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Abby - Page Text Content

S: S i x t e e n

FC: Abigale Bride | Sweet 16

1: Can't wait to see your little face!

2: Beautiful Baby Girl

3: So many new people to love me!

4: Age 0-1

7: Age 1-2 | Abby - In life there are so many choices, however nothing is more important than the choices of who will be your life partner and who your friends are... In either case...there are no mistakes...even if you lose touch with a friend for a period of time or if your life partner is only a partner for a portion of your life....either way, you will gain something from the experiences of having them in your life... I always say, that anyone that is in my life is the right person for me at the moment, and I don't know if that moment is an hour, a day, a week, a year or fifty years, but the experience that I have with them for whatever time I do, is a learning experience and will be a part of me forever and will help you be the beautiful and strong woman that I know you will be... Even though you don't "know" me, or remember me....being a part of my life when you were affected me and it is a time that I will never forget. Love, Laugh and Learn with those that are fortunate enough to have crossed paths with you! Love you honey, Carla

9: " Two Minutes " | Abbi, Last time we met I could see that you are a young woman who listens to her soul to nourish her life from within. Never change that. When you were young, I remember your sense of joy, your lovely laughter and your smile. Never lose that either. There are many people who will want to take away your you and your integrity - don't let them. Be strong in your principles and be practical - tough balance - believe a fellow idealist. But most of all, be happy and take good care of the hearts of the people you love (this should be easy for you because you're already doing that.) Welcome to Adulthood! With love from, Jenny Forrester

10: Age 3 | Happy Birthday Abigale O'Boyle Ahhh....The roller coaster of life..... Going up! Your parents found out you were on the way! They were at their peak of happiness! You were such a wonderful gift to them. Such an adorable blue eyed baby girl! You were a very messy eater little one! So messy that we had to strip you down to your diaper to feed you or you would've stained all your clothes! Our families had very happy times together. On the first Father's Day we took you and Ashley to a park in Pasadena and Jan and your Dad were so proud they were going to burst! We loved babysitting you when your parents went on date nights! Then there were loops and twists with more kids in both our families, and moving away from each other, but always kept in touch, because you guys are "family" and family matters most! We were so excited to come to Lake Trinity with you when we moved back to Cali. We renewed friendships and had a blast! Being with you and your family is so much fun! You all have a deep and caring bond that is very special. I hope you realize that and cherish it. Seeing you year after year and watching you grow still amazes me. You have grown into such a beautiful young woman, inside and out. You're funny, caring, athletic, strong, and loyal. Excellent qualities I might add! I know sometimes these teenage years have brought tears, and joy and lots of frustration,but hang in there and stay strong. I know my teenage years were full of ups and downs, your parents as well. We all love you so much and sometimes it feels like adults don't care, or they are too busy, or realize how hard life is for you, but trust me - we've been there and we know. You are so lucky to have parents that care so much about you and want so badly to help you through these times and listen. They can only do so much though and the rest is up to you. At some point (16 is a good time) you have to start taking control of your life, and figure out what kind of a person you want to be and how to go about it. Take charge, and go for it. Abbi, you are amazing and smart and you could go really far in life if that is what you want. You just have to want to do it! High school is such a hard time in life, but it's also supposed to be fun! Just think, you only have 2 yrs left of it to get through, and then the best college years begin! With college comes more ups and downs - freedom, yet more responsibility . I have a feeling you'll be calling your parents every day for their advice and wisdom. So there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The roller coaster will never end, but try and have fun on it! We love you and will always be her for you! Love, The Hillbilly Ho'BoyleSkis

