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2014-2015 - Page Text Content

FC: 2014 | We do not remember days; we remember moments. ~Cesare Pavese

1: This is Brett's last year playing for the Ice Dawgs. | January

2: The annual Ramon's Reach tournament was on the weekend of Brett's birthday so, since most of my family was in town anyway, I had a come and go cake and ice cream evening. A few days later we had cake and ice cream with my parents and Brett's family at his parents place.

4: Brett, Donny and Jonathan were all on the same team for the Ramona's Reach tournament. Their first game was Saturday evening and then they had one after midnight and one on Sunday. They got third place.

5: My whole family, except us and Larry & Danelle, went to Belize for 15 days. It was partly vacation and partly a family reunion. I dropped off dad, mom and the girls and then stayed at the airport until everyone walked into the customs area.

6: While my family was on vacation we babysat Choco. It took a while for Choco and Cleo to get along with each other, but after a few days they were civil to each other. On the weekends we went to my parents to house sit and let Choco sleep in his own bed.

7: I taught the Gr.1&2's for Auntie Sylvia while she was in Belize. It was a very interesting 2 weeks. Between teaching and cleaning at Vidir it was tiring but the time went by faster than I thought it would. | I went to pick up my family when they came back from Belize. Their flight was suppose to come in at 10:45pm, Lisa messaged Brett at around 8:30 and said their flight from Chicago was delayed by a few minutes but they should be landing by 11. I left for the city shortly after 9pm and got to the airport a few minutes before 11. When I got the the airport it said the flight was a few minutes late and I was fine with that. I went to sit down and wait, I waited, and waited. Their flight didn't come in until after 12 and by the time we were loaded in the car it was almost 1am.

8: For Valentine's Day Brett and I spent the day at home. We had a valentine's lunch and then Brett went to his hockey game in the evening and I went to the city with Auntie Sylvia and Irma.

10: We got a lot of snow this year. After a while we didn't know where to shovel it and where it would go when temperatures started rising.

13: For Tiffany and Donovan's birthday we got together at Uncle Den and Auntie Jess' for supper and then looked at all the Belize pictures.

14: The Ice Dawgs won the first round of playoffs

15: Brett and I decided at the beginning of the year that we would go on monthly dates. Brett planned our February date, which actually happened in the beginning of March. | We spent the day in the city shopping and then going to The Forks and skating along the river. After skating we went to the Pancake House for supper and then I dropped Brett off at Promise Keepers.

16: Brett went to Promise Keepers with a bunch of men from church, so I went to Grandma and Grandpa's for supper. Grandma made homemade chicken noodle soup :) Uncle Irvin stopped in, on his way home from PK, and showed Grandpa some things he can do with his iphone.

17: The Ice Dawgs beat OCN in the first round of playoffs. They then had to play Peguis Juniors , no one thought they could or would beat them but they did!!

18: Brett was suppose to come up with $700 for hockey just in case they won the cup and would have to go to BC. We didn't have the money at the time so I decided to do a bake sale. I took orders for about 3 days and made a little over $200.

19: Teresa grooms Cleo every few months. Cleo got trimmed right as the snow started melting in April so she had to start wearing booties so she didn't track in so much mud.

23: The Ice Dawgs played Selkirk for the trophy. They lost in game 5 it wasn't a very fair game but what can you do. Mom and Dad came along with us to the game in Selkirk. Brett was disappointed but at least he didn't have to go to BC.


25: We use to always have sleepovers with Auntie Irma and all the girl cousins at least twice a year. We hadn't had one in over a year so she called up all her nieces and we planned a sleepover.

27: Everyone brought something for omelette's in the morning.

28: Dad got asked to preach at The Mix one Sunday evening. Brett and I went along so we could drive Mom and Dad home in the evening. It was an interesting evening. We had a gathering in April, for the April birthdays, at Mom and Dad's. There was a bunch of us that decided to go on a walk after supper. I took Cleo and Dad took Choco, Dad couldn't find Choco's leash so he took an extension cord and used that instead.

