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A-Z Project: Music

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A-Z Project: Music - Page Text Content

FC: The Exquisite A-Z Project!

1: Our Map | We E-mailed you a Link to our map!

3: Table Of Contents | A- ACL................................1 B- Billy Bob's................................2 C- Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain...3 D- The D.O.C ...............................4 E- Eyes of Texas............................5 F- Simply Texas Blues Festival.....6 G- Selena Gomez...........................7

4: H- House of Rock .............. 8 I- Vanilla Ice.......................9 J- Jessica Simpson.............10 K- Kerrville Folk Festival...11 L- Los Lonely Boys.............12 M- A&M University Band...13 N- Willie Nelson..................14 O- Texas our Texas............15

5: P- Paramount Theater.............16 Q- Anthony Q. Brewer.............17 R- Elephant Room...................18 S-John Gimble & Texas Swing.19 T- Larry Joe Taylor Festival.....20 U- UT Arlington Jazz Festival..21 V- Verizon Wireless Theater....22 W- T-Bone Walker...................23 X- Under the X in Texas...........24 Y- The Yellow Rose of Texas.....25 Z - ZZ Top..................................26

6: A Austin City Limits (Festival-Variety) ACL is located in Austin, Texas. It takes place on 46 acres in the open land of Zilker Park. In hosts more than 130 artist from across the world. You can not only listen to music , but you can also stroll through the art exhibit. ACL is fun for all ages. The adults can listen to music, and the kids can get either their hair done or face painted.

7: Austin City Limits | Austin, Texas

8: B Billy Bob's (Venue-Country) Billy Bob's is the worlds largest "Honky Tonk." It is located in Fort Worth, Texas. It was built in 1910, and was once a large air-barn for prized cattle. Livestock was held here until the company moved out of the building. That is when Larry Gatlin & the Gatlin brothers took over and made it a have-to-see music venue.

9: Billy Bob's | Fort Worth, Texas

10: C Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain (Song-Country) In 1975 Willie Nelson recorded this song in Garland, Texas. Willie Nelson put the song on his "Red Headed Stranger" album.The song later became number one on the country music charts. The song was written by Fred Rose, and originally recorded by Roy Acuff in 1945.Then Eddy Arnold sang it in 1963.

11: "Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain" | Recorded in Garland, Texas.

12: D The D.O.C (Solo Artist-Hip Hop) Tracy Lynn Curry was born June 20, 1968. He was known as The D.O.C. Tracy was from Dallas, Texas. Also he was a member of the Fila Fresh Crew and created the rap group N.W.A. He was very successful until his vocal chords were damaged in a car accident.

13: The D.O.C. | From Dallas, Texas.

14: E Eyes of Texas (Song-Traditional) The song was written in 1903 by John Sinclair. It was made as a joke for the University of Texas. The song is basically saying that the eyes of texas are upon the students and expecting them to go out and do great things. The song is usually song at special occasions such as funerals and sports games. When singing it the audience members raise their right hand and show the Hook'em Horns symbol.

15: The Eyes of Texas are upon you!

16: F Simply Texas Blues Festival (Festival-Blues) The Festival is usually held on May 7th, in downtown San Angelo, Texas. It is held on a Saturday, and is sponsored by many companies. There is many activities as well as music. Not only is there a concert, but afterwards there is a competition. There are only 20 bands and individuals competing until 6:00 pm.

17: Simply Texas Blues Festival! | San Angelo, Texas

18: G Selena Gomez (Solo Artist- Pop) Selena Gomez was born in Grand Prairie, Texas. Her mother gave birth to her at the age of 16. She started out in the acting business on Barney, in Dallas, Texas. She later signed a record deal just before her 16th birthday in 2009. She now is starting to sing different genres for companies other than Disney Channel.

19: Selena Gomez | From Dallas, Texas.

20: H House of Rock (Venue-Rock) The House of Rock is Corpus Christi's premier live music venue. It was built in 1974. They are located downtown.The House of Rock has all kinds of music and has all kinds of music fans. The Showroom is large and can hold up to 600 people, and opens every time they have an event.

