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ABC's of Brave New World

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FC: The ABC's of | Brave New World | Elisa Hillman Period 7

1: A is for Agreement The people living in this controlled society are always in agreement. The government makes sure there is nothing to argue about because people's opinions and views are decided for them. There is no individuality meaning there is no room for disagreement. Even if someone does have an opinion, they're naturally swayed by whomever their talking to because of their instinctive agreement.

2: B is for Bye-Bye Baby Banting (soon you'll be decanting) This is the title of a nursery rhyme John, a civilian's child who accidentally ended up with his mother in an Indian Reservation, was sung by his mother. This demonstrates some of the odd nursery songs that have replaced songs from our time period. John's nursery rhymes were still about children, but about children who were decanted and grown in test tubes. Nursery Rhymes like this began to brainwash children at a young age to think whatever the government wanted. This rhyme in particular helped train children to think being born in a test tube was acceptable and normality.

3: C is for Controlled The new world is strictly controlled by several World Controllers who's sole purpose is to make sure all the propaganda is perfectly in place and everything is running smoothly. If there's a just one tiny slip-up their whole society could go haywire and all perfection that they've worked so hard to gain would be gone. People are closely monitored to prevent this and everything is planned for them so no choices need to be made, again to control things and prevent chaos or unhappiness

4: D is for Dangling Dangling is the word used to describe John's feet after he hangs himself. It's ironic that he hangs himself, because he was happy and content in the reservation but once he came to society which was designed to keep everyone happy; John suddenly became depressed. He realized he had nothing to live for, if everything was perfect he felt he had nothing to live for. Things were too fake for him, and he couldn't take it anymore. He hung himself, letting his feet dangle aimlessly.

5: E is for Elementary Sex Once the children are old enough to run around and play with each other they are introduced to sexual acts. They're taught it's expected to touch each other and mess around, this part of their day is called "Elementary Sex". This describes the kind of civilization these children live in, a civilization where it's considered acceptable to speak and act of sex constantly. Their entire society revolves around being sexually attracted to each other and they spend all their free time light heartedly dating as many people as they can.

6: F is for Ford After our time period, a man named Ford preached his theories and was considered a prophet similar to Jesus or Buddha. People begin to worship him and he gains so much respect he actually reforms civilization to his theories. Even after he dies, his ways live on and he's looked on upon as a savior. He takes the place of God to the extent where people use the saying "Oh my Ford!" instead of "Oh my God!"

7: G is for Grotesque This is the word that Thomas (Tomakin) used to describe his lover after she emerges from the reservation where she's been trapped. True, she is not beautiful like the conditioned women of civilization but it's still upsetting that Thomas would call a woman he even had a child with "grotesque" and ignore her just because she wasn't young and pretty anymore. But in this society it's all about appearance because people's feelings and opinions don't matter at all, there is no individuality.

8: H is for Holiday magine that whenever you're sad you can take soma and go on what is called a "holiday". That's exactly what people do in this new world. They go on Holidays where they take soma, a drug that makes them unconditionally happy, and often fall asleep to dream of complete happiness. Which is not unlike their everyday life. This way the people never have to feel sad, they can go on a Holiday instead.

9: I is for Influence The people of this society are constantly under the influence though they don't realize it. Everything they know and believe is influenced by their government. The games the play, the way they spend their free time, the process in which their born, it's all propaganda. The government has even convinced the people that family and motherhood is a sin. The correct way to be born is through a test tube and even the word "mother" is shameful.

10: J is for Jolly Happiness is widespread and unconditional in this lifestyle. No matter what, you are always jolly and people are never hostile or disagree. Every person in their world is practically bouncing with energy and smiles. Little do the people know, their happiness isn't genuine. Real happiness doesn't come from sex and soma, but the citizens don't know any better than what their beloved Ford and government tell them.

11: K is for Kilometres Kilmotres is one of the units of measurement they use in the new world, and their society is all about statistics. To achieve perfection they track everything and constantly look at their records to be sure everything is as exceptional as they want. If one number or percentage isn't as high or low as they want it, they won't stop until it's perfect. Especially in the process of creating test tube babies, everything is constantly being improved and statistics are always being thrown around.

12: L is for Lack of knowledge Even though the people are content, this is only because of their lack of knowledge. The whole reason they appear to be happy is because they don't know the reason their happy. They don't know any of the truth or the sacrifices their government has made in order to make them this happy. If the civilians knew what they were missing out on they definitely wouldn't be as happy.

13: M is for Mother The word mother has a completely different meaning in this world than it does in ours. The word mother is filled with shame and embarrassment. It's a disgrace to form the word with your lips and it's a sin to commit motherhood. This indicates how powerful the government's influence is. They were able to convince the entire population that being a mother, a natural occurrence for millions of years, is flat out wrong.