29: Teresa wanted to come over one evening for a games night so I took Choco home with me that afternoon. In the evening everyone came over for a wiener roast and we played games together. Dad was teasing the dogs with some of his leftover supper. | FAMILY | We may not have it all together, but together we have it all.

30: We have been doing odds and ends around the house in hopes that we can sell it before the end of summer. | With the weather warming up Cleo loves to lay out on the deck | Teresa is learning how to make flower arrangements at work so for Mother's Day I asked her to make an arrangement for Brett's mom

31: Dad's side of the family didn't have an Easter gathering on Easter so we had it on Mother's Day instead. It took place at Uncle Irvin and Auntie Gloria's. We spent most of the day outside playing games and going on scavenger hunts. It was a lot of fun as it always is.

34: Looking up Bible verses for the scavenger hunt

35: Enjoying the sunshine

36: Uncle Larry and Ty came over on their quad and dirt bike. Before they left in the evening a bunch of people took turns riding Ty's dirt bike.

37: Grandma asked me to come over one day to help her make taco pops. We spent most of the morning frying away.

38: I wanted to colour my hair dark and then do the bottom half purple. I got Lisa to do the dark colouring and then I made an appointment with Tannis to do the purple.

39: Brett's parents bought a camper last fall and got a seasonal site at Hecla. They set up the camper May long weekend. We went out to see them that weekend.

41: For our second anniversary we went to Cuba in January. On the actual weekend we spent a day in the city mini golfing, shopping and spending time together.

42: Dad quite often makes a fire in the evenings, and whoever shows up shows up. This particular fire Lisa and I made.

43: For mom and dad's 25th anniversary, mom was hoping she could find someone who would fit into her dress and wear it for part of the anniversary party. Unfortunately it didn't fit anyone.

44: We had a June birthday gathering at Uncle Den and Auntie Jessie's Sunday afternoon. The weather was nice so we spent most of the evening outside. There is a garden shed beside the fire pit, it was full of army worms. Donny stood on the roof putting worms into a cup and then threw them at people or into the fire.

45: Selfie with Grandma | Brett and Donny took a quick ride to mom and dads to pick up a football for the guys to throw around.

47: Lisa made a comment that she wondered if it would work to hook up the garden tractor trailer to the quad and go for a ride in it. I mentioned it to Tiff and she got it ready to go. Lisa said she wasn't going to ride in it until someone else went for a ride first. Albert hopped in and Tiff took him for a ride around the yard and then Lisa took a few rounds with Alex.

48: MICHAEL BUBLE | We went to Harveys before the concert

49: I found out during the winter that Michael Buble was coming to Winnipeg. I bought tickets the minute they went on sale. It was a long wait but the evening finally came and it was worth every dollar and minute spent waiting. Brett wasn't sure if he wanted to come along or not but he decided he would even though he knew it wasn't a concert he would enjoy.

51: It was about a two hour concert and it was amazing. My favorite part of the show was the encore, he took away the mics, monitors everything and sang the last part of a song a capella.

52: THIS AND THAT | Sunday afternoons Cleo and I often take naps together. | Dad made a fancy fly swat at Grandma and Grandpa's | Mom and dad are having a 25th Anniversary party; We needed a bunch of jars this size.

53: FRESH IE | Perry got Fresh IE and some of his buddies to come to Fisher Branch to do a youth conference in the beginning of July. The guys did the service at our church Sunday morning

54: Mom and Dad had started talking at the beginning of the year about planning a 25th anniversary party for their anniversary. We girls along with mom and dad started planning and getting ideas together. We planned the party for July 12. That Friday Lisa, Teresa, Auntie Gloria, Alex, Camryn, Auntie Sylvia, Auntie Irma, Noelline and I spent the day making food and decorating. In the evening, Dad and Brett came to help finish up and then I practiced some music with our church p&w group.