21: House of Rock | Corpus Christi, Texas

22: I Vanilla Ice (Band-Hip Hop) Vanilla Ice was born Robert Van Winkle on October 31st, 1967 in Dallas, Texas. His father left his family when he was just 4 years old. As a teenager, he was a bad student who got poor grades and skipped school alot. He was 18 when he was in the 10th grade, and then he dropped out of school. Later he signed up at a local nightclub as a performer. He was a natural at rapping and dancing and the audiences were impressed. After becoming popular he later got the nickname "Vanilla Ice."

23: Vanilla Ice: Robert Van Winkle | From Dallas, Texas

24: J Jessica Simpson (Solo Artist- Pop) Jessica Simpson was born July 10, 1980 in Abilene Texas. She grew up in Richardson, Texas,as the daughter of a youth minister. In church she was able to sing,which attracted a record producer. Later the President of Columbia Records loved Jessica's strong voice and personality which got her many record deals with many different companies. Jessica's singing career with Columbia would take her traveling around the world.

25: Jessica Simpson | From Abilene, Texas

26: K Kerrville Folk Festival (Festival-Folk) The Kerrville Music Festival is a family oriented event which is held each year on the Quiet Valley Ranch, just 9 miles south of Kerrville. The Kerrville Folk Festival has run since 1972. It is the longest running music festival in North America. For 18 straight days and nights each May and June, over 30,000 people come from all over the world to experience the music. The Festival is known internationally for its varying musical style. It’s a place where those just developing their skills have the opportunity to play their music along- side professionals.

27: Kerrville Folk Festival | Kerrville, Texas

28: L Los Lonely Boys (Band-Rock) Los Lonely Boys are a rock band from San Angelo, Texas. They play a style of music they call "Texican Rock n' Roll," combining elements of rock and roll, blues, soul, country, and Tejano. The band consists of three brothers: Henry, Jojo, and Ringo Garza. They follow their father, Ringo Garza, Sr., who formed a band with his brothers called the Falcones. Los Lonely Boys have released three studio albums and a live album, on the Epic Records label. Their single, "Heaven," was a number one hit on the Billboard adult contemporary chart and reached 40 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2004.

29: Los Lonely Boys | From San Angelo, Texas.

30: M A&M University Band (Band- traditional) The Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band is located in San Antonio Tx. Also it's nationally known for its military marching formations on the football feild and is the largest military marching band in the nation. This Corps of Cadets unit is the official marching band of Texas A&M University.The Aggie Band operates under strict military guidelines as part of the Corps of Cadets. The Aggie Band was presented the Sudler Trophy from the John Philip Sousa Foundation in 2001 for the long tradition of excellence established by the organization.The Aggie Band is directed by Dr. Timothy Rhea, LTC. Jay Brewer, and Capt. Travis Almany.

31: Texas A&M University Band | San Antonio, Texas. | X-(

32: N Willie Nelson (Solo Artist- Country) Willie Nelson was born on April 30, 1933, in Abbott, Texas. During his career he has written more than 2,500 songs and has released close to 300 albums. He got his first guitar at the early age of six and soon started writing his own songs. In 1960, Nelson moved to the country music capital, Nashville, Tennessee. He got a job as a songwriter for Pamper Music, earning about $50 a week.

33: Willie Nelson | From Abbott, Texas

34: O Texas Our Texas (Song- Traditional Folk) The state song of Texas was adopted by the Forty-first Legislature after a statewide contest in 1929. The music was originally written in 1924 the music was composed by William J. Marsh of Fort Worth. The lyrics were written by Marsh and Gladys Yoakum Wright. Alaska's statehood in 1959 necessitated the only change that has been made in the lyrics, the line "largest and grandest" to "boldest and grandest." The Seventy-third Legislature adopted "Texas, Our Texas" as the state song in a 1993 law.

35: Texas Our Texas | Composed in Fort Worth, Texas

36: P Paramount Theatre (Venue- Variety) On October 11, 1915, the Paramount Theatre, then called the Majestic Theatre, opened its doors to the public. In what would become a theatrical service to Austin and its surrounding communities. Built by Ernest Nalle in only eight months, cost $150,000. The Paramount was designed by John Eberson of Chicago, who was a respected theatre architects in the United States. The Paramount Theatre was very active during the war years of the 1940s. Hoblitzelle's Theatre's slogan was "dedicated to community service." The Paramount was a big promoter of war bonds . It sold $8.4 million in war bonds.

