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50th Anniversary Book

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S: Phil & Cynthia's 50th Anniversary Book

FC: 50 Years!!! | Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad Phil & Cynthia Grandpa & Grandma/Gray July 2012

1: "Grief takes care of itself, but to get the full value of joy, you must have somebody to divide it with." - Mark Twain

2: Your story begins more than 50 years ago -- on a bus on its way back to a small, Ohio college town.

3: That story continues with a certain, very notable event ....

4: Photos sent by Jeanne Caruso: "I always looked forward to the reunions down at the cabin."~ "Uncle Charlie's farm chickens, just for fun!" ~ Some (very) familiar faces at cousin Debbie's wedding

5: "Your Dad and Aunt Cele and Uncle Floyd, celebrating Aunt Cele's 100th birthday. She was thrilled with the cake Phil brought and always looked forward to lunch with him..."

6: "You gave each other room to be the people you were meant to be, and you have always been proud of each other."

7: Dear Mom and Dad, Happy 50th anniversary! I am so proud to be part of this happy occasion and a product of your marriage. Throughout my life, I have witnessed a true, mutually supportive friendship between the two of you. You gave each other room to be the people you were meant to be, and you have always been proud of each other. | You gave me a great model for a successful marriage as you have always treated each other with love and respect. I think of the times the two of you dressed up like the witch and Dracula for Halloween, the polka, square dance, and line dancing lessons you took, Mom’s supporting the building of the cabin, and her cooking the no-salt diet for Dad. I recall having a conversation with mom and her saying,, “I am grateful I married such a good man.” I remember Dad always being the biggest advocate and fan of mom, for example, when she went to Japan and studied Japanese. I like how the two of you like to watch movies together and discuss your similar interests. What I have witnessed is a true partnership. I think of the parents and grandparents you have been, and what a difference you have made in our and your grandson’s lives. I could not be more proud and appreciative of the people you are. Thank you and congratulations! All our love, The Rices (Michael, Margaret, Andrew and Violet)

8: Dear Phil and Cynthia, Congratulations on celebrating your 50th Wedding Anniversary!!! If David were here I’m sure he would have something appropriately witty to say to memorialize and add perspective to this very special occasion I certainly can’t speak for him but perhaps he would at least remind you (as a couple going into their 6th decade of marriage) of the additional “Rules of Life” he added to his list as he was approaching his 6th decade (50th birthday). These are: 1. Never stand when you can sit. 2. Never sit when you can lie down. 3. Never pass up an opportunity to use the restroom. I have such fond memories of times David and I shared with you and your family, particularly Margaret’s wedding and Becky’s wedding. The photo was taken at Margaret and Michael’s wedding reception at the Savage Mill Great Room and is one of my favorite pictures. What a wonderful time we had.... | David actually purchased a new suit, shirt and tie for the occasion. For Becky and Tom’s wedding David dressed as a Southern gentleman wearing his brimmed straw hat. It was a beautiful evening. We enjoyed sharing both of these happy occasions with you.

9: I knew it was over-done and apologized when we arrived but you just kindly dismissed my concern. Well, after dinner when I started to cut pieces of the tart for our dessert plates I realized that the crust wasn’t over-baked, it was in fact burnt --- dark brown bordering on black burnt! However, that didn’t keep the four of us from eating the entire tart that evening. We drank our coffee and tea and ate our slices of the lemon tart and then cut additional slices and additional slices until we had eaten the whole tart! The enclosed picture of the lemon tart (from the recipe book we used) is sent as a reminder to you of the evening we ate the entire lemon tart! I wish you much joy as you celebrate this wonderful personal milestone and I send my best wishes for happiness, good health, and fun times in your future years together. Love to you both on this very special occasion, Marlyn (and David, in absentia) In another email: "David was so close to all of your family, especially your dad, who was his best friend. I know how much we all miss him, especially at special times like your parents' 50th Anniversary." | Other special memories include the times David and I were dinner guests at your home, sometimes with the extended family and sometimes just the four of us. You were always gracious hosts (accommodating my gluten allergy) and we always enjoyed our times with you and the interesting conversations that resulted when we were together. On one such occasion in 2007, we provided the wine and the dessert, a home-made lemon tart with a gluten free pecan crust. The dinner was delicious, as always, but the crust of the lemon tart had baked too long before I added the filing and returned it to the oven.

