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A-Z Muisic Project

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BC: Made By: Brooke Thompson

FC: Music Around Texas

1: Table of Contents | A- Antone's - Music Venue ( Rock and Blues) Page:4 B- Texas Bluegrass Celebration- Festival( Bluegrass) Page:5 C- Austin City Limits- Festival (Varies) Page:6 D- Deep in the Heart of Texas - Songs (Traditional)Page:7 E- Hilltop Edition- Bands (Blues/Bluegrass/Gospel) Page:8 F- Kerrville Folk Fest- Festival ( Traditional) Page:9 G- Buddy Guy- Solo- Artist ( Rythm) Page:10 H- Hickory Hill Band- Band ( Blues/Bluegrass) Page:11

2: I-Texas International-Festival(Pop) Page:12 J-Texas Jive- Music Venue (Jazz) Page:13 K- Kelly Willis- Solo Artist (Western) Page:14 L-Los Lonely Boys- Band (Blues) Page: 15 M-Fredericksburg Music-Band(Classical) Page: 16 N-New World Deli-Music Venue(Folk) Page:17 O-OrangeBlossomSpecial-Song(Traditional)Page:18 P-George Poe Trio- Band-(Jazz) Page: 19 Q- Que Paso- Song( Western) Page:20

3: R-Texas Rockfest- Festival(Rock) Page:21 S-Selena Gomez- Solo Artist(Pop) Page:22 T- Come back to Texas- Song(Pop) Page: 23 U-Unloco-Band(Rock) Page:24 V- The Vintage 15- Band(Jazz) Page:25 W-Waltz Across Texas-Song(Traditional)Page:26 X-SXSW- Festival(Country) Page:27 Y-Steve Young-Solo Artist(Country) Page:28 Z- Zach Edwards- Band(Country) Page:29

4: A | Antone's | Music Venue-Blues | Antone's Nightclub was one of the first club on 6th street. It opened in the summer of 1975. Today it is located on the corner of 5th and Lavaca Street in Austin, Texas. Antone's is a great music venue to watch and listen to live blues from a variety of artists. Some of the featured artists include Buddy Guy, John Lee Hooker, and Pinetop Perkins. This venue has won many awards and is a great place to stop downtown.

5: B | Texas Bluegrass Celebration | Music Festival- Blues/ Bluegrass | The Texas Bluegrass Celebration is held the first weekend in June and is located in Early, Texas. It began 7 years ago as a fundraiser to save the State Park at Lake Brownwood. The focus of this event is to promote the area to tourists and to benefit Brownwood/Early with the culture of Bluegrass music. Many bands such as Clear River and Saltgrass come down and play their songs. It is a great place to come and relax with your family.

6: C | Austin City Limits Music Festivals- Varies | ACL is a music festival held in early October. It is located at Zilker Park in Austin,Texas. The Austin City Limits Festival provides an opportunity for patrons to learn about local organizations that educate, inform, and inspire. It first started as a television show and has been on air since 1976 on PBS. As the audience of ACL has grown, regional, national, and even international performers have joined in the celebration and show.

7: D | Deep in the Heart of Texas Songs- Traditional Folk | The song "Deep in the heart of Texas" is a Texas inspired song. The music and lyrics were written by June Hershey and Don Swander. It was first recorded by Perry Com with Ted Weems and his Orchestra. In 1942, the song spent five weeks at the top of Your Hit Parade. Many other bands, orchestras, and singers played the song at concerts or even for their bands to record.

8: E | Hilltop Edition Band-Blues/Bluegrass/ Gospel | The Hilltop Edition is a husband and wife team who enjoy playing acoustic bluegrass and gospel music. Together they have played in Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma at a variety of restaurants, festivals, and community events. The husband, George, attended South Plains College and played guitar and bass with many school groups and many other events. The wife, Gale, was born into a musical family and mostly played music only at a church in the tri-state area when she was young. As theses two artists joined together in a group they became a very popular group.

9: F | Kerrville Folk Festival Festival- Folk | The Kerrvile Folk Festival is held annually towards the end of May.It is located in the Quite Valley Ranch which is only 9 miles away from Kerrville, Texas. This festival goes on for 18 days and includes non- stop music. More than 100 artists and bands come to this event and play their songs. This festival is a great place to listen to music and it is great for all ages.

