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70 Memories for 70 Years

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70 Memories for 70 Years - Page Text Content

S: 70 Memories 70 Years

BC: The End

FC: 70 Memories | 70 Years

1: Happy 70th Birthday! Of all the things we could have gotten you for your birthday, we most of all just wanted you to know that we love you and that we are grateful for all the memories you have given us and for the people we are because of you!! Georgia, Tiffany, Berkley, Angela, Jonah, Eli, Lincoln, Cosette, Colli, Nuno, Isabel, Daniel, Clara, Amelia, Annie, Rachel, Brian, Jacob, Hannah, Addison, Kate, Noah, Jared, Kiely, Ethan, Sam, Jack, Isaac, Cyrus, Kathy

2: This is a memory that was written by your mom for you. We were lucky enough to find it so that her memories could be represented. Several years ago, your dad and I met, and after our first date, we seemed to know that we wanted each other. Our love grew stronger as the months seemed to fly by. We planned to be married. So, on October 25, 1939, we were married in the Salt Lake Temple. We soon learned that we were to be blessed with a special little spirit, which made us very happy. Jobs were scarce, so your dad found himself without work for a few months. I worked as long as I was able to. It didn't take a lot to live at this time for the two of us, so we managed to get by. We would often take 25 cents and buy a gallon of gas and go to my parents' home in Iona for a good meal. Since my parents were going on an extended trip, we moved out of our home and went to live in Iona. We really didn't have enough money for rent. Shortly after we moved to Iona, your dad got a job hauling wheat in the harvest. While living in Iona, we saved enough money to find us an apartment. We moved about the first of September to an apartment on Sage Street. It was so nice to get back on our own and have our own home. Your dad also got a job in town, working for Culligan Water Service. By this time, we were getting anxious for your arrival. We realized that it was time for our special event, so we walked to the hospital, which was only a couple of blocks away, since we didn't have a car. Then, on the morning of September 25, 1940, you came into the world to bless our home. We were so proud and happy as we watched you grow. Each thing that you learned to do was really special. I remember when your daddy used to read you the story of Peter Rabbit. When Peter Rabbit lost his shoes in the cabbage patch, you would really cry. The first two years of your life, we lived in Idaho Falls. When we got a chance for a better job, we decided we had better take it. So we moved out to Vancouver, Washington, where your daddy worked in the shipyards. We lived there almost a year. We moved back to Idaho Falls just before your new baby brother came to live with us. This was also a really joyful occasion, and our home seemed to overflow with love.

3: When your brother, Richard, was six months old, your dad was called to serve his country. He served in the navy for two years. Well, this was a very lonely time for us, but I knew I had to make a home for you and Richard and try to keep things together while your daddy was gone. With you and Richard's help, we managed to spend the lonely times together. It was during this time, I went downtown and bought you a pair of yellow swim trunks, and when I came home, you had put them on and gone outside. When I looked out the window a while later, I saw this naked little boy walking down the sidewalk swinging his trunks at his side. I wondered just who this little boy was. I soon discovered it was you. Also, the first time you went to scout camp was really hard. These were really hard adjustments for me to make. About this time, a registered calf was to be given away to a 4H member, and you happened to get the lucky number. We were given a registered jersey calf. This was a good experience for you, and you were able to show at the county fairs. You and Richard were also given two calves to raise for the junior livestock fair. Both of these projects gave you a savings and was a start for your college years. Each year brought special assignments and jobs both at church and school. These were really good for you, and I could see your growth and how you could handle these responsibilities really well. You were active in Future Farmers and took different trips and held different offices. When you were in high school, as I remember, you were president of the AG club. The years flew by, and you were soon walking down that aisle in your cap and gown to receive your diploma for graduation from high school. During these past experiences, you were blessed with two more baby sisters, Sherrie and Peggy, which made our family more complete and made us very happy.