12: Age 4

13: Age 5

15: Dear Abbi, I'm really honored that your mom trusted me enough to ask me to be a part of this celebration for you. I don't know if I have anything profound to say, but I'll give it a shot. At 16, you probably already know a lot of what you need to know to get you through life -- you know yourself well enough to know that there are certain things you hold sacred, you know right from wrong; beyond that, a lot of it is just guesswork. Some of the things that I've written below are things that I knew when I was 16, and they remain true today...and some took me longer to learn than they should have. (See? Sometimes you really DO know stuff at 16! (BTW don't ever throw that in you mother's face. She's reading all of this -- she'll know it came from me! )) You may not agree with everything I have to say, and that's fine; but I hope you'll at least take everything in the spirit in which its given, advice from someone who has been 16 and who has had a lot of things work out for her...and some that didn't. Be happy for others. You don't have to be excited about what they're excited about, just be happy that they're happy. If you have to whisper (or secretly text or whatever the electronic equivalent of whispering is) for fear that what you're saying might be overheard and get back to the person you're saying it about and hurt their feelings, maybe you shouldn't be saying it in the first place. Never say anything mean about anyone at their own wedding (also, see above). Don't waste your time pining over someone who clearly is not interested in you. The harder you try, the less interested they'll be. What do you want someone like that for anyway? Jealousy is not love. Don't confuse the two. Either you trust someone or you don't. If you don't, why are you with them? This works both ways -- if the person you're with doesn't trust you, how much time do you want to spend convincing them that you are trustworthy? Gather up a bunch of old Bill Cosby albums and sit and listen with your family. He's a funny guy. (Don't worry, you don't have to literally get a bunch of old albums -- he's on iTunes.) Don't date anybody who already has a girlfriend. Anyone who will cheat on his current girlfriend with you probably won't have any qualms about doing the same to you. If you two are truly meant to be, it can wait until you are both single. There are a lot of individual things to think about when you are driving, and no matter how good you are, I guarantee that you are going to be way more easily distracted that you think you will be. Be careful. Take your time. Think about your situation. Follow up: There is always at least one giant idiot on the road. Try not to be that person. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, just show up for your scheduled shift and don't create any drama! (Pretty sure your parents will back me up on this one.) Take responsibility for your actions. Think about how what you do affects other people. You're a smart, beautiful girl who is loved, probably more than you know. "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." -- Maya Angelou "lend your voices only to sounds of freedom/no longer lend your strength to that which you wish to be free from/fill your lives with love and bravery /and you shall lead a life uncommon" Jewel, "Life Uncommon" "The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them." -- Maya Angelou Happy Birthday, Abbi! I hope you have a wonderful year (and lots of fun in Hawai'i)! Love, Ginger

16: Age 6 | Happy 16th Birthday Abby, I cannot believe it has been 16 years since your Mom and Dad called to say you had arrived. We have not gotten to see you alot in the 16 years, but have seen you grow up with all the pictures your Mom has sent us. When we did get to see you, we have really enjoyed the time together. Remember the time we sent to the "Wild Animal Park", the "Desert Botanical Gardens" with all the butterflies, the "Cheese Factory" and the "Hot Air Balloon Show" and watching you play soccer. You even helped Grandpa dig up a plant when we lived there. Your are a very helpful and caring person. You are very smart and beautiful girl, so just be yourself. Have a great 16th Birthday and know we both love you alot. Love! Great Grandma and Grandpa Ward

19: Age 6 | My little Snail, Always 15 feet behind and looking at anything and everything around you in the world. Everyone you would meet could immediately see "something" in your eyes and something special in you that made them smile. That was true then and is still true today. I guess I just didn't think "today", 16, would come so soon. It seems like the last 16 years have gone by so fast and I know the next 16 will go by even faster. I can only look back and know that I, we, did our best to help make what you've become today....and honest, strong, smart, confident, creative curious, fun, friendly, gracious, caring and beautiful person. This is what makes you so special. Moving's going to be up to you to continue to be that person and "never" change. There will be times when every single one of those traits that you possess will be questioned, challenged or tested in some way. When they present themselves you're going to have to stand tall, look to your family and friends for support and most of all find the strength within yourself to overcome what lies ahead. I can honestly tell you that these challenges only last for a short time and are often opportunities to learn from, grow and ultimately become a stronger person. I have no doubts that you'll do just fine and that you're going to be an amazing person. You have been and always will be an amazing daughter to me. I'm very lucky and very proud of you. make me smile everyday. You always have.... you always will...XOOOOO... Daddy

