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a-z project

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S: The Super Fantastical Totally Radical Travel Guide of Texas Alphabetical Edition

BC: lphabetical | Dition

FC: The Super Fantastical Totally radical Travel Guide of Texas Alphabetical Edition | 166

1: The super fantastical totally radical Travel Guide of Texas alphabetical edition By:Damien Wills and Carlo Fraga Coach Kee 6th Period

2: Table of Contents A-Arlington B-Buffalo Gap C-Comal River D-Davis Mountains E-El Paso F-Fiesta Texas G-Guadalupe Mountains H-Hueco tanks state park I-Ingram J-Jarvis State College K-Knox City L-USS Lexington M-Mount Bonnell N-North Wood University O-Oak hurst P-Pecos River Q-Queen Isabel Inn R-Rio Grande S-Sabine River T-Texas tech U-University of Texas V-Veterans of All Wars Exhibit W-Wichita Falls X-XIT Ranch Y-Yoakum County Park Z-Zilker Park

3: Arlington was founded in Texas in the year 1876. It was not incorporated into Texas until the year 1884. The city has a population of 370,450 and covers 99.5 square miles of land. Arlington has only 4 independent school districts. a great reason to visit arlington is because of all of its greens and woods. | City | A

4: B | This city has a population of 452 people and has a per capita income of $22,661 per year.Buffalo Gap covers 2.3 square miles of land.This city only has 1 independent school district and it incorporated itself into a town in 1959. A reason i would visit buffalo gap its historical Buffalo Gap Ranch | Buffalo gap | City

5: Comal river This river is the shortest river in the world (2.5 miles). Spanish explorers first discovered this river in 1691. many indian tribes lived near the Comal. The Comal is also a very popular spot for recreation. It was used by Germans as a spot to put mills and cotton factories, and they also used it for power and a water source.A great site at on a hot summer is the Comal Rivers Schlitterbahn | River | C

6: D | Landform | Davis mountains These mountains were formed by ancient Cenozoic era volcanoes. It took several million years for it to build up but it is here today. The altitudes range from 3500-8000 feet in the air. Here you will find the McDonald observatory, as well as the Chihuahuan desert research institute.This is a mountain range that is toured by families so its great for children.

7: El Paso has the longest continuously active missions in the Unites States of America and the largest pecan orchid in the world.The City of El Paso is the fifth largest city in Texas and the 23rd largest city in the United States.Nicknamed the Sun City, El Paso earned an earlier moniker as the "Six Shooter Capital" during the late 1800s because of its lawlessness. I would visit El Paso in its plateau's and basins region, but i would be careful because its the hottest place in Texas | City | E

8: Fiesta Texas approximately 200 acres (0.81 km2) of land and opened up in 1992.This amusement park has 51 attractions and 25 have been closed.Time Warner was the person who took over the control of Fiesta Texas.Six Flags Fiesta Texas it one of the most visited tourist attractions in Texas and i would recommend to go there to have a good time and fun with family | Recreational Park | F

9: Guadalupe Mountains the mountain range has an elevation of 8,749 ft and starches out 65 miles.Throughout the last thousands of years, the Guadalupe Mountains have a long tumultuous history. Archaeological evidence has shown that people lived over 10,000 years ago in and among the many caves and alcoves. Felix McKittrick was one of the first European settlers in the Guadalupe Mountains; he worked cattle during the 1870s. McKittrick Canyon is thought to be named after him.This mountain range has the highest peak in Texas. If you want to do some real mountain climbing then I would com here and challenge the mountain! | Landform | G

10: Hueco Tanks State Park This 860.3-acre park is named for the large natural rock basins or huecos. A unique legacy of lively and fantastic rock paintings greets the visitor at the tanks.Hueco Tanks was the site of the last Indian battle in the county. Apaches, Kiowas, and earlier Indian groups camped here.The tanks served as watering places for the Butterfield Overland Mail Route. I would go to Hueco Tanks State Park for hiking,fun and exploring | H | Recreational Park

11: I | Ingram This town is located On highway 27 and the Guadalupe river. It is 7 miles west of Kervville. The land was granted to John Twohig by the government in 1847. It is in Kerr County. Deer hunting became a major part of the economy. I would go to Ingram if you are interested in deer hunting or any other sorts of hunting. | City

12: J | Jarvis Christian College It was originally known as Jarvis Christian Institute, and ever since the school's founding in 1912.In 1958 an independently elected board of trustees began governing the college, replacing a Texas board of trustees that had been appointed by the Department of Institutional Missions of the United Christian Missionary Society. That year the school began officially teaching high school courses; until 1937 it was the only accredited high school exclusively for blacks in the area and in 1964 the college became affiliated with Texas Christian University. A great reason to go to this college or honestly any college is to learn and advance economically. | University

13: Knox city Knox city is home to the Truss bridge built in 1939 that lets people cross over the Brazos river. also the sports team the greyhounds play here. as far as disasters go In 1953 a tornado ran through the town destroying homes and killing four people. interestingly the population of Knox is slowly decreasing rather than increasing | City | K

14: U.S.S Lexington this aircraft carrier is famously known for its nickname "The Blue Ghost Ship" and was specifically built for the navy in World War 2.It disappointedly lost The Battle of The Coral Sea in 1942 and 61 after this incident made a museum in Corpus Christi Texas.nto 1969, Lexington operated out of her home port, Pensacola, as well as Corpus Christi and New Orleans, qualifying student aviators and maintaining the high state of training . It is said to be haunted and if you dont believe in ghost this is your place to go. | Historical | L