55: We kept the decorations simple and clean. I made this sign to put up at the entrance of the dining hall.

56: We had family pictures before heading to Morweena. We had a few minutes to kill before heading out so we took some pictures and lounged around.

59: We had a short program planned. There was open mic,Donny and I did some background music, then the girls and I played the 'shoe game' with Mom and Dad and did our speeches, and then Mom and Dad did their own speech. We ended off the evening with a power point and praise and worship.

60: CLEAN UP | We had music playing during cleanup. Some people got a little carried away with it :)

61: As late as it was when everyone got back to Mom and Dad's we decided to open gifts anyway. They got a lot of gift cards and a few household gifts.

62: Mom and Dad gave each of us a rose as a thank you for all the work we did for the anniversary they said they would pay for our nights and suppers on vacation.

63: We decided to put the house up for sale in July. The plan is to sell the house, buy a lot and build a new house in town.

65: Last year Lisa had booked the pool for her birthday and invited all the family to come and have fun, it was such a success she did it again this year. We all did our own thing in the pool for the first hour and then a football game of sorts broke out. After another hour of that we all headed to our place for a wiener roast and birthday cake.

66: Brett's parents have a camper set up at Hecla so we go up there every now and then on Saturday's or Sunday's. We spent one Sunday afternoon soaking up the sun. | We stopped in at Grandpa's, for a bit in on our way home, just to say hello and see what he was up to. Cleo had fun running around with Stan and Luella's dog.

67: We went to mom and dad's for a birthday supper and cheesecake for Lisa. After supper we sat around the fire and enjoyed the evening.

68: Mom and Dad babysat Rick and Serena's three youngest boys one weekend. Alex took to Brett and they were buddies for the weekend. Alex LOVED playing with Cleo.

69: Last year the church went on a camp out, this year there wasn't much interest so a fun day was planed. We had a bbq lunch and then went to the elementary school for games and socializing.

71: Brett decided we should go to Hecla to with his parents for night. It was a bit of a busy weekend, Brett went for supper and I came after work. We spent the evening around the fire and then headed to bed. Brett and his dad went for an early round of golf, I got up and went for a shower and did devotions. Carol and I got breakfast ready and when the guys got back we had a quick bite to eat and then Brett and I headed out.

73: After leaving Hecla we ran home packed our bags and then headed to Fisher Branch to have a breakfast brunch for Teresa's birthday. After breakfast we headed outside and enjoyed the sunshine. There were a few things that needed to be done around the yard and at one of Dad's rental houses so Brett and I got to work. Mom and Dad had to go to Mallard for tent meetings so they left in the afternoon and Brett left shortly after supper for hockey.

74: Teresa didn't want a big birthday party so she invited Alex, Camryn and Tiffany over for a fireside party. We had a ton of fun looking at our uvula's and talking about high school and dancing and whatnot.

75: Mom invited the family over for birthday cake for Teresa's birthday. Not everyone was able to make it but it was still a good evening.

76: There was a street hockey tournament down main street in town. Brett got up early and helped set up and then played for most of the day. He was on a team with a bunch of his Dueck cousins.

77: Because we had all gone on bigger vacations during the winter we decided to go on a mini vacation this summer. Mom and Dad and the girls had gone down into the states for the week and we met them in the city for the weekend. | On our way to the city

78: We got to the city Friday evening and met the family at Timmies. After figuring out what we wanted to do with the rest of the evening and the next day we headed to the hotel. Brett and I went with Mom and Dad to watch a late night movie that night and then Saturday morning we went to Perkins for brunch and then headed out for the day.

81: Dad and Brett went to play golf so us girls went to the Kildonan Mall for mani and pedis and some shopping. Mom, Lisa and Teresa got manicures and pedicures, I just got a pedicure.