20: Age 7 | Abbi The day you were born, the angels danced. Abbi, watching you grow into such a lovely young lady has been a true pleasure! You are such a wonderful person; so talented, so beautiful so genuine. The foundation that your parents have laid for you will take you on journeys beyond your imagination. ~My Sweet 16 wishes for you ~ 1 * Live your life with a joyous heart. 2 * Embrace the moments and the people that make you smile. 3 * Courageously deal with the times in your life that are challenging. 4 * Live with integrity, not with regrets. 5 * Laugh freely, cry freely. 6 * Have faith in God. 7 * Have faith in your family 8 * Have faith in your close friends. 9 * Have faith in yourself. 10 * View the world optimistically. 11 * Giggle daily. 12 * Remember to always pay it forward when someone is kind to you. 13 * Continue to be honest. 14 * Be thankful for what you have. 15 * Pray. 16 * Freely tell the people that you love that you love them. Happy Sweet 16, sweet Abbi. Enjoy this moment. As you make a wish and blow out your candles, I'll also be wishing that whatever your wish is, it will come true too. XOXOXOXO! Jackie Leary

23: Age 7 | To my dearest Abby, First of all I would like to say Happy Sweet 16!! I hope you have a wonderful birthday, and all of your wildest dreams come true. Being 16 may not seem like much, but I believe it's a big step in life. I know when we were little I always had the crappy advice, but I think you might be able to use mine now. 1. Be proud of who you are, no matter how you dress, who you're friends with, what you look like, make sure you're always happy with yourself. 2. Be yourself no matter what, trying to impress or fit in with other people is pointless, and is a waste of the person YOU are now. 3. No matter how crazy or stressful life gets, family is always the most important. Also, family is there for you no matter what, Alexx is your bud, your parents are your blood, and well....I'm just your long lost sister. We all, and many others will always be here for you, we will always support you, and most importantly, we will always love you. Remember when...we were chased by cows, and all of the nights we spent at Home Town Buffet, and all of the bandanas we lost from ridin' in the Austin Healey, and when we would play survivor in your backyard and eat all of the berries, and when we were playing with Alexx and she cut her foot open on a wine glass, and when we went to the festival of trees in Portland with crimped hair, and when we wrote that love letter to Matthew in 2nd grade, and when we threw Freddie Grant's sandal in those bushes, and when we played Batman and Robin in the pool that was in your backyard that eventually like flooded your yard. Those are some of the memories I had with you, and the list will continue to grow, as will you and I. Love, your sister, your best friend, otherwise known as Katie

24: Age 7-8 | Abby, Happy 16th Birthday! I can't believe how much you have grown up these past few years. You are such a beautiful, smart and funny girl that has so many great opportunities in your future. I love that you have made good choices and continue to become the mature girl I knew you would. I know as a teenager there are many challenges and decisions to make and I know you will know which ones are right for you. I hope that you continue to keep up with school and end up going to the school of your dreams. Don't take life for granted and have as much fun as possible, as long as you are safe. Don't worry about those jealous people that try to bring you down (I know you know who I am talking about!) As long as you know how amazing you are, they don't matter. And when it comes to boys, only hang around with the ones who treat you like you deserve to be treated , and that's awesome! Trust me, anyone who doesn't know that is not worth your time. I know everything going on for you right now might feel like the only thing that matters, and feel like the biggest deal, but in a few years it won't even matter. You have your whole life ahead of you. It will be hard sometimes, but everything happens for a reason, just remember that. I love you so much Abby. I'm excited to see the woman you become in the future. I hope you have the best Sweet 16! Love, Emma

26: Age 8 | Abbi, I can't believe you're 16 years old already. A sensitive, cute, talented, athletic, smart, young woman. And boy crazy! Did I say that? Slow down, you're growing up too fast. I remember when a soccerball was BIGGER than you. I remember a crazy kid who jumped in the pool with ice cold water in the middle of winter to retrieve a latch from the rabbit cage. I love your enthusiastic energy. You know life can fly by at 100 miles a minute. Often times you will need to pause, look back and reflect on your recent goals and accomplishments. As you get older there will be drama to get caught up in, projects to get involved in, causes to stand up for and ideals to believe in. Be proud of yourself Abigale Bride O'Boyle. Share your essence with the world. Just take your time, make good choices and don't miss any cool mushrooms along the way. Love, Uncle Kevin