10: Omedetou.

11: Bill’s connection to the CHASES is thru Phil, but there has been some unique contact with Cynthia as well. You see I, Bill Davis, was born 6/6/1939 and Phil was born I think on 6/13/1939. We were 10 years old or so when we actually met. Phil’s family lived several houses down the street from where my aunt lived in Garfield Heights, Ohio. Phil has a younger sister who was a playmate with my cousin, so while visiting my aunt I met Phil. This has turned out to be a 50-year-plus friendship!! | Cleveland had great baseball teams from the 50's to 56's, and as young boys we were big fans, attending many games together. Bob Feller was one of the many star pitchers on the Cleveland team!! Phil's mother knew the bus routes and was able to give us directions to get to the ball games. Unfortunately, the Big Bad Yankees were the big winners during this time, but we got to see many great games together—lots of weekends at Phil's parents’ cabin in Wooster and lots of catch baseball and my lamenting the fate of my team, the woeful Pittsburgh Pirates. Phil and Cathy spent time during summers at my home in Punxsutawney, PA. Our active connection came to an end when we were in high school and college as we went our separate ways. I graduated from Penn State, married Linda and we had a daughter. I spent 5 years in the Navy and went to work for the National Security Agency, which turned out to be a key to the future connection with Cynthia and Phil! Phil during this same period earned his Doctors Degree from Cal Tech, married and he and Cynthia had Margaret and later Miss Becky!! One of the key connections here was NSA, which brought us and our families together again as Phil got a job at NSA also. In 1976, I was assigned to Japan for three years. Cynthia was studying Japanese and signed up with a program where she stayed with Japanese families and only conversed in the Japanese language. She stayed and visited with us for a few days. Back from Japan, since 1979, we have kept in touch. Phil and I have spent a few days on the water, fishing with Capt Roy. Anyhow it has been a lot of fun years. Linda and I wish Cynthia and Phil a HAPPY 50th Anniversary! ~ Linda and Bill Davis

12: Dear Cynthia and Phil, To the cutest, most well-suited couple. Congratulations on your 50th Wedding Anniversary! I will always remember being regaled with tales of the exploits of the Chase family. I especially enjoyed the stories about Phil and Arlo and the grandsons. Thanks for keeping me sane all those years working together and for fixing my writing and translations. You always made things better. I see that in your blogs too. Much love, Judy Barnett | "To the cutest, most well-suited couple..."

13: Happy 50th Anniversary to Phil and Cynthia! With lots of love, Laura & family* and Joe D. *With Jack at June swim meet; Cameron (left) and Christian (right)

14: Dear Cynthia and Phil, Congratulations on your milestone 50th Anniversary.I was there at the beginning. I was at your wedding. You are the only Woosterites that I have kept in touch with over the years.I love and admire you guys. Best of luck for the next who knows how many anniversaries. May they be many. Love, Mary Jane - and love, too, from Byron P.S. Thank you for getting married on Bastille Day. It makes it sooo easy to remember your anniversary. And from a separate email: “Hi - Byron wanted me to let you know that the photo of Cynthia and the pug is out of focus because that's the way the original picture looks, not because of anything he did. He's kind of obsessive that way.”

