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A Princess to Marry.

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S: A Princess to Marry

FC: A Princess to Marry

1: With her long brown hair tied back in a high bun, Princess Lola smiled at her reflection. She had always lived in the castle of Greenburg. Their kingdom stretched far and wide across the tops of the clouds. Greenburg was one of the last kingdoms in the sky, and Princess Lola, being the daughter of King Phillip, was going to be Queen of this great land soon.

2: Warm brown eyes shined with happiness as she stood and twirled her custom made pink dress. Pulling on her white gloves, she sighed happily. Today was the day that Madame Heart was going to find her perfect match. Then she would be married and would finally take on her full role as Queen of Greenburg. | Shoes in hand, Princess Lola skipped down the stone spiral staircase and nearly ran into one of the most beautiful girls she had ever seen.

3: “I’m so sorry m’lady,” the blonde girl bowed her head. She smiled at her with dazzling teeth. Her blue eyes showed mischief as she turned quickly and cartwheeled away. Tilting her head in wonder, Princess Lola stared after her, butterflies growing in her stomach. She caught herself and snapped out of it. She figured the butterflies were from the anticipation of meeting the Prince of her dreams.

4: Finally settled, Princess Lola held her father’s old hand tightly. She was shaking with excitement. King Phillip smiled at his little girl and kissed her cheek, “It is time for my little princess to get herself married.” With an eager nod, Princess Lola turned herself toward the door.

5: Bang! The door flew open and a bigger woman in layers of red dresses sauntered into the middle of the hall. She flicked her hair and a wave of brilliant red hair fell to the ground. With a voice that boomed and echoed throughout the entire castle, she started, “I am the one and only Madame Heart. I have been tasked with finding our dear Princess Lola a match. After searching far and wide, I have brought with me today three princes. One of the gentlemen I have brought today will be the perfect match for our young princess. In order to-”

6: The door squeaked open as the blonde girl ran in and tapped Madame Heart on the shoulder. Princess Lola looked on with interest, while King Phillip seemed rather agitated by the interruption. “I’m ever so sorry King Phillip,” her voice was small and tinkled like a thousand little bells. “I was just letting my mother know that the horses and princes are prepared outside. I do apologize.”

7: “My name? I’m Isabella.” | King Phillip surprised Princess Lola by smiling at the other girl and kindly responding, “It is no problem at all my dear, please tell us your name.”

8: Bored and tired of the days events, Lola sighed, staring at the clouds. Her father would not stop raving about the days events. “That Prince Stone is a strong one, did you see the size of that throwing rock?” he enthused. “Yes father, it was rather impressive,” Princess Lola half-heartedly replied while tapping her fingers on the armrest. But her father wasn’t done. He continued, “And I haven’t seen dancing like Prince Charming since, well since I was just a boy! He’s very talented!” “He was the only one to not step on my feet,” she replied, rolling her eyes. “Now, Prince Edward, he seems quiet, but I feel he has a brain in that head,” he continued not really paying attention to whether or not Lola was actually listening.

9: The truth was that Princess Lola really didn’t think that any of the three princes were the one for her. She was so frustrated. How could her father not see that none of those boys actually cared about her? He may be clueless, but she knew they were only here because her kingdom was rich.

10: She looked up, and to her surprise, she found herself face to face with Isabella. “You’ve been so busy with the boys, I figured it was time for you to have some fun! Would you like to dance with me?” When Princess Lola nodded, her blue eyes grew with excitement.

11: They moved like poetry, flowing and turning with the music. Princess Lola couldn’t stop the grin that hung on her face. Isabella was like her tour guide, leading her in a trance of movements that were new, but felt natural. They danced with each other until the music was cut off.

12: After the door was shut Isabella spoke, “Mother? Why have you brought me?” Princess Lola flushed deep red. She knew why Isabella was here for this conversation. | Princess Lola was filled with gleeful giggles, astonished that she could have so much fun. Her father stood in front of the audience and declared, “Princess Lola will make her decision by sunset. Madame Heart, would you please take my daughter into another room and discuss her perfect match?” With a nod, Madame Heart sprang from her chair, her dress fluffing out all around her. She grabbed Isabella’s arm then nodded swiftly at Princess Lola.

13: “Well, sweetheart, I was watching today’s events, trying to discover whom would become Lola’s other half when I noticed that none of the princes could compete with her true match,” Madame Heart’s voice was filled with worry. “Not one of them made her heart flutter.”

14: Isabella, still clearly confused, asked, “But what does this have to do with me?” | “It’s you,” Princess Lola sighed. She wanted to be the one to tell Isabella. “Isabella, you are the only one who actually cared about my happiness. You’re my perfect match.”

15: After Madame Heart nodded, confirming what Princess Lola said was true, Isabella broke into a grin and hugged Princess Lola tightly. The thin blonde girl couldn’t contain her joy as she bounced up and down twirling Princess Lola as she celebrated. “You’re my perfect match too! We are going to be together forever! You’re perfect, I love you!” Isabella rambled on about how beautiful Princess Lola was as Princess Lola giggled and complimented Isabella as well.

16: “Now hold on girls.” Madame Heart smiled sadly at the pair as she continued, “We all know that you two are the only people for each other, but this brings a problem. I knew a knight a couple of years ago who was matched with another man. He was then dismissed from knighthood just because the person he loved was another man (1).” | 1 Roehr, Bob. "Gay is good: the life and times of Frank Kameny." Windy City Times 19 Oct. 2011: 18. Infotrac Newsstand. Web. 26 Mar. 2012.