82: We all got back from our various activities around the same time. We ordered in pizza and wings from Boston Pizza and had supper outside on the patio. We weren't sure what we wanted to do with our evening so Teresa pulled out the magazine the hotel provided of things to do and started to read it out loud to us.

83: We went walking around downtown and then decided to go for dessert. We were going to go to Baked Expectations but it was closed so we headed to Sinsations instead. The food was in large amounts and was delicious. | Ghost Busters car

84: Sunday morning Brett and I slept in and everyone else went to church. We went to the Timmies in the airport for breakfast and then waited for the rest of the family to get back from church. Once everyone got back we headed out for lunch and then went to Speedworld.

85: Mom and I weren't interested in racing so we watched Dad, Brett, Lisa and Teresa do their laps. They raced two rounds, Lisa and Teresa usually came in last while Brett and Dad were usually in the top three.

86: Mom and dad got a bunch of gift cards to The Keg for their anniversary so they treated us to a yummy supper. | Dad ordered calamari for a starter, we all tried some but I'm still not a fan of seafood. Mom and I ordered steak and twice baked potatoes, dad got ribs, Brett and Lisa got teryaki chicken and Teresa got a garden salad with chicken. It was a VERY yummy supper.

88: After our supper at The Keg we stopped at Assiniboine park and walked around for a while and then headed back to the hotel for the night.

89: Monday morning we checked out of our hotel and went for breakfast at Smitty's and then headed out to the zoo.Its been a while since I had been to the zoo, it was much different than the last time we went. We saw the usual animals and then went to see the polar bears and the butterfly garden.

90: Polar Bears

91: Butterflies

92: Mom and I got a bunch of tomatoes so we spent a Saturday making salsa and spaghetti sauce.


95: Brett's mom and sister wanted to do family pictures one Sunday afternoon so we spent the day outside enjoying the beautiful weather.

96: Without the rain There would be no rainbow

97: We celebrated the September birthdays with a potluck faspa at mom and dad's and then cake and ice cream afterwards.

99: We celebrated Thanksgiving at Uncle Denver and Auntie Jessie's this year. We had lunch outside in their garage and enjoyed the nice warm weather. | Donny bought himself a car so all the guys had to take a look at it. | Grandma was showing the girls how to cut pies. | Uncle Larry brought his quad and Ty's dirt bike along so the guys went out for a ride.

100: Sitting around the fire keeping warm and enjoying each other's company.

101: We had a bit of a Halloween party at church. Just so we could all get together and have some fun eating junk food and playing games. I did my makeup as a cat, dad put on his wig and hat and Henry put in funky teeth and weird glasses. It was a fun evening for everyone.

102: Mom wanted to go quadding for her birthday so we got a few quads for the afternoon. We made it a few miles out of town when one of the quads broke down. We limped our way back and enjoyed the rest of the evening inside.

104: WE'RE PREGNANT!!! | I had suspected shortly after Thanksgiving that I might be pregnant. I was almost positive I was pregnant at mom's birthday so two days later I took the test.

105: MERRY | CHRISTMAS | Brett and I spent Christmas Eve together. We exchanged gifts and then had our usual Christmas supper of Caesar salad, mashed potatoes, sweet and sour meatballs, corn and skor trifle.

106: We decided to tell our families about the baby on Christmas. We had Christmas with Brett's family first. Because Carol and Courtney both have birthday's on Christmas we decided to get a birthday card for Brett's mom and write happy birthday love baby B. We put the card with her other birthday cards, when she got to the card she asked if it was for her and we all said if it was with her other ones than it was. She opened it from the side and peaked in, as she took it out she opened it up and read it and then passed it on to everyone else to read.

107: We had Christmas with my family on the 26th. We went there for breakfast. After breakfast we all opened our gifts at once which isn't something we normally do, but this year this is what we did.