15: I have pondered and pondered about what to say about Cynthia and Phil's anniversary. Russ and I really got to know them better in the past few years, and we very much enjoy their company. I remember someone telling me that Phil exclaimed to Cynthia, not too long ago, "Why, Cynthia, you have a nice streak!" I loved this, because it says so many things about their relationship. It's safe to say that we sisters share a complicated, sometimes prickly disposition, and the men who are married to us need a sense of humor. Please share our love and best wishes to two of our favorite people. Love, Aunt Margaret

16: My first memories date back to the fifties when we all were school kids. My father took care of your father's fields, and pulled many vehicles from BIG puddles in the lane--and the Jeep from wherever your sister and her friends would wreck it! Fast forward to the Eighties, when you started returning to Ohio to be the Johnny Appleseed of tree planters--in this case, "Philly Oak-seed." I hadn't seen you in years, and my best new memory came when I once approached the cabin apologetically, hoping I wasn't trespassing. (You were here for a week planting acorns.) Your assurance was one of the nicest things I ever heard: "No Greer would ever be considered a 'trespasser' on Chase property." That re-ignited our friendship, and our frequent visits both in Ohio and Maryland brought you into my circle of friends as well, Cynthia. I can say one thing for sure--Any meal prepared by your hands is always a delight. And my dogs bear further evidence; no matter what different car you drive, Phil, "Wooly-Wooly"--my collie shepherd mix aka "Alice" --detects your approach and rushes out to welcome you. Dogs never fail to recognize a man of character; you certainly qualify. Because so many of our contacts have revolved around the cabin (those wonderful picnics there, and Devil's Backbone Jeep rides in the 50's . . . and the "Ghost Railroad Lodge"--its construction, the trees that fall on it, false burglar alarms, power failures--and the splendid dinners therein), I'll close with these select photos... | You two are wonderful friends. The span of my knowing you has been long--Phil goes back to about 1950--so I can only try to be brief. . .

17: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! David Greer, aka "The Warden"

18: "I have always prided myself on the uniqueness of my parents."

19: Dear Mom and Dad, I’ve always prided myself on the uniqueness of my parents--I think it explains a lot when I look at my own life. :) Who else sternly advises pets to "GROW UP" when they're just doing annoying dog things, and then goes and does so much for the community and others (many of whom are even more annoying)? Who else can dance like this (<---) while slowly amassing a huge collection of angrily yanked-out, roadside signs that make shady promises to passersby (to buy their house tomorrow, loan them huge sums of money or have them earning $3K a week from home)? And speaking of the roadside, who else plants flowers there Laurel, no less!? YOU GUYS! My one-of-a-kind parents. Through your example, you've taught us many things, such as the importance of work and being on time (I'm still working on that one) and that people and life are complex--no easy answers. You taught us that animals have all of the feelings people have (just can't talk about them) and to appreciate the natural world ... and music! And unlike some other parents I knew, you really didn't gossip about other people or waste your time trying to keep up with the Joneses. You always seemed motivated, both of you, by your own interests and ideas. And you have had lots of interests and ideas! You talked to each other all of the time--still do--about all sorts of things. I used to find so much comfort in the sounds of your voices under the rumble of our old station wagon all the way to the farm. (I slowly came to realize that all moms and dads didn’t share this pleasure.) I will always picture Mom curled up on a chair with a book and a preferred pet--or sitting in the near-dark, listening to music; and Dad trying to get someone to follow him out to the garden to see some new plant slowly growing or maybe an evening primrose suddenly popping itself open to the dusk. I will always see us all sitting around the table sharing celebratory meals for every occasion--it’s sometimes seemed--except Flag Day. We have shared so many of the colors of life experience together, from some of the somber hues to the lightest and brightest yellows and golds. You taught me that laughter has a place in just about every situation--a truly invaluable lesson in life. And that whatever happens, some people will always, always be there for each other. I am proud to have you two as my parents and so grateful that you found each other and have stayed together for all of these years. You are an inspiration to my own family and me.... Happy 50th anniversary! We love you Becky (and Tom and Nate)