17: 1 "11 Facts About Gay Rights." Web. 27 Mar. 2012. . | Princess Lola nodded slowly, realizing the gravity of her pairing. Isabella spoke up, her voice still giving Princess Lola chills, “I remember reading that 18.5% of hate crimes are against people who love people of their same gender (1). Are people going to hate us because our hearts choose each other?” Tears were growing in Isabella’s eyes and Princess Lola pulled her in for a hug.

18: Her voice shaking, Lola spoke up, “I’ve heard stories too. Stories where parents have kicked out one of their children, just because they were matched with another boy or girl (1). What if my father kicks me out? What if I’m not allowed to become Queen?” Isabella was chewing her lip, “I just don’t understand. Mother, we aren’t hurting anybody by being together. Why would people be against our match? Is there something wrong with us?” | 1 Peters, Cynthia. "Homophobia in the classroom: one teacher's response." Radical Teacher Winter 2011: 71+. Opposing Viewpoints In Context. Web. 23 Mar. 2012.

19: “There is nothing wrong with you, sweetheart,” Madame Heart brushed her daughters hair out of her eyes. “The people who reject you are just jealous that you’ve been matched to such a beautiful person. Couples like you and Princess Lola are not the average couple. This means that the popular group of matches of men and women will try to label you as disgusting (1). But you aren’t disgusting. Both of you are wonderful girls and what you have is special. I haven’t seen a match this strong for a long time. People may look down on you Isabella, but you hold your head higher than the clouds because you have not only a match, but your perfect match.” | 1 Olson, Laura R. "From Disgust to Humanity: Sexual Orientation and Constitutional Law." The Christian Century 128.24 (2011): 41+. Student Resources in Context. Web. 27 Mar. 2012.

20: Isabella’s lips turned up in a smile, “Lolly,” she had already given Princess Lola a pet name, and Princess Lola loved it, “are you ready to tell your father?” With a sigh, Lola nodded and grabbed Isabella’s hand, intertwining their fingers. “Let’s go.”

21: “Finally! The princes have been waiting all this time for your decision,” eagerness filled King Phillip’s voice. | After taking a gulp and getting an encouraging squeeze from her true love, she stood tall and looked her father in the eye. “Father, I will not marry any of those princes.” Before he could sputter out an answer, Princess Lola continued, “Isabella is my perfect match. Isabella and I are the only ones for each other. We belong together.” When she was finished, Isabella gathered her in a quick hug before her father could respond. | “It’s true,” Madame Heart stated confidently, “they are perfect matches. Their hearts have spoken. There is nothing you can do to change your daughter or the way her heart feels about Isabella.”

22: King Phillip looked distressed. He grabbed Princess Lola’s hands gently, “Lola, are you sure? This is the choice for the rest of your life. This is a choice that will change the future of our kingdom forever.” Princess Lola stared bravely back into his eyes, “It isn’t a choice father. I know where my heart belongs, there was never any choice. I love Isabella. No matter what the consequences.”

23: King Phillip smiled and pulled Princess Lola into a big bear hug, “I am so proud of you. Isabella will be an excellent addition to our family. You will both be wonderful rulers.” He planted a kiss on her forehead as Lola smiled at him, then ran over to Isabella and pulled her over to her father. | “But how can we make the rest of the kingdom accept us? Will we even be allowed to get married?” Isabella wondered aloud.

24: 1 Dette, James T. "Equal treatment." Commonweal 137.16 (2010): 4. Opposing Viewpoints In Context. Web. 4 Apr. 2012. 2 "Justices In Marriage Case Took Stand For Equality." Connecticut Law Tribune 10 Nov. 2008. Infotrac Newsstand. Web. 4 Apr. 2012. 3 "Gay Marriage" Gay Marriage Web. 05 Apr. 2012. . | “Well, all people in my kingdom should be treated equally. We are all humans and deserved to be treated as such. Therefore, as of today, all couples are to be treated equally (1),” King Phillip said as he wrote down a few new laws of the land. He was going to make sure that all people knew they were accepted and loved. “It is important for me, as the King, educate the people that the freedom to marry is not based on the race or gender, but based on love (2). It is no one else’s business if you two want to get married (3). You are entitled to love each other and I fully support you.”

25: Princess Lola was glowing with happiness as she looked into Isabella’s eyes. “You know, I think that we should work on teaching acceptance (1). Children of our kingdom should know that no matter what, everyone is accepted. We could stop a lot of bullying if we just let the children know that it is okay to be who they are.” | 1 News, CBC. "Teaching Gay Acceptance in Schools Urged." CBCnews. CBC/Radio Canada, 21 Oct. 2011. Web. 05 Apr. 2012. . | Isabella nodded, her hair bouncing, “It’s going to be a long road to full acceptance.” Princess Lola agreed, “But we have each other, and our parents support. With true love, anything is possible.” It seemed fitting that they sealed their future with the most powerful magic know to humans, true love’s kiss.

27: All images created with: "Home - Community - The Sims 3." Home. Web. 18 Apr. 2012. . | This book is dedicated to all the wonderful people in the world who are not afraid to love whoever they want to.

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