4: After two years of college and BYU, you were ready for a mission and received a call to serve in the Brazilian Mission. Our hearts were full, and we were so proud. After returning from your mission, you returned to college for a semester, then spent the summer with the FBI in Washington DC. You then came back to BYU to finish your college and graduate. You worked at JC Penneys for some time. Then you decided to go to the National Guard. It was during basic training that you met the girl that was to become your wife. These were very good years as we watched you grow from a tiny baby to a fine young man. We are proud of you and your accomplishments. We feel very lucky to have such a special son and daughter-in-law, and we are especially happy too with our special grandchildren. -Mom and Dad (Marjorie and Victor Hanks)

6: 1. My dad went to Vietnam when I was very small. I was recently given a picture of him sitting in his tent. This was the picture of my dad that I carried around while he was away. It is crumpled from being carried around in my little hand. My first memory of him was when we went to the airport in Idaho Falls to pick him up when he returned from serving his country. I remember the little American flag that I waived. We brought him home, and the battle began. I was used to sleeping with my mom. My dad would patiently tuck me in bed, say my prayers, and read me a story. I would close my eyes to go to sleep, and he would leave my room. By the time he reached his bedroom, there I would be tucked into his bed. We still joke because when I visit home to this day I get in bed with Mom to watch TV at night. When I hear his footsteps coming up the stairs, I know the first words out of his mouth will be, "Go get in your own bed!" - Tiffany 2. Books. One of the best things my dad ever did for me was to give me the love of reading. He would pay me to read books during summer breaks from school. He choose the books. I remember reading The Hobbit books and Les Miserables, among others. The house I grew up in was full of books, and mine is as well. - Tiffany

7: 4 | 3. History. My dad also gave me a love of history. I remember our trips across the country. We would stop at all the historical markers and signs so we could read them. We traveled to many historical sites around the country. My dad always knew everything about the history we were seeing. -Tiffany 4. Family. My dad gave me a love for family. My childhood memories are full of visits with my Little Grandma in Shelly (my great grandmother), my Burke great grandparents, and Sunday evenings at Grandma and Grandpa Hanks'. The visits and relationships they allowed me to develop are cherished memories of mine. - Tiffany

8: 5. One of my earliest memories of my dad occurred when he returned from some sort of National Guard or Army training program. I don't really know how long it had been since I had seen him--time goes by pretty slowly for a young child. I do remember that I was young enough to still be learning basic habits that all humans should learn in order to survive to adulthood. I believe I had already learned how it was a bad idea to climb wooden fences without shoes, but I hadn't yet made it to the realization that sunscreen did have some value. On this particular day, my dad was going to be coming home via an army helicopter and landing with some of his war buddies in a vacant field just a couple hundred yards from our house. As the sound of the rotors became louder and louder, the helicopter came into view, and once it touched down, Tiffany and I ran to greet our dad. He exited the helicopter and made his way with his buddies through the field and into our neighborhood. All of the running had apparently made me thirsty. It was then that I noticed the water flowing down the gutter just in front of me. I didn't know from where the water was coming. Perhaps a neighbor was washing his car or lawnmower or garage floor. I’m sure this made a great impression on both my dad and his friends to see me on my hands and knees, like a dog, sipping cool water from the gutter. Often a parent needs to search for opportunities to teach a child important things about life. I think I threw my dad a softball that day. - Berkley

9: 6. Random Memories Reading on the Toilet. The “Dry Look.” Throat lozenges. Diet Mountain Dew. Dell tech support. “Shut the damn door!” “Put the damn cat out!” “Damn dog!” “Damn Democrats!” “I’m going to ‘button-up’ the house.” “I’m going to 'gas-up' the car.” Toilet paper in the nostrils. Purple exercise pants. “Let’s go get a drink.” Rush Limbaugh. Hot dogs. The family pharmacy. BMW. “Reregulate the airlines.” Vicks vapor inhaler. Anything Brazil. Saturday at the office. Ghost towns. Trips to the East Coast. Vietnam moustache. Near Beer. - Berkley