20: Celebrating Your 50th Anniversary | Dear Uncle Phil and Aunt Cynthia, Before I start reminiscing I would like to send a loving "Happy 50th Anniversary" wish to you both. You will forever make a wonderful pair. I have so many fond memories of you both. Those vacations when your family and my family would get together are among my most treasured. Phil deep sea fishing, letting me pet a dogfish he caught in Ocean City on the bay side; Cynthia at the farmhouse, studying Japanese; cut-throat games of monopoly in Canaan Valley, West Virginia; Phil cracking corny jokes, trying to bring me out of my shy-shell; Cynthia's wonderful sense of humor. I could go on and on, but that's not how I am. Words can't express my happiness that you two have stayed together and raised two of my favorite women in the world. My only regret is that we don't live closer, so that we could make even more memories together. So here is to one of the most fabulous couples I know--a picture from Ocean City, circa 1989. I love you both so much! With love and hugs, Mary (Piekarski Caruso)

24: HAPPY GOLDEN WEDDING ANNIVERSARY, PHIL AND CYNTHIA Stan and I enjoy chugging through life with you. For our 50th in 2014, maybe we can do something wild together like ballooning to the Isle of Man. We love and treasure you. Cathy & Stan

28: Dear Cynthia and Phil, Congratulations on your 50th wedding anniversary on July 14. I hope it was a great day for you. Our relationship only goes back a few years so I can't bring up anything in your past life/lives. I'm sure you are probably glad about that, but then maybe not. I always enjoy our holiday dinners together and I especially enjoy the vegetables you make. You know I really love the Asparagus recipe. This past year you made a delicious Leek recipe, which I made for a pot luck dinner and it went over big. Even Patrick liked it and asked for more. A couple of Christmases ago you, Margo and Tom put on a delightful concert after dinner. Dinner and a concert made for a great evening for all. Phil, I didn't forget you. You always brought the JD for me to enjoy. Here's to many more years of married life together. Love, Sheila (and Patrick)

29: "I would marry you again," said Phil to Cynthia, August 5, 2012--after their anniversary brunch (and about 50 years and three weeks of marriage). | 50 years and counting...

30: In wishing you a Happy 50th Anniversary, Dot Appleman, a friend of more than 40 years, remembers a friendship that is just as long. Coincidence? I don't think so.... | It all started on a little winding lane in Laurel, MD, in 1969–1970 (I think—you know how forgetful us old folks are). We had just moved to Laurel and were renting a house on Oxwell Lane. As I was trying to get some painting done in the upstairs bedrooms, the kids (Chris, Mimi, and Stuffy) came screaming into the house yelling that the "red thing" was after them. It happened to be Margaret and Becky Chase, daughters of one of my dearest fiends. Thus began our friendship which has survived over the last 40 plus years. We spent a lot of time driving into our respective driveways just as the school buses delivered our respective children home from school. As we were always running late, whoever got there first gathered all five kids. After a year, our family moved two blocks away, but Simplia and I continued our friendship. Our youngest daughters were especially close. We added another person to create a threesome that persists to this day. Next door at our new home, Harley Williams and her little one became new friends. Cynthia and I at this point in time had decided that we would exchange housekeeping chores. One week it was my house and the next it was Cynthia's. (I think I got the best of the bargain.) Harley happened to come in one day and looked askance at this rather strange plan. To say that Cynthia thinks in a manner somewhat different from the rest of the population is rather tongue-in-cheek. However, Harley decided that if she could deal with me, who has been described as one taco short of a combo plate, she could take the "punniest" person we've both ever known into our little group. We had a short two-year stay in California. Knowing Cynthia and Harley was the only thing that kept me sane. I was so homesick and they kept up communications till we got back to Laurel . . .

