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90's to TODAY

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S: 90's to Today!

1: 90's to Today! By: Kelsea Mayo, Morgan Flowers, and Marian Isdahl

2: 1990

3: On April 25th, the Hubble telescope was launched into space. To do this it cost $1.5 million!

4: Nelson Mandela was freed from prison in South Africa. He had been imprisoned for 27.5 years. | U.S Supreme Court upsets an old law. Now you can burn a flag.

5: East and West Germany become united. After years of seperation, they finally became one country again! | On August 2nd, Iraq invaded Kuwait. Because of this invasion we got involved in the Cold War.

6: Top Left: The World Wide Web was created. Not only was the World Wide Web created but also a web page and web browser. Right: A earthquake measuring 7.7 on the richter scale shook up the Philippines. This earthquake killed more that 1,600 people.

7: 1991

8: Top: Persian Gulf War ends in a cease-fire. Iraq had set the oil fields on fire and pulled out their troops. Left: The first cholera epidemic in a century makes many sick in South America. More than 700 were killed and 100,00 got sick.

9: 1992

10: The General of Panama (Manuel Noriega) was convicted of drug charges in the U.S. He then served forty years in jail.

11: The Mall of America opens!!! This mall covering 4.2 million sq. feet was built in Bloomington, Minnesota.

12: 1993

13: Right: The first humans were cloned. They did this by taking human cells, developing them and eventually destroying them. Left: The World Trade Center was bombed by Islamic terrorists. Thousands were injured, and six were killed.

14: After coming out with the World Wide Web they didn't publish it for a while. So, in 1993, the World Wide Web went public.

15: 1994

16: On April 29th, Nelson Mandela was elected president of South Africa. It was South Africa's first interracial national election. Bottom:

17: 1995

18: Top: The Rock and Roll Hall of fame opens in Cleveland. It is 150,00 sq. feet. Left: First Solo Transpacific balloon flight. Steve Fossett went from South Korea to Canada in a helium balloon for 5,430 miles.

19: Left: For the first time our shuttle lands on a Russian Space station. Atlantis docked on the station Mir. Right: Toy Story opens in theaters. In the opening weekend it made $29,140,617! Below: The Korean War Memorial was dedicated. Bill Clinton and S. Korean President Kim Young-Sam did the honors.

20: Top: Ebay and Yahoo were founded. Yahoo was founded by Jery Wang and David Filo. Bottom: In Oklahoma many people were killed because of a bomb. 165 people died that day because of the bomb

21: 1996

22: The first female U.S. Secretary of State appointed. Madeline Albright was appointed by Bill Clinton in 1996 for this prestigious role! | The first mammal was cloned. The Sheep's name was Dolly and was cloned at the Rosland Institute in Scotland.

23: Below: Morgan Flowers was born! She was born on October 1st, 1996! | Above: Kelsea Mayo was born! She was born on November 26th, 1996!

24: 1997

25: Left: The movie Titanic makes it debut in theaters. It was one of the most expensive movies of its time costing $250-$300 million to make and market the film. Above: The U.S. starts the exploration of Mars. This leads to many more discoveries and more information under our fingertips.

26: Top: Princess Diana is killed in a car accident on 8/31/1997. She was with her boyfriend Dodi Al-Fayed and they were trying to flee the paparzzi when they crashed. Bottom right: The United Kingdom stops ruling Hong Kong. So, China takes up this role and starts ruling Hong Kong. Bottom: Marian Isdahl is born! She was born on September 30th, 1997!

27: 1998

28: In 1998 Europe finally agreed on currency. The name of the currency was decided to be called a Euro. | On May 14th Frank Sinatra died from a heart attack. He was a legendary singer known around the world.

29: The hit television show Seinfeld ended with 76 million people watching. The series ran from 1990 to 1998.

30: 1999

31: On the left: Nelson Mandela steps down from being President of South Africa. He was the first black president for South Africa. Right Side: The Columbine High School shooting killed 12 students and 1 teacher. It is the fourth deadliest school massacre in United States history.

32: In 1999 the United States Women national team won a world cup. At the Rose Bowl in California with a crowd of 90,185. | The Star Wars saga now tells the starting point. The movie's gross value was $925,600,000 worldwide.

33: Top: Netflix was invented by Reed Hastings. Which now has over 10 million subscribers. Bottom: The sequel to Toy Story released on November 24th. Toy Story 2 Made 245,823,397 dollars.

34: 2000

35: January 13th Microsoft chairman Bill Gates steps aside as chief executive and promotes company president Steve Ballmer to the position. Bill Gates is now the Chairman for Microsoft.

36: Top: A disease spent through out the entire world. It was called Mad Cow Disease!!! It was passed on very quickly. Left: Remember The Titans was a movie based on a true story telling about the struggles of having intergrated schools. It was showing that people could work together no matter what you look like. Right: Boy Meets World was a show that ran from to 2000. It showed the life of a young American boy and how he survives in it.

37: 2001

38: Left: The Anthrax scare went through the United States. The scare was caused by a powder found in post offices that harmed their employees. Right: Dale Earnhardt died on February 18, 2001. He died as one of the greatest NASCAR drivers known and died on what he loved racing.

39: Left: On September 11, 2001 two planes hit both of the World Trade Centers. It was an act of terrorists trying to attack the United States. That is want led to the Iraq war. Right: The U.S. and the British declare war on the Talilban and Afghanistan.

40: On October 23, 2001 Apple released the ipod. It was the first out of a long line of ipods to come.