15: Mount Bonnell stands approximately 775 feet tall, it is completely made of limestone. This mountain was named after Either George W. Bonnell, a newspaper (The Sentinel) writer who came to Texas with the fight for independence. Or Joseph Bonnell who was an army man, we are still uncertain of who. I would visit This mountain for the great view at the top and a place to take the family. | M | Landform

16: North Wood University it was established in 1959 and moved to Midland, Michigan but in 1983 North wood moved to Texas, in 1961.This school limits you to 3 kinds of degrees and a student population of 1,500. This school is a great college, You have unlimited attention from teacher. This is related to the low number of students | University | N | N

17: OakHurst In 1899 or 1900 the Columbia Lumber Company established a sawmill at Oakhurst, which had a population of 116 in 1900.This small town has a population of 230 and it covers 1.6 sq miles of San Jacinto County. It was named for the community's location on a wooded hill, or hurst, in a grove of oaks.If you love to be alone and secluded this is the place to go. this town has less people than the average college | O | City | O

18: P | Pecos River The river was named "Pecos" by the Spanish from the Keresan(The old Puebla people) name of the Pecos Pueblo. It covers up 926 miles of land from top to bottom and has 8 towns that depend on it! It originates in the Pecos Falls and slowly goes down into Texas and has 8 dams going down. If your one of those people that dont care what color the water of the river is then this is your place to go in hot summers. | River

19: The Queen Isabel Inn was founded in 1906. It was used by mainly fishermen And hunters. This place was originally called the Point Isabel Tarpon & Fishing Club. In 1934 the "Fishing Rodeo". The hotel remained the headquarters for the competition but it later changed its name to the Texas "International Fishing Tournament". | Q | Historical

20: Rio Grande River is flowing from a snowy mountain. 12,000 feet above sea level and has been known by many names over time and in different parts of its course.The Rio has been known by many names over time and in different parts of its course.The Rio has been known by many names over time and in different parts of its course.Rio has been known by many names over time and in different parts of its course.I would go to the grand for extreme swiming because of the constantly moving currents | R | River

21: Sabine River it flows 555 and is a border river in-between Texas and Louisiana.. Its total drainage basin area is 9,756 square miles, of which 7,426 is in Texas. Two large reservoirs have been constructed on the Sabine: Lake Tawakoni, at the junction of the South and Cowleech forks. The name Sabine ) comes from the Spanish word for cypress, in reference to the extensive growth of such trees along a river. this a place where you can go fishing and Gator hunting, so if you love fish and reptiles this is your place to be. | S | River

22: T | T | Texas Tech This university was established in 1923 and has a student of population of 1,796. it takes up 1,839 acres of land, it is the second largest contiguous campus in the United States and is the only school in Texas to house an undergraduate institution, law school, and medical school at the same location. This is one of the best colleges in the united states and is currently working with Harvard to make a cure for HIV

23: University of Texas This university was founded in 1839. The university was given 231,400 acres of land. Due to financial troubles and disagreements on where the school should be located, the school wasn't even considered until the government stepped in and gave some money to fund it. around 1923 oil was discovered on the campus. If you are interested in moving to Texas and getting a great education I would check this place out. | U

24: Veteran of all wars exhibit It is a part of the famous Burlington Railroad , located next to the Sonora Main Street office, this exhibit includes some local World War II memorabilia, and was part of a Texas Downtown Association award for Best Promotional Event when it opened, it opened in 2001. Ranch Women and Pioneer Families were later added to the Museum. | V | Historical

25: Wichita falls This town was named after a river that was named after the Wichita Indians. The real falls were lost but a replica was built right off of I-44. This town is also home to a Coca- Cola bottling company. As far as history goes around 1875 John Converse opened up the first store there. In 1880 the first school is opened. Sadly in 1979 a tornado hits the town killing 45 and damaging 20% of homes. I would come here if you want to live in a small nice town. | W | City

26: XiT Ranch This historical ranch was once the largest range contained by a fence in the world. The ranch was amazingly 3 million acres total. The XiT stretched through portions of 10 different counties. Most of the land of the XiT came from the state of Texas, trying to build their red granite capitol. While The XiT is no longer there it is still a Texas Legend that not many have heard of. | X | Historical

27: Y | Yoakum county Park This isn't your average park it also includes an RV park for people on vacation but only allows it if its under 35 feet long. It is open all year and has a party house and the park also features an 18-hole golf course.Fishing, Boating, Swimming and Hiking: Rec Hall Playground Rec Field Golf Driving. if your are on a road trip this an awesome place to stop its got golf, a playground and a club house! | Recreational park

28: Z | Zilker Park This park is famously known for many events but the most famous is A.C.L(Austin City Limits) and The Zilker Kite Festival.It was built in 1917 and it holds 12 events every year. It has 12 main attractions including Barton Springs pool.It takes up 350 acres of land.This is an awesome park filled with natural pools, music events, and a track to do exercise, its the perfect family hangout | Recreational park

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31: Citation

32: Color CODE:) RECREATIONAL Park- Teal( light blue) City- Red Landform- Orange Historical-Pink University-Green River- Purple | H

33: A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | Z | W | K | W | L | M | N | O | P | ----------------- | ---------------- | Q | R | -------------------------- | S | ------------------ | -------------- | U | T | V | X | Y

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