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A Christmas Adventure

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S: A Christmas Adventure

FC: A Christmas Adventure By: Emma Folk To Bennett

1: B | It was a week before the big day, Christmas! Bennett wrote letters every year, but every time he woke up, the letter would still be there. This year he didn't write him a letter, put up the Christmas tree, or put on the Christmas lights outside. "I hate Christmas" he would yell every time his mom would even talk about that holiday. This year was different, extremely different.

2: One could, snowy day Bennett asked his mom if he could go to the mall. Of course, his mom said, "yes" because she didn't want to disappointment him anymore. Once they got there, the Santa at the mall was sitting on a big, red chair asking all the kids, "What do you want for Christmas?" Bennett always loved the mall Santa, except this year, he didn't dare go by him. He walked forward and started to talk to his mom.

3: "Mom, I'm going to go to JCPenny!", Bennett told his mom. She gave him some money to go get some new clothes, while she went last- minute Christmas shopping. Bennett walked to JCPenny and got some clothes to try on in the dressing room. He went into the second dressing room. That is when Bennett's feelings for Christmas changed forever.

4: Slowly, as he walked into the dressing room, there was snow all over the ground. Bennett thought that someone just got snow in there from outside, until the snow kept piling and piling. Then he touched the snow. | As soon as he did that, he got transported to a world that everyone said was a myth, Santa's Village. He didn't know how to get out, all he knew is that he was trapped until he found some help. Then a very tiny elf came to meet with Bennett. He just pulled him into a sleigh, that very much looked like Santa's slay. He wouldn't answer any of Bennett's questions. He brought him to a huge factory, that was full of toys and elves just like the one that brought him there. Bennett didn't know where he was.

5: Then a big man with a red outfit on , with a white beard stepped in front of him. He said, "Come with me." There was nothing Bennett could say, he was speechless. As he walked into the big man's office he said,"Who are you?" The man said,"I'm Santa and I heard you don't believe in me anymore." Bennett was again, speechless. | "That is ridiculous!", Bennett said to Santa. "Really, it is? Then explain to me why you're here.", Santa yelled to the boy. "Alright, alright! I believe you, but why me? A bunch of kids don't believe in you anymore.", said Bennett. "Well, you are the boy that all my elves and me look up to because every year you write me a letter, eventhough | when all the kids say I don't exist." Santa said proudly. Bennett was pacing back and forth. Bennett told Santa, "What do you want from me, then." "Ho ho ho! I want you to believe in me because my meter is going down from you." Santa said. "What meter?" Bennett asked. It's my believe meter." Santa explained. Santa started to look a little pale.

6: "You are the one who puts the believe meter to the top. Since you don't believe in me anymore it went down. I'm asking you to believe in all this that you just saw in the past ten minutes.", Santa explained. "Well, you never get my letters!", Bennett exclaimed. "I read your letter, it's just that I can't fit everybody's letters into my sleigh.", Santa told Bennett. They walked to another room, that had the letter SPR. It stood for Santa's private room. He opened it up and there stood a huge snow globe, that had Bennett on it from the past year before Christmas. It showed him sitting all day doing no Christmas decorations or writing a letter. Bennett looked it over and over, but it couldn't say a word all he could say was, "why do you have this?" Santa said, "This is you the past years." Bennett said, "Ok, I do believe in all this, it's just that, well... I actually think this is all pretty cool!" Santa was proud of what he accomplished. Then there was another problem to face.

7: Billy noticed that Santa was getting skinnier, and his beard was getting shorter and shorter. He told Santa what was happening, and Santa was speechless. He said, "You believe in me, what else is there to do?" He called his head Elf in. "What is happening to me, Bennett believes in me again?", Santa asked the head elf. | "Well, did you give him the bell?", the head elf asked. Santa said,"What bell?" Robin, the head elf said,"Oh no, there's just a week before Christmas, you need to give him the bell of dreams. Bennett was trying to follow along with all this, but he couldn't. "Oh yes! I forgot, it's right here next to me." Santa said. | "Oh no, it's gone!!",Santa said. Then Bennett saw a elf with a bell in his hand running off. Bennett chased after him without telling Santa where he was going. The elf jumped on a sleigh that looked like the one that took Bennett to see Santa. Bennett jumped on with him and there adventure took off.

8: Bennett took off with the elf, into the air. He started to take the wheel away from the elf, to bring them back to the ground. The elf turned into Jack Frost. Right then he froze the bell and through it off the sleigh. Bennett jumped off th sleigh, and grabbed the bell before it broke. Jack Frost took off with the sleigh, before they could say anything. Santa was proud of Bennett, the only problem was that the bell was frozen, and that was the only way to get Santa to deliver presents to all the girls and boys. Santa brought out into the fireplace, but it wouldn't melt the ice off. Bennett grabbed it from Santa and put into his pocket, and he took it off and the all the ice was melted off. Santa couldn't believe his eyes, and this time he was speechless. He said to Bennett, " you are the most outstanding kid I have ever seen." What Santa said to Bennett made Bennett love Santa and Christmas again. Santa said, "Well, say you believe into the bell." Bennett said, "I believe, I believe." Right then Santa shouted," The meter is all the way to the top! You did it Bennett!"

9: Right then was Bennett's favorite memories. He had saved Christmas. Santa said, "Well, we better get you back to the mall, you're mom is getting worried! All you have to do is touch the snow again and you will be back in the dressing room." Bennett said, Thank you Santa for letting me believe in you again!" | "Your welcome!", shouted Santa. Bennett touched the snow and waved goodbye. He appeared back into the dressing room. His mom was waiting outside of the dressing room. She said," I know you don't like this time of year, but do you really...!" "Mom! I'm so happy to see you! I love Christmas!", Bennett screamed | "I don't know what's gotten into to you, but I'm happy you love Christmas!" He tried to tell his mom about being in the Northpole, but she said, "ok!" Bennett didn't care, he was just happy he got that experience. After that snowy day, he loved Christmas, and he told everyone about his adventure.

10: It was finally Christmas day! Bennett ran down the stairs. There were presents all over for Bennett. Santa got him presents that Bennett wanted really bad! | He had the best Christmas than anyone had ever had before. One of Bennett's presents was the Bell of Dreams. There was a note attached to it. It said, "Bennett, here is the Bell of Dreams, whenever you need me, just shake the bell. Every year before Christmas, Bennett would shake it and go see how Santa was doing. Once Bennett got older, he became the new Santa. He loved Christmas so much that he wanted to be Santa.

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