108: While everyone was opening gifts we said we had a family gift. I had bought this tank top shortly after finding out we were expecting. I went into the bedroom to put it on than put my sweater over it. I came out and stood in front of everyone and took my hoodie off and turned around. It took a few seconds before the family caught on and started screaming and hugging us. | We took pictures with Cleo as a way to announce to people.

109: For this years Christmas Tiffany, Lisa, Alex and I planned Christmas. We put numbers under chairs for cleanup and such for the day. After lunch we had a bit of a program which involved singing, and a time of sharing and then gifts. | Working off lunch | Singing Christmas carols

110: Singing | The adults acted out the Christmas story | We had a time of sharing where we told the family in a poem that we were expecting.


112: Odds and Ends From the Year | Donovan | Bryce | Camryn | Alex

113: Brett and his dad at work | Brett's last year of hockey | Randy & Laura | Grandma & Grandpa | Uncle Mark & Auntie Rose

116: Going through some of my baby stuff for the new baby | The baby quilt I made for Baby | 24 weeks

117: TRIP TO THE CITY | Brett and I had decided to head out to the city one day after church for a lunch date. We asked mom and dad to come along with us. It was a good afternoon

118: setting up Baby's stroller

119: EASTER | For Easter we had steak and twice baked potatoes and got big chocolate bunnies :)

121: We had Easter with my family for lunch and then with Brett's family for the afternoon and supper. | 26 weeks

122: For our anniversary we went down to Fargo for the weekend. We made a lunch stop in Grand Forks for some Pizza Hut and did a little shopping and then continued down to Fargo. We met up with Uncle Mark and Auntie Rose for supper Saturday evening. Sunday we did a little more shopping than headed back home.

123: Mom and Dad offered to come help paint the baby room one evening. It didn't take very long to get it done.

124: Lisa and Teresa went took Alex, Camryn, Bryce, Auntie Sylvia, and Auntie Irma to the beach one Sunday afternoon. We joined them with Mom and Dad later in the afternoon. Little did we know it would be our last outing before having the baby.

125: Grayson Abraham Neil was born July 1, 2015. We called our family and they came to see the new addition to our family. He is very much loved!

126: Mom and Dad borrowed Uncle John's thingy for a week so we took it out for a little ride one Sunday afternoon while mom and the girls looked after Grayson.

128: Doing tummy time outside with Auntie Lisa and Auntie Teresa | Skyping with Auntie Rose

130: Lisa planned a pool party again this year for the July birthday's. We landed up having it in August, but it was a beautiful sunny evening. | Mom and I let Grayson have a try at it. He didn't seem to enjoy it or hate it.

132: VACATION | on the road to west hawk | playing games

133: Mom and Dad and Lisa went to West Hawk Lake for we a week. We joined them for the weekend. | Lisa starting a fire

134: Before we left Monday evening we all went out for supper. While Lisa was playing with Grayson he made a big poop all over her.

138: Brett's family decided to go on a mini vacation. We went to the resort at Hecla, we were there Sunday afternoon until Monday morning. Sunday afternoon we went to the driving range for a bit and then had a late supper. Monday Brett and his dad went golfing while us ladies went back to their place.

139: For dad's birthday we spent the day just relaxing. I made him a birthday cake, that we had for lunch. In the evening Uncle Denver and Auntie Jessie came over. | Mom and auntie Jessie entertaining Grayson

140: Brett's family came over one Sunday to have fun with Grayson. | Playing with Auntie Lisa

141: Uncle Larry and Auntie Danelle are renovating their house. The family went and helped shingle the roof on Saturday, Brett had a day off during the week so he went and helped Uncle Larry finish the roof

142: Mom and dad were at Grandma and Grandpa's one evening so Teresa and I took Grayson to go visit. We stopped at Auntie Irma's on the way home. | Auntie Irma rocked Grayson to sleep in his car seat

143: For Grandma's 70th Birthday the family had a big birthday party for her at the house of hope.