28: Age 9

29: Love, Auntie Joan

31: Age 9

32: Age 10 | Dear Abbi, Your mother was your age when I first met her. She and your Dad were dating at the time. When she would have a hard time at home she would stay with us. We did and still do love her as if she was our own daughter. The best advice I could ever give you is to listen to your Mom. She has lived through many situations and as a result she has the gift of wisdom. She may not be perfect, but no one loves you more, or cares more about what happens to you. You are also blessed by having a great Mom, and several of her best friends of many years. They also love you and would be there in an instant if you ever needed them. As for me, I am your adopted Grandma Mickey. My love for you and your family never changes. Happy Birthday Sweet 16 Abbi. Have a wonderful celebration. Much Love, Grandma Mickey Bourke

35: Age 10 | Things I Have Learned Along The Way ~ Love yourself ~ Moms and Dads really do know what they are talking about ~ My Dad's best advice to me: learn from other people's mistakes (you don't have to make the same ones) ~ Don't be afraid to say I'm sorry or I need a hug ~ Treasure your friends -- the good ones will see you through thick and thin ~ True friends and boyfriends will like you for who you are, not who they want you to be ~ Hear your friends, but listen to your heart more before you make a decision ~ Find out who you are and be true to yourself Happy Sweet 16! Love, Sarah Bourke

36: Age 10 | Abby, We have known you for more than 11 years, wow how time flies! We have watched you blossom into a bright beautiful young lady! You should be very proud of the person you have become, I know we are! Happy Sweet 16! We Love You, Rhonda, Danielle and Breanna

38: Age 11

41: Age 11

42: Age 12 | Abigale my love, Oh jeeze, where do I begin! Well you are just growing up way to fast! I know it may not seem that way to you though. But over the past few years we have grown so much closer! You are like my second sister and I tell you that all the time. But it's true. It's just horrible that we live so far away! And the more I see you, talk to you, and visit you, I miss you even more! I am so proud of the person you have become Abby and how you have pushed through all of the obstacles you have had to face with school, mean girls, and of course BOYS! Speaking of boys Abby...I am so proud of you, you have no idea. I'm just going to leave it at that. I love how you confide in me for advice and how we talk on the phone for hours, mostly about nothing but occasionally we have that good deep convo that I love. I also love it when you rap to me on the phone, yes I did just bring that up! HAHA! But let's not forget our epic skype dates where we have conversations with just smileys! I just love you girl and we always have so much fun together! You always make me smile, even though we live 600 miles away. But frick girl, you know I love you so much! I feel like I miss out on life when I don't talk to you! I think of you as my little sister and care about you so much! So continue what you are doing, work hard and go for your dreams! Wow...that sounds cheesy, but do it anyway! I Luh You Abigale. Boop Boop! Megan

44: A Very Fraggle Birthday Sweet 16 it's your special day, Hair done up high and ready to play. She bounces, she hops, like no one I know, Falling off her snowboard onto hard packed snow, Going to Bend with her best soccer moves, But alas ol Fraggle, she forgot her shoes. With a heart of gold and fire in her eyes, She battles, she fights, and always tries. Always a glow and smile on her face, Tireless with energy, keeping her pace. To some she is Abbi, others a gaggle, But to me she's always going to be Fraggle! Abbi, I hope you have a very special 16th Birthday. You are a fine young woman, and I'm proud to have been a part of your soccer life. You always left me smiling. I know that whatever you choose to do in life you will succeed. Enjoy every day like it's your birthday. Yours in Soccer, Coach Dennis | Age 13