31: Sorry to take so long getting back to you. We only got our electricity back over the weekend after being out for a better than 7 days. Fortunately we have a small generator that kept the refrigerator going so we didn't loose the food. Your Mom and Dad are very special people. Eileen and I wouldn't miss the chance to wish them another happy 50 years! Tell your Dad I well remember the time we went to Cole Field House 40 years ago to watch Maryland loose an important basketball game and how he worried so much very late that night that I didn't have enough gas in the car to get home so late. And your Mom about how she worried about Mitzi each time I came by. Here are a few words with which to toast them on their very special occasion. Cynthia and Phil, James Thurber said, "Love is what you've been through with somebody." Congratulations on 50 years of living a marriage of love, with all the joys and the frustrations that make us what we are. Thank you for being some part of our lives as well. You are very special people whose friendship we treasure. May your romance never end as you enjoy many more years with greater joys and less frustrations. Happy Anniversary! Eileen and Ben

32: From Mary Jane | Happy 50th Anniversary to Phil and Cynthia Chase!!! Congratulations and Bravo! We first met at the rehearsal for Tom and Becky’s wedding. What a hot August day that was. I’ve never forgotten the kind words that Phil had to say about my son Tom and how much he means to their family, it brought tears to my eyes. I remember saying to Tom and Becky and everyone present how glad I was that they (Tom & Becky) met each other. Not only did my son get a beautiful wife but a great family. Phil and Cynthia, I’m so glad that my son is now a part of your family. Your kindness, love and support throughout the past years are so well-appreciated not only by Tom and Becky but by me.. As Tom’s mom, it does my heart good to know he has family close by that will love and support him with whatever comes up. Always when visiting Maryland I look forward to spending time with Phil and Cynthia. You have taken me into your family as well as my son, and I so enjoy being a part of the Chase Family. Here’s a photo taken in May when we were all out to dinner at a Cuban restaurant . . .

34: THE JOY OF RECONNECTION We’ve all had experiences reconnecting with old friends. These experiences may be more disappointing than joyful because of numerous reasons: it is difficult to go home again, people change, memories and reality often may not jibe, and relationships need consistent attention to develop in harmony. In my sophomore year in high school in French class, I sat near the classroom door, and on the opposite side of the room, near the windows, was an attractive, demure young lady with a winsome smile. Her name was Cynthia and despite her quiet manner she was an excellent conversationalist with an unusually quick and witty sense of humor. Also, behind her smile there were lots of thoughts that she kept to herself. We happened to be in the same circle of friends, so over time I got to know Cynthia, and liked her very much. I was amazed when I found out that Cynthia’s sister chose to live in Cambridge Springs with her Mother who was married to my uncle while Cynthia remained in Meadville with her Father and Stepmother. They lived in a one-story ranch on Maple Lane in the shade of giant maple trees. As college intervened, we went in different directions, and after college I heard that Cynthia had married Phil Chase, also a Wooster grad. With them in the D.C. area and we (I married a Pittsburgh girl) in Ohio, upstate New York, and then Illinois --- we were never able to reconnect.

35: But, as luck would have it a reconnection with my own Hines family occurred at Margaret Hines Taylor’s wedding in Erie, PA in 1980. And, who do I see at the wedding but Cynthia and Phil! I was speechless, although their coming to the wedding made perfect sense. | Since that time, we’ve convened at family weddings and a Memorial Service. Each time, the reconnection is a joy. In addition to the event at hand, Judy and I enjoy being with Cynthia and Phil at these family gatherings. In addition, Judy and Cynthia exchange E-mails regularly because both of them are writers. We look forward to more “reconnections” although we admit that as we grow older the balance between weddings and funerals will continue to shift. A fact of life. So, it is with joy and affection that Judy and I send warm greetings and congratulations to Cynthia and Phil Chase on the occasion of their Golden Wedding Anniversary. With family and relatives surrounding you, we know that it will be a memorable occasion. Congratulations, best wishes and love from Ed and Judy Hines --- Bloomington, Illinois, July 2012 Pictured: Barbara Moline, Ed Hines and Cynthia at Mary Flowers' wedding, Peek'n Peak Ski Resort, Clymer, NY, 2009

