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4th Grade Poetry

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4th Grade Poetry - Page Text Content

2: Homework by: Itzel "Homework o homework I hate you so much you are as annoying as an elephant rush I wish I could tear you apart I wish I could feed you to my dog so he could eat you to pieces, o homework o homework I hate you so much." | The Ball Game By: Estevan "Horay horay the best of champions are playing today and chearing t he pleyers and eating a hot dog and runing the bases and tuching the plate a ball game is the best thing to watch Eader in TV or at the field "

3: Love by: DiegoVillarreal Love hurts Love sucks Love is bad Love is terrible. | Catooth by: Yaritza Sanchez "I am white I am fluffy I can be a pet but I am really wet so you don't want touch me because I am in somebodies mouth if I am a baby can't open my eyes but I could fall out I am a catooh and nobody can be like me that makes me unique." | Rain by: Fernando Carillo The rain makes noise drip. The water comes down splash. The water wets stuf Boom

4: Spinning: By Gabriel Garcia Spin like a tornado Spin as crazy as you can Spin as slow as the world Just spin. | FOOTBALL BY: MARK REYES GO GO! RUN FAST THROE THE BALL MAKE A TOUCHDOWN GO CELEBRATE. | Mud By: ITZEL SQUISH,SQUASH MUD, SQUISH,SQUASH MUD, SPLASH!!!!!!!

5: Dancing to 60's Music By: Carmen Garcia Arroyo I dance and I dance to the 60's music. The first time I hear it, I just can't believe it, it makes me stand up and move my feet to the beat of the 60's music. I dance and I dance to the 60's music, but I think I better stop because I'm feeling kind of sick.

6: Snow flake By: Laisha flores Duble Duble snow snow Duble Duble flake flake Duble snow Duble flake Duble snow flake | Anita Toledo By: Anita Anita adds all day. But when she does it happens anyway. We tried to stop her. So we need to tell her to add with an array.Then we try to make her write a poem with alliteration! | Dogoal By: Ayla There is a museum next door i went there and i saw a strange scranimal called a dogoal there is five of them there they have a net and their wide.

7: The rain By: Alex the rain makes noise drip. the water comes down. the water wets stuf boom. | fealy fly By: Mariana Cruz One flea fly flew up the flu another flea fly flew down one flea fly flew up the flu another flea fly flew down | Flag By: Ayla Red white and blue with many stars too shshsh goes the wind blows the flag shposhposhpo.

8: Cookies By: Gabriel Garcia I made a funny looking cookie It was round and fuzzy like my cat I swung at it with my heavy bat but why did my cookie Look like my cat? | Sun light By: Irving salinas Sun light in the morning is very bright it goes away in the night I write write about the sun and its light I fell depressed when it goes in the night. the sun is as bright as a light bulb.the sun is as orange and red as a orange and apple.

9: Homework, Home work By: Joahna Rivera Villa homework,homework have i told you how much i hate you homework, homework have i told you that you make me mad homework,homework have i told you that you waste my time homework,homework i hate you to death.

10: George By: Georgina George is my brother.He is always wearing black.He has long,black hair that covers his whole face.He is always unhappy.He has a blue sweater that has the face of a character named Domo.He textx all the time.He looks like a hairy dog because he has a lot of hair.That's how my brother George is. | Running to the end By: Tahlia Castillo I run i run as fast as i can, i try to get passed my friends , i try to run around my friends in circles !!!!!!!!!!

12: MATH By: Tahlia Castillo MATH MATH its so hard to me i need someone to help me MATH MATH its crazy to me why do i have to think ???????????? | Football By: Samuel sweat sweat run run catch catch punt punt stand stand | Love By: Joahna rivera villa Love,love have i told you how much i love you love,love have i told you you that you are shaped like a heart love,love have i told you that you make dreams come truth love

13: HOMEWORK HOMEWORK By: Tahlia Castillo Homework oh homework i hate you , you stink ! i just wish you could be extinct!! homework oh homework i hate you , you stink sometimes i just wish you were never here !!!! homework oh homework you stink ill rather catch a break oh homework i just you were extinct !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14: Singing the Highest Note By: Carmen Garcia Arroyo did last week. I broke my mom's glass cups. She got so mad she kicked me out. All this happened because I sang the highest note. I can't believe what I did last week. I broke my dad's car windows. He got so mad he kicked me back in. All this happened because I sang the highest note.

15: cute By: Joahna rivera villa cute,cute have i told you that you are so cute cute,cute have i told you that you make me cute cute cute have i told you that you make people cute,cutehave i told you that you are my hole world cute.

16: I am happy you are sad By: Yaritza Sanchez I am happy happy happy you are sad sad sad why are you sad you have to be happy I am going to make you tickles yes! you are happy I am happy we are happy happy. | Coria By: Maricruz Coria-Arroyo Coria carried a coconut, carried coria a coconut, that a coconut carried coria, carried coconut a coria, that a coria brought a crazy cat, that a crazy cat carried a coria, that a coria carried a coconut, that a coconut carried nothing.

17: Diegos Dinosaurs By: DiegoVillarreal diego decorates different Dora dinosaurs and dinosaurs eat Dora dinosaurs and digging dinosaurs eat dinosurs. | Run for your live By: Samuel run run run for your live run in your dreams run in your live walk walk walk and run | My Dog By: Anita crash!crash! goodness!!what should I do!boom!bang!my dog chases a cat!!OH MY I WISH SHE STOPS OH NO CRASH! SHE BROKE ANOTHER GLASS !!! SSTTOOPP!!!

18: Thunder By: Laisha flores Thunder Thunder Boom boom Crash bang Drip drop Heart pouding Under thebed Scaerd rely Super scaerd Bum crashdrip drop. | Ping Pong Game By: Ayla Bombom tictic goes the pingpong game roll roll goes the ball ding ding i won the game.

19: Pink Cupcakes! By: Carmen Garcia Arroyo Pink, Pink cupcakes!!!!! Pink, Pink cupcakes!!!!! The pink frosting is pink as roses. Red,Red cherry on top it is red as licorise. Yum! I love pink cupcakes!

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