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2011 Book 2

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2011 Book 2 - Page Text Content

S: 2011 Memories June - September

BC: Created by: Angela Meredith

FC: “Dare to live the life you have dreamed for yourself. Go forward and make your dreams come true.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson | 2011 | June - September

1: We went to Kingston Auto Open House again for a couple hours of fun with the kids. After, we went to Moose Lake to have Lily's Birthday!

2: 5th

3: And of COURSE, we had to spend plenty of time fishing! | Onnika | Ina | Savannah | Lily | George

4: Unfortunately Lily's Birthday ended in a major bummer way. She somehow got a big gash on her leg at Roger's house outside that we decided we better bring her in to the ER to get stitches for. What a TOTAL nightmare that was!!! To make a long story short, it took about 3 hours or more (from like 8 or 9 -midnight and there was only one other patient in the ER for part of the time). It was the worst care I've ever experienced and because of it, we didn't bring George in about 3 weeks later when he got the same kind of cut himself! I think I was traumatized myself, not to mention poor poor Lily. She was SO tough, trying not to cry as the Doctor poked, prodded, pulled apart, squeezed together, put about 7 injections of Novocaine right into the cut and etc. The hospital called me about our visit because I wrote them a 2-3 page long letter about how terrible the Doctor was and etc.. They voided our $800 bill and apologized many times for that Doctor. I guess she was from a pool agency and she was not welcome back ever again. POOR Lily got her cut all cleaned out and two stitches before the Doctor let eh Novocaine take effect so she felt every speck of it... It was so, so terrible!! She was the rudest Doctor I've ever met.

5: Mom & Dad brought Mark & I out to eat to Zella's in Hutch for my Birthday being I wasn't able to go when the rest of the family went to celebrate mine and Trisha's. Grant joined us too, it was a fun evening! ***************************** Mom thought we better take a picture of my heels I wore for the night out:) 888888888888888888888888888888 Dad at Physical Therapy at Brookridge with Molly. I have spent quite a bit of time at their house lately helping with meals and whatever needs to be done, so I bring him to PT a few times a week.

6: Ina's new thing... She balances over chairs and swings her feet until she falls asleep. It's the strangest thing!! | Kyler helping Dad...

7: Getting our garden going at Roger's House

8: Ina LOVES animals!! | The kids hard at work with Mark. Zach Siltala helped him for the whole day too. Savannah was obviously having fun being she wanted to stay all day!

9: Buffalo Parade | June 18th

10: When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses. ~Joyce Brothers | June 19, 2011... Married SEVEN YEARS already!!! | Haha:)

11: We actually made it out together for a while, golfing in Annandale. What a shock! It doesn't seem to happen much lately with our busy life:(

13: After golfing we all went to mom and dad's for an evening of visiting and dinner! It was also Father's Day! | Mandy | Kyler | Kristen, Brittany & I making a huge fruit salad! | Berlyn

15: Father's Day 2011 The grandchildren with G & G... Dad opening his gifts, the kids anxiously waiting to see what they are!

16: We had a delicious meal and fun evening, enjoying the nice summer weather out on the big hill! | Ina, Taysia, Kaleb, Onnika, Anna, Lily, Savannah & George | Savannah presenting Dad with his Father's Day gift... A bike!!

17: MAN!! Are the wounds ever going to quit?!! Just about the time Lily's cut was healing, George got almost the identical cut at Roger's house outside too from the snow plow or something. Although, this time instead of going to the ER, we healed his with oils and it worked a lot better than Lily's, not near as much pain and no hours spent in the ER!! | This is Lily's cut... Just healing and then George got almost an identical one! | June 22, 2011

18: Life brings simple pleasures to us every day. It is up to us to make them wonderful memories. Cathy Allen | Fun with | COUSINS

19: Everyday life... | Hailey | Dad at physical therapy in Cokato | Hans Raisanen came to visit | Me cutting up food for my mom & dad

20: It's the moments we spend with you that build the memories which last a lifetime. -M Gutierrez | Grandma | Grandma has been sewing aprons to sell at different antique shops and for gifts. They're absolutely darling!!

21: Fun at Moose Lake!

22: June 28, 2011

23: Grandpa was so excited to have a special visitor one afternoon. His great childhood friend and cousin, Keith Raisanen! This was the first time he saw him since his surgery. | June 29, 2011

24: Duluth Weekend! | Smore's | Swimming | Campfire | Laughter | Pictures | Visiting

25: The LOVE of a family is gift from God. | June 30, 2011

27: Time for some fresh air and touring in Duluth | July 1, 2011

28: Canal Park | Duluth

29: Family Memories

32: Delano Parade | I think that was the first and last time we'll go to the Delano parade. It was SO jammed with people we had to walk a long ways before finding a place to sit on the curb... We had to just squish in with some people because the parade was starting. We thankfully got shaded by a building for the first hour or so, but then the sun was on us. Onnika was so tired so she started fussing. It was too noisy and hot so we decided to just leave and head out to Moose Lake instead!

