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A New Best Friend?

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S: A New Best Friend?

BC: The End

FC: Written and Illustrated By: Lisa Woodward Woodward Publishing 2010 | A New Best Friend?

1: Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get. | A New Best Friend? Written and Illustrated By: Lisa Woodward Woodward Publishing 2010

2: Sara wished her family didn't move here. She loved it back in her old house, in her old neighborhood. She especially missed her old friends and school. Though her dad had been out of work, here was the only place he could find some. She also hated to be away from all the family she had left behind, like all of her cousins and her grandparents. She even missed her mean neighbor Tim, who would always pick on her.

3: Today is Halloween in the second grade. All the other kids have been together since kindergarten. All but one. Her name is Sara. To be honest Sara was not the prettiest girl in the world and she looked kind of scary. The other kids ignored Sara and that made her feel bad. Every day she went home and cried to her mom. Sara was actually really nice though. She couldn't understand why nobody liked her. Today though Sara's mom went and talked to her teacher, Miss Cook. Miss Cook said that she would try to get Sara more involved and help her to make more friends. Sara's mom was very thankful of that and she told Sara. Sara was very happy to hear that. Tomorrow will be a better day she thought. That night was the first night in a long time that Sara didn't cry herself to sleep.

4: When Kelly came home from school she told her mom about the new girl. How she was mean and scary looking so nobody wanted to be her friend. Kelly's mom thought that was sad and encouraged Kelly to make friends with this new girl. Kelly didn't want to though. So Kelly's mom told her don't judge a book by its cover. Well Kelly must have been a little confused because she told her mom that we are talking about people and not books. Then Kelly's mom explained to her that it meant don't judge somebody before you get to know them. Kelly thought that it made more sense but she still didn't want to do it. Her mom then said that it was just a suggestion she would like Kelly to do, but it was her choice. If she would at least be nice to the girl though because it must be hard moving to a different school not knowing anybody. She also said that you never know a person until you meet them and it might just turn out that this girl is one of the nicest in the world.

6: As the day went by Sara did not notice a difference in making friends. She felt just as left out as ever. She was getting really home sick and tired of having no friends or anybody. She played by herself at recess and sat by herself at lunch.When she came home she cried to her mom again. Her mom told her that it would take time and Miss Cook is trying her hardest to make friends for her. Even though Sara was sad she knew her mom was right and it would take time and maybe on Monday things would be different.

7: On Monday something good did happen. It all started when everyone ran outside for recess. As every body went running out, well every body except Sara, Sara heard somebody crying. She followed the noise and saw Kelly. Kelly was one of the girls in her class who also ignored her. Sara asked her what was wrong. Kelly said that she had fallen down and hurt her ankle. Being the good person Sara is she went and got MissCook. Wow you are a hero Sara good job! At that moment Sara felt proud of herself but as she was being proud of herself Miss Cook interrupted her thoughts and asked if she would help Kelly get to the nurse's office? Sara said yes and helped Kelly down the hall.

8: The nurse fixed Kelly up with an ice pack and Kelly was all better. Kelly was really happy that Sara was there for her. She never expected that the new girl would be so nice. She would have to tell her mom about this. She knew her mom would be happy to hear that they were becoming friends. Kelly would also have to thank Sara for doing that. Then her and Kelly went out to recess together. They played on the swings the whole time and talked about things they liked. Then it was time to go home. Everybody packed up their bags. Miss Cook passed out homework for the night and every body went home. Sara told her mom all about the experience and her mom was proud of her too. Sara thought it had been a good day. She slept very well that night.

11: Kelly had even told her mom about Sara and how nice she was. Her mom thought that was great and called Sara's mom and asked her if Sara would liketo come over and play. Sara's mom got all excited and told Kelly's mom the whole story on how they had to move here and how Sara didn't have any friends. That got Kelly's mom all excited and then she told Sara's mom that this is so nice how they get along and such. After they were done getting excited they both decided that Sara and her mom should both come over. | On the day of the play date everybody had a blast. All the food and games were fun. While Sara and Kelly played dolls. The moms talked about sewing and the girls' school. At the end everybody took a dip in the pool. It was starting to get dark so Sara and her mom went home. Sara wrote about the fun time she had today in her diary and her mom did a couple chores in the house and went to bed. For 2 weeks straight Sara had not cried herself to sleep.

12: It was a Wednesday and like the 2 girls did every day, today it did not change. For recess they both ran to the swings to see who could get there first. When they were both sitting down Sara said something that she had been wanting to say for a while. She told Kelly how much she really liked being her friend and she thanked her for being her friend. Then Kelly said something back that really surprised Sara. Kelly told Sara thank you for being my friend too because before this she had never really had a best friend. She also said that she looked at Sara as a hero from the day when Sara helped her when she fell. Both girls hugged and then went back to swinging some more.

13: Miss Cook was really happy to see that the 2 were friends. All through high school and college they stayed friends. Those two could never be separated. Where ever one went the other did too. You could always find them together and they were always there for each other no matter what. Kelly still can't even think what life would be without Sara and Sara thinks the same way about Kelly. She can't even believe that she used to think that Sara was scary looking. What funny times they have had all these years and they still will have more in the years to come. Just think that if Kelly hadn't fallen that day then they would have never become friends.

15: Lisa Woodward is a 7th grader at Cambridge Springs High school. She lives with her older brother, her mom and her dad. She likes the sports basketball and hockey and has an interest in art. Her favorite animal is an otter. This is Lisa's first book ever published and she hopes to have another one.

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