10: 7. I remember a very funny story about Larry. Annie and I were watching him poke around in the pond with a long piece of PVC pipe. We were kind of making fun of him. To retaliate, he filled the pipe with pond water and planned to blow on the end and spray us. Unfortunately for him, he tilted the pipe too high, and all the water went rushing into his mouth and cascading down his front side. Annie and I laughed ourselves silly. -Angela 8. I think one of my favorite stories about Larry is related to his strong faith in the gospel. It was a great example to me when Georgia and Larry were called on their first mission, and they went without hesitation. I remember all the discussion about Larry retiring early as GA and retirement benefits, etc., etc. Everything he was risking and everything he might miss out on by leaving right away. I have since heard other stories about people who say they will go but ask to wait a year or two. That is fine, I suppose. They still go. I just think about the General Conference talk by Dallin H. Oaks where he talked about “good, better, and best.” Larry and Georgia’s example to me was “best,” and I will never forget that. -Angela

11: 9. One last thought about Larry: his wardrobe. Although he can dress quite dapper in his nice suits and shiny shoes, those aren’t the clothes that tell his true story! I laugh every time I see him wearing clothes with bleach stains. I think there is a man who loves his wife! Every time I see him in his overalls, I think there is a man who remembers his heritage—and there must be a muskrat on the loose or he wants to try and do something in the yard to stop Georgia from hiring it out (doesn’t work!) And finally, those purple jogging pants. Though we have tried to replace them, they never disappear. They may be some gesture of frugality or just Larry taking a stand. I am not sure, but my memory of Larry is outdistanced by those purple pants. - Angela

12: 10. I remember going to Grandpa's house on Sundays. It is really fun with all the cousins and everything. - Jonah 11. I remember going camping with Grandpa at Bear Lake. It was fun. - Jonah 12. I remember when Grandpa gave me a silver dollar for my baptism. I will keep it forever. - Eli 13. I sure like to go to Grandpa's house on Sundays. I really like to look for all of the snakes in the yard. -Eli

13: 14. I like to go to Grandpa's office when he is there. He always has candy, like Jolly Ranchers and Snickers. -Lincoln 15. I like to go to Grandpa's house and look at the fish in the pond. I also like that he has lots of snakes in the yard. -Lincoln 16. Grandpa watches me do ballet. - Cosy

14: 17. My dad used to pay me to read. I earned $50 for reading The Old Man and the Sea. I am now a voracious reader and have made my career helping others learn to read and love to read. I do not read because my dad paid me, however. I read because I grew up watching my dad read. He was the smartest person I knew, and even as a child I knew that he was smart because he was a reader. Whenever my dad had a question, he turned to a book. I remember when he decided to take up running. He went to the bookstore and bought a stack of books about running. We always had an assortment of books lying around. Our walls were lined with bookshelves, yet there were still stacks of books everywhere. He had so many books that every shelf was filled. I thank my dad for helping me become a reader. I love books. I love what I’ve learned and what I’ve felt through reading. Just about all I do each day is based upon something I read about in a book. Thank you, Dad, for sharing your love of books with me. - Colli

15: 18. My dad doesn’t seem the worrier type to me. He once told me—when he felt that I was obsessing over the safety of my children a little too much—that kids are replaceable. So, I guess this memory stands out for me because it’s not behavior that I would expect from my dad. One night as a young single adult, I was leaving their house at about 8:00 p.m. and mentioned that I was stopping at the store on my way home. My dad, fearful that something would happen to me at the store, followed me to the store, waited for me to go into the store to pick up what I needed, and then followed me home. I found out after that that there were many times that he had gone out looking for me when I’d left their house and had taken longer than expected to get back to my house. - Colli

17: 19. I have such wonderful memories of Christmases when I was a child. I have recounted over and over to my children the fun my siblings and I had on Christmas Eve, after we were all supposed to be in bed asleep. We just couldn’t sleep; we were too excited. We all slept in the basement in Berkley and Tiffany’s rooms. It was just too much to keep in that our presents were upstairs just waiting for us to spy. We’d line up at the bottom of the basement stairs, then slowly and quietly climb the stairs, open the door to the basement, and take a peek at our presents. We were never successful in our ventures. Almost immediately and invariably, we’d hear my dad shouting from his bedroom, another level up, “Damn, kids! Go back to bed!” - Colli