14: N is for Never alone The way the social system is built, the people are never alone. They're taught to spend their free time with other people, they don't even know what to do when they're alone. Every second of spare time is spent with their friends and mostly the numerous people they're dating. You're constantly surrounded by other people and this keeps the society closely watched with little time for people to form individuality.

15: O is for Opinions People in the new world don't form their own opinions. Their opinions are formed by their government who controls their thoughts with propaganda. They don't have ideas of their own because they aren't given the opportunity to have a point of view. All the people are constantly together and they act as one with all their opinions alike.

16: P is for Paint Painting is something their society doesn't have. In order to keep away the chaos and unhappiness, the government decided they needed to sacrifice the high arts and sciences. If no one can read influential literature or see controversial material then the citizens will stay ignorant. If they could express themselves through the arts things could get dangerous and easily get out of control.

17: Q is for Questioning John has spent his entire life isolated from the propaganda of society and of the rest of the world in general. Growing up on an Indian Reservation and born naturally from a mother he is resilient to the brainwashing and can see through all the lies. He even questions the World Controller Mustpha Mond's decisions. John questions whether this new world Ford has created is really worth all they have to sacrifice because to him, it all seems fake.

18: R is for Rank John has spent his entire life isolated from the propaganda of society and of the rest of the world in general. Growing up on an Indian Reservation and born naturally from a mother he is resilient to the brainwashing and can see through all the lies. He even questions the World Controller Mustpha Mond's decisions. John questions whether this new world Ford has created is really worth all they have to sacrifice because to him, it all seems fake.

19: Sis for Stablility To gain stability is the goal of this new society. For everything to be perfect, safe, and happy. Ultimately, for every last detail to be completely stable. They believe this will make everything the way it should be and will prevent any issues or problems. Everything the government does to control it's people is in the goal of stability, and right now they have achieved stability only after giving up almost every other joy in the world.

20: T is for Torture The innocent people don't even realize it, but they're tortured. They aren't directly tortured as adults, but when they're babies and have just been decanted the government decides what they want the babies to like and hate. To make the babies hate something the technique used is torture. The babies are placed in front of an object that represents a concept, then the babies are given an electric shock to scare them from ever going near those specific things ever again. Torture is the way the people's personalities are formed from an early age.

21: U is for Use Bernard Marx, one of the main characters, discovers John trapped in the reservation and rescues him. After bringing John back to civilization, Bernard is suddenly famous giving him a big head. Without thinking he uses John as a puppet to bring him fame. Bernard forces John to meet loads of people and show up in public like a circus act. Finally John discovers how he's being used and decides he won't take it anymore. And just like that Bernard is just another ordinary Alpha.

22: V is for Vital In the very controlled society of Brave New World, it's crucial that everything run smoothly. If there is one tiny problem or uprising it could destroy everything the World Controller's and Ford have worked towards for years. This makes it extremely important that people such as John, Helmholtz, and Bernard who understand the imperfections of civilization have to be banished. Otherwise they could uproot the entire world plan.

23: W is for Writing Helmholtz is another main character who questions society though not as boldly as John does. Helmholtz begins to get too expressive in his writing and is even warned he'll be exiled after writing what he didn't realize was an influential piece of writing. The writing was a sequence of rhymes he wrote as an example for his students, who then turned him in for being a traitor. Helmholtz didn't even realize he was being suggestive against the government. Writing is just another expressive art that was sacrificed for what people think is happiness.

24: X is for Xanthochroi This is a process of organizing people by their skin tone, a similar process they use in the book Brave New World. They automatically place people in levels based on how they were created, so that some people are deprived of their potential. Caste systems are unfair citizens and it isn't moral to judge people by their appearance or intelligence. However this new society seems to believe it will keep everyone happy.

25: Y is for Yearning John is yearning for true happiness, but he can't find it on the Indian Reservation or in society. No matter what he does he can't find true happiness and it tears him apart until he ends up committing suicide. John doesn't even get the chance to tell the people of this brave, new world that its all an illusion. Helmholtz is also yearning for happiness and the right to express himself through his writing and to voice his questions of society. Bernard longs for happiness as well as he struggles to decide who he really is and what side he is on.

26: Z is for Zax Only the lower castes use a Zax which is a type of ax. The people of lower superiority have to do physical labor day in and day out, but they're happy because they are brainwashed to think that's what they deserve to do. The higher castes never do any labor work and are extremely grateful for it. They've never had to touch a tool in their life, even if something breaks they throw it out without a second thought and buy a new one.

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