36: From Billy Chase for your 50th wedding anniversary........ Although a lot has changed since then, I do like the picture because it's about as close a Chase family photo as I have and it's at the the half-way point of your parents' marriage. . . . I'll share a little something from the last visit. Your parents and I were talking and your mom mentioned a columnist she normally couldn't stand but she did agree with him on one issue (the issue slips my ski-slope mind). As most Chases are more than a bit to the right, I was getting ready to hear someone like Maureen Dowd. She said "the guy with the bow-tie . . ." -- GEORGE WILLS! I felt free to talk current affairs with a Chase! You or they have no idea how comforting that was. . . . We went to Peggy Sue's in Newcastle. Next time, I want to go to that place up the road! (Later, again) Your parents are fantastic. . . . | BACK ROW: Phil, Rita, Cynthia, me (in genuine Napoleon Dynamite specs), Joe D., Pete (husband of my mom's friend), Coach Jerry; MIDDLE: Jack, Aunt Albie, Annette (my ex), Ronnie, Mildred (see Pete); FRONT: Nancy (Jack's wife), Barb, Janet (Bob's ex), Bob.

37: Dear Cindy & Phil, Song of Solomon 2:16: "My lover is mine and I am his; he browses among the lilies, until the day breaks and the shadows flee; turn my lover and be like a gazelle or like a young stag on the rugged hills." We are very blessed to have people like you two in our lives. We would like to wish you the happiest of all your anniversaries..... WOW 50 years, how beautiful is that! God Bless and enjoy all that the Lord has for you guys, for it is He who works in you both. Love, Tom and Cindy

38: Dear Cynthia and Phil: We send all of our love to you as you celebrate 50 years of marriage, or as a dear friend said at his 50th anniversary party: "These have been thirty-five of the best years of my life!" Another couple called it "Fifty years of wedded détente." All of which underscores that is indeed a feat to be married for fifty years and still love each other, as clearly the two of you do. I (Barbara) was at your wedding, but barely remember it. I think it was the first wedding I ever attended. I do remember how beautiful Cynthia looked in her white gown, and the lovely stone Methodist church in Meadville where the wedding took place. It was a sad and happy day, as our father had died in an accident six months before, and we were very aware of his absence. By the way, you guys cut quite a caper on the dance floor! Love, Barbara & Ron

39: At Becky and Tom's wedding, 2006

40: one’s not half two. It’s two are halves of one: which halves reintegrating,shall occur no death and any quantity;but than all numerable mosts the actual more minds ignorant of stern miraculous this every truth-beware of heartless them (given the scalpel,they dissect a kiss; or,sold the reason,they undream a dream) one is the song which fiends and angels sing: all murdering lies by mortals told make two. Let liars wilt,repaying life they’re loaned; we(by a gift called dying born)must grow deep in dark least ourselves remembering love only rides his year. All lose,whole find e.e. cummings

41: PhilChase and Cynthia, For my birthday some years back (closer to when when Becky and I first met), PhilChase sent some plants from his garden, to me as a birthday gift, knowing I was cultivating a shade garden I'd made in my converted carriage house. He sent along echinacea, wild ginger, sweet woodruff and a few other lovely shade plants. When I did the transplants, in the soil of one of the perennials, there came along an unexpected ground cover. It nicely spread itself amongst the slate stepping stones, lending a soft, almost mossy texture to these hard surfaces. I asked PhilChase about the plant and if I could get some more from his yard. He was a bit confused, not knowing which plant I was referring to. The next time I visited at the Chase house, I brought a sample of the plant to show Phil(Chase). He started to chuckle, then gestured for me to follow. He led me into the backyard and we walked out onto a blanket of the same texture, only his was interspersed with tufts of grass. He exclaimed, “take as much of it as you want, as it seems to have taken over the yard!” As it turned out, this was not one of plants PhilChase intended to give me. Creeping Jenny—as it’s called—has become a popular ground cover, it now is readily available in a grassy green (as shown) and a chartreuse.. One thing that’s been great fun in my relationship with Becky is developing a relationship with PhilChase and Cynthia as well. I appreciate where Becky's (and Nate’s) sense of humor originates—her parents. Happy 50th anniversary! I look forward to us all sharing more celebrations (birthday's, showers, engagement events) in the future.. Love, kim

42: First Grandson, Andrew... | "Grandpa taught me how to fish at Cash Lake, and got me my first fishing pole... Grandma is nice, and my, she does have a beautiful voice for an older woman."