18: 20. I remember when I graduated from college. I had majored in English, for the sole reason that I loved to read and write. I had never given a thought as to what I would do after graduation. I was terrified about having to support myself. I had no idea what I could or should do. It took several months and a great deal of counseling from my dad to get me through that period. During those months, my dad gave me a lot of really helpful advice that has stayed with me through the years. One is that we go to college to get an education not a vocation. He taught me to value my education and what I could do to get a vocation. He also told me that it was sink or swim time for me. I honestly believed that I would sink, but I also knew that he believed that I would be able to succeed, and that was enough for me to try. The most valuable lesson he taught me during that time was how to find answers to my prayers. I had learned the steps in church. However, it wasn't until he helped me use those steps to really find out what my Heavenly Father wanted me to do that I really understood the process. -Colli

19: 21. I will never forget the day I saw Larry out in his front yard dressed in his gray sweat pant shorts with his Brooks Brothers socks pulled up to his knees. Over his shoulders he carried an air rifle. He was hunting down the muskrat in his yard. I laugh every time I think about it. -Nuno 22. One of the first gifts Larry ever gave me was a set of Portuguese scriptures. I’ve always appreciated that gift. -Nuno

20: 23. I remember Grandpa taking me to his ward Christmas party. -Isabel 24. When Grandpa and Grandma babysat me when I was a baby, and I would start crying, Grandpa would carry me in his arms around the house and yard singing to me. -Isabel 25. I love wrestling with Grandpa! -Daniel 26. l love when Grandpa takes me out to the pond to see the fish. -Daniel

21: 27. I love wrestling with Grandpa, too! -Clara 28. I love when Grandpa crawls around with me on his back. -Clara 29. I remember the day that Amelia was supposed to be born. I really wanted my dad and Nuno to give me a blessing. My dad had come up to the hospital before every one of my babies was born to assist Nuno in giving me a blessing. The hospital told me that they would call me and let me know when they had a time available for me to come up to the hospital so that Amelia could be induced. While we were waiting for the hospital to call us, we stopped by the office so that my dad could assist Nuno in giving me a blessing. I also remember my dad coming up to the hospital to see Amelia after she was born. He came up with Tiffany. With only the two of them there, they didn’t have to fight to hold the new baby. My dad sat in the chair next to me and held little Amelia. He kept taking off her red crocheted hat so that he could see all her black hair. -Colli (for Amelia)

23: 30. I have lots of great memories of Dad, but I am probably most grateful for the work ethic he taught me. Work has always been something that has made him happy and that was and continues to be a lesson that I want to emulate and am most appreciative of. I also remember when Mom and Dad were called on their first mission. There was never any question about what they would do. I remember Dad specifically saying that there was no question, because they had committed to always follow what Heavenly Father wanted them to do. That faithfulness and commitment is an amazing example that has taught me so much. -Annie 31. One memory that stands out to me is a night that I was working late at Chili's. Mom and Dad had been home from Brasil for only a short amount of time, so I was not used to having parents around. I was finishing my shift, and Dad came walking in to the restaurant. He said that he had seen on the news a man who was attacking girls, and he wanted to make sure that I got home safe. I still had about an hour more of work to do, but Dad sat on the bench and waited until I was ready to leave so that he could follow me home and make sure I was safe. At the time, I thought it was funny that he would worry that much and wondered what he thought I did the whole time they were gone, but I was so grateful to have a dad that would worry about me and do everything he could to keep me safe. -Annie

24: 32. I remember the night that Dad was in his bike accident. The night before his accident, we got into a big fight. I was 19 years old at the time and thought I knew everything. I left the house and went to stay with my friend. The next day when I was working at Sizzler, Mom came in and told me that Dad was at the hospital and had been in a bad accident. I have never felt so terrible in all of my life. To see Dad vulnerable was something I had never seen before. Dad has always been one of the strongest people I know, so to see him injured in a hospital bed was terrible. I learned a valuable lesson that day. I don't think I really thought of Dad as a real person like the rest of us until that day. He was always strong and perfect and didn't really seem as human as other people. I learned that if my dad could be vulnerable, then anybody could be. I learned how important it is to not take the people I love for granted. -Annie My favorite quote from my dad is from when I crashed his BMW. He said, "I have 7 kids, but only 1 BMW." This was a classic line that has brought me many laughs. It is a good thing I am a confident person and that I know he really does love me, or I would for sure have a complex!!! -Annie