46: Dear Abby, Happy Sweet 16! :) I hope you have the best birthday ever because you truly deserve it. I'm so lucky that I have you as a friend. you are the most amazing friend I have ever had and you mean the world to me. One of the best things about you is your general love of life. You bring sunshine and joy into whatever you do and it shows. You live life to the fullest and I cannot remember one single time that we hung out that I did not have a splendiferous time. I remember so many times where they could have been just average - but no - you weren't about to let that happen! When we drove in Megan's car to go to Sally's, instead of napping or just sitting there, we blasted the music, had all the windows down, and honked the horn to California Gurls! You sure have taught me how to live life and how it's okay to let things go once in awhile and be carefree. You not only have fun and put effort in whatever you do, but you care for others. You are the best friend I could ever ask for because of your compassion for others. Whenever I have something wrong, you know it. And you make me spit it out so you can help me fix it! I love our long phone conversations because even though we don't get to see each other as often as I would like (which by the way would be 24-7), we make it work. I tell you everything and I trust you with my LIFE. You are always true to yourself, which is really hard to find these days. Usually people just go along with whatever others do, but NO. You march to the beat of your own drum and speak the truth. You listen to oldies, wear what you want, and your boyfriend is Indian! Nuff said... :) You would never go behind someone's back and talk crap about them; you would straight up say it to their face! And I mean this in a good way, don't worry! You would only do this to a mean girl that deserved a telling to. Remember when you took me to Trinity Lake? That was literally the best vacation I've ever been on in my LIFE. Beats out New York, Chicago, Florida-easy! I remember how we slept underneath the stars, right next to the lake; where we could hear the fire crackling and the birds chirping in the morning. I remember boating and swimming all day underneath that butter-thick water. I remember the way my pale skin fried with just a shimmer of sun. I remember how we got water from the natural springs and cliff jumped. I remember the fantastic food that I gained thirty pounds with (no joke). I remember Itsakidoozies. I remember your end of the year parties, Lakeridge dances, teen center dances, my birthday at Wilson pool, Bridgeport adventures, wakeboarding lessons, duck games, Noah's Bagels trips, lake concerts, delicious food, dance parties in our rooms, awkward Halloweens with Dustin, Christmas cookie exchanges, pumpkin carving parties, hot tub dates, glee parties, Yu-Yu Yogurt runs, dock jumping, badminton playing, homework burning, marshmallow roasting, bird shooting, seaweed sloshing, sun bathing, and many many more memories that never would have been created without you :) Thank you so much for being my friend. You are irreplaceable and a person I look up to and admire so much. I am so thankful that you are in my life because you have changed it for the better. Happy Sweet Sixteen Abbi! You are going to be in Hawaii, so party it up girl! I can't WAITso see you come back all tan and gorgeous! Make sure to keep your boyfriend updated...maybe send him a couple bikinis bod shots...what?! ;) I miss you and I love you and I know you will have the best birthday ever. OH!!! I almost forgot! Study for your driving test girl because when you get back, it would be ever so convenient to have Abbi pop by into Sherwood! I t would make my days a lot brighter. :) Happy birthday to my gorgeous, hawt, smart, sassy, spicy, splendid, beautiful, caring, hilarious, adorable, sweet, kind, true, brown haired blue eyed beauty! Sincerely, Kathryn AKA Kat AKA BFG AKA Your Giant :)

47: I LOVE YOU! <3 <3 <3 | LOVE: ALEXX

48: Age 13

51: Age 13 | It's your sweet 16! Please be sweet and listen to your parents - they're not as dumb as you think. You have a wonderful way of looking at life, stay grounded and you will soar, because you have the personality and the looks to take you far. You naturally got the creativity from your dad, but you are gonna have to work on the talent your mom has for fixing anything and everything and her awesome cooking, that shows people she loves them. You are loved, remember that in hard times, as you already know, it won't always be easy. You have a bright future ahead of you. Study hard now so one day you can enjoy your many accomplishments. Happy Birthday Honey!! Love Always....... Aunt Carrie

