalis, I would cancel her appnt. and apply that and see what happened as the time went on and if they didn't have it, we would go get the shot of antibiotic... I had never even heard of that oil, so thought if they had it, it was meant to be:) | Thurs. February 17, 2011 2:46p.m. (about 21 hrs after previous picture)

20: When I got to the Nook, they DID have one bottle of that oil. I bought it and called to cancel her appointment. They thought I should reschedule it, so I did for the next day. I thought that way I would have sometime set if it didn't keep improving by then. In the meantime, I added the Laurus Nobilis Essential Oil to the roll on I had made of the other oils. I continued to put it on Savannahs eye about every hour until bedtime. | February 17, 2011 6:00p.m. (3 1/4 hrs. after previous picture) | The next morning I got a call from our doctor’s nurse, telling me I HAD to coem in to get Savannah a shot of antibiotics. She had noticed we had not come in and wanted me to know that this is a serious infection that needed to be stopped with antibiotics. She said they would squeeze us in with Dr. Deb at 10:00a.m. that morning (Friday). I was more than happy to bring her in because I wanted Dr. Deb to see what the oils had done. We brought Savannah in and to say the least, our doctor told me “Angela, if I wasn’t convinced before that the oils work, I’m convinced now.” She could NOT believe how good her eye looked and how quickly!! She told me it looked twice as good, in half the amount of time than she has ever seen, even with IV antibiotics. This is what her eye looked like 4 hours after we saw her doctor She had told us the purplish/redness and puffiness would probably be pretty much gone by the next (4 days later) Tues. so Savannah could go to school However, by that evening you could HARDLY tell anything had happened, she would have seemed good enough to go to school. | Friday, February 18, 2011 2:32p.m. (about 20 hours after previous picture, 47 hours after first application of Melissa Essential Oil & 41/2 hrs. after seeing Dr. Deb)

21: I didn’t put any oils on her for the next two days and Monday morning, her eye had started to get a little red and puffy again. I started applying oils again right away and by that evening, it was about back to normal again. Today I have continued to put the oils on (3 times a day) and it looks about normal. I will continue to put the oils on at least 3 times a day for the next several days or week and see what happens I continued to put the oil roll for the next several days. I put it on 3 times a day for a few days and then down to 2 and then just whenever I thought about it, usually once or twice a day for a total of about a week. Savannah’s eye has been back to normal since the evening of Monday February 20, 2011! | February 20th, 2010 So, by a fraction of the time it would have taken w/prescription med's, Savannah was back to normal and feeling wonderful, thanks to the Essential Oils! So, my "gut feelings/intuition" was right once again. We did learn something new about the oils we didn't know before and they proved once more how powerful they are! I continue to be amazed by these oils all the time. Hense the reason we're sacrificing so much for Mark to be in school for so many years, to hopefully become a Naturopathic Doctor someday, with his focus being the oils. We are so excited to be able to help so many more people with them!

22: We have been making breakfast smoothies nearly every morning and Ina can't get enough of them:) She laps up every drop! What a great way to get the frozen broccoli/leaves/lettuce/beets, flax seed, raw almonds, magnesium & calcium powder (MegaCal), protein powder, raw Maple syrup/Blue Agave and frozen berries into them. What an amazingly healthy breakfast and boy am I sneaky:)

23: George is still working on perfecting his cooking skills.. Busy making hot cereal for everyone once again and just lovin' it!

24: Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday dear Kambria Happy Birthday to you! | 17

25: Ladies Hockey at Janckila's Barn... Monday Nights!

26: HairDo's By Kami!

27: George's hair has never been this long, so Kambria was having fun "styling" it different ways!

28: Married vs. Singles Hockey Game

29: Enjoying the Game!

30: I think this was the first year in a long time that the married guys won! It was a fun game to watch, they were pretty close throughout most of it!

31: Dad was too busy, having a blast watching the game to look for a picture!

32: Grandma & Kyler brought the kids to McDonalds!

33: Spending time at Grandma & Grandpa's house...

34: When you're cooking in the kitchen, You're learning all the while -- To pour and measure, mix and stir And sift flour into a pile. Scrub your hands before you start Then gather up the gear -- Like pots'n pans and measuring cups That you use throughout the year. Go over the recipe, step-by-step, So you'll know just what to do. By carefully following the directions, It won't be hard for you. Have a hot pad handy And an adult standing by -- So you won't hurt yourself When using the stove or baking a pie. Besides the fun and learning, There's always cleaning up to do, And even though it's quite a chore, It's part of cooking too. But after all the work is done, It will soon be time for dinner. And when someone asks for seconds, You'll know you've cooked a winner! | Is George going to be a Chef?!!