25: 33. As a child, I loved sitting up front by my dad when we were either in the motor home or just on long family drives. My dad has always had so much knowledge about so many things, and I loved being able to sit up by him where I could hear about all the things we saw. My dad taught me about so many things on these family trips. I also remember being so afraid to the point of tears as my mom and dad would switch drivers while going down the freeway in a moving motor home. I was always so sure that we would wreck, and we would all die. Of course, we never did, and we always had such a great time. So many of my great childhood memories came from these family vacations. -Rachel

26: 34. This is my funny memory, which my dad denies, but I remember word for word this whole story. I was pregnant with Kate, and at some point in my pregnancy, I was considering naming her Kennedy. My dad called one day in a very serious voice asking if he could talk to me. I was so worried, thinking something was seriously wrong! He asked me to please, please not name my baby after a democrat. In fact, his exact words were, "I'm putting my foot down!" I laughed then, and I still laugh, but, of course, I obeyed! -Rachel

27: 35.. My first memory of Larry was from a construction job trailer on 7200 South and 1100 East, located, interestingly, just a couple of blocks away from where we would travel frequently for Sunday dinners, holidays, and other celebrations. I still remember dialing the strange sequence of numbers and waiting for President Hanks to answer the phone so that I could ask permission to marry his daughter, Rachel. Larry answered. There were delays between our speaking. He was very kind--soft spoken, but firm--and what stands out from the conversation was his asking me what my plans were with finishing college, if I was insured, and the classic Larry phrase, "Well, you know she will be going from my checkbook to yours!" He wanted to make sure that I was financially prepared to take care of his daughter; this would be his first daughter to get married. -Brian

28: 36. The second memory that I have of Larry was meeting my father-in-law for the first time at the airport. President Hanks was returning home from what would be his second of three missions to his second favorite country Brazil. I remember being pretty nervous, since this welcome home would not only be our first time meeting, but he would also meet his grandson, Jacob, our first child, and would inspect the home that he hired our company to build for him while he was on his mission. Of course, the whole experience went well. He was kind, and I could tell he was happy to see his family together again. -Brian 37. Another memory I have of Larry is not a memory that occurred only once. Instead, each experience I have with him tells me more and more that he has a testimony of the Savior and that he knows that the Church and the gospel are true. He lives his life patterned after his Heavenly Father. In all of the times that I have known him, I have never seen him be angry, vengeful, or pessimistic. He always has something positive to say and always seems to know exactly what is important, not only spiritually but also in everyday life, common sense sort of things. He loves talking about every topic that you can think of--from farming to politics, and from any gospel subject to the most technical financial analysis. Larry certainly is someone to whom I look up and admire, and I hope by the time I am seventy that I can be as good of a person as he is. -Brian

29: 38. I love when Grandpa plays catch with the football with me. -Jake 39. I remember many times that Grandpa has taken me to get Chinese. He is so fun to go out to dinner with because he always orders the best food and knows what to order wherever we go. -Jake 40. I liked riding in the car with Grandpa to Mackinac Island because every time we stopped he went into the gas station and would always come out with a bag of food. I knew I was in the best car because we had all the food. -Jake 41. I am so happy that Grandpa likes BYU and not Utah. -Jake

30: 42. I really enjoy the times when I get to sit on Grandpa's lap, and he tells me stories of all of our ancestors. I especially love hearing about Ephraim Hanks. When Grandpa tells me these stories, it makes me really proud to be in this family. Grandpa helped me write a report on Ephraim Hanks. -Hannah 43. I really missed this birthday hearing Grandpa sing to me. I love when all the family is singing the Happy Birthday song, and Grandpa is singing louder than anyone else in Portuguese. This always makes me laugh, and not having that this birthday really made me miss Grandpa! -Hannah 44. Whenever I stay with Grandma and Grandpa, I think it is funny that Grandpa sits in his den for hours in his garment top. He is either working on things or watching T.V until so late at night. -Hannah

