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Abcde: An American Revolutionary Girl.

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FC: Abcde: An American Revolutionary Girl

1: Dear Diary, Today will be my last day in England. For tomorrow we will be going to The New World on the Mayflower. In the New World, we will be colonizing a new town called Jamestown and we will be leaving this horrid place with King George to ruin it some more. But luckily we will not be here While he ruins it. I must go. Supper time. May God bless. Sincerely, Abcde Lucas

2: Dear Diary, We have settled down in Jamestown and now, British soldiers have been quartering at peoples houses like my house ! It is unbearable ! Its horrid. I have to share a room with mother and father and its terrible. Its hot and stuffy and its uncomfortable Also they have put a tax on tea and sugar ! Now my family and I cant have tea time to catch up. I must go. May God bless. Sincerely, Abcde Lucas

3: Dear Diary, Today I found out that we had two English thinkers who changed England. How ? I shant know but mother and father were talking and I overheard them as I was doing my housework. I was excited to know that England advanced some. I thank Thomas Hobbes and John Locke for coming up with the scientific method. Whatever that is. I must go. Sorry for cutting it short. May God Bless. Sincerely, Abcde Lucas

4: Dear Diary The day I got onto the Mayflower, I was the most delighted young woman ever. I was getting out of this horrid place called England and away from King George.. I heard cheering | from my fellowEnglish people and as I looked out upon them from the Mayflower, I saw many smiling faces. but one face caught my attention. It was a young man and my stomach had a feelign that it never felt before. As we set sail... I smelled sea salt and freedom. I felt absolutely excited.. at that moment I knew everything would be ok. I must go. May God Bless. Love, Abcde Lucas.

5: Dear Diary, Today mother and I were talking about the voyage to Jamestown. The beginning was wonderful because we were leaving King George for good and we were starting a new life in Jamestown. But near the middle of the voyage,it worsened. We were running out of food and everybody was complaining. My friend Allan has come down with something. But he is terribly sick and I am worried. I am terrified for myself and my family. We might get sick and die ! We might not make it to the New World. Mother said to me everyday " God will help us through the tough times." Then I got sick. I prayed and prayed but I never got better. I got better and on that same day,I saw it. I saw the New World. I was so excited I jumped off the boat & swan. Finally I was Free Love Abcde Lucas

6: Dear Diary, Sorry for not writing in you for a while See this picture up here ? Those troops were trying to say that my papers were illegal. So they tried to take them until I yelled" They came with me from England" and let me go. Those horrid troops are getting on my nerves. I must go. Suppertime. Love, Abcde Lucas

7: Dear Diary, We have no more room in Jamestown and the king has forbid us to go West into the Indian lands. Its absolutely horrid because we're growing in population. We can't all fit. I must say that King George has lost his mind. We might have a new ship come in and there is no room and not enough food. But I do hope that there will be somebody for me and Allan to form a friendship with, Love, Abcde Lucas

8: Dear Diary, Today was better. The troops are still quartering our houses but most of them have gone back to England, Huzzah ! King George has put a tax on sugar and tea again so our annual tea time has been canceled once again. Because of that, 5 of my family friends have been killed for protesting so the British troops got scared and SHOT them. The bloody hounds ! But thankfully the ones that shot them went back to England. Maybe the king will execute them. Love, Abcde Lucas

9: Dear Diary, Today me and Allan found out that a new ship will be coming in from England. Someone named Thomas Jefferson is on there. Oh how I hope there will be someone on there for me to have a friendship with ! The men are building new houses and the women are making some quilts for them. Oh joy ! Well Allan and I are going to talk. Love, Abcde

10: Dear Diary, This is Annibell. I helped her settle into her new home today and we talked for what seemed like hours ! I told her about my crush on Zachariah. Then she told me about her crush on Allan. I told her about how the soldiers tried to take my journal away, about the soldiers killing my friends, the tax and lots more ! Shes my new best friend. Love, Abcde Lucas

11: Dear Diary, Today I saw Zachariah and Allan talking. I think they're becoming really good friends. Annibell couldn't come talk today. She must've had to help her mother with something. I feel a little sick still from the voyage but I am sure that will pass. At about 7 o' clock the troops started to come in. I don;t know about Annibell but I am getting tired of this. We didn't have tea time because the tax on tea and sugar is still high. I think I'm grounded for yelling at mother. So I must go and apologize. Love, Acde Lucas

12: Dear Diary, Today Annibell and I were at my house in my room talking about how some people are talking about overthrowing tea into the Boston Harbor. We said it was absurd when we were interrupted by a lud knock on the door. It wa Zachariah and Allan at my front door. I was surprised they knew where I lived. We blushed and giggled of course. But they were serious and said " They overthrew the tea ! They called it the Boston Tea Party. We were there !" HUZZAH we yelled. And then out of nowhere they kissed us ! After that they both ran off into different directions. What a wonderful day ! Love, Abcde Lucas