35: It's the little things that make life beautiful | Ina's 2nd Birthday Savannah's 6th Birthday! | Birthday's!

36: Party | Bingo | Pin the tail on the donkey | presents | March 18, 2010

37: Courtney & Kami Playing Bingo | Kaylee playing bingo | Birthday Girls | 2 | 6 | Ice cream cake

41: Trisha's 31st birthday & my 29th birthday!

42: April 1, 2010

43: We had made plans to go out to eat with my entire family for Trisha and my Birthdays. Unfortunately when the time came, Mark had taken off to MI to get Anna & Kaleb w/Roger. I was not able to find a baby sitter, so I couldn't go. I was beyond unhappy about the whole situation of him leaving last second being we had made the plans a couple weeks prior already. This was the 2nd or 3rd time my whole family had gotten together and I couldn't go because Mark was out of town and I couldn't find a sitter. Thankfully everyone came over for cake after out to eat so I got to celebrate for a couple hours anyways... | From Mark | From Grant & Trisha

44: Baby Boy | Courtney's Baby Shower

45: We went to MI for a week for dad to work on Ron & Anna's house. Ron & MaryAnn were just coming home from Florida, had been there for 2 months!

46: The day after MaryAnn and Ron got home from Florida, I noticed MaryAnn's left eye getting swollen. She mentioned she had a sore spot on top of her forehead that had seemed tender for a week or so already. As the day went on, her eyes got more swollen. She went to the Natural place she goes and the lady told her it was a blister from sunburn that maybe got a bug bite or something too, but I didn't agree. It seemed like it was more than that and I didn't think it was sunburn at all. She went to the MD to get another opinion. He told her it's shingles, which made a lot more sense for what she had going on with stress and coming home and etc.. So, we overnighted many essential oils from Young Living. She started applying Melissa oil right away (I had a tiny bottle left still from Savannah's cellulitus deal in my purse). She took oils internally and applied them topically. Immediately after applying Melissa oil the 1st time, she said it wasn't near as painful and we could tell things had "stopped" progressing. Once again, it stopped something in it's tracks! She continued to use the oils and went for a follow up visit with her Doctor. He was shocked at how quickly it healed and said that normally when someone gets shingles in the face, it moves down the entire face and is extremely painful for usually quite a while! It also usually takes a lot longer until it goes away! So... once again, thank goodness for Young Living Essential Oils coming to the rescue!!

47: "A lucky few have a mother like you. Mothers are flowers in the garden of life." - Thomas Fuller | It was MaryAnn's 69th Birthday the week we were in MI. Unfortunately she wasn't feeling very well, but we made a cake anyways and hopefully brightened her day a little.

49: We came across a website that estimated your child's height for when they're 18 years old, according to what they are now. We thought it would be fun to measure the kids and see what they "should" be. I have a very hard time thinking it's correct because so far all of the kids would be shorter than I am when they're 18 and I don't see that happening! Savannah has always been over 100% on the growth chart and this estimated her to be only 5'7" at 18 years old. We'll have to see, but I would be shocked!! | Estimated Heights at 18 years old... Savannah: 5' 7" Lily: 5' 9" George: 5' 11" Ina - 5'7"

50: Onnika loves sucking on her right pointer finger!

51: We went to the Dassel Clinic to see the Easter Bunny! 4-23-10

52: The kids got to go pick eggs from the yard at the clinic and win prizes... Just as we were leaving, the Koski van pulled into town from Canada to see the bunny too!

53: We asked Riina & Eric to come over for supper that evening. We decided to have an egg hunt at our house too, so Savannah and Lily were more than THRILLED to get to stuff the eggs w/goodies and hide them in the back yard!

54: The Hunt Is On... | 4.23.10

55: It was a long wait through the meal to wait until they could go collect their eggs but they did it! | Admiring their finds:)

56: Brittany having "blinking" contests with the kids...

57: We had Dad's siblings that were living here now over for Easter dinner and then went to Grandma & Grandpa's after. | Dog pile on Roger!

58: Bunnies are brown. Bunnies are white. Bunnies are always An Easter delight. Bunnies are cuddly The large and the small. But I like chocolate one The best of them all.

59: Everyone has been anxious for the nice spring weather to be here, so spent a lot of the day outside on the "big hill!"

60: The kids went with Eric to collect golf balls in the front yard/field being we were hitting them and running out... | The dress works great for a bag!