33: Just me and my Dad... | Dad & George

34: D A D and I N A

35: We have so much fun going to Moose Lake during the summer with dad. The kids LOVE fishing with him and just having him with us. It's so peaceful out there. it reminds us a lot of Elbow Lake! | Onnika

36: is a little world created by love. | Dad is on his special cancer protocol, so gets his special, delicious meals served!

38: Darren's 28th Birthday!

39: happy | L A U G H

40: Ina is our little smiley girl. She is at such a fun age and brings so much happiness to us. She always loves when dad holds, hugs and gives her any of his attention!

41: Mom, Dad and I went and visited Steve, a Naturopathic Doctor in Litchfield. Lately dad has been sleeping more and more every day, forgetting things within a few minutes and is getting weaker. They decided after visiting with Steve that they will quit all chemo and try a different protocol. At this point, mom said if it can even give dad enough energy to go on a ride in the car during the day, it would be worth it. So... I visited with Cherie Ross, Janet Becker and Steve and we got a protocol to follow... It is a VERY strict program w/eliminating most foods he's used to along with many essential oils and supplements from 9a.m. to 9p.m. I have scheduled to go out there at least 3 days a week to do the protocol and make meals. July 12, 2011

42: Mom eating her meal outside with Ina so dad wouldn't want to eat with her | Courtney brought Hudson up to the house to see Grandpa. He was so adorable, just learning how to smile!

43: Lily and Savannah came with me some days to G & G's. Anna would come 3 days a week to babysit while we went there for majority of the day. | Some of his delicious meals!! | Applying the essential oils - Raindrop Technique

45: The kids took turns coming with me some days. Savannah and Lily loved helping put oils on Grandpa's feet and head. Savannah would come whisper to me, asking if Grandpa had to go to the bathroom or get up for anything because she wanted to walk next to him and hold his belt. It's so cute how they love helping.

46: Onnika | Riina applying dads essential oils to his feet | Hailey enjoying lunch with dad! | The OT and Charlton bracing dads arm

47: 100% | Cousins

48: All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth... | Savannah was determined to get her loose tooth out so the tooth fairy could come!

49: The little pool Mark bought was great entertainment for HOURS each day!!

50: Day at the park... | Hailey | Ina | Savannah & Kiana

51: Spending time at Grandma & Grandpa's house... | Kami curled Savannah's hair just for fun


53: It's the little things that make life beautiful | Onnika loves just chilling with people!

55: Mark, Savannah, Lily & George went to Holly's house in Michigan for the Meredith "reunion" (fishing trip) for a week. I was more than happy to stay home this time with Ina and Onnika. I never like being home without Mark, but it was a nice break at the same time with only Ina and Onnika here! | 5:00a.m... Mark was ALL grins heading out for his salmon fishing week!! | July 31, 2011

56: Ina and I got to spend lots of QT together for the week! It was so much fun to get to spend one on one time with our little girl. She's at such a fun age and I feel so bad that I can't spend more time with each child alone in everyday life. She was having fun pretending she was me this day, having a baby in her belly and one in her arms:)

57: And many miles away Dad is having the time of HIS life...

59: "A bad day of fishing is better than a good day of work." | Aug. 3, 2011

60: Skunked | This fishing trip was not as successful as previous ones unfortunately. Oh well, at least the guys had fun!

61: And back at home... | The girls enjoyed fresh garden food!

62: Sunset from Grandma & Grandpa's house

64: The long ride home from MI... | Onnika was thrilled to see her siblings again! | George got a tonka truck from G & G Meredith.. Must have been around from when Mark was a little boy!

65: Another one of Grandpa's delicious meals!

66: Happy Birthday!


69: Savannah came running in from outside, begging me to cut her hair "RIGHT NOW" because it was so hot! She didn't want ANY of it touching her neck because it was so sweaty. I told her I would. Of course Lily wanted the same then too. However, once I started trying to cut through their thick locks, I quickly realized it was going to be a disaster! My scissors were dull as could be and things were NOT turning out how I had hoped. I called Broadway Hair Fashions in Cokato and told them I needed some help. We got in the next day for some tuning up!!

71: OOPS!!

72: Hmm... This is a little more difficult than I thought, haha!!