52: To our Dear Angel Abigale Bride O'Boyle (love your name and you), Celebrating your 16th Birthday....A big plateau reached! We'll never forget meeting you for the first time in Pasadena. What joy you brought to our hearts as we held you, our 5th grandchild and oh so beautiful our brand new angel, not too prejudice do you think? From that point on so many wonderful memories begin. You are truly a gift from God and Mom and Dad brought you to Fremont for your Baptism at Holy Spirit Church, a lovely celebration it was! Continuing celebrations was your Dad's graduation from the Art Center with Grandpa Bob and how special it was taking turns holding you on our laps. (Only wish he was here to add to your 16th Birthday, but know he is celebrating with you from above and how proud he is!) As I recall you were teething at that time and you would get very high fevers. You celebrated your 1st Birthday in Fremont (your Mom and Dad always made them so very special from the beginning) and you running around in joyful glee covered from head to toe in cake and frosting. We remember a bit of temper when you didn't want to wear a certain sweater that Mom had chosen for you as we were getting ready for a visit to San Carlos to see Great Grandma and Grandpa Rossi, but that may have been being TWO! The word came from Nike and your move to Beaverton with Dad joining the Nike team. Now Oregon being where Great Grandma Rossi was born and raised was a perfect state to make your new home in. Of course I'm a little prejudice once again. To our shear delight you could hardly wait for us to come and visit and would wait by the front room window for hours on end with your kitty Charlie! We had such fun playing in your tent set up in the living room and many piggy back rides and trips to the swings to meet the "birds and butterflies" and bouncing games when you joined us in bed (very early) with story reading and telling. How you would giggle when I would change voices for the different characters and pronounced words in funny ways such as "whiskers" (so sorry I don't recall the name of the book). We've been lucky sharing Halloweens together. One special one was shared by a new baby sister! You were so cute as a black and yellow bumble bee as we all trick or treated with Alexx Rose, just a few days old. It may have been the same year we went to Mt. Hood to cut your Christmas tree. Before long we came to help move to Sherwood into a brand new home with the most beautiful views from almost every room in the house of Mt.Hood when.....the mountain was out! How special to be now living in the town that your Great Grandma Rossi was born and she was thrilled! Now a new set of memories begin....and of course there were trips to California as well with great fun with the cousins, you had learned to ride your bike at Dad's grammar school (Mattos) playground, family fun in the swimming pool (Alta) across the street from Michael and Thomas. Back in Sherwood a new puppy, Clodia Wilma, joined the family as did kitties, Rosie and Sour Puss and over time bunnies, crabs, etc.. On our visits we had delightful walks through the neighborhood, going in and out of the new houses as they were being built and along the trails to the playgrounds, you started school, gymnastics and dance out in Tigard, trips to the Dollar Store, having TEA in old town, visiting the Sherwood Historical Society and you and Alexx learning to make catails that you worked so hard to make sooo looong only to have Clod find it and unravel most of your hard work to your utter shock and disappointment. Soccer came into your life and we were able to attend practices and games.

53: We loved sharing a trip to the tulip farm, picking out pumpkins at the pumpkin farm followed by great pumpkin carving and Halloween parties, berry picking at the Price's blueberry farm, milk shakes at the Cherry Tree, having Great Grandma and Grandpa Ward living next door, your First Communion, a family reunion at "Grandpa's park" lead to our 4th of July family reunions and all of you making it so special, playing basketball in the driveway, playing baseball and shooting fireworks in the street. Remember the morning we woke up to snow and made a snowman and snow angels before school, you were so disappointed that you didn't get a snow day. I always delighted, when coming to visit, in seeing what new way you had fixed your room. Always so cool! Can't forget helping with the building of the play structure and your wonderful personal gardens and oh, of course, breakfast at "Sheri's" and "The Original Pancake House" with gobs of strawberries, whipped cream and hot chocolate. Now the memories continue with a move to Lake Oswego, and a special town with many family ties through Great Grandma Rossi and now you are living on the very lake that I learned to swim and water ski in and now you are boating, swimming, tubing, attending concerts on the water, all such great fun! And HIGH SCHOOL, making new friends and preparing you educationally and socially for your adulthood. Our memories continue with family reunions, river rafting, pizza in Portland (which brings to mind pizza at Abby's in Newberg) and the huge water fountain in Portland while still in Sherwood. Your learning Chinese in middle school which lead to a wonderful trip we were able to share at the Chinese Tea Gardens. Such great times at the farmers markets in both Portland and Lake Oswego and watching fireworks on the lake and last years with all of you on the mattresses on the lake and how all of you girls making them work on the boat. Love watching you, Alexx, Emma and Megan doing hair, nails and make-up when you're together. Grandpa and I know how blessed we've been being able to share with you so much of your growing up years with family and friends. I know I may have missed a few things but Grandpa and I want to thank Mom and Dad for you, our 5th grandchild angel, and for all they have done in creating so many HAPPY MEMORIES for us all. And so Abigale Bride O'Boyle, have a great and special 16th Birthday and remember you are our Angel whom we Love sooo much and look forward to making many more as you go into adulthood both in Oregon and California. Abbi, as you celebrate your 16th, the bar is raised: Remember to be true to yourself and the following will help..... The most important thing in life is....God. The most beautiful attire is...A Smile. The most powerful channel of communication...Prayer. The two most power filled words...I Can. The most prized possession...Integrity. The most satisfying work...Helping Others. The greatest joy...Giving. The greatest shot in the arm...Encouragement. The most powerful force in life is...Love. The most incredible computer...The Brain. The most contagious spirit...Enthusiasm. The greatest asset...Faith...remember a little faith can work miracles. The most endangered species...Dedicated Leaders. The most effective sleeping pill...Peace of Mind. The greatest problem to overcome...Fear. The worst trait...Selfishness. The most crippling failure disease...Excuses. The most dangerous pariah...A Gossiper. The most worthless emotion...Self pity. and, the deadliest weapon....The Tongue. Abbi, I know it's a lot and I also know that as life goes on you'll do your very best and be the very best you can. WE LOVE YOU AND ARE SO VERY PROUD OF YOU! May God continue to Bless you now and Always... Many Hugs, Kisses and Prayers for a very special 16th Birthday! Grandma and Grandpa O