144: Grandma and Grandpa's 50th anniversary was in September, but we decided to celebrate in October. The family decided to go to Camp Cedarwood for a weekend, the only weekend that was available was Thanksgiving weekend. | We got to camp Friday night, after everyone unloaded there stuff and found rooms we sat around and talked until late in the night. | Grandma wanted Grayson to sit in her walker basket, it didn't work that well

145: Saturday morning we had to be at breakfast at 8:30. Most of us were up before tat so we spent some time being lazy upstairs. | eating breakfast | dad playing wth Grayson | the view from our lounge | Lisa, Teresa and Alex relaxing outside

146: We planned on doing family pictures right after breakfast. We all met in our lounge and waited for Grandma and Grandpa to show up. This is how they walked through the door, Grandma made her own dress. | Grandma had a little spiel about the last 50 years, how there had been hard times and good times and how they were blessed to have a family like they do.

147: There is beautiful scenery around the camp. We did our pictures outside by some of the different rock formations and beautiful bushes. | Dad was trying out his picture faces :)

158: While Grandma and Grandpa took pictures in the bush the rest of us kept ourselves busy skateboarding, bmx biking and sitting around talking.

159: The uncles had fun trying the bmx bikes out on all the different jumps and ramps.

161: After pictures there was time to do some mountain biking and archery before going for lunch.

162: Archery | The view from on top of the slide

163: After lunch most of us ladies stayed in the lounge relaxing, doing our nails, playing with Grayson and having naps while the guys were paint balling. | Donovan entertaining Grayson

164: There were a few people who went paint balling after lunch. We had a booked the high ropes course and wall climbing. Brett, Donovan, Teresa, Uncle Irvin, Camryn and Dad went paint balling.

165: Not everyone was daring enough to try out the high ropes course. | Brett | Uncle Irvin | Tiffany and Alex

166: A few people went on a canoe ride | While Grayson was napping I took the time to catch up on my sleep to | Some people were happy to just enjoy the beautiful weather.

167: After supper we went on a hay ride and then sat around a fire. | As usual we did singing around the fire.

168: We were only around the fire till 9pm then came in for snack and free time. Almost all of us ladies decided o do some karaoke while the guys were playing pool or sitting in the hot tub. Eventually almost all of us were in the karaoke room singing some good old oldies

169: Sunday morning breakfast was a little later so we all took our time getting ready for the day. | Auntie Lisa changing Grayson's diaper | A few of us started cleaning our rooms and packing up before breakfast.

170: After breakfast we all met in our lounge for a bit of a church service. | We did some singing first and then Grandpa shared a bit and played his harmonica. | A few people took time to do some sharing and encouraging.

171: Before having more fun we all cleaned up our areas and packed our vehicles. Then we all congregated outside for some Plett fun. | A few people decided to time themselves to see how long it took them to run up the slide. Later on Uncle Larry and Irvin decided to slide down the slide with some plastic tubes.


173: We all left after lunch. A bunch of people went to the city from Cedarwood. We headed home.

174: We went from Camp Cedarwood to home for a few minutes and then on to Brett's Dueck gathering. Grandpa hadn't seen Grayson in a while so when we were getting ready to leave he spent a few minutes talking to him.

175: For Thanksgiving supper we went to Grandma and Grandpa Barkman's. After supper Grandma put Grayson down for a nap. after his nap we did some four generation pictures.

176: We had thanksgiving with my family the weekend after Thanksgiving. We had a turkey diner and pumpkin and chocolate pie

181: In the evening we decided to take Grayson for a walk to Auntie Sylvia's | Grayson having a nap on Lisa's lap

183: Reading stories with Grandma and Grandpa

184: Dad was doing some speaking at the house of hope so we went to see Grandma and Grandpa and landed up visiting with Grandpa Dueck as well

185: For Halloween evening I made pizza and we went over to Auntie Irma's for the evening. Grayson got his first treat. We stayed for the evening so Brett could watch a hockey game.

