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FC: To Kill a Mockingbird Bob Ewell's view | By Vincci Pong

4: I hear noises coming from my dump of a house. I kick at a rusted bucket. I never did nothin' to deserve this. I look in the window and what do I see? My own daughter kissing a black nigger! I jump in. Nigger runs away like he should. I can hardly control myself. My daughter and a--a nigger! She should know her place. I just keep from killing her. | Pg. 173

5: I saw my chance. A nigger touchin' a white woman is against the law. I was gonna be a hero for savin' Mayella and bringin' the nigger to justice. No one had to know that it was Mayella that made the first move. She was easy enough to control. This was gonna be a new start. | Pg. 173

6: Pg. 170 170

7: My turn on trial. As if people always tell the truth in court. There's no point to the pledge at all. No one's gonna know if I lie anyway. I'm gonna get that nigger, an' also get me a good reputation. That nigger-lover Atticus ain't gonna prove me wrong. It's easy to get the people on my side and that's all I need. | That judge though, I hate him. Trying to embarrass me is he? Well it's not gonna work. The story is easy to tell. Just follow Tate's story line. The the trickin' nigger-lover starts on me. Well, he ain't gonna get nothin' from me.

8: Mayella goes up, and she does what I told her to. Good. Children should listen to their father. Then the bloody nigger goes as witness. Tries to say that what Mayella said was wrong, though he said that Mayella was confused, which was why she got it wrong. I see it in their eyes that they're slowly startin' to believe him. This couldn't be happening. Just because he don't have a left hand doesn't hafta mean that he didn't hit her. Dammit. This isn't working the way it was supposed to be. | He actually asked me if I called a doctor. Who'd waste five bucks in times like this for something like that? Then he starts askin' me 'bout my litracy. Something like that anyway. I'd think somethin' was wrong with his head if it hadn't been that Finch. Tryin' ta defend the black nigger only proved that he was odd but he wasn't an idiot. He seems interested in me bein' a lefty. I ain't completely learned but I don't see what that's gotta do with the case. | Pg. 203

9: I wasn't going to let him get away with this. I'm gonna win. Even if they do believe that I hit her, they'll still say nigger's guilty...right? Right. It can't be any other way. Even so, I'll show him what it means to mess with Bob Ewell.

10: Nigger's guilty of course. I was right. No way he wouldn't be, but I know no one believes me. Stupid nigger-lover. Ruined me he did. Even gettin' the nigger isn't enough. It's him now that I need to get. Can't let anyone think I let someone who did him gettin' away with it. Standin' there calm as ever. We'll see who's laughin' at the end.

11: Pg. 211

13: I wait at the post office corner. He'll come. He's old and the old love routine. He comes, walkin' down the street as calm as can be. Seein' him fills me with rage. Tryin' to hide the monster he is behind that mild face is he? It won't work. I'll show everyone what he is. Then he'll know what he did to me. I walk right up to him. "I'm gonna get you if it takes the rest of my life" I spit in his face. He hardly reacts. This, this is why I hate him. Get angry, hit me, show the world what you're like! He just wipes his face with that stupid handkerchief of his. Argh! He thinks I'm bluffin'. I know he does. Well he's wrong and I'm gonna show him that. All I have to do is figure out what will be the best way to get him. Somethin' not too risky. His children should be the best way to get at him. They won't be as good witnesses too, and no one really believes kids. People'll think they're hysterical. Just wait and see, Finch! | Pg. 217

15: Nigger's dead now just like he should be. Guards shot him seventeen times. Fool actually tried to escape. He finally got what he deserved. One down. Two to go. I'd laugh, but I won't be happy till I'm finished with all off them. Might as well get the nigger's wife while I'm at it. She needs to be taught a lesson too. | Pg. 235

17: I got a job. The trial sure did a good job of making me a famous man. Everyone's just stepping on each other to get to me. I lose the job after a coupla days. They fired me for laziness! I must be the first person in the world for that to happen to. It should go in the record book. Too bad they didn't keep me. Lost a real celebrity they did. Everyone's forgettin' about me. Me. I should be a hero and they just let me stay at my dump. All that damn nigger-lover's fault. Him and the judge. I'll get them. Nigger's wife walks by my house everyday. Stupid Link Deas gave her a job when he didn't need her. Idiot, wasting money in hard times like that. She's easy prey. It's so easy to harrass her, but then she starts walkin' the other way. No more fun for us, but at least she's gotta do more work for it. | Pg. 248

18: Sunday night. Now it's time for the judge. Try to make a fool of me will you? No one does that to Bob Ewell and gets away with it. Won over you in the end during the trial but its not over yet. Sunday night, he should be at church. A judge should have some valubles. Two birds with one stone. Some lights are on but it don't mean nothin'. I cut the screen on the back door with my knife. It's tough, but I'm tougher. I'm sawin' away when I hear a noise. Somebody's coming. It's the judge! Why's he here? I gotta get outta here. I can't face him. I don't wanna go to jail. Dang. | Pg. 248

20: Damn that man. Ruined me he did. I'm gonna get him, and his chillun will be the best to hurt him with. Little ham girl's fat streaks show in the dark like black on white. They hear me but think I'm some other person. I grip the knife in me hand hard. They stop and this time I keep on going. I'm gonna get rid of them. Vengeance. Girly trips right when I get to her, and I fall over too. The boy pulls her away and tries to fight me. A satisfying crunch from his arm shows him how stupid that move was. What a beautiful scream. Ha! Girly runs toward me and I grab on to her. It's too easy to squeeze the life out of her. Someone pulls me offa her. Who--? I get turn toward the person and trip. It hurts. Something's stickin' into my gut. Everything is fading. No way. I can't die. I haven't got Finch yet. I can't... | Pg. 266

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