37: Paramount Theater | Austin, Texas

38: Q Anthony Q. Brewer (Solo Artist- Jazz) Anthony Q. Brewer started his music career at age five in his church choir, in Farmersville, Texas. He continued his passion for music by singing in high schools and other churches. In college he traveled to Europe as part as a jazz ensemble. He traveled to different states to minister in song for various churches. Anthony Brewer began playing and writing his own music about four years ago.

39: Anthony Q. Brewer

40: R Elephant Room (Venue- Jazz) The Elephant Room is a venue located in Austin, Texas. Everyday of the week they have live music. You can either sit in the back or the front of the room. They bring in the best jazz in the Austin Music scene. The shows begin at nine thirty p.m.

41: Elephant Room

42: S John Gimble and Texas Swing (Band- Country) John Gimble at age 13 first appeared with his brothers on radio station KGBK. In their hometown Tyler,Texas. John Gimble the 75- year old has recorded/played some of the most important musical figures in the 20th century. He played Under The X in Texas at the Paramount Theater. They call him the "King of Swing fiddle."

43: John Gimble | Texas Swing

44: T Larry Joe Taylor Music Festival (Festival- Various) Larry Joe's festival is located in Stephenville, Texas. The tented stage music is typically acoustic, and features some outstanding singer songwriters. The outdoor stage music usually starts around 5:00 and goes to 1:00 PM. Some of the bands at the 2006 event included: Cross Canadian Ragweed, Jason Boland, Reckless Kelly, Stoney LaRue, Randy Rogers, Django Walker, Cooder Graw, Hayes Carll, Rusty Wier, Tommy Alverson, and of course Larry Joe Taylor.

45: Larry Joe Taylor Music Festival

46: U UT Arlington Jazz Festival (Festival- Jazz) The 34rd annual UT Arlington Jazz Festival is held at James Bowie High School in Arlington, Texas. Each band will receive a separate 25 minute clinic with a feedback clinician. The evening awards concert will feature South Lake Carroll Jazz Band II, UT Arlington Jazz Band ll, and UT Arlington Jazz Orchestra. Dan Cavanagh teaches jazz composition and improvisation. He also directs the Jazz Ensemble

47: UT Arlington Jazz Festival

48: V Verizon Wireless Theater (Venue-Variety) The Verizon Wireless Theater is an indoor theater owned by Live Nation and located in Houston, Texas. The theater is located at 520 Texas Avenue in the 130,000-square-foot. The size is large enough to hold a crowd, but small enough to feel intimate. It's one of the few places larger known artists will play where you can still get within 3 feet of the stage!

49: Verizon Wireless Theater

50: W T-Bone Walker (Solo Artist- Blues) T-Bone Walker was born in Dallas, Texas. Where he led bluesman Blind Lemon Jefferson around city streets and began playing guitar in his teens. He first recorded as Oak Cliff T-Bone in 1929, and toured in Texas. Walker became a friend of Charlie Christian who became the first major jazz guitarists. Walker recorded in the 1940s and 1950s, accompanied by small bands that provided backgrounds for his blues singing and guitar solos.

51: T-Bone Walker

52: X Under the X in Texas (Song-Blues/Swing) Under the X in Texas brings out the largely forgotten originators of Texas music. It brings history of what we have come to know as Texas Music. A melting pot of all cultures, women and men. Coming together in the Lone Star State. From early pioneers and immigrants bringing musics of their homelands, creating musical heritage.

53: Under the X | In Texas

54: Y The Yellow Rose (Song-Traditional) The Yellow Rose is a traditional folk song that is based about San Jacinto, Texas.The original love song has become the legend of how a slave named Emily Morgan helped win the battle of San Jacinto. The battle in the Texas Revolution.The Center for American History at the University of Texas has an early handwritten version of the song. Dating from the time of the Battle of San Jacinto in 1836.

55: The Yellow Rose of Texas

56: Z ZZ Top (Band-Rock) ZZ Top was formed in Houston, Texas. ZZ Top evolved out of the city's scene and consists of Billy Gibbons guitar/ vocals, Dusty Hill bass/ vocals, and Frank Beard drums. ZZ Top's original line-up, Gibbons, Lanier Greig and Dan Mitchell was also the final version of the Moving Sidewalks. This intial trio completed ZZ Tops debut single "Salt Lick", before Greig was fired. He was replaced by Bill Ethridge.

57: ZZ Top | Houston, Texas

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63: The Exquisite A-Z Project By: Bella Cassizzi and Mallory Meade

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