54: Age 14 | Abby-gal! You are my best friend's sister, and my sister's best friend! I have known you since I was just a little young'n and I thought you were the coolest gal (which is oh, so true). You are a beautiful, brave, and strong young lady that I will always look up to! I remember the one time when we were back with the "new" cows and I got scared and stuck standing on some plum tree by myself after I refused to move off the tree and come with you, Alexx and Cho, you came busting through the three cows and grabbed my hand and dragged me back with you :) You are one of a kind, and I love you for it. Don't ever change. I miss you and Alexx like no other. Keep being the fun girl you are! ily, Jamie K Ps. Since you are turning can drive. Well, wear your seat belt and be safe! Ps. ps HAPPY BIRTHDAY

56: Age 14 | Dear Abby, As you are reading, visualize yourself in these scenarios. You are standing in a cold room. All of the sudden, you hear a loud explosion and the windows start shattering. Shards of glass are falling all around you and you run to hide. You don't know if every member of your family is alive yet, but what you know for sure is the fact that you are in a war zone and your home has just been struck by a rocket. You are 11 and traveling in a bus with your family, running away from danger of death and disgrace caused by war. You don't know where you will call home by the end of the day. Your head and face is covered with a thick scarf. While you feel suffocated, you taste the dust from the dirt road which is coming in through the broken window of the bus. This get away is your only chance at life. Flash forward. You are 14. You are walking to school that is 6 miles away from your home. It is a hot summer afternoon with scorching heat of 130 degrees. You are covered with a heavy black outfit head to toe including your face. Only your eyes are allowed to be shown. As you are walking briskly to school, you are also having to protect yourself from people around because you might get acid thrown at you, or someone might try to follow you or even grab you in unthinkable places only because you are a female in quest for education. You are 17 and you are getting married! You are 19, in a country far away from home without your friends and family that you have known all your life. you don't even speak the language, You have to get used to your new family now. You need to learn their way of life and adjust accordingly. Uncertain about your future, you don't know where you belong in the world. What happened to all of your big dreams? Are they still hiding somewhere in a corner of your heart? What will you do next? What will your future be like? That was my life in a flash. Yours is much different. Much better, but only if you realize it so. The only explosions you deal with are the ones on the 4th of July. The only trips that take you away from home are vacations. The only time you are forced to cover yourself with something heavy is when you need to beat the cold. When you are going to school, only worries you have in your mind are: what do I wear today? How do my curls look? How much homework do I have to turn in? Would my parents allow me to have a sleep over this weekend? I hope it snows so we have a snow day! Be sure to know that YOU ARE VERY LUCKY! You see, these luxuries of life are not gifted to every individual. Only those who are fortunate get to enjoy life the way you are living it. You are blessed with incredibly loving and caring parents. You are going to one of the state's best schools. You have big dreams for the future that can be realized with a little hard work. Everyone around you is willing to help you get there. Our Little Lawn Mowing Abby, The only way to live your life to the fullest is to be aware of how fortunate you are. If you already haven't done so, go ahead, take a few moments and think about it because anything less than your fullest is just sacrificing the gift. As you wake up to a beautiful Hawaiian morning, realize this precious gift you have been given. Cherish this gift, strive (live, struggle, persevere) and make the most out of it because I know many who would switch lives with you in a heart beat. Make us proud! Happy Sweet 16th! Miral

58: Age 15 | Once there was a girl named Abby. She'd admit her gift for the gabby. A friend who is true, there for Kathryn through and through, So much energy and love Never crabby! (OK, you try rhyming with Abby!) Happy 16th Birthday Abby! You are a sweetheart and a half! Love, Karen (Kat's Mom)

