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BC: The End

FC: Nakilla Livingston | World Trade Center Attack Diary By Samantha Langston

1: Resources | http://topics.nytimes.com/topics/reference/timestopics/subjects/s/sept_11_2001/attacks/index.html http://carm.org/roman-catholicism World Religions -No Author New York -No Author

2: September 3, 2001 I’m so excited today is my birthday. I have gotten so many gifts from my family. Like: A lot of Clothes - Uncle Danny Shoes - Auntie Anne Toys –Cousin Isis A Diary – Auntie Eva It doesn’t sound like much but my mother really did like celebrating birthdays, because she will always say “Catholics do not observe birthdays because of a belief that it is glorifying the self, neither was it practiced in the early church nor mandated by God”. If I had a nickel for every time she says that I’ll be a millionaire LOL. At my birthday celebration we dance, play games, joked and ate ice cream and cake. I a wonderful time with my friends and family, and I love my auntie Eva gift this pretty green and pink diary is all I can ever ask for. Especially because everyone at my school has diaries; this is my very first one and ill cherish it with all my heart. Eva was always known to giving perfect gift to everyone in the family. My gift was the BEST of ALL. I can’t believe I’m 14 years of age being a teenager is a job but I think I can handle it. But I’ll have to end this Letter right now mom wants me to pray and go to bed. Goodnight. Sincerely Samantha A.K.A. Sammie

3: September 4, 2001 Dear Diary, Well I Wanted to properly introduce myself because this is my diary and you should know everything about me. My name is Samantha Langston I live in New York City to be exact I live in Manhattan. I have a little brother name Andrew. My family re Catholic which mean we practice Catholicism. Which is another example of Christianity; this also mean we believe that Jesus Christ is God or the son of God, And that the Bible is inspired from God, and that Jesus Christ died and rose from the dead to save us from our sins. We are Monotheistic which mean we only believe in one god. I also attend a Catholic school call Saint Mary’s. I have two aunts name Anne and Eva, cousin name Isis and an uncle name Danny. . . I LOVE MY aunt Eva she my favorite person in the world. She treats me like in a teen other than my parents I don’t know what I’ll do without her. Later having family night this should be fun.

4: September 5, 2001 Dear Diary, Today I went to Saint Cathedral Church and saw the Pope for the first time in my life in person. He shook everyone in my choir hands even mines; we worship in a Mass where Majority goes to Pray to our god, I of course pray right next to the pope. It was to stunning to be next to him and not look at him. It was too unbelievable, Me Samantha Langston on my knees praying and worshiping and praying right next to the Pope himself is breath taking. Going out to a restaurant name “Olive Garden” and because it was it was Friday we mostly ate salads and fish because majority of Catholics believe they should give up meat every Friday as penance and in recognition of the crucifixion of Jesus. Many Catholics do choose to eat fish as an alternative. I don’t eat fish so I mostly ate all kinds of salad. Now I’m home can’t hardly sleep from the excitement of the pope. Good Night Have a Big Weekend in head of me. Sincerely, Sam

5: September 6 2001 Dear Diary, Today is Saturday and it exactly 5:37am, I’ve been tossing and turning all night; still excited from seeing the Pope. But knowing that I have choir practice in a few and I’m going to be tired I’m just going leave this letter to later on. Later on. . . Whew I’m Tired had a long day, after choir I went to my friend Tracy house for her fourteen birthday party. Boy! Did I have fun. She had everybody from Saint Mary Catholic School. We play music, talk, laugh, dance, ate cake. I wish I can have a party like hers but her parents aren’t as religious as minds but she still attend Saint Mary’s because her parents believe that they give the best educated then a public school. I think each school gives equal education it just which student wants to receive or not. And that Catholic school is more Strict on students. Later got to go get ready for bed Have to sing tomorrow in the Cathedral Church this should be Exciting.