41: Wikipedia was made in 2001. It is the online encylopedia that people can edit.

42: 2002

43: Left: Pennsylvania miners were trapped for 72 hours in the dark, flooded mining tunnels. They spent those three days waiting for help and trying to stay alive. Right: American Idol had its first season in 2002. The first American Idolist winner was Kelly Clarkson.

44: 2003

45: Iraq's capital Baghdad is captured by the United States. They took it over in April of 2003. | Saddam Hussein was captured by the United States. The capture date was December 14th, 2004.

46: Left: On February 1, 2003 the Shuttle Columbia exploded a few seconds after lift off. It was one of the worst space disasters ever. Right: The flag represents Iraq when the United States and Britain launch war against Iraq. In a few months Iraq's capital will fall down to the United States.

47: 2004

48: George W. Bush gets reelected to be the president. His opponent was John Kerry for the democratic party. | President Ronald Reagan dies. He was the 40th president and the day he died was June 5, 2004.

49: Itunes hits the big time selling its 200,000,000th song. The day that song was bought was December 17th. | Martha Stewart was found guilty for obstructing justice and lying to investigators. She was sentenced on March 10th 2004.

50: In the summer the summer olympics were going on. They were taking place in Athens were the olympics were originally held at in Greece.

51: On December 26, 2004 a tsunami hit Thailand and also a earthquake. The magnitude was 9.0 that helped contribute to 150,000 people dead.

52: 2005

53: The Pope, John Paul the second, died on April second. The funeral was held on April eighth.

54: The Twilight series debuts as a movie and is a huge hit. The stars, Kristen Stewart and Robert Patterson, act as a crazed vampire and a young girl who falls in love.

55: NASA sends Huygens to Saturn's moon, Titan, for it to take pictures. It successfully lands and sends pictures to NASA for them to study.

56: The first black secretary of state is sworn into office. Condoleezza Rice is sworn in on January twenty sixth.

57: Superbowl XXXIX is played by the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles. The Patriots win 24-21! My PATRIOTS...yeah yeah!

58: Hurricane Katrina hits New Orleans hard. They are very devastated when the levee's broke and FEMA did not come in to help.

59: Deep Throat, the man who exposed the governments dealings in Nixon's election, is revealed. His name was Mark Felt and died shortly after.

60: Rosa Parks died this year. She was well known as a civil rights activist like the bus protest she led.

61: 2006

62: Saddam Hussein is hanged because of his crimes of humanity. He was hanged on August fifteenth and was buried by his sons.

63: Pluto is declared not to be a planet and instead is a dwarf planet. It did not follow one of the three "rules of being a planet".

64: Carolina Hurricanes win Stanley Cup! They played the Edmonton Oilers, and ended up at home, in the seventh game!

65: Steve Irwin, forty four, dies out in the deep blue sea. When he was filming a sea documentary a giant ray stabbed him with its barb because it got startled by his presence.

66: The Wii comes out and revolutionizes what we know about video games today. Its ability to sense where the remote is amazed people and is sleek white design appeals to buyers.

67: 2007

68: Apples iPhone phenomenon begins this year with the original iPhone. This revolutionizes the phone and what a phone can do.

69: Nancy Pelosi gets sworn into office as secretary of state on January fourth. This is a very big achievement for the women community because she is one of the few female secretary of state in our history.

70: The Virgina Tech shooting leaves thirty three dead and makes history as the deadliest shooting rampage in American history. The shooter was killed during the attack.

71: 2008

72: The recession begins strong and hard. Markets all around the world plunge and this scares may people.

73: Michael Phelps makes history at the Beijing Olympics by winning 8 gold medals. This was a new record in swimming.

74: On November fourth America is changed forever when the next president is announced. Barack Obama Makes history as the first black president in the United States.

75: 2009

76: A special effects film that awes its viewers is born. Avatar revolutionizes what special effects if and becomes a blockbuster must have.

77: The king of pop died this year. Michael Jackson died from an overdose of prescription drugs.

78: 2010

79: Haiti is devastated when it is struck with a seven point zero magnitude earthquake. It tore down houses and buildings leaving many homeless and the country in despair.

80: Republicans, after a recent election, wins majority in the house of representatives. This was a huge turn because democrats had majority the last vote.

81: One of BP's off shore oil rig explodes and kills eleven people in the explosion. Also the rig was damaged and oil was spewing out into the gulf for three months. This hut wildlife and the environment in the Gulf Coast.

82: Chili cheers and parties when fellow miners are rescued after an explosion in their mine. The miners were stuck underground for 69 days while others worked endless hours to think of ways to get them out.

83: WikiLeaks, a website with official government documents posted on it, is published. It causes a huge controversy on whether WikiLeaks is constitutional or not.

84: 2011

85: In Arizona, while holding a meet and greet, Gabby Giffords got shot in the head at point blank. Amazingly she survived but the shooter took the lives of six others.

86: Arabian countries like Egypt and Libya revolt against their long time leaders. Both the countries asked for constitutional change but the leaders have not agreed.

87: Al Qaeda leader, Bin laden, is killed in hand to hand combat. He was shot after a sneak attack went wrong in the home where he was staying.

88: Prince William finally popped the question to Kate Middleton after eight years of dating. Kate had a beautiful Royal wedding that awed many with her elegance and poise.

89: Japan is shaken up when a nine point zero magnitude earthquake hits them hard. A result of the earthquake was a huge tsunami and a nuclear crisis.

90: The End

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