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ABC Weather Book.

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ABC Weather Book. - Page Text Content

BC: Fin

FC: Book of Weather. Elexus Willison. Mod 5/6 Due:May 26th.

1: Table of contents. | Chapter 19 Air pressure pg 2 Breezes pg 3 Global Winds pg 8 Jet Stream pg 11 Wind pg 21 Chapter 20 Front pg 7 Meteorology pg 14 Nor' Easter pg 15 Occluded Front pg 16 Storms pg 18 | Chapter 17 Environment pg 6 Layers of the Atmosphere pg 13 Radiation pg 18 Temperature pg 19 Ultra Violet Light pg 20 Chapter 18 Clouds pg 4 Dew Point pg 5 Humidity pg 9 Ice Crystals pg 10 Precipitation pg 17

2: A is for Air Pressure. | Air Pressure is the the force air exerts per unit area. | Fun Fact: The highest recorded air pressure was 32.01 inches. The lowest was 25.69.

3: B is for Breezes. | Sea breezes are part of a wind pattern where air rises over the land and flows out to sea. | Land Breezes are when the air over the land becomes colder than the air over the water causing a land breeze to blow out to sea. | Fact:Sea breezes occur on hot days while land breezes occur at night.

4: C is for Clouds. | Clouds form when the air cools to its dew point. | -Stratus:layered low clouds - Cumulus:Fluffy clouds with flat bases -Cirrus:high feathery ice clouds -Nimbus:dark rain clouds | Fun Fact: In the movie Hercules, Pegasus is created from clouds such as nimbus and cirrus.

5: D is for Dew Point. | Dew Point is the temperature at which saturation occurs and condensation begins. | Fun Fact: When the dew point reaches 75 degrees F, It is called "Soupy Air".

6: E is for Environment. | An environment is all the influences, resources, and conditions at or near Earth's surface. | Fun Fact:There are seven types of environments.

7: F is for Front. | Fronts are boundaries that seperate dissimilar air masses. | Fun Fact: The strongest fronts are winter fronts.

8: G is for Global Winds. | Trade Winds are Global Winds. | Global Winds are winds around the world.

9: H is For Humidity. | Fact:A Change of 10% in humidity feels like a change one degree F .

10: Fact: Most rain is formed from ice crystal particles. | I is for Ice Crystals. | When Ice crystals in a cloud collide and clump together, snow forms.

11: J is for Jet Stream. | Jet streams are bands of swiftly moving air. | Jet streams move west to east...generally.

12: Troposhere: layer closest to the Earth's atmosphere. Stratosphere:layer that extends from the troposphere to the mesophere. Mesosphere: the third layer of the atmosphere that goes from about 50 km above Earth's surface to 90 km.

13: L is for Layers of the Atmosphere. | Fact:Weather occurs in the Troposphere.

14: M is for Meteorology. | Meteorology is the study of processes that govern Earth's atmosphere. | Meteorology helps make predicting weather possible.

15: N is for Nor' easter. | Nor' easters are storms that occur in the Gulf of Mexico or in the Atlantic Ocean. | Nor' easters got their name from their strong winds blowing northeast.

16: O is for Occluded Front. | Occluded fronts are the fronts that form when a cold front overtakes a warm front and displaces in upward in an area of low pressure | Occluded fronts often cause clods to form and precipitation to occur.

18: P is for Precipitation. | Rain | Snow | Hail.

19: Precipitation is any form of water that falls from clouds. | The largest hail stone that was ever found was as big as a soccer ball. | About 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 snowflakes fall every winter. | Fact: the highest annual rainfall is 460 inches.

21: R is for Radiation. | Radiation is the transfer of energy through space by electromagnetic waves. | There are three types of radiation: Beta Particles, Alpha Particles, and Electromagnetic Radiation.

22: S is for Storms. | Thunderstorms | Tornado | Hurricane

23: In the United States, the most powerful tornadoes occur. | Hurricanes are the most powerful storms on Earth. | All thunderstorms produce lightening.

24: T is for Temperature. | Temperature is measure if the average kinetic energy of the atoms or molecules in a substance. | The Average body temperature is 98.6 degrees F.

25: U is for Ultra- Violet Light. | Uv waves can cause skin cancer. | Ultra-violet light has shorter wavelength than visible light. | The Earth's Ozone absorbs ultraviolet rays.

26: W is for Winds. | Wind is the movement of air from one place to another. | Port Martin, Antarctica is the windiest place on Earth.

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