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BC: Thanks for reading!

FC: " " is for D y s t o p i a | By: Gwyn Scrine

1: Gwyn Scrine | About the author | Gwyn Scrine is a 14-year-old girl with long blond hair. Her birthday is August 18,1999. She has a younger sister named Camille. She goes to Wilmette Junior High School and is in 8AA. She enjoys reading and writing in her free time. She plays field hockey and loves the summer. She cannot wait to go on spring break!

2: A is for Aberration | Aberrations are citizens who live in Society just like everyone else but their freedoms are restricted, thus separating them from having a normal life.

3: "Aberrations live among us; they're not dangerous like Anomalies, who have to be separated from Society. Though Aberrations usually acquire their status due to an Infraction, they are protected; their identities aren't usually common knowledge." (Condie 46)

4: B is for Banquet | Society holds Banquets for special occasions like Match Balls or the Final Banquet. At these events members of Society are given luxurious foods like pies or cakes and are allowed to dress up. These Banquets are an illusion to make members of Society feel like they live in a perfect world. | "I don't seem to have this problem, however. Though I don't gorge myself, I can eat some of everything--the roasted vegetables, the savory meat, the crisp greens, and creamy cheese. The warm light bread. The meal seems like a dance, as though this is a ball as well as a banquet. The waiters slide the plates in front of us with graceful hands; the food, wearing herbs and garnishes, is as dressed up as we are. We lift the white napkins, the silver forks, the shinning crystal goblets as if in time to music." (Condie 10)

6: C is for Camouflage | Ky pretends to be average to fit into Society. He does not show off his skills because he does not want the Officials to notice him. He "camouflages" himself to show that he is not independent or individual. He becomes what Society wants him to be, the "average citizen".

7: " Ky can play the game. He can play all of the games, including the one in front of him that he just lost. He knows exactly how to play, and thats why he loses every time. He throws the games on purpose." (Condie 256)

8: Data-tags are used to monitor what citizens in Society wonder about. Data-tags make sure that citizens do not have thoughts about rebellion or going against Society. Officials are always monitoring citizens.

9: D is for Data-tags | "Tonight is my night to wear the data-tags and I don't care if the Officials see that I dream of Ky. He's the one I love." (Condie 284)

10: E is for Expectations

11: Society expects everyone to follow its rules and be a perfect citizen. All members of society have to fit a "perfect model" to be the perfect member of society making individuality impossible.

12: All the citizens live in fear of Society and its power. Officials take away any family who does not abide by societies rules.

13: F is for Fear

14: Cassia's grandfather goes against society and knows about what a terrible place it is. Grandfather does not believe that Society is a Utopia he knows that it is a Dystopia.

15: G is for Grandfather

16: H is for Hill | Hill was the place where Cassia and Ky discovered their love for each other but their love goes against societies wishes. Both Ky and Cassia's Officials come to tell them that they cannot be together otherwise Ky will be taken away. Both Cassia and Ky are recalcitrant and kiss on top of Hill so that the Officials know that they don't care what happens to them as long as they are together.

18: I is for Infraction | When a member of Society does not obey the rules they commit an Infraction. When an Infraction is committed the member of Society becomes an Aberration and is sent away. The Society controls every member and no one can be disobedient without consequences.

20: Cassia is jealous of many freedoms: the ability to choose who one loves, to choose what job one has, how many kids one has, etc. She feels that something is not right with Society and that she deserves to have all of these freedoms that she cannot.

21: J is for Jealousy

22: K is for Kiss

23: "Which means that our kisses have to stay promises left like his first kiss, soft on my cheek. Our lips do not meet. Not yet. | And so will Xander. We both know this. How much time can we steal from them? From ourselves? Because I can see in his eyes that he wants that kiss as much as I do. " (Condie 276) | For once we do that, the Infraction will have been committed . The society will be betrayed. | When Cassia and Ky kiss for the first time their whole world changes. Society does not approve of their relationship because Ky is an Aberration and Cassia is matched with Xander. Both Ky and Cassia think that Society is unfair and | that they should be together. Both of them go against Societies wishes by kissing on top of the Hill.