186: We had my family over for supper for mom's birthday. | The rest of the family came over in the evening to celebrate the November birthdays.

187: Aren't I cute | spending a day at Papa and Nana's | Teresa had a bit of a mishap with a few deer

189: Grayson and I went to mom and dad's one weekend while Brett went to play in the EM Cup. They decided to put their Christmas tree up while we were there. | Grayson was fascinated by the tree

190: We took Grayson to his first parade. Fisher Branch had their Midnight Madness on a different night than Arborg, so we decided to bundle him up and go watch.

191: Auntie Jessie and Lisa decided to throw an early bridal shower for Tiffany with just the females of the family. They arranged for Rochelle to come and do some Mary Kay facials. Everyone got involved and enjoyed it.

192: We washed our faces and then put makeup on from beginning to end. Even Grandma joined in.

194: Brett's mom had to gave kidney stones removed, so we went in after her surgery to visit her.

195: Brett got the chance to go to a Moose game with a few of his friends before Christmas

196: Grayson loves playing with Alex | Looking at the presents | story time | tummy time | Grayson's first meal, applesauce | playing with a new toy

197: We had the Dueck and Plett Christmas gatherings on the same Sunday so we went to the Dueck one for lunch and then went to the Plett one for the afternoon and rest of the day. We missed lunch, but made it back in time for games and the program. Every family had to do a little bit of sharing, either a song, poem or something else. We sang Joy, Joy, Joy with Grayson.

198: Part of the sharing was a skit Grandma wanted all the grandkids to participate in. It made almost everyone laugh. Dad read a bit of the Christmas story and then it was time for gifts.

199: For gifts we were suppose to buy something that we would like for ourselves. We had to wrap our gifts in newspaper so that we wouldn't know whose was whose and then we all picked a gift from a pile. We took turns opening our gift and then we had to figure out who had bought that gift for themselves. Once all the gifts were opened we gave the gift back to the buyer. It was a neat idea.

201: We celebrated our own little Christmas on the 24th. Brett had to work half a day so we didn't do presents until the evening. We had our usual Christmas meal and then did our little Christmas.

203: After supper we did some family pictures and then read the Christmas story to Grayson and then let him open his gifts. He got a pair of pj's, socks, a book, and a big teddy bear.

205: I got Brett wireless headphones

207: I got a picture frame and 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' from Brett for Christmas

208: We spent the 25th at my parents place. We were there for breakfast. We opened our stockings before breakfast and then enjoyed a yummy breakfast. | After breakfast Dad played with Grayson a bit and then it was nap time for him.

209: Watching Disney parade | Singing a few songs before opening gifts

210: Singing Joy, Joy, Joy | Grayson giving away gifts | Mitts from Auntie Teresa | Grayson opening his gift from Lisa

211: Grayson opening his gift from Mom and Dad | Grayson got a teddy from Dad | Lisa giving out gifts | Some of Brett's gifts

215: playing domino's | Nana had me giggling with a teddy bear

220: We spent December 26 with Brett's parents. | We had breakfast and opened stockings while Grayson had his nap. Once he woke up we gave Carol and Courtney their birthday presents.

221: AFter opening stockings we relaxed a bit in the living room and then opened up our gifts. | Courtney made this toque | Grayson giving away his gifts

222: handing out presents | Brett got a fitbit

223: Grayson opening up presents | Grayson got a hight chair and a walker

224: Playing with our new toys

225: Playing Wii | Cuddles with Grandma | Tummy time with Grandpa

226: After getting home from Christmas at Brett's parents we got ourselves ready for bed. I decided to let Grayson sit without anyone close by to see what he would do. He sat all by himself!

229: We had our last Christmas gathering on the 27th We went to Grandma and Grandpa Barkman's for lunch and spent the rest of the day there. After supper we got to ope a few gifts from Auntie Amber.

230: Odds and Ends From the Year

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