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FC: Important Events of My Life by Atticus Finch Hello, I am Atticus Finch

1: As I came home one night, my daughter, Scout came to me with a downcast face. I asked her, "Whats the matter?" She told me that her new teacher said that she could no longer read with me. I assured her that it would be fine if we kept reading as long as she didn't tell her teacher. This is important because I want my daughter to get a good education. I also want her to listen to her teacher. So I have to find a compromise between both of them.

4: As I walked up to the road to meet the dog. I told the kids to get in the house. I was with Heck Tate. He told me to shoot the dog before it went down the side street. I walked quicly to the middle of the street and pushed my glasses up my nose but they fell and cracked on the ground. I stoped. I brought the gun the my shoulder and shot. The dog fell down dead. People started coming out. Heck Tate told me that my shot was always all little to right. This event was important because I do not usually feel comfortable bragging about my talents. But today is when my children found out one of my talents.

5: I woke up one night the the sounds of commotion. I looked outside of the window and saw the my sweet neighbor Ms. Maudie's house was burning. I quickly got dressed and went outside. I met with some other men from the block and helped Ms. Maudie get her personal belongings from her house | This event is important to me because one of my long time friends was in trouble. She needed help and she lost everything.

6: I had talked to my sister and she wanted to stay at my house to help care for the children. I told her that I was satisfied with Calpurnia. She refused and said that she would come over. I didn't not wan't to aggravate my sister so I decided to let her stay. This event changed many of my daily activities. I had to deal with one more person in the house.

7: I was going down to the jailouse one night. I was going to stop some men from taking Tom. I had talked to Mr. Underwood and he was going to be my back up. As I reached the jailhouse I propped up a chair and started reading the newpaper. Waiting, just waiting for the men to come and take Tom. Finally I | heard some cars coming. As the men got out I saw the Cunninghams and some others. They circled around me and told me to move out of the way. All of a sudden Scout, Jem, and Dill come running to me. Now I was scared. My childrens lifes were in danger. These men wanted to kill Tom and would not let anything get in their way. I tell Jem to bring the kids home but he refuses. Soon Scout tries to strike up a conversation with Walter. She talks about his son and random things. The conversation must have gone good because Walter Cunnginham told the guys to pack up and go away. This was one of the most important events because my life and my families life was at danger. It was also important because we were able to stop the men from getting to Tom.

8: I had spent weeks preparing for this trial. I only had one witness. I knew from the begining that I was going to loose the case. Even so, I decided to try my hardest to win, so that America would take one step further in giving all humans equal rights. This case started out with the town sheriff Heck Tate. He was one of my friends, an able-bodied man. The next witness was Bob Ewell. A filthy, and attrocious man. He had been hit hard by the depression. Next in line was his daughter Mayella. She was a shy, hesitant young girl. I was shook up by her answers to my questions. She was so terrified of her dad that she refused to tell the truth. The last witness, and my only witness, was Tom Robinson. He was a well-respetable black man. He had a job, wife, and kids. He replied to my asnwers with good manners. The prosecution, Mr. Gilmer, treated him like dirt, calling him son and boy. This event is important not only because it was my job, but because I was fighting for the rights of African Americans. I wanted the people of Maycomb to realize that Africans were equal to whites.

9: As I waited for the jury to announce their verdict. I already knew that Tom would be guilty. They walked out on the podium without looking at Tom. As they pronounced him guilty I wonered why the world could treat an innocent man like this. This was a significant event in my life because I knew that my act of defending Tom was one step in freeing the Blacks. If this was a regular case the jury would have pronounced him guilty in no time. In this case, it took the jury almost three hours.

10: As I was walking down to the post office I was stopped by Bob Ewell. I said hello and good day to him. As I expected he started swearing and cussing at me. He went on and on ranting and ranting. I tried to get away. He stopped me and told the that he would get me back even if it was the last thing he did. Then he spat in my face and walked away. I did not want to get him back because I had destroyed all his credibility at the trial and felt that he had gotten his revenge. This was an important event because I thought that Bob Ewell would bother my no futher, but I was proved wrong in the future.

11: I came home with bad news. I walked in the house and my sisters friends were gossiping with her. I pulled Alexandra (My sister) to the side and told her the news that Tom Robinson had been shot at jail. | This event was important because I spent so much time defending him, only for him to be shot to death and pronounced guilty.

12: As I was sitting on my chair as usually skimming the newspaper headlines for anything interesting. When I heard a knock at the door I was suprised. Usually my kids would come in by themselves. I walked to the door and was suprised to see an old friend. Someone who I had not seen in a while. It was Arthur Radley. I opened the door and invited him in. He shook is head and pointed to the thing he was carrying. I looked | and was mortified! It was my children. I immediatly called Heck Tate and the docotor. My son's arm looked broken. Bother of my children looked unconsious. What had happened? This event was important to me because my children were almost killed by a crazed man who wanted his revenge. This man became this way because of me. If he had succeded in getting his revenge, my children would have died because of me.


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