24: L is for Love

25: Cassia is in love with both Ky and Xander and does not want to hurt either of them. She loves Ky because she knows that they are truly meant to be together and she loves Xander because they have grown up together. Society is not pleased with Cassia for being in love with two boys. She is disobeys all Societies wishes by loving Ky. She feels trapped like she has to choose Xander so that Ky doesn't get sent away, but she knows deep down in her heart that she could never let Ky go.

26: M is for Matched

27: Society controls who a citizen spends the rest of their life with, if a citizen chooses to be matched (citizens can choose to be single). Members of Society do not get to choose who they spend the rest of their life with. Members of Society have no choices and are held back from trying to make their own choices.

28: N is for Neighbor

29: The neighbors in Cassia's Society look out for one another. When Ky was being taken away by the Officials all the neighbors went out to stop them. The neighbors are rebellious against Society and do not agree with Ky being taken away. It is then when the Officials realize that all the neighbors know that Society is a Dystopia not a Utopia.

30: O is for Officials

31: Officials control everyone in Society. They are in charge of making sure that everyone is in line. The Officials restrict everyone from rebelling against Society. They are intimidating and put terror into the minds of the members of Society.

32: P is for Poetry | Cassia first discovers poetry when her Grandfather shows her one of the oldest poems that he saved from 80 years ago. Keeping the poem is the first time she is not obedient to Society. After the first poem Ky and Cassia read more poems and memorize them. They recite them on the Hill to each other. Poetry is what first inspired Cassia to be disloyal and from reading her first poem she starts to hate Society.

34: Q is for Quaesitum

35: Ky is what Cassia wants. He's sought after. Cassia will not stop until she finds Ky and she made a promise to him that she would find him. Cassia is searching for Ky even though Society does not want her to .

36: In Cassia's society choices are made for each citizen by Society. Each member is assigned a job, food is chosen for them, they don't get to choose who they marry. Any choice, it's not theirs. All members of Society are not allowed to make any of their own decisions.

37: R is for Restricted

38: S is for Society | Society is in control of all the Provinces. No one knows who the leader of Society is but Officials act like government leaders. They control the members of Society, making sure that they follow the rules and make sure that everyone conforms. Society is not a Utopia because all of its citizens live in fear of Societies power.

40: Society makes citizens take tablets to erase their memory, therefore being able to control their minds whenever they want. Society has ultimate power over all its members thoughts.

41: T is for Tablets

42: U is for Uniform

43: All members of Society wear plain clothes. Either an all brown or blue outfit. They only get to dress up for Banquets. Practically everyone looks the same because everyone wears the same clothes. Society does not allow individuality among its members and wants everyone to looks the same.

44: A vocation is a job in Society | In Society, jobs are chosen for each member depending on their skills. Members do not get to choose their career, therefore they are limited. Society members do not have any options, every decision is made for them.

45: V is for Vocation

46: "We watched you enough to get an effective sample of what your interactions were like. We couldn't watch all of your interactions on the Hill, for example, or even on the smaller hill." (Condie 344)

47: W is for Watched | Citizens in Society are constantly under the radar. Even when they believe that no one is watching, someone is watching. Surveillance is something that Society uses to make sure that its citizens are following its rules.

48: X is for Xander | "I dared him to find and steal two red tablets. I thought it would be impossible. I said that if he didn't bring them to swimming the next day to prove he could, and if he couldn't I'd tell everyone about his secret artifact and get him in trouble." (Condie 351)

49: Xander goes against Society by stealing pills for Cassia. He also takes his red tablet when not directed to and discovers that it does not work on him or Ky. He does not care about going against Society and he is an individual when no one else in Society is.

50: Cassia wants freedom so badly. She does not want to be told what to do anymore. Yapness means hunger for freedom and that is what Cassia wants the most.

51: Y is for Yapness

52: Cassia is a young girl trying to escape her society. She knows that it is a Dystopia based on how all the citizens live in fear, are dehumanized and are controlled by Society. She hates Society and wants to leave. She craves freedom. | "Somehow I've run out of fear; lethargic instead, which is almost worse. Why care about a flat planet populated by flat people? Who cares about a place with no Ky? Who cares about this planet?" (Condie 329)

53: Z is for Zitella

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