60: Age 15 | <3 Abbi <3 Happy Birthday Abbi! I hope it's AMAZING! You deserve it! You're an amazing best friend and I could never ask for better! Thanks for always being there for me, and being supportive of me and all of my choices. We've been through a lot together, good and bad :) And you have always been there, all of our trips to the beach and the mountain, camping at Trinity, and Seattle. All of the nights we stay up late talking about everything and anything, eating cookies and frosting. The long summer days we spend in the lake soaking up the sun. The hundreds of trips into the backyard with the cows, climbing and hiding in the trees. Our first pair of skinny jeans! Through all the awkward stages of middle school and into our high school careers you've been my best friend, I know we will continue to be best friends bccause I love you more than all of the red M & Ms in the world! I hope your birthday is perfect and everything you hoped for! Happy sixteenth Abbi :) <3 Cho

63: Age 15

64: Happy 16th Birthday My Snail Wow, I can't believe my baby is 16!! It's been so long since that first little line told us about many wonderful, fabulous, fun times with you! The first moment I laid eyes on you my heart melted!! I remember thinking....oh god, how do I keep this little thing happy for the next forever? Now I know that I can't......all I can do is love you and teach you what I know and hope that you will find your way in this crazy world and find your own happiness. There are so many things that I can tell you that I know for sure..... Family is EVERYTHING! They are the ones that will be there no matter what....through all the good and bad. No one will every know you better or love you more. Pick your friends wisely.....they can make or break your life....they are your confidants, your support, your co-conspirators, and the only other people in your life who will love you almost as much as family, but for different reasons. They may come and go, but cherish them for what they are and what they bring to your life at the time. Life will be times.....and times. Know that the cliche' "this too shall pass" is true. Love the truly joyous moments and try and recognize them when you're in them because you will need them to get you through the tough times. Remember the feeling of falling and being in love....with a guy, with life, with your children, with nature, with the feeling of accomplishment, and with yourself. Try and make the best decision you can with the information you have every day. Never look back. Think, ponder, consider, analyze, follow your heart and your gut....then make your decision with integrity and morals. Even if it the result is not what you expected or wanted, you will have nothing to regret because you acted with the best of intentions. Know that there are some things that you cannot matter how hard you try. Grandpa Bob used to say "It is what it is....." Learn to recognize when you cannot change things.....find the good around it or work your way through it with a smile knowing it's not forever. Tell the people who are special to you how you often as possible......leave nothing unsaid. Be yourself.....never pretend for anyone for any reason to be someone you are not.

65: This should be easy for you since you have so many wonderful qualities - You are silly, smiley, wacky, and just plain fun. Every time we go somewhere or do something you are the one who makes us laugh....even if it's because you're "catching your first rail" on the mountain or rolling in the surf at the beach. You're caring, loving, sympathetic, and just love people. I remember when you were 4 and you saw me crying because Grandpa Bob had died, you came up to me and brought me your blankies and said "you look like you need these, Mommy"...of course that made me cry a good way! You have a huge heart and you love sharing it. I love that you are strong. Both physically and as a woman. You can do and will try any sport and usually love trying and succeeding in them. You are strong in spirit and you don't hesitate to stand up for what you believe. You defend yourself and your values and that is admirable. You taught me so much about not quitting when you stuck with your soccer team...I could have never done what you did and I admire you for following through with your commitment. You are my FABULOUS, beach loving, tree climbing, Chinese loving, stubborn, sweet, fruit eating, wakeboarding, doggie loving, granola making, funny, music listening, clutzy, urban loving, big sister, Meggie skypeing, snowboarding, smart, beautiful, tv watching, burping, cuddly, hat loving, wave jumping, Valentino carrying, honest, loyal, family loving, tea drinking, sleeping late, football throwing Abigale! And there is not one thing I would change about you!! I know things have been tough lately, but NEVER...EVER...forget that I love you......more than you will ever know!!! Remember that I am here for you.....always will matter what! Know that you are perfect to me even if I don't show it the way you'd like sometimes....I feel it in my heart and that will never change! I can't wait to see what your life will bring! I know that with your personality and perseverance you will be wildly successful and will find your true happiness... Happy Sweet 16 My Snail - May life bring you every happiness!! I Love You, Mom

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