31: 45. .I love going to dinner with Grandpa on my birthday. -Addison 46. I like that Grandpa eats calamari with me. I like to go to Cheesecake Factory and order Calamari, and we share it! I like to try new things with him because he eats yummy things! -Addison 47. I loved going to Mackinac Island with Grandma and Grandpa. We got to ride bikes all the way around the whole island, and it was so fun! -Kate 48. I really miss Grandpa, and I was so glad that he came all the way to Michigan to see me. We had so much fun eating ice cream every night and laughing a lot. -Kate

32: 49. I love when Grandpa tickles me, and we both laugh so hard. -Noah 50. I remember going to Grandpa's house, and he takes me out by his pond and shows me all his fish. -Noah 51. I liked when Grandpa bought me and ball and bat, and he played baseball with me. -Noah

33: 52. Dad sitting on the stairs at home in his garments and robe. When I open the door, all I hear is, "Where in the Sam Hell have you been?" -Jared 53. I always thought that Dad had heard of something that I had done--or that I was rumored to have done--when he would say, "Let's go get a hot dog" -Jared

34: 54. In 2001, Kiely and I had a chance to visit with Mom and Dad when they were responsible for the MTC in Brasil. Dad, being the disciplinarian, had created very distinct rules for proper missionary conduct while they were in the MTC. Because of some of the complaints from the neighboring apartment complexes, Dad felt that it was important to have a rule that prohibited the missionaries from opening the windows more than about two inches. One day as we pulled back into the MTC, we saw a missionary on an upper floor with his head and arms out of the window flying a little kite he had made. Dad immediately raised his voice, "Elder, get that kite inside the window, and I want you in my office in five minutes." Upon hearing this, all of the other missionaries stuck their heads out of the windows to see what all of the commotion was about. Dad continued to yell at each missionary while Mom, Kiely, and I were in the car laughing. We then smuggled our liters of Diet Coke into the MTC. -Jared

35: 55 My memory I want to share is when we were able to visit Dad in the MTC in Brazil and Ethan sitting on his desk and running around him while he tried to give talks. The wonderful experiences and places we got to see while being there with him. -Kiely 56. Going to the Utah State fair. He would take the kids and show them all the animals and take time to teach them about raising and caring for the animals. He would run into people he knows as we would walk around. It is always amazing me how wherever you are you find someone you know. -Kiely 57. I love that he always has a pile of books he is reading in his den next to his chair. I think he is such an example to all of us that we should always be learning and always studying . -Kiely 58. He doesn't miss work for much, but I will always remember that he was there for each and every one of our kids' births. With Ethan, he stayed up all night at the hospital waiting for him to come. With Sam, Jack, and Ike, he was there for each of them as well. They just chose to come in the daylight. -Kiely

36: 59. Grandpa and I like to watch the same things. He would watch the World Cup with me when we lived there. He also likes to watch the History Channel with me (like the history of the electric chair). -Ethan 60. Grandpa always likes to play with us--wrestling on the floor in the family room, playing soccer in the yard, or a water fight like we had on the 24th of July. -Ethan 61. I like to come to Grandpa’s house for Sunday dinner and play at his house with him. -Sam 62. Grandpa was in the war, and I like when he tells me stories about it. -Sam 63. I like to watch BYU games with Grandpa. -Jack 64. I like to visit Grandpa at the office and get treats from him. -Jack It was so fun for us to think about all One memory we have of you was when Isaac had cancer and the many blessings you helped to give him. We also loved when he was blessed by Elder Scott. We thank you for always being there when we need you! -Ike