10: G | Buddy Guy Solo Artist- Rhythm | George "Buddy" Guy is a successful Rhythm and Blues artist that is know for his stage presentation. He was born and raised in Louisiana though it didn't take long until he was in the Hall of Fame. He performs regularly in Texas and has accomplished many great things. He has won 6 Grammys and was awarded the National Medal of Arts. Some of"Buddy" Guy's songs are Red House and Voodoo Chile.

11: H | Hickory Hill Band Band- Blues/Bluegrass | Hickory Hill has been proven to be one of Texas' most popular and enduring acoustic groups. Hickory Hill has always been known for its warm personaility and stage presence. All of the band members live in Avinger,Texas. Hickory Hill from 1997-2007, composed many of Hickory hill's most popular songs,including " The James Boys and Me", "Cadillac" , "Pecos Wind", and many more. Hickory Hill has been the host band of the Overton Bluegrass Music Festicval since 1989.

12: I | Texas International Pop Festival Music Festival- Pop | The Texas Pop Festival was held on the grounds next to the Dallas International Motor Speedway in Lewisville, Texas. It took place on August 30 through September 1, 1969. Angus Wynne III decided he wanted to organize a pop festival, and he became the man who created the celebration. The Texas International Pop Festival was the first major rock festival in Texas. Music Enthusiasts from all over the U.S. and numerous foreign countries, poured into Lewisville to pay the admission fee of $6.50 a day, and there was a crowd of around 120,000 people.

13: J | Texas Jive Music Venue- Jazz | The music venue Texas Jive is located in Denton, Texas. It is a restaurant that features live music, karaoke, and pool tables. The Fab Deuce is one of the exciting events that go on at the Texas Jive. Performers such as The Peach Truck Republic and Darth Vato come and play here along with many other artists. Texas Jive, is a great place to visit and listen to live music.

14: K | Kelly Willis Solo Artist- Country | Kelly Willis was born in Oklahoma though was raised in Washington D.C. At the age of 16 she started performing with her boyfriend and his band. After her high school experience, Kelly and her band moved to Austin, Texas. Though the band broke up not long after the move and Kelly began to learn how to play the guitar. Soon enough put together another band called Radio Ranch. Kelly is a very successful singer and has come out with many albums.

15: L | Los Lonely Boys Band- Rock | The Los Lonely Boys is a rock band for SanAngelo, Texas. The band consists of three brothers: Henry, Jojo, and Ringo Garza. They all followed their father Ringo Garza Sr. who formed a band with his brothers called the Falcones. The Los Lonely Boys have three studio albums and a live album on the Epic Records Album. In 2009- 2010 the performed roughly 200 shows and were viewed by over 350,000 fans.

16: M | Fredericksburg Music Club Band- Classic | The Fredericksburg Music Club is located in Fredericksburg, Texas. It is a group that plays classical music. The group was first brought together in 1937 as a small group in a private home. This is the Club's 73 year and they try to keep the many traditions alive. The concerts are free of charge and funded through donations and private grants.

17: N | New World Deli Music Venue- Folk | The New World Deli is located in Austin, Texas in the downtown area. The Deli was created by the owners Greg and Sarah Bontempo.They wanted to create a restaurant that their kids could come to work with them without out having to worry about daycare. At the New World Deli they try to stick of the original deli style. They serve soups, sandwiches, and much more.

18: O | Texas Our Texas Song- Traditional | Texas,Our Texas, the official state song, was composed by William J. Marsh. The lyrics were written by Marsh and Gladys Yoakum Wright. This song was brought into legislature in 1929.Ever since has been taught to every kid in Texas.Though the song had to be entered into a state wide competition and was selected by judges.

19: P | George Poe Trio Band - Jazz | George Poe, Lee Bigelow, and Matthew Stephens are all members of the George Poe Trio. They do jazz type music, but it is a blur between the classics, blues,pop,R&B, and jazz. Matthew plays a vintage upright bass guitar, which sounds very good with George's piano playing, Lee's percussion frames it well in very good music. George Poe was born in Houston, Texas and has always loved music. in grade school he learned to play the trumpet in school band. By high school he joined a jazz group.