61: They found around 160 golf balls!

62: 2011 | Give me strength and wisdom, When others need my touch; A soothing word to speak to them, Their hearts yearn for so much. Give me joy and laughter, To lift a weary soul; Pour in me compassion, To make the broken whole. Give me gentle, healing hands, For those left in my care; A blessing to those who need me, This is a Nurse's prayer. | Jean, Jennifer & Karen all graduated from nursing school together! They had their open house at Phil & Vicki's house.

63: It was a really fun evening with a house full of people celebrating the graduates!!

64: May 7, 2011

65: "M-O-T-H-E-R "M" is for the million things she gave me, "O" means only that she'll grow old, "T" is for the tears she shed to save me, "H" is for her heart of purest gold; "E" is for her eyes, with love-light shining, "R" means right, and right she'll always be, Put them all together, they spell "MOTHER," A word that means the world to me. -Howard Johnson | This was one of the best days! We spent the whole Mother's Day with our family. We went to an indoor water park in Monticello and then to the Pizza Ranch. The kids had so much fun and I loved spending time with the whole family being we don't get to do that very often with Mark working and in school all the time!!

66: Monticello Community Center | Anna, Lily, Ina, George, Mark, Savannah, Onnika & Caleb

68: May 8, 2011 Not sure how far along I am because we don't know a due date. Maybe 3 and half months if I am due sometime in beginning of November.

69: Hudson Paul Raisanen

71: Our little Family

72: Kelsey's Tea Party Shower at Carolyn's | Ella Mattila | Kaylee, Eetta & Bailey

73: Family Tradition

74: Kamryn | Claire | Leila, Claire, Kaylee & Whitney | Carolyn & Arianna | Grandma R, Kelsey & Mary

75: Group Photos...

76: Savannah was busy taking pictures outside... Kendra Kotila | May 15, 2011

78: It was a beautiful day. Savannah wanted to walk down the driveway and enjoy an evening stroll...

79: Daughter, You Are Loved When the road seems too long When darkness sets in When everything turns out wrong And you can't find a friend Remember ~ you are loved When smiles are hard to come by And you're feeling down When you spread your wings to fly And can't get off the ground Remember ~ you are loved. When time runs out before you're through And it's over before you begin When little things get to you And you just can't win Remember ~ you are loved. When your loved ones are far away And you are on your own When you don't know what to say When you're afraid of being alone Remember ~ you are loved. When your sadness comes to an end And everything is going right May you think of your family and friends And keep their love in sight A thank-you for being loved. May you see the love around you In everything you do And when troubles seem to surround you May all the love shine through You are blessed ~ you are loved. ...Roger Pinches

80: Dad's 3rd (and last) injection of chemo at Abbott Hospital..

81: WORM Hunting!!! Mark & Lily went outside to catch worms one rainy night at about midnight. They caught many jar fulls. I was laughing watching them go after the worms, I've never seen such a sport in my life! Lily was having so much fun, they went around the whole block collecting!

82: We had Onnika & Hudson's baptisms together after church, at church! | May 22, 1011

84: I had tried to schedule Onnika's baptism a few different times when Ron & MaryAnn were in MN, but it never worked out for both sets of Grandparents. Finally after Hudson was born, I decided we HAD to schedule it or Onnika would be walking pretty soon!! We were able to set it up last minute when Ron & MaryAnn were here finally. Unfortunately then G & G Raisanen weren't able to come, but we had it anyways. | Hudson's Godparents: Aimee & Gary, Trisha & Will

85: Your Godparents: Bryce & Brittany

86: MaryAnn & Onnika MaryAnn! | Each year we get to the next child in line that doesn't want to cooperate for pictures... This year it was Ina's turn!

87: SWAPPERS | We have made several runs to the flea market this summer with the kids on Saturday mornings just for fun. The kids love going there! | Mark wealing and dealing! | George had to try out a fishing rod also:) | Mark is always thrilled with the junk he finds!

88: Kelsey & Jordan's Wedding May 28, 2011

89: Dad had driven himself to the wedding, although none of us know how!! His right foot has been so weak, so needs to walk w/a cane and help most of the time! Thank goodness Greg pulled into the wedding at the same time as him, or we don't know how he would have gotten up the hill to get into the church! Unreal!!

91: Fishing at Moose Lake...

92: Ina happily inspecting her night crawler!

93: Time to plant the garden! Dad and his helpers... | George doesn't have time to stop for a picture!! | May 30, 2011

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