37: 65. One day in church when we were living in Brasil, I was asked to say the prayer. I did not want to say the prayer because we had just arrived in Brasil, I did not speak Portuguese yet, so I said no. My dad pulled me aside and told me that you should never say no to anything you are asked to do in church. This teaching, along with his great example, has taught me a lot. -Cyrus 66. When I finished my mission, I remember how nice it was to have my dad come meet me in Brasil and visit several places with Greg and Scott McDonald. -Cyrus | It was so fun for us to think of all the memories we had of you and Isaac when we had the opportunity to live at your house. Ike quickly learned your routine. When you would walk in from work, he would run to you and grab your hand for you to go in the den with him. He loved to be in the den. We would peak in there at night and see you in one barcalounger with your diet coke and Ike in the other one with his bottle of milk. -Ike

38: 67. I have been married into the family for three years now, and one of my favorite memories about Larry is watching him light up when he is playing with grandchildren. He is always in action with them, whether it is a water fight or wrestling on the floor! You can just tell right away how much he loves his family, especially his grandchildren. -Kathy 68. A recent memory of mine is when my sister was in a lot of pain due to sores on her back. My dad, who does not hold the Melchizedek Priesthood, could not give her a blessing, and my sister was asking for one. The first name my family thought of calling was Larry. As soon as Larry got home from work that night, he was more than happy to provide this service for my sister. He called Bishop Borg to help give the blessing. My parents and Jennifer came to the Hanks' home to get her the blessing. Larry turned to my dad and told him he could participate in the blessing was well. That meant a lot to him. Larry gave my sister a beautiful blessing that helped her feel much better. I am so thankful that he did this for my family. -Kathy

39: 69. As the living family member with the longest history with the new septuagenarian, I have a boat load of stories about how my older brother worked tirelessly to toughen up his sickly and struggling brother. I think the story on the top of this boat would be the hour after the attending doctor had removed my cast from a broken elbow. Larry needed to be the first to see if I still could reach full extension with it and grabbed my arm (that hadn't been allowed to move for 6 weeks) and jerked it down just to see if it had actually mended. I have no memory of it going straight, only the searing pain of his well-intentioned curiosity. My arm to this day refuses to go straight. Also, at an early age he began his lifelong effort to improve my fiscal standing. After running a rusty pitchfork into my leg, he suggested some proffered loose coins in his pocket would heal my pain and protect him from our parents wrath. He also suggested that silence would protect me from the tetanus shot that would surely follow full disclosure. I could go on and on--such as the time he picked a fight for me with the older village bully to toughen up my fighting skills--as all younger brothers could, but I need to leave some space for others. In the interest of a balanced portrait I should also report that Larry was rather remarkably lacking in the sibling rivalry always there between brothers--probably because I presented such little competition. But my brother always built me up, always told me I was smart and able to do whatever I desired. This he has done for all of my years! Just how unusual this was settled in on me as I raised my own children and observed what happened in the families of friends. Without doubt, that is his greatest legacy to me, from an extraordinary man and brother. -Richard

40: 70. Memories Meeting you Falling in love with you Chasing you--wanting you to notice me Dating Marriage in the temple--everything I had ever wanted JC Penneys Buying a new home for US--and surprising me!! Metropolitan Life--Success Fort Lewis--Fort Beloir--poverty--happiness Vietnam--courage--fear--bravery--love of country Hugh Pinnock--Connecticut Mutual--great opportunity Bishop of the 26th Ward Bishop of the 29th Ward Much success in business Founding APA--working all night Mass Mutual--your own general agency!! Boise--big move away from family and friends--you and I out on our own Salt Lake--bigger agency--more success Stake presidency Leaving it all for mission president in Brasil for 3 years Home for short time and then back to Brasil MTC President Return to work--clients you love--things to do--new technology to learn--people to help--time with children and grandchildren

41: 7 children we love --All successful --All endowed --In-laws we love and who bring so much to our family --17 beautiful grandchildren and more to come Love--laughter--hard work--faith Fun--kindness--obedience--devotion to those you love A life well lived!!!!! Thank you for building so many wonderful memories for all of us to share. And, remember, there are many more to come!!! -Georgia

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