6: September 7, 2001 Dear Diary, Today I had Frist Communion; which is when Traditions surrounding First Communion usually include large family gatherings and parties to celebrate the event and special clothing is usually worn. The clothing is often white to symbolize purity. Girls often wear fancy dresses and a veil attached to a wreath of flowers or hair ornament. In other communities girls commonly wear dresses passed down to them from sisters or mothers, or even simply their school uniforms plus the veil and wreath. I was dressed in a gown that was passed down by my mother when she was my mother had since her first communion. First communion is when I received the Sacrament of the Eucharist, the body and blood of Jesus Christ. I had to make my first confession in order to receive this Communion. I confess that I lie about being at the park two blocks around when I really was on the other side of town at my friend’s house. Which my mother intentionally not to go over there but I did anyway without her permission , like I always do a lot when I don’t have my way. At the communion I ate bread which was said to be Jesus Christ body and red wine as the blood of Jesus Christ. I the wine had a weird taste; I thought it will taste like Juice. Well Good Night Sincerely, Samantha

7: September 8, 2001 Dear Diary, So far today it was Boring. I REALLY hate Mondays because it the first day of the week which mean we have more days to go before the weekend is here again. I’ve got a lot of homework from a lot of all my teachers even my favorite teacher Ms. Turner and it took me all day to bed time to do everything. Sometime I hate school. My mom taking me to Grandmother House tomorrow on my father side, there not Catholic like us there Muslim but they didn’t care how my parent raises me under what religion. But it kind of different environment for me because they believe they shouldn’t eat pork and they read and live by the Quran and we read the Bible. And there on more things they think that Allah is the god and we believe that Jesus is our God. Goodnight o have to pray and go to bed, got school in the morning.

8: September 11, 2011 Dear Diary, Today was scary our school had a lock down because it was said that the Twin Tower had fallen. Teachers told everyone to get to the gym and all 385 students of Saint Mary’s was in the school and had to sit against the wall because our school was very close to the Towers and they didn’t know if it was going to happen again. Then want any of the children in the school to get hurt so they kept us there until everyone parents came to get them or until they saw in the news that everything was okay. Children around the school was crying and screaming and panicking. My heart sank from all the fear happening around me I founded my self in the middle of the floor in a complete dazed until my our Assistant principle got us to calm down by using the loud speakers. I thought my parent was never going to come pick me up because I was at the school until 6:20pm and we get out of school at 4:00pm. But the worst is yet to come. My aunt Eva hasn’t been picking up her cell phone and she works in the south tower of the Twin Towers. My mom is crying hysterically and I keep asking why. But she won’t tell me; instead she told me to go to bed. Goodnight; Hope my Aunt Eva is alright. (Sad Face) Yours Truly, Sammie <3

9: September 12, 2001 Dear Diary, Diary I don’t know what to do anymore because everything seem out of place I lost the best person in the world My aunt Eva had died in the World Trade Center Attack. Later on Yesterday night a police man knock on our door telling us they found my aunt dead, Why couldn’t they Just take me instead , but they took her away. My mother is in bed depress my father hardly spoke today, I’m crying and I can’t stop. Why this have to happen to me. Ugh I HATE this place, I just want to be left alone and want my aunt back. I sat there watching the towers fall over and over on the news and had no idea that my aunt was in the middle of it all. Hate that she had to fell that fear and know that she had no Hope of surviving she shouldn’t have to feel that way. GOODNIGHT!!!!! I don’t feel like being up anymore. -Sammie

11: September 22, 2001 Dear Diary, Today was Aunt Eva’s funeral and was the saddest day of everyone’s life. It has been raining all day and so has my eyes (Crying). It so Unbelievable that she gone forever and ever and that I’m not going to see her every again. Today was so gray; everyone dress in black and held white tissue to stop there tears from soaking their clothes. When it was my turn to go up and pay my respect to my lovely Aunt I place a beautiful rose and a picture of me on her coffin so she’ll never forget about me because she was my favorite aunt and best friend in the world and she couldn’t just forget me that wouldn’t be RIGHT ! , Why Aunt Eva had to leave me. It too many thoughts running through my head that I can’t understand, like why this had to happen to me; but until I can I leave this letter to when I can. You’re truly, Samantha Langston

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