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ACT Scrapbook

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BC: Now you know your ACT.

FC: R | ACT Scrapbook | Riley Binkowski 1st Period Trig September 27, 2012

1: Table Of Contents Pages 2-3: Skill #1 Pages 4-5: Skill #2 Pages 6-7: Skill #3 Pages 8-9: Skill #4 Pages 10-11: Skill #5 Pages 12-13: Skill #6 Pages 14-15: Skill #7 Pages 16-17: Skill #8 Pages 18-19: Skill #9 Pages 20-21: Skill #10 Pages 22-23: Skill #11 Pages 24-25: Skill #12 Pages 26-27: Skill #13 Pages 28-19: Skill #14 Pages 30-31: Skill #15

2: LOVE | Skill #1 When you see variables or unknowns in the question and numbers in the answer choices, "Use the Answers." Convert fractions, pi, or square root to decimals. | All that means is that when you have variables like x in your question, plug in each answer until you get the right one!

3: example: If 3x - 4 = -10, then x = ? A) -2 B) -1 C) 0 D) 2 E) 5 | 3(-2) - 4 = -10 -6 - 4 = -10 I plugged in answer A where the x was and that is how I solved the problem

4: Skill #2 When you see "then x=?" complete the algebra or just "Use the Answers." | Basically you can either solve the problem or use skill #1, Use the Answers.

5: If 6x + 6 = 36 + 3x, then x = ? | 6(10) + 6 = 36 + 3(10) 60 + 6 = 36 + 30 66 = 66 I plugged in all the answers until I found the correct one. | This relates to the real world because you must keep trying things until you find the right fit or the right match for you.

6: LOVE | Skill #3 "What is y in terms of x and z" is just a fancy way of saying "solve for y" or "use algebra to get y alone." | Basically you must get y on one side by itself to solve for it.

7: . | N = 5P + 4, P = ? -5P = -N +4 P = N - 4 5 I got that by moving P over to one side and the divided by -5 to make P alone.

8: LOVE | Skill #4 When you see the word "mean" or "average" on the ACT, use Average = sum number of terms | It basically means that you add up all your numbers and then count up the total amount of numbers you have and divide the sum by that number.

9: Abida wants to find the average cost of a pint of Ice cream at a local store. If the five different pints that the store sells are priced at $1.80, $2.10, $1,90, $2.80, $3.20, what is the average price? | $1.80, $2.10, $1,90, $2.80, $3.20 = $11.80 5 answer is $2. 36 I got this adding all the money together and dividing it by 5.

10: Basically its just what the skill says, when you see those angles, calculate off the angles. | Skill #5 When you see vertical angles, a linear pair, or a triangle calculate the measures of all angles.

11: In the figure below, with the angles as marked, if x = 60 degrees, what is the value of y? 60 + 50 =110 180 - 110 = 70 y= 70 degrees

12: Basically, if you look at the shape of your eight angles that are now formed, the shapes that are closer to the same line are the same. | Skill #6 When you see two parallel lines that are crossed by another line, eight angles are formed, and the bigger- looking angles are equal, and all the smaller-looking angles are equal.

13: FOREVER | In the figure below, m is parallel to n. If y = 37.5 degrees, what is the value of x? x = 142.5 degrees I got that by subtracting 37.5 from 180 degrees.

14: Skill #7 When you see a triangle with two equal sides, mark the two opposite angles as equal, and when all sides of a triangle are equal, mark all angles 60 degrees. | Basically you must to look to see if the sides are the same or not, if they are they will have a little dash on both of them

15: If triangle MON, shown below is equilateral, what is the value of x? x = 120 degrees It said MON was equilateral which means all angles in MON are 60, so to get the answer you subtract 60 from 180 to get your answer for x, 120 degrees.

16: Skill #8 When you see an expression like (2x - 5)(5x - 4), multiply the first number and letter into the second parenthesis, multiply the second number and letter into the second parenthesis, then collect matching terms. | Basically you use FOIL. That means multiply the first number by the first number in the other parenthesis, then multiply the first by the outside number in the parenthesis, the multiply the inside number first number in the other parenthesis, then multiply the inside number by the outside number in the parenthesis

17: Which of the following expressions is equivalent to (2x - 2)(x + 5)? 2x^2 + 10x - 2x - 10 2x^2 + 8x - 10 I got that by using FOIL. | Two hearts that have been merged is marriage; two souls that have been merged is fate.

18: Skill #9 Anytime you see a math vocab term, underline it.

19: For all real numbers x, what integer values satisfy the equation 2x^2 = 50? x = 5 I got this answer by knowing an integer is a number without decimals or fractions, then I solved for x.

20: Skill #10 Don't be intimidates by fancy vocabulary terms.

21: Which of the following lists the factors of 60? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 12, 15, 20, 30, and 60. I got that by knowing what the word actors mean and then i solved it

22: TRUE LOVE | Skill #11 To find the "least common multiple" or "lowest common denominator," "Use the Answers!"

23: What is the lowest number that is a multiple of 10, 12, 15? answer = 30 I got that answer by using the answers, I checked to see that every choice was divisible by 10, 12, and 15, then I found the lowest number.

24: Skill #12 Don't be intimidated by fancy graphing terms.

25: What is the x intercept of the line that contains the points (-2, 3) and (4, 1) in the standard (x,y) coordinate plane? answer = (7,0) | I got that answer by plotting it on a graph and knowing what they were asking me and knowing how and how to graph it.

26: Skill #13 To find the slope or "rate of change" of a line, use Slope = Y2 - Y1 X2 - X1 | Basically if they give you two coordinates, but now a slope you will use this formula.

27: What is the slope of the line containing the points (-5, 6) and (-4, -4)? -4 - 6 -10 -4 - (-5) 1 The answer is - 10 | I got this answer by using the formula and working it out.

28: Skill #14 An equation of a line in the form y = mx + b is called slope-intercept form, where m represents the slope of the line. Parallel lines have equal slopes like 2/3 and 2/3 Perpendicular lines have negative reciprocal slopes, like 2/3 and -3/2

29: In the standard (x,y) coordinate plane, what is the slope of the line with equation 2x + 7y = -14? 7y = -2x - 14 y = -2/7x -2 The answer is -2/7 | I got this answer by using the formula and knowing what slope of the line is.

30: Skill #15 The key to charts and graphs is to read the intro material and the "note" if there is one, and to expect an average, percent, and/or probability question about the data. | Basically all you have to do is know how to read a chart or graph and understand what they are asking.

31: If a slip of paper is chosen at random from the box, which of the following is closest to the percent chance that the slip chosen will be named Wedding Crashers? | I got that by adding up all the total amount of votes and then dividing that number by 4, since that was the amount of votes for Wedding Crashers. | 31 (total # of votes) 4 (# of votes for WC) = .129 = 13%

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