20: Q | Que Paso Song- Western | " Que Paso" is sung by the Texas Tornados. The Texas Tornados is a Tejano band. Some people think the Texas Tornados' lyrics to be Spanglish because there is Spanish and English in some songs. An example of this is "Que Paso". In the song it says "Don't you know I love you and my corazon is real."

21: R | Texas Rockfest Festival- Rock | The Texas Rockfest features the best in unsigned talent in Austin and the southwest regions have to offer. The Texas Rockfest began in March 2000. Now it is the 12th year of the Rockfest. There will be hundreds of indie acts on four outdoor stages. The schedule is also coinciding with the South by Southwest Interactive Media, Film and Music Festival. Over 23,000 entertainers are expected to be at the ten days of interactive multi-media

22: S | Selena Gomez Solo Artist- Pop | Selena Gomez was born July 2, 1992 in Grand Prarie, Texas. She is an amazing actress and singer though she is most known for being "Alex Russo" on "Wizards of Waverly Place".She has appeared in many other Disney shows and has also been in four movies. She is lead singer of her band Selena Gomez and the Scene which has been very successful the past years. Her two gold rated songs are Kiss and Tell and A Year Without Rain.

23: T | Come Back to Texas Song- Pop | The song ' Come Back to Texas" was written in 2005. It was written by the band Bowling for Soup. The band was brought together in 1994 in Wichita Falls, Texas. The band members are Jaret Reddick, Erik Chandler, Chris Burney, and Lance Morril. This band has been very successful and the song "Come Back to Texas" made the band exceed everyones expectations.

24: U | Unloco Band- Rock | Unloco is a rock band that was formed in Austin, Texas. The band was brought together in 2000 by Joey Duenas. In March 2001, their band was signed by Madonna's Record Label and there first album was released called "Healing". Their second album was released in 2003 and this began their tour. They opened for many bands including Music as a Weapon 2 and they also performed at the Ozzfest in 2003.

25: V | The Vintage 15 Band- Jazz | With vocals from the husband and wife duo, Hans Stockenberg and his wife Rachael Stockenberg,they both created a band called the Vintage 15. This band consists of 15 young artists around the ages of 20-30. The members are Steve Moreland- Trumpet, the Stockenburgs'- Lead Vocals, Owen summers, James Martinez, Wes Pert, Robert Perkins- Saxophone. Other memebers are: Jon Merz, Tori Moreland, Jonathan Schuab- Trombone, John Zarsky, Iram Reys- Trumpet, Mike St. Clair, Derek Tarnow, Zach Knox, and Jason Flenniken- Rythm Section. This band is located in Austin, Texas and is popular for playing their jazz music.

26: W | Waltz Across Texas Song- Traditional | "Waltz Across Texas" is a song written by Ernst Tubb. This song was produced in 1996. This song is mostly played in dance halls all around Texas. Especially this song was played during waltz lessons in the 1960's. Ernst Tubb was a very successful artist and had many hits.

27: X | SXSW Music Festival- Varies | South by South West or SXSW is a music, film and interactive festival held in Austin, Texas. This year was the festivals 25th anniversary and was determined to make this year the best. This happens annually in March and it first began in 1987. It is one of the largest festivals in the United States. They have more than 2,000 performers in 90 venues every year.

28: Y | Steve Young Artist- Country | Steve Young was born on July 12, 1942 in Georgia. He grew up in Georgia, Alabama, and Texas. Steve is a country artist that has been very successful artist and on of his best known songs is " Seven Bridges Road". Some of his other songs are "Lonesome, On'ry Mean and "Montgomery in the Rain". Steve a great artist and is popular all over the United States

29: Z | Zach Edwards Band Band- Country | The Zach Edwards was raised in Big Lake, Texas. He is a country singer and started learning his techniques in local bars at the age of 16. Though his first chance at music started at age 11 in his school band. When he entered high school he competed state wide. By 2001, he knew his instrument would be the guitar and that he would pursue his career.

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