43: Nate (in the car on the way to school): "Mommy, I have to ask you a question." Mommy (driving): "What? Go ahead." Nate: "Do you think Grandpa and Gray are the same person?" Mommy: "Um, no... do you?" Nate: "Yup." (Spring 2012) | And then Nate!

44: Hi Cynthia and Phil, Wow! 50 years! I'm delighted to join your circle of well wishers on your golden anniversary. And Chase-o-san, I certainly have many fond memories of our days as Agency co-workers and friends. For starters, there were the many meetings of the Turkey Club. Hedda was squawking just the other day that the club meets far too infrequently now that we've retired. I told her to get a grip and reminded her that when it does meet it is at one her most favorite places, Pasta Plus, and not the NSA cafeteria. That shut her up, at least temporarily. She is such a copy cat, or is it a copy turkey, always mimicking your order of timballo. I trust that you remember our many Saturday morning breakfasts at Laurel's finest establishments as we fortified ourselves before heading in to work on our infamous working aid. I wonder if that thing molders away in some long-forgotten agency database. Then there were our interesting lunch time conversations on theology and sundry other subjects, not the least of which was our sharing what was going on in the lives of our children. It was a great encouragement to me to have a "prayer partner." Looking back, I think that we can safely say that God has poured out his grace on us and them.

45: I can't remember all the details, but I do recall the red coat incident--did that involve Kathy Baker? That story got funnier and a bit more bizarre with each re-telling. hen too your creatively composed limericks and haikus along with your many stories of the irascible Arlo were real day brighteners for those of us fortunate enough to read/hear them. I can still picture the ever-present carton of milk on your desk as you dealt with stomach woes and your "head checks" to see if anyone was in earshot before divulging some nugget of "for your ears only" information. And last, but certainly not least, I recall your kindness in inviting Jenn and myself to dinner at a particularly rough time in my life. Phil was a very gracious host that evening as he made Jenn feel very welcomed. | Best wishes to the two of you as you enter yet another decade of married life. The example of your commitment to each other and to your family is inspiring to all of your friends. God bless, Carol

47: I wanted very much to write a poem for this occasion, but strangely enough, words will not unfold that would be just the thing for this occasion. I think it is because I hold your parents in great esteem and words seem inadequate to describe how dear they are to me. I have decided to send them two of my poems— which I shall dedicate to their 50th anniversary... | “Beautiful Lyme" Lyme, Lyme beautiful Lyme Your beauty is unspoilt by time Sea, sea, beautiful sea Do you know what you have done for me? Lifted my spirits, eased my pain I know that I shall be back again The gentle breezes, the roaring gales The sound of waves upon the shale The beautiful colours of the seas All these are beautiful to me Cliffs, cliffs, beautiful cliffs A delight to he eye for me Stonebarrow, Goldecap, Eype and West Bay I will never tire of gazing on these The Royal Lion*, my home from home A short walk to the sea On Broad Street which is as old as old can be Little shops so quaint and sweet No queues for people here Just gentle folk and kindly smiles I hold them oh so dear The best of food, the best of bed The glorious views I see Bless this place and keep it safe Keep it safe for you and me. | “The Gentle Art of---- “ The gentle art of conversation Need it have ever begun Could we perhaps get along without the wagging tongue Look at all the time we would save If we could but convey Our thoughts with looks and slights of hand And be gone upon our way See all the mischief done by a wrong word or reprimand See all the lives out of tune because the wrong note was sung Silence is golden- of this I am sure And silenter I must be For twould never do to unloose the glue And tell what I think of thee Happy Anniversary, dear friends. ~ Zeta *This is where she and her daughter stayed after Charles passed away.