13: The Boston Tea Party

14: Dear Diary, Yesterday when Zachariah kissed me, I was on top of the world. It was magical. I felt like we were the only two people in the New World. It was... Huzzah ! I feel like the luckiest young woman in the world. I think my crush is starting to get deeper. And when Allan kissed Annibell She looked the same as I did. Lucky. She must feel the same way for Allan as I feel about Zachariah. We were appaled. And that night, I didn't care about the troops in our house. Even though I did start feeling sick again I was still in the sky. I hope Zachariah feels the same way I feel about him. I want to say I love him but I don't even know him. I want him to feel the same about me. I want him to have the weird feeling in his stomach and I want his face to redden when he looks at me.I want him to tell me he likes me. Cause I can say, I like him a lot. And I hope he likes me a lot. I must go. Troops are coming in. And I am coming quite fond of a soldier who he says his name is David. He is almost like my brother. Love Abcde Lucas

15: Dear Diary, Mother wouldn't let me go talk to Annibell today so no stories. I went to go sweep the steps and found another daisy. Troops are still coming in but not as many. Most of them went back to England. Everything is coming rather nicely. Love, Abcde Lucas

16: Dear Diary, These troops have gotten on my last nerve.We have had to clean up there messes and wash their uniforms and polish their shoes. I wonder what Annibell is thinking of this. I say that they all should go back to England. I cannot stand having them eat with us.. Or should I say for us. They eat all our food. Ugh this will last forever ! Love, Abcde Lucas

17: Dear Diary, Today I got sick for some odd reason. It must've been from the voyage. I still felt sick this whole time but it wasn't bad. But the troops don't quarter us because of my sickness so we don't have to clean all the time ! Mother was away for a couple of hours because our neighbor across the way needed help because there would be more troops there. Because of that Zachariah can and saw me at my worst ! Checking up is what he called it. I got sick in front pf him. But he didn't flee, he stayed right there and helped me get to sleep. He is so wonderful. Love Abcde Lucas

18: Dear Diary, Today a few men met up to talk about the Bill of Rights and our Natural Rights. Life, liberty, and property. I went outside to get fresh air and water when Zachariah came walking by. As he saw me with the struggle he ran up and helped me with the water. He noticed I was still pale and told me to go inside he would do the rest. As I went inside he came up with the water and a daisy. No troops still. Today was wonderful. Love, Abcde Lucas

19: Dear Diary, Today I figured out that Hobbes and Locke came up with the scientific method. I don't know what its for but it will help America in the future with whatever they use it for. | 1. Problem 2. Hypothesis 3. Expiriment 4. Gather Data 4. Conclusion It will change America for the better. Love Abcde

20: Dear Diary, Today ws better. I am still sick but not as bad as before. I still have to share a room with mother and father but not for long. the troops have quartered out of our house.. Anniebell and I talked for a bit as she was doing errands. We talked about how Hobbes and Locke were inventing microscopes, mercurey barometers, kermameter, and something called human anatomy. Then she had to leave. I was ok for the rest of the day. I didnt get sick again until after dark. Zachariah didn't comeback today. His mother must've kept him inside. I must go Love, Abcde Lucas

21: Dear Diary, Mother said I felt fine and looked healthy again. I went outside and Annibell ran up to me saying Zachariah was on his way up here. She turned around and saw Allan and ran towards him. Zachariah came up to me and asked me to go on a walk with him. I said ok and we walked towards the beach. He had a basket with a blanket there and had some water and some bread. " For your stomach" He said. As we sat there and watched the sunset ( He must've told his mother who told my mother) and looked at me and asked me to go steady with him. I was giddy with excitment as I said yes. He kissed me and gave me a daisy. I lost it though. Well goodnight Lpve, Abcde Lucas

22: Dear Diary, I found my daisy ! And England has signed the Bill of Rights and some men signed the Decleration of Independence ! We are free at last !! Huzzah !! I couldnt be happier. Zachariah and I talked today. and maybe kissed a little. Annibell and Allan are steady. Everything is as it should be. No more troops for us ! As mother said. If you perservere you can get throug the tough times. Love, Abcde Lucas

23: Dear Diary, freedom is great. Zachariah and I are doing fabulous and Annibell and Allan are doing great also. We have all become good friends. We can walk on the beaches without shoes on and we don't have to get stopped at a certain point because the troops are gone ! The sunset is beautiful now. I never noticed them because we had to go in at sunset. Now we can go in at dark ! Annibell and I sleep over at each others houses all the time. Freedom is wonderful. I love havng freedom. I love the word freedom. I must go. Annibell is at my door. Love, Abcde Lucas

24: Dear Diary, This is my last page. I am going to lock you up and put you inside my hope chest. Its been two months since I wrote in you last and during that time a lot happened. Zachariah and I are still strong and so are Annibell and Allan. We still have out freedom and we have the 10 Amendments. I am putting you up now. Love, Abcde Lucas

25: God Bless The USA !!!

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