74: The Hunt Is On...

75: Savannah won the girls bike from the Cokato Corn Carnival! | Savannah and one of Travis & Tina Simonson's boys won the bikes!

77: I pulled into mom and dad's house and went inside. When I came around the corner, dad about jumped out of his chair motioning like crazy at the driveway in panic. I was trying to figure out for a while what he was trying to say. He made the motion with his hand turning the gas on the motorcycle. I asked him if mom went on the Harley and he said "YES, YES" in panic. I thought no, I don't think she did... So, I went to check in the shed and sure enough the Harley was gone! I called Kami's phone and she said her and mom were out on a cruise! I assured dad they would be fine and told him Kami knows house to drive. He was pretty shook up and didn't quit pointing to the driveway and calm down until they were home. I went outside to meet them, mom was grinnin' dixie!!

78: Onnika & Ina taste testing raw corn. They loved it!!

79: There was tons of left over corn at the Corn Carnival so we got a bunch of bags for free to bring home to freeze. The girls were great help!!

80: Kambria hard at 'em!

81: Mom, Trisha, Leila, Natasha & I went to the Peppermint Twist in Delano on day for lunch!

82: Peppermint | Twist

84: 1... | 2... | 3... | 4! | The progression of Bryce (Jurvakainen) stopping to chat with the girls. Boy I got a good laugh, had the camera ready to capture Kallista!

85: "In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." - Abraham Lincoln

86: "M-O-T-H-E-R "M" is for the million things she gave me, "O" means only that she'll grow old, "T" is for the tears she shed to save me, "H" is for her heart of purest gold; "E" is for her eyes, with love-light shining, "R" means right, and right she'll always be, Put them all together, they spell "MOTHER," A word that means the world to me. -Howard Johnson | Harvest | TIME!

88: Onnika determined to get some cabbage out of the crock!

89: Preparing G & G's (Millie & Paul) house to put for sale!

90: is for APPLE | Checking the teacher lists at school

91: is for GIRAFFE

92: Larissa's | TH | BIRTH | DAY | party | Karen sent out invites for Larissa's surprise 30th Birthday! She had no idea until we all started singing as she walked in the door!

93: BIRTHDAY | celebration | So many candles...so little cake.


96: Starting early!! Good thing for country roads:)

97: Another school year starting soon... Orientation day for Savannah starting 1st grade and Lily starting kindergarten! | Savannah had Mrs. Searles, but started homeschooling after about a month of school. It was a battle every morning to get her to go. Some days she was fine and other days as soon as I would bring her to school, she would start crying as soon as it was time to get out of the van. I would walk her into her classroom many times, put her chair down for her and she would whisper in my ear to "please take me home mom!" | Sept. 1, 2011

98: Lily LOVED school! She was alway ready and rarin to get up and go! Her teacher was Miss K... the same one I had in kindergarten! | Oh my... you will love this picture someday:)

99: Playing in the classroom! | Onnika learning how to climb stairs!

100: Brookes Lake Another beautiful sunset!

101: B e s t F r i e n d s

102: The ice rink was a great thing to have near us while living in town!! The kids were able to go run and play there in the summer some days and skate in the winter!

103: Salsa time again!! | What's Cookin'


105: Another late night... or early a.m. of cooking!

106: Savannah wasn't so sure about all this... She was excited, but I think a little hesitant!

107: Fun! | Jayden & Jared

108: "Dolly's" Hoikka | Brielle Kotila

109: Waiting for big sister to get home!!!

110: Waiting for Savannah... | Onnika eating rocks!

111: Miss attitude! Savannah was NOT going to be giving Uncle Kyler a hug or stop to pose for a picture!!

112: Dad biked Savannah to school the next morning being Lily first days of school were half days.

113: Kindergarten Orientation

114: We walked lily to her first day of school... met grandma out walking in town too!

115: George biking lily right to the school door! | Showing savannah what she did in school!

116: Lily was in such a rush to get to school the first day, by the time I caught up to her to get a picture, she was in the school heading for her classroom! So, had to get one the next day!

117: Such a smiley girl... just loves school:) | Austin Jurmu being the patrol!

118: This time of the year again... picking wild grapes around the countryside!

120: Nature is so... | Amazing!

122: Sharing is caring:)

124: Play Time | George learning to FLY!

125: Uncle Grant had been teaching George how to wrestle a while ago when he came over... SO, George didn't forget about it and wanted to put what he learned to the test again!

126: Got a truck full of vines/grapes...

127: ...Time to start cookin'!

128: One last cruise:(

131: Another boy's hunting trip... This one was successful!

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