48: To Phillip and Cynthia: What a wonderful blessing you have been given by God to celebrate a half of century of love, sadness, sickness, health, and grandchildren. We are honored to be your neighbors and wish you God's continued blessings as you live out your lives together. Peace & Blessing, Kevin, Denise, Kevin Jr. and Noah.

49: More Messages from Montpelier | Dear Phil and Cynthia, You're 50th Wedding Anniversary— FANTABULOUS! I'm grateful to have had you as neighbors for the 33 years that we lived in Montpelier. So many memories: Watching Margaret and Leslie, Becky and Kim grow from little girls to the accomplished women that they have become. How wonderful that they have remained friends through the years. Please know that I will be thinking of you and lifting you in prayer as you celebrate this very special occasion. Blessings and Congratulations, Barbara McKay

50: Mr and Mrs Chase, I would like to wish you the happiest of all Anniversaries! We are all fortunate to have known one another, as neighbors and friends. You have set the best of examples in a loving couple and quality family. From your beautiful and talented daughters to your pugs and pets, a beautiful garden you did grow. I hope you can feel all of our love and admiration, enjoy! Love, Kimmy McKay | Mr. and Mrs. Chase, Congratulations on this amazing anniversary! I have many fond memories of spending time at your house playing with Margaret. You were always very kind and open-minded regarding our various creative endeavors and adventures. I always learned many things about plants and animals as a benefit of your professional expertise and personal interests. When I think back on the times I spent with Margaret at your house I realize that your family helped inspire me to continue to learn and study throughout my life. (One of my favorite memories and one that I have shared with my students is that of feeding Mr. Chase's Venus Fly Trap!) Lastly, I want to thank you for the gift of your daughters Margaret and Becky. Although Margaret and I haven't been in close contact these last few years, whenever I think of her I think of a gifted and talented woman who has been a true friend- ready to stand by me, no matter what. Becky has always been a faithful and supportive friend to Kim and a source of joy and entertainment for our entire family whenever we have the pleasure of seeing her. I wish you many more wonderful years together with your children and grandchildren! Sincerely, Leslie McKay Rufolo

51: "You and your family are very special to us." | Ohio Neighbors: John and Cheryl Bowman

53: "Looking back, I think that we can safely say that God has poured out his grace on us and [our children]...." - Carol Berger

54: 50th Anniversary Wedding Celebration at the Severn Inn

56: What a delight it was for Jon and me to share in the celebration of Cynthia and Phil’s 50 years together. It was great to see them looking well and happy—I really think that their marriage is going to last! When I was chatting with Cynthia at the brunch, I was reminded of the day we first met. She was in Dot’s house holding a broom. (Please ignore the comment that Phil made when I mentioned this: “Did you ride in on it?”) She and Dot were taking turns cleaning one another’s houses, since they preferred that to cleaning their own. This was my introduction to creative thinking Chase-Appleman style. Much more to follow in the years to come. Another memory that came back to me demonstrated Phil’s cool: One night, there was a bomb scare in the house next to ours. The police banged on our door and told me that we had to evacuate our home immediately. Jon wasn’t there. I quickly bundled Jim and Apple (our schnauzer inherited from the Appleman family) into the car and drove over to the Chase’s. Phil answered the door, not blinking or even looking puzzled at my arriving unannounced and uninvited in my red bathrobe and pink pajamas with kid and dog late in the evening. He just said, “Hi. Want to come in?” Cynthia, on the other hand, came out in her night clothes, looked at me and asked, “What are you doing here?” (A perfectly reasonable question.) They were both very gracious and we stayed there until the “All Clear” sounded. What special people Phil and Cynthia are! We are privileged to know them! | from Jon & Harley Williams

59: On couples, like you, who've been married a long time: "Each year, since their wedding day, another branch has grown in the tree of their life together.. And each year, because of their life together, the roots of those littler trees--sprouted up all around them--deepen and multiply." - a certain Phil(andCynthia)sopher

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