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3H 2013 Yearbook

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FC: 3H'13

1: Contents | Secondary Three Level Camp | Pg 2 | Unseen England '13 | Pg 8 | Changes in Commonwealth | Pg 16

2: Secondary THREE Level CAMP

4: It was the start of a new year and it was around the time of the year for our annual level camp. It was my third year as a student in commonwealth and unlike other camps from previous years, we were able to go overseas for this year's camp. Not only was the fact that we were finally overseas but also the fact that all of us were in new classes after our subject options exercise in secondary two made me extra nervous and pretty much afraid of what was to come in this camp since everyone was very unfamiliar with one another. Fears of the class being unable to bond and communicate with each other well overwhelmed me as random thoughts ran through my mind, preparing myself for the worst to come in the course of this camp. In addition to all our worries, our class mentors were not there to be with us, instead came Mr Aidil, a literature teacher whom we have not conversed with much before. We felt really excited since it was the first time we have gone overseas for camp and since we were only accompanied by our new classmates and teachers. Everyone was pretty much unfamiliar and awkward with one another since we were from different classes back in lower secondary. However as we engaged in the activities, we got more comfortable with one another and it was only in the later part of the camp in which we started to work well together.

5: One of the activities we did was the balancing beam. It was a huge wooden plank that was able to carry the weight of a whole class. However, we were separated into half so twenty of us tried the game out first while the other half engaged in other low element activities. We were supposed to try and balance the wooden plank so that both its end will not touch the ground. At first, we could not even handle ten seconds but we soon came to realise that we have to work together in order to accomplish what we want which was to be able to balance it for 15 minutes. This activity has not only allowed us to communicate better, not only as a team, we have also learnt how to communicate without necessarily talk to convey our desired message through this game. Another activity that we engaged in was the high wall element where we had to up a wall with the aid of two classmates. We got two of the stronger guys in our class to the top first to pull us up. At first, some of us did not want to attempt to get over the wall because they were afraid that they might get injured. I was also afraid that I might fall if I lost my grip. However, as we saw the first few people going up the wall just with the support of our classmates from the ground and the top, we learnt to have trust in each other and completed the task within minutes.

6: After a series of activities, then came the most anticipated activity of the whole camp-- the campfire night. Every class was supposed to come up with an act within a day to be presented to the whole level during campfire. Firstly, we decided on the performance sequence where the boys will start the performance where the girls will then enter from the sides. During discussion, there were some disagreements and difficulties as to the song that we were going to be dancing to. Some of us were unclear with the lyrics and dance steps,however, by reaching a mutual decision, we decided to use the song “We’re all in this together”. At the end of the day, although we did not put up the best performance, we had fun and the class was significantly more bonded than before. In conclusion, this camp has allowed us to discover that between classmates, it is important for us to have teamwork and have trust in each other. With teamwork and trust, it would always be easier for us to overcome the obstacles that we face, together.

8: In Changi Airport. Litkids ready to discover the literary world in England. | UNSEEN ENGLAND 2013

9: . | Our first stop - Exploring the ancient ruins in York! Listening to the tour guide and learning the historical beauty. | Finally dinner to heal our famished stomach.

10: This cat was bricked up here during building work and according to the tour guide, its desperate scratching can still sometimes be heard. | Ghost walk after dinner.

11: Day 2 Simple breakfast to kick start the day. | Walking to York Castle museum!

12: First activity for the day - Visit York Castle Museum.

13: A visit to Middleham Castle. It was once the childhood home of Richard III, thus I was able to learn about the illustrious history of the castle. Although roofless, extensive remains of the fortified palace still survive, which made it a fascinating castle to explore.

14: School Visit at Chesterton Community College. Learnt about the education system in Cambridge and also shared how life was like in Singapore to our Cambridge friends.

15: Kings College Chapel. Wonderful and intricate designs on the windows. | Punting and also learning about the different colleges in Cambridge!


17: Globe Theatre | a midsummer's night dream

18: Some last minute shopping to end off the trip!

20: Over the past few years, the school has been able to listen to the students and attempt to make changes according to their opinions. This has led to the many drastic changes made in the school recently. The few changes made have contributed significantly to the students’ needs,examples of such changes are the renovation of the picasso gallery, the indoor sports hall and the new artificial soccer field. Over the 3 years that we have been in the school, these few great changes were made, allowing us to witness the growth of the school. The new buildings have created more opportunities for us to explore different methods of culturing our hobbies or studies. | One change always leaves the way open for the establishment of others - Niccolo Machiavell

21: Firstly, the creation of the indoor sports hall has greatly benefitted the students by allowing us to continue with sports activities even when it is raining. When the indoor sports hall was not yet established, teachers often have to move or cancel physical activities due to safety hazards. Even though they were able to move to enclosed areas such as the hall, the hall is unable to hold up a few classes at once when such a scenario happens, and having to worry about finding an open space wastes time as well. Therefore, building the indoor sports hall allows for more space to move around to conduct such outdoor activities. In addition, the school faces difficulties when trying to find spaces for CCA to take place. As numerous CCAs are held simultaneously, it is hard to find a wide area to conduct their activities and we usually meet with such difficulties due to the lack of space once again. Thus the indoor sports hall can also be used for after school activities as well and this change has created many more opportunities the students to practice other skills aside from academics as well.

22: A conducive learning environment, somewhere favourable for education is vital to each and every student in order for them to excel academically.To aid this, the school has also refurbished the school’s study corner to provide a conducive environment for students to crack the books. The study corner is now a more conducive area where students are given ample space and time to interact within the learning process. Moreover, as the study corner has round tables, it allows better discussion among peers and thus students are able to learn from each other. This makes learning fun as we are able to share our thoughts and learn other people’s perspective of things. Thus, the refurbishment of the study corner has benefited us in many ways.

23: Recently, the school has also started work on painting the whole school in different colours too. The colours of yellow and blue around the whole school changes the whole atmosphere of the school as well. The new painting has a special effect on students, as many have said that the bright and vibrant coat of paint in the classrooms makes them feel more awake and makes concentrating on the lesson much easier. The previous dull brown and white walls made the classroom atmosphere feel really dull and students are most likely to be affected by the surroundings and they will feel bored throughout the whole lesson. Thus changing the classroom interior also enables the student to be able to concentrate better, and prevents them from feeling sleepy and bored. This also indirectly impacts the students’ academics as they will be able to score better when they pay more attention in class. The next improvement made in the school is the artificial soccer field. The new soccer field, made using fake soil and grass,also benefits the school as it lowers the maintenance cost as compared to having a real soccer field. In addition, normal soil can easily stain the students’ clothing and that would not be ideal. Having fake soil and grass allows them to play around at ease without worrying about what happens after a wet weather. The new soccer field also allows us to use it when there is insufficient space for physical activities. Having more places for outdoor recreation reduces wastage of time too

24: In conclusion, I feel that the changes in school has greatly benefited us as we have a more conducive place to nurture our education or hobby as compared to the past and allow the students to look forward to learning in the school.

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